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Food Processor Sizes – How To Choose

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Having a food processor in the kitchen is like having a little helper. It not only cuts down the food preparation time but also makes cleaning so much easier and faster.

But food processors come in multiple sizes. How do you know which one is best for you?

How do you choose the right size food processor? To choose the right size food processor for you, you should first consider the tasks you need the appliance for, how many people you usually cook for, and how much space you have on your kitchen counter or in your cabinets.

This article is an all-encompassing guide to choosing a food processor of the perfect size to cover your cooking needs and fit your kitchen. Read on to learn what sizes food processors usually come in and how to choose.

Why Buy a Food Processor?

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that will help you quickly and easily perform such food preparation tasks as chopping, shredding, blending, etc. Here are a few reasons why it is a must-have item in the kitchen. 

It Saves Time 

It works much faster than you ever will. Chopping, slicing, and dicing are a matter of seconds for a good food processor. If you decide to undertake these tasks yourself, it will take you a lot more time and effort. 

Additionally, food processors cut down the cleaning time. Instead of washing multiple kitchen knives, bowls, and a cutting board, you only need to clean the food processor.

Give the bowl, lid, and blade a quick rinse or wash them in the dishwasher. 

It’s Space-Efficient 

You can buy one high-quality food processor instead of buying five different appliances and tools. It will work as a blender, cheese grater, meat grinder, and whisk. You can also skip on the garlic press if you find them annoying to clean. 

Food processors can also be used for making and kneading dough. If you are not much of a baker and rarely need a mixer, don’t waste your money on it. The food processor will help you out with your baking tasks instead.

If you didn’t know, you can also whip heavy cream and eggs in a food processor. Essentially, a food processor can replace your blender and your mixer in one neat package.

It Makes Healthy Eating Easy 

Having a food processor somehow makes eating healthy easier. You can use it to make energy bars that call for lots of ground nuts, smoothies, sauces, pestos, etc. 

The problem with eating healthy home-made food for most people is that it takes a lot of time to prepare. But when you have such a handy and versatile electric appliance at hand, cooking is a breeze. 

It Makes Silky Smooth Mixtures

Hummus, dips, cream soups, and smoothies are easier to make with a food processor. The pulse feature that most food processors have will help you reach your desired consistency for all mixtures. 

Choosing a Food Processor – Size Guide 

If you have decided to buy a food processor, you need to make a few considerations. The most important thing to decide on is the size of the food processor. 

Food processors come in a few sizes. Choosing which size you need may be hard if you don’t know the pros and cons of each one, or if you’re not considering your needs before you make a purchase. 

What Sizes Do Food Processors Come in? 

The capacity of food processors largely depends on the specific model you are considering as well as the brand. 

With this being said, food processors can be classified into four groups when it comes to their size and capacity. 

Size Capacity Best For
Small/Mini3 to 4 cupsProcessing small amounts of food. Good for mincing garlic, chopping herbs, grinding spices, etc. 
Medium7 to 10 cupsAverage-size bowl suitable for most chopping, dicing, mincing, and slicing tasks. Suitable for a family of four. 
Large11 to 13 cupsProcessing larger amounts of food. Suitable for cooking for a large family. 
Extra-Large 14 to 20 cups Preparing food for events and gatherings.

Below, we’ll go into a bit more detail about which sizes are best for which tasks. Be aware, however, that you may want to go a size up if you want to make enough food to have leftovers for the week!

Small/Mini Food Processors 

Small food processors with a 3-4 cup capacity are great for chopping, mincing, and dicing small amounts of food. These are perfect for chopping garlic, grinding nuts for your morning bowls, making home-made mayonnaise, etc. 

You will get good use out of a mini food processor if you are cooking only for yourself, as their capacity is rather small for multiple portions of food.

One of the advantages of small food processors is that they are relatively lightweight and portable. 

Medium-Sized Food Processors

Food processors with a capacity of 7-10 are great for making four portions of food at a time.

Medium-sized food processors are suitable for almost all tasks, and they are not very bulky. It makes them perfect even for kitchens that have little counter space. 

Large Food Processors

Large food processors that have a capacity of 11-13 cups are ideal for large families. They are, of course, good for processing larger amounts of food. 

Extra Large Food Processors 

Extra-large food processors, with a capacity of up to 20 cups, are perfect for people who often double recipes to save time. They are also a helping hand for people who cater or for restaurants to save time in preparation.

Food processors with over 20-cup capacity are meant for commercial use. 

How Do You Know What Size Is Right for You?

If you are on the fence about which food processor size is right for you, here are few questions answering which will help you decide what you need. 

Firstly, what do you need the food processor for? If you want a food processor that will save you time on such small tasks as mincing garlic or onions, chopping vegetables, making sauces, etc., buy a compact food processor.

You can also use it for cooking food for two people. 

Secondly, how much space do you have in your kitchen? If there is room on your kitchen counter for a heavy-duty food processor, buying one will certainly make a great investment. 

If you don’t want your food processor sitting out on your counter at all hours of the day, you may want a more compact version that you can take out when you need it.

And lastly, how many people do you usually cook for? If you need a food processor that will blend or shred products for dishes for an entire family, you will need a medium-sized processor or a heftier one if you have a large family. 

If you bake and will be using the food processor to knead doughs, it is best to buy a food processor with an 11-cup capacity, as it will fit a single batch of dough. 

What size of food processor you need depends on your answers to these questions.

Carefully consider your needs and look for a food processor that, aside from being the right size for you, is also a suitable choice as far as its other features are concerned. 

What Else Should You Consider When Buying a Food Processor?

Once you have decided on the size, here are a few other things to consider.


The capacity of the food processor won’t matter if your machine isn’t powerful enough. The motors of food processors that are on the smaller side should be around 400 watts. Larger food processors need motors that are at least 600 watts.  


Food processors are very versatile even when they don’t come with any attachments. However, the more attachments and accessories the processor comes with the wider is its range of uses. 

Some food processors come with additional blades, such as a dull plastic blade for kneading dough. Disks for slicing and grating food at different thicknesses can also be included in the set. 

In addition to the extra blades and disks, it is great when a food processor comes with bowls of different sizes. 

Feed Tube and Lid 

The lid of the food processor must lock tightly. Otherwise, you will have to clean your kitchen each time after using the processor. It is also good for the lid to be transparent.

It helps to see the consistency your mixture has reached and turn off the device when needed. 

Attention should be paid to the feed tube as well. If the tube is too narrow, you will have to cut the food into smaller pieces. With wider tubes, you can save time. 


The design of a food processor is key, especially when it is large and will always be on display. Look for something that will blend in nicely with the interior of your kitchen and have the same style as the rest of your electric appliances. 


The simpler the control settings on a food processor the better. As these electric kitchen appliances work very fast, you need to be able to find and press the button you need to stop the machine at the right moment. 

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