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Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours (And Typical Menu)

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Embassy Suites is renowned for its exceptional breakfast offerings, providing a delightful culinary experience for its guests.

But what seems to be hard to find online is the exact breakfast hours and breakfast menu they offer.

In this article, we will explore the Embassy Suites’ breakfast hours and give you a glimpse of the typical menu you can expect to find.

Whether you’re a business traveler gearing up for a busy day or a leisure guest seeking a satisfying morning meal, Embassy Suites ensures that your breakfast experience is nothing short of extraordinary. So, let’s dive in!

What Is Embassy Suites?

The history of Embassy Suites dates back to the early 1980s when the first hotel under this brand was established in Overland Park, Kansas, in the United States.

The visionary behind this innovative concept was entrepreneur William E. “Bill” Kimpton. His vision was to create a hotel experience that offered more than just a place to sleep; it aimed to provide guests with the comforts of home, combined with the luxury and amenities of a high-end hotel.

Embassy Suites quickly gained popularity, and its unique approach to hospitality paved the way for expansion.

In 1990, the brand was acquired by the Hilton Corporation, a globally recognized leader in the hotel industry.

This partnership allowed Embassy Suites to further enhance its offerings and extend its reach across various locations worldwide.

What truly sets Embassy Suites apart is their commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience. Alongside the spacious suites, they offer an array of amenities and services that cater to the needs of both business and leisure travelers.

embassy suites breakfast

Guests can enjoy a complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast, featuring a wide selection of hot and cold items to start their day off right.

In addition to the delicious breakfast, Embassy Suites also offers an Evening Reception, a unique feature that sets them apart from other hotels.

During this daily event, guests are invited to enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks, creating a warm and social atmosphere. This allows guests to unwind, mingle, and enjoy the company of fellow travelers.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Embassy Suites offers a level of comfort, sophistication, and convenience that leaves a lasting impression.

From their spacious suites to their exceptional amenities and warm hospitality, they have redefined the hotel experience.

What Are Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours?

Embassy Suites understands the importance of a good breakfast to start your day off right. To ensure that their guests have a satisfying and energizing morning meal, Embassy Suites typically offers breakfast within a specific time frame.

However, it’s important to note that breakfast hours may vary slightly from one location to another, so it’s always best to check with the specific hotel you plan to stay at for the most accurate information.

In general, Embassy Suites’ breakfast hours often begin around 6:00 or 7:00 am and continue until approximately 9:30 or 10:00 am. 

On the weekend, some establishments may extend the breakfast time to about 11 am. But again, it depends on which location you are staying.

This allows guests to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, giving them plenty of time to fuel up before embarking on their day’s activities.

By offering a generous breakfast window, Embassy Suites ensures that guests can customize their morning routine and enjoy a delicious meal at their own pace.

Embassy Suites Extensive and Luxurious Breakfast Menu

Embassy Suites takes pride in offering a complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast for their guests. The breakfast menu at Embassy Suites is designed to provide a variety of options to suit different tastes and dietary preferences.

While specific menu items may vary slightly from location to location, here is a glimpse of what you can expect to find on an Embassy Suites breakfast menu.

Continental Breakfast Options

When it comes to continental breakfast options, Embassy Suites has three you can choose from.

1. Classic

The first is the “Classic.” This meal includes some fresh seasonal fruit and some freshly baked muffins. The exact type will differ from branch to branch.


Alongside the fresh and baked goods, you will also receive butter and assorted jams.

This is the perfect light meal to get your day started.

2. Deluxe

Next up, you also have the deluxe continental breakfast. This is definitely a much heartier meal option that includes fruits, muffins, danishes, bagels, yogurt and granola, and juice. 


Naturally, there is a variety of spreads you can choose from for your bagel as well as an assortment of juices.

3. Euro

And finally, you also have the Euro continental breakfast, the most expensive of these options.

eggs, smoked ham and cheese

It serves fresh fruit, muffins, bagels, smoked ham, cheese, bread, and hard-boiled eggs.

Breakfast TypeEstimated CostIncludes
Classic Continental $12Fresh fruit, Muffins, Breakfast bread, Butter and jams
Deluxe Continental$13Fresh fruit, Muffins, Breakfast bread, Butter and jams, Fruit & Cheese, Danish Bagels, Yogurt and granola, Assorted juices
Euro Continental$15Fresh fruit, Muffins, Bagels, Smoked ham, Cheese Rustic bread, Hard-boiled eggs

Plated Breakfast Options

At the moment, there are four plated breakfast options you can choose from. Let’s take a look at them from least to most expensive.

1. Metropolitan

First up, you have the Metropolitan plated breakfast. This meal includes some scrambled eggs, 1 type of breakfast meat, 1 type of starch, breakfast bread, fresh fruit or a yogurt parfait, coffee, and juice.

2. Quiche

Next, you can opt for the Quiche plate. It’s similar to the Metropolitan plated breakfast, but instead of scrambled eggs, it is served with your choice of assorted quiches.

Usually, they offer either a quiche Lorraine, grilled veggie quiche, spinach and three cheese quiche, or ham and asparagus quiche. For this breakfast, you won’t get the starch included.

3. Southern

Moving on to the more expensive, but heartier plated breakfast options, you can order the Southern breakfast. Personally, we think it makes a better brunch.

This plate includes some thick-cut French toast with scrambled eggs, a choice of breakfast meat, fresh fruit or a yogurt parfait, coffee, and juice.

4. Steak and Egg

And finally, for a hefty breakfast, you can order the steak and egg plated breakfast option. It includes sliced steak, scrambled eggs, a choice of starch, fresh fruit or yogurt parfait, coffee, and juice.

Of course, this is a lot of food. But the cost is mainly attributed to the steak used.

Breakfast TypeEstimated CostIncludes
Metropolitan Plated Breakfast$15Scrambled eggs 1, Breakfast meat 1, Starch, Breakfast bread, Fresh fruit or yogurt parfait, Coffee Juice
Quiche Plated Breakfast$16Quiche 1, Breakfast meat, Breakfast bread, Fresh fruit or yogurt parfait, Coffee Juice
Southern Plated Breakfast$17Thick-cut, French toast, Peach sauce, scrambled eggs 1, Breakfast meat, Fresh fruit or yogurt parfait, Coffee Juice
Steak and Egg Plated Breakfast$18Strip steak, Scrambled eggs 1, Starch, Fresh fruit or yogurt parfait, Coffee Juice

Breakfast Buffets

Embassy Suites offers a comprehensive breakfast buffet that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. The breakfast buffet at Embassy Suites is designed to provide a satisfying and energizing start to your day.

Now, we have to be honest. This buffet doesn’t come cheap. From our research, it averages around $28 for 1 hour of service.

One of the highlights of the breakfast buffet is the made-to-order stations. Here, you have the opportunity to customize your omelet with a variety of fresh ingredients, allowing you to enjoy a personalized breakfast experience.

The buffet also features a selection of hot breakfast items that are both delicious and comforting. You can enjoy freshly cooked eggs, scrambled or fried, as well as breakfast meats like crispy bacon, sausage links, or ham.

If you love fresh baked goods to start your day with, this buffet has no shortage. You can indulge in slices of bread for toasting, bagels, croissants, muffins, Danish pastries, and more.

breakfast buffet

Accompanying these baked goods, you’ll find a selection of spreads like butter, jams, and cream cheese.

You’ll also find an assortment of seasonal fruits such as sliced melons, berries, and citrus fruits. Additionally, you can choose from various yogurt options, both plain and flavored, and complement them with granola or cereal toppings.

The breakfast buffet includes a variety of cereal options too. Whether you prefer a warm bowl of oatmeal or enjoy a classic bowl of cornflakes, bran flakes, or granola, you’ll find a range of cereals to choose from. These cereals can be enjoyed with milk or yogurt.

To accompany your breakfast, the buffet offers a selection of beverages. You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, a variety of teas, fruit juices, and milk.

It’s important to note that the specific offerings at the breakfast buffet may vary slightly between different Embassy Suites locations. However, the overall focus remains on providing a comprehensive and satisfying breakfast experience for guests.

Breakfast Buffet ($28)Includes
EggsScrambled, fried, or eggs Benedict
Baked goodsBread, pastries, bagels, muffins, croissants, etc.
Spreads Jams, butter, cream cheese, etc.
MeatsGrilled ham, Thick-cut bacon, Country fried chicken, Grilled chicken,Turkey sausages, Sliced roast beef
Fresh fruitSeasonal
CerealHot or cold options, Yogurt with granola
BeveragesCoffee, Iced tea, Juices (orange, apple, cranberry)

Sunrise Breakfast Buffets

Another, more budget-friendly, buffet option you can choose from is either the Bama Sunrise breakfast buffet or Eagle Sunrise breakfast buffet.

Bama Sunrise

The Bama Sunrise breakfast buffet includes scrambled eggs, two choices of breakfast meats, and one choice of starch.

The options are limited to what the full breakfast buffet has to offer at your particular location. Again, it’s best to contact your hotel for more specific information on what they offer.

Eagle Sunrise 

This option is much heartier, which justifies the steep price too.

Here, you also get scrambled eggs with the addition of herbs, ham, cheddar cheese, biscuits, and sausage gravy. You still get two choices of breakfast meats and one choice of starch.

You can also choose any yogurt that they have available, paired with dried fruit and homemade granola.

Breakfast TypeEstimated CostIncludes
Bama Sunrise Buffet Breakfast$15Scrambled eggs 2, Breakfast meat 1, Starch
Eagle Sunrise Buffet Breakfast$20Scrambled eggs, Herbs, ham, cheddar cheese, Biscuits, Sausage gravy 2, Breakfast meat 1, Starch, Yogurt Granola and dried fruit

Breakfast Add-Ons

If you thought it couldn’t get any more lavish, think again. 

On top of the already extensive menu, you can still order these classic breakfast items on the side or separately. The price for ordering a full portion differs from the price of adding it to a buffet.


If you’d like, the chefs can make you some delicious waffles. They are served with toppings such as fruit compotes, seasonal fruits, and berries.


For toppings, you choose usually choose options like maple syrup, whipped cream, and candied nuts.

When ordering waffles on their own, you will pay roughly $6. But, as an add-on to a buffet or brunch set, it’s $4.

Sweet Crepes

Sweet crepes are a lighter side you can order. It’s served with some add-ins like warm fruit compote or drunken bananas. You can also choose between a variety of toppings like nuts and whipped cream.


The cost of crepes is similar to that of waffles.


This may seem like a strange add-on seeing as most brunch sets offer eggs. But think about it: scrambled eggs just consist of eggs and seasoning. An omelet contains much more and is a lot more work to make.


When ordering an omelet, you will pay $7 for a single portion. The buffet add-on price is just $4.

When asking for your omelet to be made fresh, you have the option of adding ham, sausage, cheddar, bell peppers, mushrooms, onion, spinach, jalapeno, salsa, and tomatoes.

Southern Grits

If you aren’t familiar with this dish, it’s essentially cooked stone-ground dried corn. It’s very similar to polenta and quite versatile.

southern grits

You also have the option to add in smoked bacon, country ham, smoked turkey, blackened shrimp, shredded cheddar cheese, or scallions

Breakfast TypeCostCost For Buffet Add-OnIncludes
Waffles$6$4Waffles, Fruit compote, Season fruit, Berries, Maple syrup, Whipped cream, Candied nuts
Sweet Crepes$6$4Crepes, Fruit compote, Drunken banana, Whipped cream, Candied nuts
Omelet$7$4Eggs (or egg whites), Ham, Sausage, Cheddar, Bell peppers, Mushrooms, Onion Spinach, Jalapeno, Salsa Tomato
Southern Grits$6$4Southern grits, Smoked bacon, Smoked turkey, Country ham, Blackened shrimp, Cheddar, Scallions

Related Questions

Does Embassy Suites offer an All-Day breakfast option?

No, Embassy Suites does not typically offer an all-day breakfast option. The breakfast service at Embassy Suites is usually available within specific hours in the morning, allowing guests to enjoy a complimentary breakfast to start their day.

Does Embassy Suites cater to dietary needs?

Yes, Embassy Suites strives to cater to various dietary needs and preferences. They understand the importance of accommodating guests with specific dietary requirements, including those related to allergies, food intolerances, or lifestyle choices.

While the specific offerings may vary by location, Embassy Suites generally provides options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary needs.

Do You Have to Stay at Embassy Suites to Order Breakfast?

Typically, complimentary breakfast at Embassy Suites is offered to guests staying at the hotel. It is a part of the amenities provided for those who have booked a room.

However, it’s important to note that policies may vary depending on the specific location and any current promotions or offerings. In some cases, certain Embassy Suites locations may allow non-guests to purchase breakfast at an additional cost.

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