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Why Am I Craving Gummies? – 3 Reasons and What to Do

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When the craving for gummies or sugar hits, it hits hard, and it might leave you wondering exactly why you feel like you absolutely need to eat some sweet gummies, especially if you usually do not have a sweet tooth.

Why do you crave gummies?

A sudden craving for gummies doesn’t always just mean that you want some candy, it can indicate some other problem. Craving gummies means your body is craving sugar, and this could be because your blood sugar levels are fluctuating, you are hungry, or you are stressed.

It definitely helps to know the various reasons why you might find yourself suddenly craving gummies, so you know if it is okay to give in to the craving, or if there is something else you should be doing instead!

Reasons for Craving Gummies

There are a few reasons that you might be craving gummies, so you will have to try and work out which reason you think suits your gummy craving best!

craving gummies

Here are the various factors that could cause you to crave gummies:

Low Blood Sugar Level

The simple reason that you might be craving gummies is because your blood sugar levels are low. When your blood sugar level drops, it can make you feel tired, and even grumpy. Your body knows that it will get sugar from gummies, so it craves this.

The gummies will help to raise up your blood sugar levels and make you feel better again. When this happens, it is fine to eat some gummies, but you need to make sure this is not happening too often, otherwise, it would be best to speak to a medical professional.


Your gummy craving could just mean that you are hungry. If you haven’t eaten in a while, your body will start sending you signals that it wants you to eat, and this could cause you to crave sugary candy such as gummies.

The reason for this is that gummies do contain some carbs, and when hungry, your body wants carbs to give it energy, and the carbs you get from sugar are fast-acting, so you will feel full quickly, but the satisfaction will wear off quickly too.

If you think that you are craving gummies out of hunger, it is best to eat healthier, longer-lasting carbs instead. Reaching for gummies out of hunger is never a good habit!


Candy makes us feel good, there is no way around that. Not only do they taste great, but the sugar helps to lift our energy levels, and our mood. For this reason, you might find yourself craving gummies when you are stressed.

Having a handful of gummies can definitely make you feel a little better when you are stressed, but don’t reach for gummies every time you feel stressed, because it could turn into quite an unhealthy habit.

There are some other great methods to try to help ease stress, such as exercise, you will just have to find a healthy alternative that works for you.

What to Do When Craving Gummies

You might be looking for some ways to cope with your gummy cravings, especially if they happen often, and you know that you are craving an unhealthy amount of gummies.

Here are some things you can do when craving gummies:

Find Healthy Alternatives

The best thing you can do when you find yourself craving gummies often is to find healthier alternatives to eat.

It might not be what you want to eat at first, but as you continue to replace gummies and candy with healthier food, your body and taste buds will become used to it.

Try to keep food or snacks at home that are healthy but also tasty, and that will not take too much time to prepare. This can include fruit, nuts, wholegrain crackers, Greek yogurt, and more.

Not only will these help subside your sugar cravings, but they will keep you fuller and satisfied for longer.

Eat Some Gummies

This might seem a bit obvious or counteractive, but if you are craving gummies once in a while, and it isn’t something you crave often, then there is nothing wrong with having some gummies.

We all crave different types of food now and then, so if your gummy craving isn’t a pattern or habit, and if you eat healthy snacks and food otherwise, then there is no reason you can’t treat yourself to some gummies.

Just make sure to treat yourself in moderation, it can be so easy to over-consume candies such as gummies when you are craving them!

See a Medical Professional

If you find that you are constantly craving gummies or candy, and it is really becoming an issue for you to deal with, then you might want to see a medical professional.

Constantly craving gummies or candy can indicate an issue with your blood sugar levels, and this is something that needs to be seen by a doctor. 

A nutritionist might also be able to help you find healthier alternatives to manage your blood sugar levels and your cravings, but it is best to start with a doctor first and work off of their advice.

Can You Be Addicted to Sugar?

There is not much evidence to suggest that sugar is addictive, but it is true that you can become reliant on sugar, whether in the form of food or drinks, to give you a boost of energy, or to lift your mood.

sugar addiction

The problem with using sugar as an energy or mood booster, other than candies and soda being unhealthy, is that the boost is very often short-lived, so you will be craving sugar soon after you have had some.

It is so important to find healthy snacks that you can enjoy in place of sugar, to break the cycle of craving and giving in.

Why Am I Craving Gummies?

The three main reasons you might be craving gummies often are because your blood sugar levels are fluctuating, you are stressed, or you are hungry.

Figuring out the reason you are craving gummies can help you work out how to curb your cravings, and whether or not it is okay to give in and have a few gummies.

Whatever the reason, try and find some healthy snacks to enjoy, instead of becoming used to eating gummies every time the cravings hit.

Related Questions

What Is My Body Lacking When I Crave Gummies?

When craving gummies, your body lacks sugar to balance out your sugar levels. This sugar increases energy levels too.

What Should I Eat When I Am Craving Sugar?

There are many healthy things to eat when craving sugar, such as fruit, seeds, nuts, and even dried fruits. Keep these handy so you can snack on them easily.

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