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Why Am I Craving Cottage Cheese? (And What to Do)

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Cravings can seem random and odd, but there are often solid reasons as to why you are craving certain foods. 

One such food you might find yourself craving is cottage cheese, and this probably leaves you a little confused as to why you are craving this specific food!

Why would you crave cottage cheese?

There are a few reasons why you might be craving cottage cheese, and thankfully, they are not that serious. It could be that you are hungry, you are not getting enough fat in your diet, or you could just want the fresh, neutral, creamy flavor of cottage cheese.

Read on to find out more about why you could be craving cottage cheese and some various ways you can deal with this craving.

Reasons for Craving Cottage Cheese?

Craving cottage cheese can seem really random, but when a craving hits, all you want to do is eat the food your body desires!

craving cottage cheese

There are a few different reasons why you might crave cottage cheese, and why you could be craving it more than other foods, and while these are not very serious reasons, there are a few that you need to pay attention to.

Here are the various reasons why you might be craving cottage cheese:


You could simply be craving cottage cheese because you are hungry! Your body would be looking for fulfilling, nutritious food to eat, and for this reason, you would crave cottage cheese.

This is more likely to happen if you eat cottage cheese regularly, and your body associates it with a healthy, fulfilling meal.

If you think that this is the case, then you should definitely indulge in some crackers with cottage cheese, or enjoy some cottage cheese on a slice of whole-grain bread. It might be just what you need to fill up and have a good source of energy for the day.

It could also be that your body is craving the sodium in cottage cheese, as it usually has high sodium levels (to preserve and flavor the neutral cheese), which could play a factor in craving cottage cheese.

Lack of Fats in Diet

Cottage cheese has quite a high-fat content, and your body might be craving this because you have not included enough fat in your diet. 

There are obviously many different foods that have a decent fat content, but if you eat cottage cheese often, your body might recognize this as a good source of fat and therefore crave cottage cheese when it is lacking in this.

Good fats are vital in your diet, and cottage cheese can be a good source of this, however, like with all things, it does need to be consumed in moderation. 

It is also important to note that there are various types of cottage cheese, some are full-fat, some are low-fat and some are even fat-free!

Neutral Flavor

Cottage cheese, unless flavored, has a neutral, fresh flavor to it, and it could very well be that you are just craving this fresh and creamy flavor, rather than anything overpowering or full-flavored.

Cottage cheese is great for this reason, because it can give you a mild, slightly tangy meal to enjoy, or it can be enhanced with a whole bunch of different flavors and ingredients.

You might just be after a milder meal or snack, and cottage cheese can give you just that!

Lack of Sodium

As mentioned above, cottage cheese can have a high sodium content. Sodium is added to cottage cheese to enhance the flavor, and to help preserve the dairy curds.

Your body might be lacking in sodium, and therefore it would be craving cottage cheese to make up for this.

It is worth noting that there is a variety of different cottage cheese options with various sodium levels. Still, there will never be a sodium-free cottage cheese, as it is vital to the production of this dairy product.

What to Do When Craving Cottage Cheese

Thankfully, craving cottage cheese is not as bad as craving candy or other unhealthy food items, but even though cottage cheese is considered healthy, you do need to consume it in moderation, to ensure that you are giving your body a healthy, balanced diet.

cottage cheese and crackers

Here are some things to do when craving cottage cheese:

Find Other Fatty Foods

If you crave cottage cheese very often, then it could indicate that you need to increase the amount of healthy fats you consume.

You do not want to only get these healthy fats from cottage cheese, so you can look to other fatty foods to enjoy instead.

Some good options include other dairy products such as butter and yogurt, but you can also eat some eggs, or even treat yourself to an ice cream!

Varying the food items from which you get your fats is great for a varied diet, and it will stop your craving for cottage cheese, and provide your body with the nutrition it is after.

Eat Some Cottage Cheese

Sometimes, it is okay to just give in to your cravings and enjoy some cottage cheese. If you haven’t had too much already, and if you are looking for a healthy snack or meal to enjoy, there is nothing wrong with some cottage cheese on a cracker!

However, if the craving goes further than this, then you should moderate how much cottage cheese you are eating.

Check Sodium Intake

Your body could be craving cottage cheese because it wants the sodium that cottage cheese has, so it is worth taking a look back at how much sodium you have consumed, and whether it is a sufficient amount.

If you think that your sodium intake might be a problem, then it is worth speaking to a healthcare professional for advice.

Why Am I Craving Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese isn’t the most common craving around, but if it is something that you find yourself craving, then you would definitely want to take notice.

An occasional craving for cottage cheese is absolutely fine, and you can enjoy a healthy serving of cottage cheese to subside your cravings!

However, if your craving for cottage cheese happens often, and if you find it is something you crave more than anything else, it could be because you are not getting enough fat or sodium in your diet, and this is something to pay attention to.

Related Questions

Is It Okay to Eat Cottage Cheese Every Day?

It is okay to eat cottage cheese every day, as long as you only eat small, moderate amounts, and it forms part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Is Cottage Cheese Healthy?

Cottage cheese is healthy, as it is rich in protein and other essential nutrients, but it needs to be consumed in moderation.

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