5 Best Waffle Makers For Chaffles In 2023

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Chaffles are one of the newest and greatest foods that are taking the world by storm. These first became popular with diets like Keto that take favorite foods and ingenuity and find a way to enjoy these foods without kicking their diet to the curb. 

Chaffles are delicious and versatile. They are pretty easy to make and you can make them in a multitude of flavor options as well. A quick search will present you with hundreds of recipe flavors. You just need a good waffle maker and your ingredients to enjoy chaffles right at home. 

What is the best waffle maker for chaffles? Chaffles are typically not huge so you may want a mini waffle maker. We recommend using a mini waffle maker to get your sizing just right. This is your best option! You will also want something that cooks evenly and consistently and doesn’t stick too badly. 

In this guide, we will share with you the 5 best waffle makers for chaffles. We’ve spent a lot of time researching to figure out just which options really work best for this purpose and we are here to share them with you and save you the struggle of searching! 

Keep reading to learn the 5 best waffle makers for chaffles. 

How to Choose the Best Waffle Maker for Chaffles

Before we get started, we thought it might be helpful to share some tips for qualities you may want to keep in mind as you check out your options. We put together a simple buying guide to help you through the selection process. 

What is a Chaffle?

A chaffles is a version of a waffle that substitutes ingredients and brings you a waffle-like food without using flour.

It’s basically a cheese waffle, which is where the name chaffles came from. These delightful foods can be made in different varieties and flavors and can even be made into a dessert! 

The chaffle uses just eggs and cheese as the base ingredients. Fruits, vegetables, and sweet additions can be added from there but there is no flour or baking powder, making the chaffles a healthy alternative to a waffle. 


People often overlook the cleanup process when it comes to this type of accessory. However, it’s a pretty important aspect so don’t forget to consider it.

You may want something that allows you to toss the plates in the dishwasher or you may want an option that you just wipe down. 

Look for things like removable plates and cleaning feedback before you make a decision.

We recommend an option that isn’t going to have all the food stuck to it and that will be simple to clean when you are finished. 


Size is another important factor. You can use a Belgian waffle maker if you want to but there are specific recommendations as to just how much stuff you will want to put in those for a chaffles. 

A chaffle is typically about the size of a mini waffle. You could compare the size to the frozen waffles you get at the grocery store. This is the best size for a serving for these considering the ingredients. 

For that reason, we recommend using a mini waffle maker, which is what you will find here. 

The 5 Best Waffle Makers for Chaffles

Whether you want a solution that will make several chaffles at one time or you just need a single chaffle maker, we’ve got options for you!

In the following section, you will find detailed reviews for our top picks of the 5 best waffle makers for chaffles. 

RankWaffle MakerBest Feature
1.Burgess Brothers ChurWaffle MakerMakes 4 chaffles at a time
2.Dash Mini Waffle MakerMulti-purpose chaffle maker
3.Babycakes Mini Waffle Stick MakerBest stick chaffle option
4.Holstein Housewares Heart Waffle MakerMakes heart-shaped chaffles
5.Nostalgia My Mini Personal Waffle MakerPerfect size for one chaffle

1. Burgess Brothers ChurWaffle Maker

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Let’s start this countdown off right with a specialty waffle maker that recognizes it probably will make more than waffles anyway!

This is a great option and it comes at a really great price also. This waffle maker lets you make 4 chaffles at a time, so you won’t have to wait for each one as you go. 

This is called a churwaffle maker, which is a term made up by the company. It’s intended to combine waffles and churros. However, we feel this also makes a really great option for chaffles as well! 

The chaffles will be 3 inches in diameter. You can make multiple options and it is super easy with an indicator so you know when they are done.

You won’t need sprays as the cooking grates are non-stick. They do not remove but they are very easy to wipe down and clean when they cool down. 


  • Makes 4 at a time
  • Simple to use 
  • Very easy to clean and just wipe down
  • Specialty waffle maker
  • Non-stick Teflon coating


  • These are smaller than some other mini waffle makers as far as the size of the finished chaffle or waffle

2. Dash Mini Waffle Maker

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Dash’s mini maker is one of the most popular mini waffle makers on the market, particularly for chaffles. It’s certainly a fan favorite and it’s a pretty decent price as well.

These are tiny little makers that don’t take up a lot of space. You get 2 mini makers at the price. You can even choose a 3-pack if you prefer. 

You can choose from aqua or red and if you get a 3-pack you can actually get 3 different colors. This option is awesome because it can be used as a griddle or a waffle maker so it’s a really versatile tool. It is the perfect size for chaffles! 

It’s incredibly compact and lightweight and you won’t find any other options like this on the market. Customer support is U.S. based which is always a nice perk. It’s quick and easy to use and also very easy to clean with non-stick surfaces. 


  • Comes with a waffle maker and a griddle
  • Small and compact solution
  • Nothing else like this on the market
  • The perfect size for chaffles
  • Covered by the Dash guarantee


  • The plates are not interchangeable. One unit is a griddle and the other is a waffle maker
  • The color shades are slightly different from listing

3. Babycakes Mini Waffle Stick Maker

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This option gives you a square so you can make your chaffles in square form for a real sandwich shape.

This is a stick maker and you can use it for sticks but you can also just make one full square as well. The size is mini, which makes it perfect for sandwiches! 

This waffle maker is a cute blue color. It’s almost a baby machine. It’s small and compact so it will be easy to store wherever you need it to go. It is incredibly easy to use and even offers a cord wrap for storage purposes. 

The lid has a latch handle for storage as well. This also has two feet on the front to slightly elevate it. Those feet are non-skid so you don’t have to worry about sliding.

You will need to plan to spray the cooking grates as there is nothing that says it is non-stick but it cleans up easily when you spray them. 


  • Small square or stick option
  • Simple to use
  • Budget-friendly solution
  • Easy to store with a latch handle and cord wrap
  • Cleans up easily


  • This says it comes with a scoop but it doesn’t
  • It does stick so be prepared to use cooking spray

4. Holstein Housewares Heart Waffle Maker

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Here is a really fun option if you want to stick with a traditional mini waffle size but also want to mix it up.

This chaffle maker gives you the same size as most mini circle makers but it is a heart shape.

We love that you can get the traditional waffle style but in a sweet shape option. 

This comes in red or pink and will make 4 waffles or chaffles at a time. The cooking plates are coated for non-stick purposes and are super easy to clean up when you are finished using them. This also has a safety lock so it’s easy to store or carry around as needed. 

There is an indicator light that tells you when the maker is on, when it has preheated, and when you are good to start cooking! This has a nice upright storage feature so it’s totally easy to put away. It’s also compact and won’t take a lot of extra space. 


  • Fun heart shapes
  • Makes 4 at a time
  • Red or pink color to choose from
  • Super easy to use and clean
  • Stores very easily and is compact


  • The materials feel a bit flimsy but seem to hold up overall

5. Nostalgia My Mini Personal Waffle Maker

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Finally, we have an option pretty similar to the Dash brand we shared earlier. This one is a bit cheaper and comes simply with the mini waffle maker.

It’s a sweet light aqua color and is a round shape as well. 

This is perfect for making individual chaffles in just a couple of minutes. It’s a light and compact model so it’s easy to store or even take on the go with you.

The waffle diameter is 5 inches, which is perfect for chaffles and sandwiches. 

The handle will always be cool to the touch and the indicator lights are simple and effective. This is also easy to clean when you are finished. 


  • Single waffle maker with perfect diameter
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and easy to take on the go


  • It’s not hot enough to make your chaffle crispy on the outside

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