The 7 Best Triple Slow Cookers

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If you’re a fan of the slow cooker, you know that it can add an incredible amount of convenience to cooking in many ways. You can prepare entire meals with much less effort than slaving over the stove. You can cook for events or meals and be good to go. 

Understanding the convenience of a slow cooker, have you considered what a triple slow cooker might be able to do for you? A triple slow cooker will up your cooking game to a whole other level, particularly in regards to feeding groups or hosting dinner parties. 

What is the best triple slow cooker available? We prefer the Tru BS-325LR model but there are several good options on the market and they’re surprisingly affordable. Besides our favorite choice, the best triple slow cookers are also known as buffet servers because they allow you to prepare and serve 3 courses at once.

In this guide, we will cover the 7 best trip slow cooker options in detailed reviews. We will cover just what makes these triple slow cookers stand out against their competition and share with you all of the pros and cons that you need to know about each one. 

Keep reading to learn the 7 best triple slow cookers and more. 

Uses for Triple Slow Cookers

Some people take a look at the triple slow cooker and start planning parties and gatherings. Other people look at them and instantly wonder what could they possibly make in them and where would they store it?

Well, we can’t answer the storage question but surely you can find a suitable location! We can, however, give you some helpful tips as to what you can make in them. 

Remember that you can make 3 totally individual dishes in these. They all have temperature controls for each pot so you don’t even have to coordinate dishes. 

Whether you’re doing some party planning or making various parts of a meal, the triple slow cooker has you covered. 

Here are a few ideas of how you can use the triple slow cooker. 

  • Various appetizers
  • Multiple dip options
  • Meat, veggie, rice (or mashed potatoes)
  • Special variations of the same dish (one with no onions, please)
  • Cinco de Mayo – chili con queso, spinach dip, and cheese dip 
  • Thanksgiving dinner – stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy
  • Multiple soups at one time

You see, there are a lot of things you can do with a triple slow cooker! It’s true that you may not use it a lot when you’re cooking for your family at home unless you like to cook certain dishes separated at the same time. 

However, if you often host dinners or gatherings, this could be an incredibly valuable tool for you. Really, your options for using it are limitless. Just picture it as three separate crockpots. Here’s another thought – you don’t even have to use all 3 if you don’t need to!

If you’re the host for holiday meals, a triple slow cooker is a no-brainer. At the same time, it can make sense for family meals and multiple other uses as well. Only you can truly determine whether a triple slow cooker would be valuable in your home. 

Our guess is that if you’re here looking for the best triple slow cooker, you’ve already considered whether or not you need one and you’re just trying to figure out which is the best one now. 

That’s why we’re here! We’ve done the research and we’ve narrowed down the list to give you a simple reference of options to choose from. Happy shopping! 

The 7 Best Triple Slow Cookers Reviewed

A triple slow cooker could come in handy for a lot of different things but they are particularly valuable when you’re perhaps hosting a gathering or setting up a buffet-style meal. 

The beauty of these cookers is that you can set 3 wholly different dishes into the same base and give each pot its own settings as well.

And don’t limit yourself to thinking you can only use these for parties and gatherings. You can use them for routine meals as well. If you have meat, veggies, and another side you can cook them each separately if you need to. 

Each of these reviews will provide you with our top 7 picks (ranked in order) as well as the most important and relevant review information for your selection. 

RankProduct Description
1.Tru BS-325LR Triple Slow CookerIncludes id rests, cool-touch handles, individual settings for each pot, 2.5 quarts
2.Crock-Pot Trio CookAnti-slip feet, removable ceramic pots, 1.5 quarts
3.Elite Platinum EWMST-325R Triple Slow CookerIncludes lid and spoon rests, dishwasher-safe pots and lids, 2.5 quarts
4.Bella Triple Slow Cooker Smaller and more compact, built-in lid rests, 1.5 quarts
5.HomeCraft TSC15 3-Station Slow CookerAttached lid rests, individual temperature controls, 1.5 quarts
6.Sunvivi Triple Slow CookerComes with 3 serving spoons, well-made and affordable, 1.5 quarts
7.MegaChef MC-1103 Triple Slow CookerCenter lid rests, circular design, 1.5 quarts

Let’s get started! 

1. Tru BS-325LR Triple Slow Cooker

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The Tru brand is perhaps one of the more noteworthy brands when it comes to a triple slow cooker.

It seems like they have been able to perfect the setup, giving you a premium slow cooker option at an affordable price point. 

This slow cooker features 3 pots that are each 2.5-quart pots in a bar form. Each pot has its own controls as well as its own lid rest for holding the lids during serving. The tops are made with cool-touch handles and you even get a set of serving spoons to use with them. 

This is one of the more reliable and well-known options available and it certainly won’t treat you wrong. Unfortunately, it may also not last for years and years depending on the use since the heating element tends to wear out. 


  • Includes lid rests
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Individual settings for each pot
  • Comes with bonus serving spoons
  • Well-made and affordable


  • It seems the heating elements are not consistent and may wear out quickly

2. Crock-Pot Trio Cook

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This triple slow cooker comes from one of the most well-known slow cooker brands.

This particular model is set up like a buffet-style slow cooker.

Each of the three cookers hold 1.5 quarts.

Each pot has its own lid as well as a lid rest for holding the lid during serving. 

Again, you can control each cooker individually to determine individual heats for each cooker. The lid rests are removable so you can discard them if they’re in the way.

The base of this cooker is enhanced with anti-slip feet so it stays in place wherever it is placed. 


  • Equipped with lid rests
  • Individual cooker controls
  • Anti-slip feet so it doesn’t move around
  • Premium quality
  • Removable ceramic pots


  • Seems to wear down quickly as far as exterior materials are concerned

3. Elite Platinum EWMST-325R Triple Slow Cooker

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You simply can’t turn your nose up at this triple slow cooker option, mostly because it’s a nice red color that will catch anyone’s eye.

Of course, it’s also a good quality option for a decent price so it earned its spot in our ranks. 

Much like the others, this buffet-style triple cooker has handy lid rests and individual controls for each pot. They are 2.5-quart pots with a slotted side that you can leave the serving spoon in during the serving process. The pots and lids are all dishwasher-safe. 

This buffet-style triple slow cooker is larger than you would expect but it’s well-designed. You simply need to plan for the space it may take while in use (or storage). If you notice an odor at first, just know that should go away after a use or two. 


  • Includes lid and spoon rests
  • Dishwasher safe pots and lids
  • Lids have steam vents in them
  • Individual temperature controls
  • Sleek red color


  • Emits an odor the first 1 or 2 uses

4. Bella Triple Slow Cooker

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If you’re in the market for something slightly smaller, this one might be a great option.

It has all of the unique traits of a triple slow cooker while also offering smaller 1.5-quart pots.

Much like the other options, this includes individual settings for each pot. 

This is a compact unit that won’t take a lot of extra space. Each pot has a lid rest and controls. You also get a set of serving spoons with this option.

The pots, lids, and spoons are dishwasher safe. It’s simple and easy to use with easy cleanup as well. 

Not everyone has the need for a humungous 2.5-quart set, and this option is well-made. Just keep in mind that this is a smaller option so you won’t want to have the same expectations for capacity. 


  • Built-in lid rest
  • Separated time controls
  • Dishwasher safe pots and lids
  • Smaller and more compact
  • Reduced energy usage


  • May be too small for some uses as this is a smaller option

5. HomeCraft TSC15 3-Station Slow Cooker

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Here is another smaller option for those who prefer the smaller size.

This brand also offers the copper buffet in a 2.5-quart option though if you do need larger.

This triple slow cooker is designed with a nice copper finish that will look great in any location. 

The one shared here is 1.5 quarts but remember you can get 2.5 if needed. This unit has built-in lid rests that sit back so the lids don’t interfere with serving. The knobs and handles of the unit are all designed for cool-touch. 

Each pot has its own temperature controls and the pots re all removable for easy clean-up. You can wash these pots and lids in the dishwasher if you want to as well. 


  • Attached lid rests
  • Individual temperature controls
  • Nice copper color
  • Optional sizes
  • Removable pots that are dishwasher safe


  • Takes a bit longer to heat up than expected

6. Sunvivi Triple Slow Cooker

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This option from Sunvivi probably doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

It’s a lesser-known brand and people often shy away from that. However, from our research, we feel as though this one deserves recognition! 

This triple slow cooker is equipped with 1.5-quart pots in a buffet-style setting. It includes lid rests, slotted spoon rests on the bowl, and even comes with 3 serving spoons for you. Everything is removable from the heating buffet for cleaning purposes. 

This triple slow cooker is very well made and has all of the qualities promising durability and stability that you would want in a kitchen tool. 


  • Individual temperature controls
  • Includes lid rests for easy serving
  • Comes with 3 serving spoons
  • Well-made and affordable unit
  • Smaller cooking units


  • The temperatures are lower than expected with high not being very hot

7. MegaChef MC-1103 Triple Slow Cooker

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This option is incredibly unique because it’s set up in a round setting rather than a buffet-style fixture.

This makes it slightly more compact than the others and gives you a reasonable alternative for tight spaces. 

This option can sometimes be challenging to find in stock but it’s well-made and will provide you with all of the qualities of any sought-after triple slow cooker.

It has three separated 1.5-quart settings and each one has individual temperature controls. 

This cooker has a lid rest in the center that is designed to hold all 3 lids at one time without taking up extra space. It has a nice copper finish as well as anti-slip feet. 


  • Unique circular design
  • 1.5-quart cookers
  • Attached lid rest in the center
  • Individual temperature controls
  • Nice copper finish
  • Compact size and structure


  • Can be challenging to find in stock
  • The temperature controls are not labeled and can be confusing to know which is which

Related Questions

We hope that you have found this guide to the 7 best triple slow cookers on the market to be a valuable and informative resource for selecting your very own triple slow cooker from the myriad of options on the market. 

We invite you to review the following question and answer section for some additional information that could be helpful to you. 

How Many Servings Can a Triple Slow Cooker Hold?

This could vary depending on the size that you choose. Remember that there are 1.5-quart and 2.5-quart options on the market. There could potentially be other sizes as well. The servings will vary by size. Overall, a single 1-3 quart slow cooker typically holds 2-3 servings for an entire meal. 

Remember that if you’re adding this to a line of options, the servings will go much farther. 

Do Triple Slow Cookers Use Extra Energy?

Slow cookers actually operate using very little energy. You can cook an entire meal for several hours in a slow cooker and use less energy than if you did the same thing on the stove. Triple slow cookers do not use any more energy than a standard 6-quart slow cooker. 

Can You Purchase Triple Slow Cookers with Smaller Bowls?

Most triple slow cookers offer either 1.5 or 2.5-quart bowls. 1.5-quarts is the smallest you are going to find. Truthfully, you probably don’t want it to be any smaller than that. 

Can Triple Slow Cookers Be Used Safely on Any Surface?

If you are at all concerned about the safety of a slow cooker in a specific area, we recommend that you potentially do some digging into the slow cooker that you have in mind. 

Most slow cookers are considered safe on any surface. Many of them will get warm around the sides but the base and handles will not be overly hot.

However, this may not be the case for all. If you’re concerned about plastic or surface materials, we recommend looking at the reviews for the unit in mind. 

Some units do run hotter than others. 

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