9 Best Tomato Presses Of 2023

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Tomatoes are a pantry staple and are used as a base for many dishes including stews, braises, and, of course, delicious pasta. They can be cooked, fried, baked, sautéed, broiled, stewed, roasted, and puréed.

Although working with tomatoes is a fairly easy task, it is indeed time-consuming, especially when it comes to preparing tomato sauces and pastes for dishes such as spaghetti and salsa.

To make the process quicker and easier, you need to invest in a good quality tomato press that is both functional and built to last.

A tomato press is a very useful kitchen appliance that strains the juice from tomatoes and allows you to grind them according to your desired texture, from coarse to very fine.

So, what are the best tomato presses? The best tomato presses help you save precious working time while preparing delicious tomato sauces and utilize your tomatoes to the fullest. They are also user-friendly, offer easy clean-up, and are made with quality ingredients that prevent leakage.

Read on for our detailed buyer’s guide on how to choose the best tomato presses and our top 9 picks for the best ones:

What To Look For In A Tomato Press

Choosing the best tomato press may be somewhat of a confusing process since most of them look the same, and for someone who doesn’t have much idea about their features, it might be even more challenging.

For this reason, we have prepared a buyer’s guide that includes the primary considerations before choosing the best one for yourself and the essential features to look for.

Electric Vs. Manual

Tomato presses come in two different models based on their operating system and internal mechanism – electric and manual tomato presses.

An electric tomato press operates electrically and a manual one requires effort on your part to make it work and get the best out of the product.

An electric tomato press makes your job much easier and faster and operates automatically without any extra work from your side.

It may, however, be a little heavier on the pocket and it requires a power outlet nearby that might minimize your mobility during usage. It also has more moving parts that may wear off faster.

In addition to that, it needs further attention when it comes to the machine’s motor, speed, driveshaft, and housing.

A manual tomato press, on the other hand, will be less expensive but you will have to manually work the lever to make the tomato sauce. 

Although manual presses work longer than electric ones since there are fewer moving parts that can break or malfunction, you need to keep a few important things in mind such as the handle material and how smooth its rotation is.

Size And Capacity

Tomato presses come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a small kitchen space, we suggest you go for a smaller tomato press. Make sure to check the dimensions if you’re buying it online.

The capacity of a tomato press is determined by the size of its hopper, which is what holds the raw tomatoes. A tomato with a big hopper will allow you to put more tomatoes into the machine at a time.

The size of the built-in tray is another indicator of the capacity and it needs to be wide enough to hold a sufficient amount of tomato sauce.

There is no standard or best size when it comes to tomato presses, and it depends entirely on whether you want large batches of sauce at a time or small batches for special occasions only.

A large tomato press with a bigger capacity is advantageous since you would not be required to repeat the process of putting tomatoes in the hopper again and again.

On the contrary, a small tomato press is ideal for small batches and limited kitchen space, and can easily be stored anywhere you want.


The filter, aka the screen, is an important component that makes a tomato press a tomato press. It is what separates the paste from the skin and seeds, and prevents the latter to be ground with the sauce.

Without a screen, you will get a lumpy texture in your tomato sauce every time. Therefore, you must check if your tomato press has a good filter system that will help make a smooth and lump-free tomato paste and sauce.

A screen with larger holes will not be able to filter out those parts, whereas one with very small holes will make it difficult for the paste to pass through it. 

For these reasons, it is best to go for one with holes not bigger than 1.5-2 mm. Also, make sure to use a reliable stainless-steel screen that will remain intact after repeated use 

Mounting Base

Every tomato press vibrates when it’s operating, which is why it requires a sturdy base to keep the entire frame steady.

This is done to avoid accidental spills on the kitchen counter and to prevent the machine from toppling over when in use.

The best tomato presses feature suction base cups that promote steadiness on suitable surfaces, and some also come equipped with a C-clamp system to let you mount the machine on walls.

When choosing the best tomato press, make sure you check if it has a steady mounting base since it will play a huge part in the user-friendliness and convenience of the machine.


With the tomato sauce and paste, and the residual skin and seeds, using a tomato press can get really messy, really quick.

If you are unable to properly and easily clean your tomato press after every use, it not just causes you trouble and inconvenience, but also affects the efficiency of the machine.

For a thorough clean-up, it is essential to disassemble the tomato press and clean all the parts individually

Luckily, all the best tomato presses come with this feature that doesn’t just keep maintenance simple and easy but also saves time and effort in accessing the internal components of the machine.

You may also look for a tomato press that is dishwasher-safe. As easy as it may make the cleaning process, frequent cleaning may cause some issues and it is best to handwash the parts instead.

The 9 Best Tomato Presses Of 2021

For the best homemade tomato sauce that is consistent in quality and taste, get your hands on the best tomato presses out there. Here are our top 9 picks to help you decide better!

RankProductBest Feature
1.Weston Food Strainer and Sauce MakerExtra-large capacity hopper and dual-mount system
2.Norpro 1952 Jumbo Tomato PressLightweight and mess-free dispensing chute
3.Farm to Table Tomato PressCustomizable and detachable components
4.KitchenAid Electric Tomato PressAutomatic operation and multitasking capabilities
5.Velox Tomato Press and StrainerEase of use and compact design
6.Roots & Branches VKP250 Johnny Apple Sauce MakerMechanism conversion option (manual to electric)
7.CucinaPro Tomato Food Strainer and Sauce MakerBudget-friendly and lightweight
8.OXO Good Grips Food MillSturdy non-slip legs and easy to clean
9.Raw Rutes Electric Tomato Strainer MachineHeavy-duty with extra-large capacity

1. Weston Food Strainer And Sauce Maker

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The Weston Food Strainer and Sauce Maker is a manual machine that is quite easy to use.

It requires you to turn the handle to separate the seeds and skin from the purée.

It comes with an extra-capacity plastic hopper that enables you to make large batches of tomato sauce within a small amount of time.

You also get a stomper that you can use to push all the tomatoes into the strainer. This feature comes in handy, especially when preparing big batches with a lot of tomatoes.

The dual-mount system – a suction cup base and a C-clamp – gives it added stability and allows you to set up the tomato press anywhere you want.

2. Norpro 1952 Jumbo Tomato Press

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The Norpro 1952 Jumbo Tomato Press is as simple as it gets.

With no fancy or multifunctional features, this simple machine is great for some quality sauces and pressed tomatoes.

It is fairly lightweight, weighing only about 2.9 lbs., and can easily be set up anywhere around your kitchen. 

The suction base at the bottom of the machine keeps it stable and steady, despite its weight, and offers a secure attachment on kitchen countertops.

One of the highlighting features of this model is its mess-free dispensing mechanism that pours the sauce straight into the tray and doesn’t spill from the sides, saving you a lot of time in cleaning up.

3. Farm To Table Tomato Press

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Farm to Table is known for making some of the best kitchen appliances and its multipurpose tomato press is no exception. 

It is an entirely manual machine that allows you not just to control it better but to also customize it according to the type of sauce you wish to make.

It has two different capacity rates and storage mechanisms – the hopper with a capacity of 2.25 qt and the collection tray with a capacity of 1.25 qt.

All of the unit’s components are detachable, making it easier for maintenance and cleaning, and the model is also completely dishwasher-safe.

4. KitchenAid Electric Tomato Press

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The KitchenAid Electric Tomato Press is a great automatic device that lets you sit back and relax while it does all the hard work for you.

Its multitasking capabilities are its highlighting feature that allows you to handle culinary tasks other than tomato pressing, such as grinding.

The machine comes with a grinder along with a strainer, giving you added flexibility for different functionalities.

All the attachments are easily interchangeable so you wouldn’t have to worry about putting extra work into assembling them.

It is extremely easy to handle and you can make sauces, jams, and even juices with this machine. In addition to that, it is compatible with all KitchenAid stand mixer models.

5. Velox Tomato Press and Strainer

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The Velox Tomato Press and Strainer is a perfect addition to your kitchen appliances.

It is smaller in size and doesn’t require a lot of space on your kitchen counter.

Its compact design allows it to be easily stored anywhere without having to worry about space.

It is fairly easy to use and doesn’t require any external power outlets to operate. The rubber grip on its lever makes it easier to use and provides a strong grip when manually rotating it.

It has a holding capacity of 220 lbs., is completely dishwasher-safe, and is often considered one of the best simple tomato pressers in the market.

6. Roots & Branches VKP250 Johnny Apple Sauce Maker

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This model from Roots & Branches is an interesting addition to our list of the best tomato presses.

One of its best features includes its ability to switch to an electric tomato press with the help of a motor.

It includes a large-sized hopper to hold a fair amount of tomatoes and helps you save time preparing large batches in one go.

Other features include a stainless-steel screen that remains free of rust, corrosion, and moisture deterioration and an extended waste spout that produces minimal waste and allows it to be dispensed far from the food items.

7. CucinaPro Tomato Food Strainer And Sauce Maker 

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If you’re looking for a good, budget-friendly tomato press, look no further!

This a lightweight model made entirely of plastic except for the screen which is made of stainless steel.

Although it may not be as durable as the other options here, it does provide you with good value for money and works seamlessly with soft ingredients such as tomatoes.

The lever is ergonomically placed and moves without a struggle. Despite its lightweight, the suction cups at the base hold it steadily and prevents it from moving or spilling tomato sauce.

8. OXO Good Grips Food Mill

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The OXO Good Grips Food Mill is a great option to process small batches of tomatoes and is incredibly easy to set up.

It is not ideal for straining large quantities of tomatoes or you will end up exhausted.

Its design is different from most other options here. It stands on three non-slip legs that are quite secure and sturdy so you wouldn’t have to worry about slips and spills.

It comes with three grinding plates of varying levels – coarse, medium, and fine – with fine being the best option for making tomato sauce without the seeds. You may use the coarse plate if you intend to use it to make salsa.

9. Raw Rutes Electric Tomato Strainer Machine

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The Raw Rutes heavy-duty tomato press is Italian-made and has an induction motor with adequate power to last years of maintenance-free use.

It has an extra-large hopper that can hold lots of tomatoes in one go.

It is a great choice for large batches and can process up to 300 lbs. of tomatoes in an hour!

It includes a stainless-steel strainer cone and a splash guard to keep the mess to a minimum. In addition to that, it includes a tomato pusher that helps speed up the process of straining even further.

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