9 Best Thin Non-Belgian Waffle Makers Of 2023

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Waffles make a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Chicken and waffles anyone?

The problem is, the traditional Belgian waffle can be a little too much sometimes. They are very thick and heavy and can easily be more food than one might want to consume in a setting.

In these cases, if you want to enjoy a waffle that’s thin, you need the right kind of waffle maker! It’s pretty neat. You can also make other things besides just waffles in most of these other waffle makers as well.

They are unique and versatile but most of all, they provide you with the right tool to make a thin waffle instead of a thick Belgian waffle. 

What is the best thin Non-Belgian waffle maker? The best waffle makers for traditional, thin, non-Belgian waffles should have shallower indentations, or at least allow for thinner waffles. They should cook evenly and allow for some control over browning and cooking.

Naturally you want your waffle maker to give you those thin and crispy results – sort of like what you get from the frozen section, only way better!

In this guide, we’ve put together the nine best thin non-Belgian waffle makers for you. We’ve scoured the market to find you the very best options available and we’re here to break it down and share each one with you in turn. 

Keep reading to learn about the best thin non-Belgian waffle makers and more! 

How to Choose a Thin Waffle Maker

There is certainly nothing wrong with a Belgian waffle but there is a difference between the Belgian waffle and a classic thin waffle. Whichever you prefer might depend on your mood, how hungry you are, your preferences, and maybe even your food diet. 

We’ve put together a few tips that might be helpful as you check out the options for a thin, Non-Belgian waffle maker to add to your kitchen tools. 

Belgian Waffle Vs. Thin Non-Belgian Waffle

You may be wondering just what the difference is. What is a Belgian waffle and why could anyone possibly want any other type of waffle? 

While these are both waffles by name, they are really quite different when you put them against each other.

A Belgian waffle is large. The indentations in a Belgian waffle maker will be deep and the result will be a waffle that is very thick and probably fluffy.

When it comes to the maker, your Belgian waffles are typically 1-1.5 inches thick while a thin waffle is around 0.5 inch thick

A Belgian waffle is very unique in nature. It truly is a specific style of waffle but also a very common style. A thin waffle might be referred to as an old-fashioned, regular, American, classic, or traditional waffle. Of course, you can also call it a non-Belgian waffle!

Now, here are a few things to keep in mind as you look at your options.

Cooking Time

Using a waffle maker should be quick and convenient. You will find options that range from 2-5 minutes, typically and any of these are decent.

You probably want to avoid options that get much higher than this on cooking time, although ultimately this is up to you. 

If you really want a waffle maker that takes the least amount of time, you will find that the fastest options tend to cost a bit more. 

Temperature Control & Settings

You want to be able to control your waffle making to some extent. The best options will have temperature controls that allow you to choose and control just how crisp your waffle is going to come out in the process. 

Some of the high-end models will have up to seven temperature control or browning settings while others may just have two or three.

While variety is always useful, a few settings may be more than enough for your needs, especially if you like your waffles the same way every time.


One thing you will notice quickly is that the prices of traditional waffle makers are all over the place.

There are certainly a handful that fall into an average and budget-friendly range but then there are even more that fall into a premium price range. 

Ultimately, the price you spend is totally up to you. You will probably notice some differences in what the various prices have to offer. Not only might the quality vary with the price but so might the appearance, materials, and overall design. 

Regardless of what your budget allows, quality is important. You can find quality options that don’t cost an arm and a leg or you can go with the premium models that are high-quality as well. 


You definitely will want to keep clean-up on your mind as you pick out a waffle maker. Looking for terms like non-stick is a good idea.

Sometimes the plates are removable to make cleaning up easier but this is not always the case. 

The last thing you want is to fight with stuck-on messes that take forever to clean up.

Look for non-stick options and materials that are easier to clean so that you won’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time cleaning up after you spent your time and energy cooking the waffles to begin with.

The ‘less mess’ is the best bet! 

The 9 Best Thin, Non-Belgian Waffle Makers

We’ve talked about what to look for and the difference between a traditional waffle and a Belgian waffle. If you’re ready to make waffles that are not Belgian, you will need a waffle maker made for this style of waffles. 

Just as a note, these are a bit of a specialty item. Finding waffle makers that are truly non-Belgian but still thin is a challenge.

We ultimately had to search for waffle makers that would yield waffles of 0.5 to 1 inches in depth, with a focus towards the smaller size whenever possible. This remains a slightly limited market but there are still plenty of options to choose from. 

RankProductKey Features
1.All-Clad Classic Waffle Maker7 browning settings, 4 pieces
2.Cuisinart Classic Waffle Maker5 browning setting, BPA-free
3.CucinaPro Waffle MakerNon-stick, adjustable browning
4.Carbon's Gourmet Waffle Baker7 browning settings, 4 pieces
5.Dash Deluxe Belgian IronMess-free, versatile
6.Farberware 4-Slice Waffle MakerNon-stick, measuring scoop
7.Decen Waffle Maker GrillTemp. control, multiple plates
8.Chef's Choice WafflePro5 pieces, cooking settings
9.Marvel Spiderman Waffle MakerSpidey's mask design, 6-7"

Below, you will find our top picks for the 9 best Non-Belgian waffle makers on the market with full reviews. We hope you can find something here that will work well for your needs. 

1. All Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker

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This first option is the best overall choice on our list. It’s a very highly-rated option across the board and it’s one you can certainly rely on.

This particular classic waffle maker is a bit more expensive than some options out there but it’s really well-made and will be a reliable option for your waffle making needs. 

This stainless steel waffle maker is sleek and shiny. It weighs only about 3 pounds so it’s small and simple to manage.

It has 7 adjustable levels so you can choose just how crisp you want your waffle to be. It has alerts and warnings so you know when it is pre-heated and ready and when it is finished cooking as well. 

This waffle maker is also coated with a non-stick material so that your waffle will be easy to remove and cleanup will also be a breeze. You can make 1 large waffle and that waffle has small section lines so you could cut it into fours if you like. 

The handle is smooth and solid for comfortable handling. Finally, this waffle maker releases some steam so that your waffle will be crisp and fluffy for just the perfect texture overall. 


  • 7 temperature settings
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Comfortable and easy to handle
  • Non-stick coating for easy clean-up
  • Lights to alert you when cooking is done


  • There are no provided instruction for how much batter or even batter consistency for use.

2. Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker

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Next up, we have a budget-friendly option that makes a great runner-up choice for a classic waffle maker. Cuisinart has always been a reliable brand for kitchen gear and this little tool is just another well-made and affordable option from the brand. There are many great qualities to enjoy. 

While this isn’t overly bulky, it does have the functionality where you can stand it on end to take up slightly less space for storage. It’s heavy-duty in build with stainless steel materials but it weighs only about 4 pounds so it is easy to manage and move around as needed as well. 

This waffle maker has non-stick cooking plates that are completely safe. It offers you 5 temperature control settings so you can get your waffle as done as you prefer. This machine has simple indicator lights that are just red or green so you know when it’s ready.

This bakes one waffle for you and it does have quarter sections so you can split it up or section it out if you need to. 


  • Covered by a 3-year warranty
  • Cooking plates are non-stick materials
  • Can be stored on end for compact storage
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel materials
  • 5 temperature controls


  • The indicator light and the temperature controls seem to be inconsistent.
  • May need to use more than one cycle to get your waffle extra done.

3. CucinaPro Waffle Maker 

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Next on our list is another kitchen brand that you might be familiar with. CucinaPro is a brand that is known for quality tools and budget-friendly prices. This is another thin waffle maker that works pretty well. 

This waffle maker is simple and yet effective. It has non-stick cooking plates so it’s easy to use and totally easy to clean as well. This waffle was designed to be simple and easy and it’s a great option for that purpose. 

It’s not really clear how much this waffle iron makes. It is slightly smaller than the other models but it still makes a fairly large waffle overall. It also has divided sections of quarters that you can use for your waffles as well. The exterior is brushed stainless steel.

This waffle maker is another one that affords you the option to store it on its end, vertically, if you need a compact storage option. Unfortunately, it’s not very clear just what the temperature control settings are. 


  • Stands upright with cord storage
  • Simple but effective
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Stainless steel exterior housing
  • Adjustable temperature controls


  • Unclear what the temperature controls are.
  • Clean-up can be a bit challenging.

4. Carbon’s Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle Baker

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Next on our list is another premium waffle maker options. Carbon’s golden malted gourmet waffle baker is the perfect waffle maker for a classic, American waffle. It is slightly thicker than some of the classic waffle makers but not enough to make a difference and this is a non-Belgian maker still. 

This waffle maker is very nice and easy to use. It’s just a classic maker with a lot of attention to detail. It really stands out in design with lines and a log on the sleek stainless steel exterior. It’s not plain like most waffle makers are made to be. 

This waffle maker also offers 7 different temperature settings for you. This gives you plenty of control to get the temperature that you prefer and the doneness that you prefer as well. This has a golden tone alert that lets you know when your waffle is done. 

Much like other waffle makers, this one can also be stored on its end for compact storage solutions when you need them. 


  • Sleek and unique style
  • 7 temperature control settings
  • Stands on end for compact storage
  • Simple and well-made design
  • Non-stick cooking grids


  • This waffle iron is smaller than most.
  • The temperature control slides almost too easily.

5. Dash Deluxe Waffle Maker

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This next one comes from Dash. If you haven’t heard of Dash, the brand is very popular for waffle makers, and this traditional waffle maker is certainly one to sneak a peek at! It’s simple and effective and gives you a square waffle option to work with.

We will warn you this is slightly deeper than some of the traditional waffle makers we share but it is not a Belgian waffle maker and it is more shallow than a Belgian maker overall. The brand does offer a Belgian waffle maker for comparison. 

This waffle maker is pretty neat because you can make other things in it as well. It has ledges on the side so you don’t have to worry about drips and messes. The grids are all non-stick so clean-up really is a breeze as well. 

This is a U.S.-based product and it is covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • USA Product
  • Makes squares rather than circles
  • Non-drip ledges to reduce mess
  • Quick and easy to work with
  • Versatile for more than just waffles


  • It’s unclear whether there are temperature controls.
  • The plates are slightly thicker than some traditional waffle makers.

6. Farberware 4-Slice Waffle Maker

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Here is another square waffle option for you. This is another waffle maker that has slightly deeper cells than some of the traditional waffle makers out there but it is not as deep as Belgian waffles. It’s in between the two different styles as far as depth. 

This sleek little thin makes 4 square waffles that are each 4.25 inches so you get several squares done at one time rather than having to wait on multiple waffles over and over. These waffles are made on a non-stick surface so clean-up is pretty easy. 

This does have variable browning control so you can get the crispness that you really want. There are about 5 different settings here from light to dark as you like. There are light indicators so you know when the maker is heated and when your waffles are done. It even comes with a measuring scoop so you don’t have to guess at how much batter to add. 


  • Measuring scoop included
  • Temperature controls
  • Unique square waffle maker
  • Power and ready lights for your convenience
  • Stainless steel, heavy materials


  • Slightly deeper than most traditional waffle makers but not as deep as Belgian.
  • You may have to cook your waffle longer to get it really done as well as you like.

7. Decen Waffle Maker Grill

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This next option is a pretty neat option. Not only can you use it for your non-Belgian waffles but you can also use it for grilling and sandwich making. It has interchangeable plates that it comes with. This is a small and compact waffle maker that makes two square waffles at one time. 

This waffle maker has 5 temperature control settings so you can set it how you like it. It’s a pretty powerful little machine that operates on 1200 watts. It’s ready to use in just 2-3 minutes and it only takes a couple of minutes to cook your item as well. 

This might be slightly thicker than some traditional options but it is not as thick as Belgian. You can fill it slightly less full. It’s compact and easy to store. The plates are all non-stick and removable so cleaning is simple and easy. 

We like this option for the simplicity and versatility. You can make just about anything, including your favorite waffles and it works well. 


  • Compact design
  • Has removable plates for versatility
  • Non-stick plates for easy cleaning
  • 5 temperature control settings
  • Simple and easy to work with


  • You may have to cook your waffles twice to get them as done as you like.
  • There are no drip pans to help reduce mess, particularly during use.

8. Chef’s Choice WafflePro

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Here’s a fun and unique option but it can also sometimes be hard to find in stock. This thin waffle maker lets you make 5 waffles at a time in the shape of hearts. It’s a well-made little machine but it is slightly bulkier than some comparable options, mostly due to the unique style it offers with heart waffles. 

This waffle maker is a non-stick waffle maker. It works really well and is highly-rated across the board. It cooks quickly and is pretty efficient overall. There is an adjustable temperature control but it is unclear how many settings there are or even how to tell where your setting is with no markings on the knob. 

There are simple lights that let you know when the maker is ready and when your cooking time is complete. This maker heats evenly across the board and gives you uniformity. It’s convenient and very easy to work with and we are big fans of the heart-shaped waffles you get in the end. 


  • Makes 5 heart-shaped waffles
  • Adjustable heat controls
  • Light indicators for your convenience
  • Simple and effective design
  • Cooks consistently and evenly


  • The temperature control is unmarked and hard to figure out where it is.

9. Marvel Spiderman Waffle Maker

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We leave you with one final option that is unique in its very own way. This thin waffle maker makes a Spiderman mask imprint on your waffles. It’s perfect for any superhero lover, adults and children alike. Not only is it fun and unique, but your waffles are thin and crisp and perfectly made every time. 

The biggest drawback is this does not have temperature controls so you may need to use more than one cycle to get your waffle as done as you like. It is thin, though as it should be. It also has the light indicators so you know when it’s heated and when a single cooking cycle is complete. 

You can use this waffle maker to make either a 6-inch or 7-inch round waffle. The choice is totally yours. The waffle maker itself is also fun and decorated and colored to match the Spiderman theme. 

The plates are non-stick and wipe off to make cleaning a breeze as well. 


  • Unique Spiderman appeal
  • Makes 2 different sizes of waffles
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Makes thin and crisp waffles 
  • Cooks quickly and effectively


  • End result could be a little fluffy.
  • The design is a bit flimsy and may not hold up over time.

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