9 Best Thermoses For Kids In 2023

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When packing your kids lunches, you want a container that keeps food hot, or keeps it cold, until they get to eat it.

There is nothing like a warm soup at school during lunch when the weather is cooler outside, and by using a good thermos, you can ensure food stays hot throughout the day.

There are plenty of thermos options out there, but when choosing the right thermos for your kids, you need to put a little bit of extra thought in.

What is the best thermos for kids? The best thermos for kids would be one that is compact, fits into their lunch bag easily, will not leak or spill and ruin everything around it, and most importantly, keeps food hot/cold for a long period of time.

Choosing the right thermos for your kids can be tricky, but luckily there are a few good options out there, and to help you make the decision, we have listed everything you need to look for when choosing a thermos for kids, and the best ones on the market.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Kids Thermos

Below is what to look for when choosing the best thermos for your kids. Keeping these considerations in mind will help you choose one that does all it needs to, and which ensures your kid gets to enjoy a nice warm lunch at school!


Size is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a thermos for your child. You don’t want to buy a full-sized, adult thermos for them. Chances are their bags and lunch bags are already packed quite full, so something smaller would be best.

Choose a thermos that will fit into their bag easily, and not be a hassle to carry, but which still holds enough food for them for the day. Consider how much they would usually eat, and base the size off of that.

It might also be a good idea to buy a size slightly larger than what they need so that when they do need bigger portions packed, you could continue using the same one.

Heat Retention

You would want a thermos with excellent heat retention capabilities. What is the point of using one if it doesn’t keep food warm?

Take a look at the heat retention time of the thermos. Some only promise to keep food warm for up to 5 hours, and others can keep food hot for most of the day. Think about what time your child will eat lunch, and how long the food will need to be warm for when deciding on this.

Cold beverages usually stay colder for longer than hot beverages stay hot for.


There are a few different materials used to make thermoses. The cheaper option would be plastic, but this does not help with heat retention a much as stainless steel does.

Plastic is fine when you don’t need something heavy-duty and durable, and can work well for a kid’s thermos. However, stainless steel will last longer, and definitely survive being used daily much better than a plastic one.

Outside Temperature

A thermos needs to be cool to the touch. This means that no heat is escaping it, and the contents cooling down, and it being difficult for your child to hold.

A good-quality thermos will stay cool to the touch and will keep food warmer for longer, and not burn your little one’s hand when they are handling it. It also will not raise the temperature in their backpack!

The 9 Best Thermos For Kids

Keeping the above considerations in mind when looking for a thermos, here are the 9 best thermoses for kids:

1.Thermos Funtainer Food JarBPA-free, keeps food hot/cold, 10 oz
2.WayEee Thermos For Hot FoodLid doubles as bowl, includes spoon, 16 oz
3.Energify Vacuum Insulated Food JarBPA-free, lid doubles as bowl, 17 oz
4.Bentology Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch JarBPA-free, keeps food hot/cold, 13 oz
5.Snug Flask For KidsKeeps food hot/cold, drinking straw, 12 oz
6.Kids Thermos With Small Bento Lunch BoxKeeps food hot/cold, includes spoon, 10 oz
7.Foogo Vacuum Insulated Food JarBPA-free, keeps food hot/cold, 10 oz
8.Vanli’s Stainless Steel Food JarBPA-free, keeps food hot/cold, 10 oz
9.Mr. Dakai Insulated Lunch ContainerBPA-free, includes spoon, carrying handle, 13 oz

Let’s look at each a little more closely

1. Thermos Funtainer Food Jar

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Thermos is one of the most trusted thermos brands, and they have the Funtainer Food Jar, which is perfect for kids! 

The Funtainer Food Jar comes in a range of fun designs for kids, or you could choose between the plain colors. The jar can hold 10 ounces of food or liquid, which is ideal for lunchtime or snacks.

Made with the standard Thermos vacuum insulation technology, the Funtainer has maximum temperature retention, for food that is either hot or cold.

A durable stainless steel interior and exterior allow the thermos to have great heat retention, and to be incredibly durable for daily use. The thermos will last a long time!

With a stay-cool exterior, the thermos will not ever be warm to the touch, which makes it easy for your child to handle. Warm food will stay warm for up to 5 hours, and cold food will stay cold for up to 7 hours. This is more than enough time for them to enjoy a warm lunch during the day at school.

With a range of fun designs to choose from and reliable heat retention capabilities, the Thermos Funtainer is a great choice for kids.

2. WayEee Thermos For Hot Food

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The WayEee Thermos for Hot Food is made from 100% BPA-free and PVC-free material, providing the highest quality and safety to your kids.

The interior of the thermos is made from stainless steel, to keep food warm or cold for an extended period of time.

The plastic lid of the thermos can act as a bowl when it is lunchtime, and included with the thermos is a foldable spoon, so your child will have everything they need to get eating.

With a total capacity of 16 oz, there is more than enough space to pack a good lunch for your child. The leak-proof design of the thermos makes it perfect for kids to use, and they can even twist the lid 360 degrees without experiencing any leakage.

The wide mouth of the thermos makes it easy to fill and easy to clean and just adds to the overall convenience that the WayEee Thermos brings.

3. Energify Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

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With the Energify Vacuum Insulated Food Jar, your child can enjoy hot or cold food during the day, no matter where they are.

No matter if you have packed liquid or food, the vacuum insulation will keep food in the best condition, and at the right temperature, for hours on end.

The food jar has an airtight lid, which is still easy to open for little ones. The airtight lid means that there will be no leaks and spills in your kid’s bag or lunch box.

Made using food-grade materials, your child will be kept safe with the BPA-free stainless steel, silicone, and plastic body.

Along with the thermos, you will receive a carry case to keep the thermos packed in, and a fold-out spoon. Your child will have everything they need to get eating!

4. Bentology Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Jar

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Bentology has this great stainless steel vacuum insulated jar to keep your kid’s lunch hot or cold during the day, ready for lunchtime!

The thermos can be used for food or drinks and opens up to a wide mouth to allow for easy eating and easy cleaning.

Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, the double-walled thermos ensures maximum insulation. The thermos is free from BPA, lead, and PVC, and is perfectly safe for kids to use daily.

The 13 oz capacity offers more than enough room for a decent portion for lunchtime, for almost all ages!

5. Snug Flask For Kids

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The Snug Flask For Kids is the ideal thermos to send to school with your kids, keeping their food or beverage warm for them to enjoy during the day.

A push-button lid on the Snug Flask is convenient and easy to use for kids, just a push of the button pops the lid open to reveal the straw. Alternatively, the whole lid can be opened up if the beverage isn’t able to be enjoyed through a straw.

There are a few fun designs to choose from, such as robots, unicorns, cats, cars, and more, there is sure to be one that your child loves.

The thermos has a total capacity of 12 oz, which is suitable for kids aged 3 to 15 years, so you will get more than enough use out of this thermos.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, the thermos is durable and resistant to rust, and will not be easily damaged through daily use.

Cute and effective at keeping food warm or cold, your child will love using the Snug Flask to enjoy their food!

6. Kids Thermos With Small Bento Lunch Box

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For a complete lunch set for your child, this Kinsho set of a thermos with a small bento lunch box is ideal.

Available in a few different patterns and colors, the set is perfect for all kids. The thermos can hold 10 oz of beverages or food, and the bento box can hold a good portion of snacks too.

The stainless steel interior of the thermos will keep food warm or cool for up to 5 hours. The wide mouth of the thermos allows for easy-eating and means less mess when filling the thermos and when eating out of it.

An easy-grip silicone band helps to prevent spills and leaks, and also helps to hold utensils close to the thermos too!

The perfect set for lunch, your child will love using their thermos and bento lunch box each day.

7. Foogo Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

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The Foogo Stainless Steel Food Jar is made from unbreakable stainless steel and is finished off with rubber to keep food insulated and protected, offering good heat retention and protection to the food or beverage contained.

The thermos stays cool to the touch and is sweat-proof when it contains cold foods. This means it is safe to place in your child’s backpack, as it will not destroy other items around it. Being cool to the touch, the thermos also keeps food warm for longer.

An ergonomically designed lid is easy to open and close for little hands and offers a wide enough opening to make it easy to eat out of, whether they are outdoors, at school, or traveling.

With a compact design, the thermos is lightweight and easy to travel with, which makes it ideal for your child to take to school each day. It is easy to fill and even easier to clean – perfect for preparing lunches for the day.

8. Vanli’s Stainless Steel Food Jar

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Completely leak-proof, the Vanil’s Stainless Steel Food Jar is ideal for packing for kid’s lunches, as you can rest assured there won’t be any messes or spills during the day. The lid seals tightly, so no air can get in, and no food can get out.

Using thermos vacuum insulation technology, the double-walled food jar keeps hot food hot for 12 hours, and cold food cold for up to 24 hours.

The wide mouth of the thermos makes it easy to eat from, easy to fill, and easy to clean. The shape of the body of the thermos promotes a better grip and is easy for little ones to handle. The top of the grade 18/8 food-grade stainless steel used is as durable as can be.

BPA-free and rust-proof, the thermos will last for years on end, even through daily use. There are 4 different designs to choose from, and your child is sure to love their new thermos!

9. Mr. Dakai Insulated Lunch Container

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Made from BPA-free stainless steel, the food jar thermos is safe for kids to use, and is perfectly suited to be used daily.

The food jar comes with an airtight lid and a spoon to make eating out even easier.

The wide mouth of the food jar makes using the spoon to eat out of it super easy, and no other bowls are needed at lunchtime. It also makes filling the food jar and cleaning it much easier as well.

Cold food will stay cold for up to 7 hours, and hot food will stay hot for up to 5 hours in the food jar. With a 13 oz capacity, the food jar holds a decent portion of food or a good serving of a beverage.

Available in blue, green, orange, or white, the Mr. Dakai Insulated Lunch Container is a great choice for children of any age!

Related Questions

Will a Thermos Keep Chicken Nuggets Warm?

A thermos should keep chicken nuggets warm for long enough so that your child is able to enjoy them warm at lunchtime.

A thermos does tend to work better if there is more liquid in the food that it contains and works especially well for broths, soups, and stews.

Can I Keep Milk in a Thermos?

You can keep milk in a thermos, and it is a good way to keep milk cool and fresh for when you are out and about. It is a good idea to use a thermos to keep milk fresh when you are hiking or camping outdoors.

Will Mac and Cheese Stay Warm in a Thermos?

Mac and cheese will stay warm in a thermos, and still be warm for a good few hours after being packed. This is an ideal lunch to pack for your kids so that they can enjoy cheesy, warm mac and cheese for lunch!

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