5 Best Tater Tots Brands (2023)

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Tater Tots are one of America’s most beloved snacks and side dishes and for a great reason! They are incredibly easy to make (from frozen or scratch), they have a super crunchy texture, and their flavor is out of this world.

So, what are the best Tater Tot brands for 2023? The best tater tots are those that offer value in flavor, texture, availability, and price. Some of the best tater tot brands include Ore-Ida, Alexia, Whole Foods, and many more.

Today, we will take a look at a buyer’s guide that will help you narrow down some choices.

Then, we’ll discuss some of our favorite Tater Tot brands including Whole Foods Market, Happy Belly, Ore-Ida, Alexia, and Grown In Idaho.

What Are Tater Tots?

Tater tots are an extremely popular food item in many Western countries, especially the United States.

If you aren’t already familiar with these savory treats, what they are is essentially grated potatoes that have been formed into tiny bite-sized balls.

Once formed, they are deep-fried until they become golden brown and have a beautiful crispy, crunchy texture.

Tater Tots are traditionally served as a side dish or an entree.

However, thanks to the many brands that now sell premade and flavored Tater Tots, you can easily have them as a snack to ease your immediate hunger.

They also make delicious additions to a finger-food table or a picnic treat. You can serve them as-is, or with a tasty dipping sauce.

These crunchy snacks were first invented by the Ore-Ida company in 1953.

The goal was to find a use for leftover potato slithers in their factory.

The original recipe was simple: potato, flour, and a delicious seasoning mix. The mixture was pushed through a hole and cut into pieces.

Now, while the concept may seem simple enough, you would be shocked to find how many Tater Tot products there are that are completely bland, lacks the essential crunch, and simply falls apart. 

So today, we have assembled a list of our favorite Tater Tot brands.

We tried to include a diverse number of options that will suit almost all kinds of needs.

But first, here are some things that you may need to consider before simply buying a specific Tater Tot product.

Buyer’s Guide For Tater Tots

Tater Tots are simple, but that doesn’t mean all brands can make them good. So, if you are looking at a specific brand or product, always try to narrow down your options.

This guide below will help make that process a little easier.

Overall Quality Of Product

This one is usually pretty difficult to determine without trying the product yourself.

However, a great way to determine more or less what to expect is to read reviews. 

Generally, if they are all good, you will probably like the product too.

Obviously, this doesn’t account for personal flavor preferences, but it will give you a sense of the texture and quality of Tot.


Once you have narrowed down a couple of brands that sound best to you, you can start looking at more specific things, like flavor and texture.

For flavor, there are a surprising amount of options out there. You can even find Tater Tots made from sweet potatoes!

Here there are no wrong answers. You like what you like and if there is a specific flavor mix you aren’t a fan of, don’t buy the product.

It’s always good to give products a try, but at the end of the day, you know yourself best and shouldn’t waste money and food if you are pretty certain you won’t like it.


This is another factor that is pretty difficult to determine without trying the Tater Tots yourself. However, reviews will help with this as well. 

Please don’t look at the pictures, they are super misleading and don’t guarantee the Tater Tots will be crispy and crunchy. 

If you know and trust a specific brand, you can also look out for terms like “extra crispy” or “golden.”

Dietary Restrictions

When it comes to Tater Tots, there aren’t a lot of options that cater to dietary needs or restrictions.

You can find options that are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. But bear in mind that these will cost more than products that don’t cater to these needs.

Value For Money

Last and definitely not least, at the end of the day, you have to weigh the pros and cons.

For example, if you have super delicious Tater Tots from one brand that is difficult to find and expensive, are they better than those from another?

These shouldn’t be as expensive as some brands sell them for.

Sure, you are paying for convenience, But you shouldn’t have to break the budget on a treat that can easily be made at home with scraps.

5 Best Tater Tots Brands (2023)

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our favorite tater tot brands in 2023. Again, we tried to include options that suit everybody’s needs and budgets.

All of these products can be easily found in-store (at most grocery chains) or online.

Let us know what you think and if you feel like we forgot another amazing brand.

RankBrandBest Feature
1.365 Whole Foods MarketOrganic, non-GMO, vegan, and affordable.
2. Ore-IdeOriginal producers of high-quality crispy Tater Tots.
3.AlexiaNon-GMO, vegetarian, and trans-fat-free.
4.Grown In IdahoEasy to find and locally grown.
5.Happy BellySimple and affordable crispy Bites at a very attractive price.

1. 365 Whole Foods Market

Check current price on Amazon

This is one of our all-time favorite brands for food products in general. And when it comes to their Tater Tot range, they get even better! 

Whole Foods Market actually has a couple of options you can choose from.

Our favorites include Tater Puffs, Potato Pops (almost the same thing), and Sweet Potato Tater Puffs.

All of these products are non-GMO verified and made from the best ingredients possible. You can even buy an organic option (which is also completely vegan) if you’d like.

Now, here’s the best part: all of their options are shockingly affordable!

Even more so than brands that many people consider “worse” and that don’t cater to any of these needs.

Furthermore, the Puffs themselves are super crispy, has a delicious savory flavor, and are incredibly easy to cook in the deep-fryer, air-fryer, and even oven.

2. Ore-Ida

Check current price on Amazon

This list wouldn’t be completed without the original creators of these tasty treats! To this day, Ore-Ida is hands-down one of the top brands for the snacks they created.

Like Whole Foods Market, they have a couple of options you can try. We are obsessed with their Golden Tater Tots and their Extra Crispy Tater Tots.

The Tots are made from A-grade potatoes and both of these products are certified gluten-free.

They also come pre-seasoned, which makes them great for serving on their own.

Now, in terms of price, they are a little more expensive than most brands. But that’s to be expected considering they are the only true sellers of “Tater Tots.” 

We would recommend giving them a try and deciding for yourself whether the price is worth paying. That is pretty much the only downside to this brand.

3. Alexia

Check current price on Amazon

Next up, we have another premium brand that does come at a little higher price tag, and here’s why:

These are non-GMO verified, contain 0% trans fats, and are completely vegetarian.

The Puffs come pre-seasoned with delicious roasted garlic and ground black pepper seasoning.

You will also pick up hints of sour cream and chives, making the flavor profile even more complex.

While we love serving these with a honey mustard dipping sauce, they are one of the few options that can do without it.

And yes, they are super crispy on the outside and remain soft and tender on the inside.

The brand does also stock some other Puffs, like their organic Yukon Select Puffs.

4. Grown In Idaho

Check current price on Amazon

Next up, we have a brand that isn’t necessarily as well-known as many others. But when it comes to their Tater Tots, they are definitely a front-runner.

They offer a wide range of frozen potato products (which are all incredibly tasty).

What sets them apart from many other brands is the quality of the potatoes they use and the fact that they are all certified Idaho potatoes. 

This is fantastic for consumers always looking to buy locally. And, it’s another reason these Tater Tots come at a lower price (no import costs).

We also love the in-depth cooking instructions they provide on the packaging for all sorts of cooking appliances. These “Super Crispy Tots” are easy to find and come at a reasonable price for the amount you get.

They are, as the name says, uber-crispy and will go great with any dipping sauce. 

5. Happy Belly

Check current price on Amazon

Many people are surprised to learn that Amazon has its own food brand called Happy Belly.

And trust us (and the thousands of people that support them), they produce exceptional food items.

This is, however, a product that you will only be able to find on their website or store. 

The Happy Belly Tater Tots are simple.

They are pre-seasoned snacks that are easy to cook, come at a reasonable price, and are super crunchy.

There isn’t much that makes these Bites unique (in comparison to some other brands that we looked at today).

It’s simply that they have a great texture and flavor, and sometimes, that’s all you need.

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