5 Best Tartar Sauces To Buy In 2023

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Tartar sauce is a great addition to any seafood meal or fish of your liking. It has the perfect touch of tang for these dishes and can add a little bit of flavor.

While tartar sauce seems like it would be similar no matter which option you try, there are a lot of different variations and recipes to choose from. They don’t all have the same flavor and they certainly don’t all have the same ingredients.

While the concept is the same, you still have to be able to choose which one will be the best for you! 

So what is the best tartar sauce to buy? Tartar sauce that has just a slight tangy to it but is also nice and creamy is usually the best buy. However, there are other unique flavors of tartar sauce available that may suit your preferences better. You’ll want something that pairs perfectly with your favorite seafood dish.

In this guide, we will walk you through the 5 best tartar sauces to buy. We’ve looked at all of the options using specific criteria and we were able to narrow down the market to some of the very best options out there.

Choosing the Best Tartar Sauce

Before we dig into the options that we’ve chosen for tartar sauce, we thought it might be helpful to share some qualities to look for.

In this part of our buyer’s guide, we’ll share some considerations that just might be beneficial to you in making a decision. 

1. Flavor

First things first! Do you want original tartar sauce or are you looking for a more adventurous or alternative flavor option?

Now, there are some alternative flavors out there and you can mix it up or spice it up. Some people really like to go with a spicy option when they feel like their seafood dish has become a bit boring or repetitive.

On the same note, flavor also specifically points to your flavor preferences. The ingredients can vary, so if you are averse to a specific ingredient because of the flavor, this is another insight you’ll want to keep in mind. 

There are some really great ways to use tartar sauce, but it’s generally used with seafood dishes of some kind. You’ll want a sauce that pairs nicely with your particular seafood favorites.

While the majority of options have the same base, there are a lot of differences that you can find like the addition of horseradish or other flavors as well. 

If you’re someone who likes more acidic flavors and wants more lemony or vinegary notes, that’s another thing to take into consideration.

2. Size & Expiration

Another tidbit you should keep in mind is the size of the bottle you are purchasing compared to how much you use. These bottles do typically have a long shelf life, but they also have an expiration date. 

If you don’t need a gallon of tartar sauce, then be sure you buy the appropriate size. Most of the time, you can find anywhere from small condiment bottles to large jugs for heavy usage. It really depends on your needs. 

3. Ingredients

One thing you will definitely want to be aware of is the ingredient list. Remember that commercially made products will most likely have different ingredients than if you make this at home, for preservation purposes. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to use a tartar sauce that is loaded down with preservatives, artificial ingredients, and other additives.

Keep an eye on the ingredients and know what you’re ok are not ok with before you buy. 

The 5 Best Tartar Sauces Reviewed

It’s time to get down to business. We searched the market, looking for quality, flavor, and reliability. With a lot of options out there to choose from, we didn’t want you to have to spend hours searching through them. 

1.Beaver Tartar SauceCucumbers, capers, dill, no preservatives
2.Frischs Tartar Sauce OriginalTangy dill flavor, premium option
3.Louisiana Fish Fry Tartar SauceCajun flavor with relish, onion, and lemon
4.Inglehoffer Seafood Tartar SauceTouch of tang with vinegar and soybean oil
5.Kraft Tartar SauceTouch of tang with pickles, vinegar and garlic

With that in mind, below you will find our top picks for the 5 best tartar sauces to buy. We hope that you can use these to make an informed purchase of a tartar sauce that will work for your needs. 

1. Beaver Tartar Sauce

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This first option is our top pick overall and it is a seemingly popular option across the board as well.

It’s listed as an Amazon’s Choice product and it consistently is highly-rated with many stellar reviews from customers who have tried it out and loved it. 

This particular brand has been around since 1929. The tartar sauce is made and bottled in Oregon in the United States and it has always been a winning product.

It has great taste and is described as a gourmet sauce with a touch of zest. They use cucumbers, capers, and dill to create this tangy and zesty flavor for your enjoyment. 

You can’t go wrong with this flavorful and yet simple tartar sauce. It comes in a nice squeeze bottle so it’s easy to use with no mess as well. You get a superior taste and quality as well, all in a healthier package without preservatives.

This brand makes every condiment kosher, vegetarian, low-calorie, gluten-free, trans-fat-free, and preservative-free. You can’t beat that kind of quality!


  • Long-standing brand since 1929
  • High-quality with superb flavor
  • Simple squeeze bottle design
  • Uses fresh cucumbers, capers, and dill for zest
  • Kosher, vegetarian, low-calorie, gluten-free, trans-fat-free, and preservative-free


  • There is no sweetness mixed with the zest, so if you’re looking for a slightly sweet condiment, this isn’t your sauce.

2. Frischs Tartar Sauce Original

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If you’re looking for a premium tartar sauce delight, take a look at this option from Frischs. It’s absolutely delicious with an original flavor and recipe.

This is a premium option that comes in a pack of 2 jars. Each jar is 16 ounces. 

You may have heard of this particular tartar sauce before, by the name of Big Boy tartar sauce. This is the same fantastically flavorful tartar sauce.

This one will definitely stand out to you with a unique, signature flavor that’s everything you want in tartar sauce and more.

This tartar sauce is made and bottled in Cincinnati and it has long been a top-selling tartar sauce option. The brand also offers a spicy tartar sauce if that’s more your cup of tea. 


  • Touch of tang with dill flavors
  • Signature brand and recipe
  • Well-known Big Boy sauce
  • Made in Cincinnati, OH
  • A top-selling choice


  • This comes in jars instead of squeeze bottles, which bothers some people.

3. Louisiana Fish Fry Tartar Sauce

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Next up, we have a flavorful pick from Louisiana. This really is made in Louisiana and the company was established in 1982.

The brand’s motto is “bring the taste of Louisiana home,” so you can expect Cajun, home-cooked flavor. And trust us, this sauce delivers.

This is an authentic Cajun tartar sauce recipe. They use real onions, relish, and lemon to create a unique blend of flavors along with classic tartar sauce ingredients.

It’s delicious with just the right amount of zest and a robust flavor. While it is a Cajun recipe, it’s not spicy by design. 

This does come in a pack of two, but the brand sells other sizes and package options as well. Each bottle is a glass with a screw-on lid. 


  • Simple glass condiment bottle
  • Authentic Cajun flavor
  • Uses real relish, onion, and lemon


  • Some people receive bottles that are separated, but they can typically be mixed back up well.

4. Inglehoffer Seafood Tartar Sauce

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Inglehoffer uses a simple base of ingredients like cucumbers, egg, vinegar, and soybean oil and then they add fresh lemons and capers to give you a bit of zest. 

It’s creamy and tangy, and the “America’s Finest” claim on the bottle may just be accurate. We’ll let you decide.

This comes in a simple squeeze bottle and is made with reliable ingredients. It has a classic flavor with a slight twist that won’t disappoint.


  • Quality flavor
  • Just a touch of zest
  • Simple squeeze bottle
  • Cucumbers, egg, vinegar, and soybean oil for a unique flavor


  • The quality control for shipping and online purchase could use some improvement.

5. Kraft Tartar Sauce

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Next up, we have a classic winner that is well-known in the condiment world. Kraft has been making condiments for many years and they rarely disappoint.

Their tartar sauce is yet another option for you to choose from and it’s a really good and reliable solution. This one comes in a 12oz bottle.

Kraft’s goal with this tartar sauce is to give you that extra burst of flavor. It’s designed in a squirt bottle so it’s easy to use and you won’t have a huge mess on your hands.

Each serving is 70 calories and there is absolutely no trans-fat. 

This particular tart sauce is made with bold ingredients like pickles, vinegar, garlic, paprika, and onions, but none of them are overwhelming. It has just a satisfying touch of tang, as any good tartar sauce should have.


  • Just a touch of tang with pickles
  • Long-standing brand that you can depend on
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Simple squeeze bottle design
  • Low calories with no trans-fat


  • There are sometimes shipping issues with online shopping.

Make Your Own Tartar Sauce

If you just can’t decide what to buy, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. Tartar sauce is actually very simple to make at home, and may even taste better with fresh ingredients you already have laying around your kitchen!

This helpful tutorial from Inspired Taste features a fantastic recipe for homemade tartar sauce.

The best part about making your own tartar sauce is that you can omit or add ingredients to your preference!

We hope this article has proven useful to you in your search for the best tartar sauce on the market. Let us know which one is your favorite and if you tried the homemade tartar sauce tutorial above!

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