The 3 Best Store-Bought Bolognese Sauces

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If you are a lover of all things Italian, you know just how important it is for the sauce to be just right. We all have different tastes and preferences but when you buy sauce, you need to know it’s worth the purchase!

Making your own sauce can sometimes be challenging or you simply just don’t have time. When it comes to Bolognese sauce, there is nothing wrong with purchasing it pre-made from the store. There are a lot of different options out there, though, so we want you to know the very best choices!

What is the best store-bought Bolognese sauce? We recommend Botticelli’s Bolognese sauce. It’s made to be low carb and has an awesome flavor that you just can’t beat. However, your favorite could vary based on your tastes, which is why we included two other flavorful bolognese sauces on this list. 

In this guide, we’ve brought our 3 top picks for the best store-bought Bolognese sauce so that you can look through more than one option and make an informed decision on which you think would be best for you. 

Keep reading to learn the 3 best store-bought Bolognese sauce options on the market. 

3 Store-Bought Bolognese Sauces – Reviewed

We have just 3 products here to share with you for the best Bolognese sauce. If you’re not familiar with the sauce, Bolognese is a red, meat-based sauce that is common in Italian food. It typically accompanies various types of pasta, with lasagna and tagliatelle being popular choices. 

You might see this sauce with other types of pasta but the best ones to use are flat, broad pasta. 

Now, let’s get down to these reviews and sharing our top 3 picks with you! We will share a descriptive overview as well as the potential pros and cons of each sauce. These are ranked in order, starting with our favorite. 

RankBolognese SauceBest Feature
1.Botticelli Premium Bolognese Pasta SauceVegan-friendly, soy-based bolognese sauce
2.Il Mulino New York Bolognese Pasta SauceSimmered with beef, pork, veal, and porcini mushrooms
3.Hudson Green Plant-Based Bolognese SaucePlant-based bolognese sauce with 6 different vegetables

1. Botticelli Premium Bolognese Pasta Sauce

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Botticelli makes a lot of premium pasta sauces and their Bolognese sauce is certainly one for the books.

This sauce doesn’t actually contain meat, you can add your own meat but the sauce is perfectly flavored, with all of the right herbs and spices for any dish. 

This comes in a 2-pack variety and is actually made to be both vegan-friendly and low carb. How can you possibly beat that?

The nice thing is, you can always add meat of your choosing but you don’t have to worry about the sauce! This will taste fresh and homemade and you can totally take the credit for it! 


  • Perfectly flavored
  • Made with fresh ingredients 


  • Does not include meat but you can always add your own

2. Il Mulino New York Bolognese Pasta Sauce

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If you want a traditional option, this one is for you. It’s a bit more expensive but the flavor is robust and you simply can’t beat it.

This is made by a New York company. They’ve taken a traditional recipe that is famous in their restaurant and bottled it up for you. 

This sauce doesn’t have meat chunks (you can always add extra meat) but it is made from simmering beef, pork, and veal to create a rich sauce with hearty flavors that will deliver delicious foods every time. 


  • From a famous New York restaurant
  • No meat but uses meat to create the sauce


  • Quite a bit more expensive

3. Hudson Green Plant-Based Bolognese Sauce

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Finally, we have a purely plant-based sauce that does not contain any meat but is still chunky with the plant-based herbs and ingredients.

You can add your own meat if you do want meat in your dish. 

This is a USDA organic option that comes in a 2-pack and is really great. The sauce is full and flavorful using vegetables and no meats or sugar to adapt the flavor. 


  • Plant-based, organic sauce
  • No sugar added for flavor


  • No meat but that could be added on your own

Related Questions

We hope you find this guide to the best store-bought Bolognese sauce to provide you with 3 great options to choose from! 

We invite you to take a look at the question and answer section for some additional information.

How is Bolognese Sauce Different from Spaghetti Sauce?

They can be quite similar in flavor but Bolognese sauce is actually designed to be based around the meat flavors, even if there is no meat in the sauce. The flavors are bold and robust on their own, without requiring additional herbs. 

Is Bolognese Just a Meat Sauce?

Bolognese is designed to be meat-based. However, it is far more than that. Bolognese sauce is made to be thick and creamy and typically contains milk as an ingredient rather than just stewed tomatoes. Tomatoes are only a small portion of Bolognese sauce. 

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