The 3 Best Spider Strainers Of 2023

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Spider strainers are really so helpful to have in your kitchen – yet many of us don’t know that!

A spider strainer has a long handle, and a basket on the end resembling a spider’s web, made of wire mesh. They are used to scoop up food or skim fat from the top of hot liquid.

Which is the best spider strainer to buy? The best spider strainer would be one that suits your needs – it needs to have a long enough handle to not put you at risk of being burnt, but not too long that you lose control. The wire mesh basket should be able to pick up and hold small food items while letting the liquid run through.

Read on to find out how to choose a good spider strainer, and which would be best for your kitchen!

Shopping For Spider Strainers: Buyer’s Guide

To help you decide on the best spider strainer, here is what you need to take into consideration when picking one out.

Size Of The Strainer

Consider what you are going to be using the spider strainer for, and then decide on the size you will need to get. If you are going to use it for a range of things, rather get a medium-sized strainer.

Materials Used

Spider strainers are usually made from wire mesh and bamboo wood. You can find strainers made from the wire mesh and then either metal or plastic handles as well. Just be sure to choose one which is long-lasting and durable.

Spider Strainer Uses

Spider strainers have quite a few uses. They allow you to be more efficient in the kitchen, as you can scoop up more in one go than you would be able to when using a slotted spoon. The holes aren’t as small as a slotted spoon, but it gets the job done.

You can use a spider strainer to scoop out fat from the top of a broth or stew or to blanch vegetables in hot water. You can also use a spider strainer to pick up pasta from boiling water!

What’s The Difference Between A Skimmer And A Spider Strainer?

A spider strainer and a skimmer seem similar at first, but a spider strainer has wire mesh shaped like a spider’s web, whereas a skimmer has circular wires set in the basket. The holes in a spider strainer are smaller than those of a skimmer.

The 3 Best Spider Strainers

RankRecommended ProductsWhy It's The Best
1.Helen's Asian Kitchen 7-Inch Spider StrainerBest Spider Strainer For Pasta
2.Hiware 7-Inch Stainless Steel Spider Strainer Best Large Spider Strainer
3.Best Utensils 5-Inch Stainless Steel Spider StrainerBest Mesh Spider Strainer

1. Helen’s Asian Kitchen 7-Inch Spider Strainer

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“The Best Spider Strainer For Pasta”

The Helen’s Asian Kitchen Stainless Steel Spider Strainer, with a 7-inch basket, is perfect to use to lift pasta out of boiling water when it is done.

The large basket can hold quite a bit of pasta, and allows the pasta water to drain through quickly.

The stainless steel basket is resistant against staining, discoloration, and rust, and won’t give the pasta an unpleasant metal taste.

With a natural bamboo handle, no heat will be transmitted to your hands, keeping you protected.

Pasta and other food will sit securely in the shallow mesh basket, to prevent splashes and mess. While it is a large basket and able to hold a substantial amount of pasta, the spider strainer is lightweight and perfectly balanced for ease of use!

2. Hiware 7-Inch Stainless Steel Spider Strainer

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“The Best Large Spider Strainer”

The Hiware Solid Stainless Steel Spider Strainer has a 7-inch basket that is large enough for when you want to cook a lot of food!

Made from premium food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, the strainer has good heat insulation, so not only will you not burn yourself, but the metal handle will not deform.

It is so durable and will last so long in your kitchen.

The total length of the spider strainer is 17.7 inches, and the bowl is 7-inches in diameter. Well-proportioned slots keep the food in the basket but allow liquid and oil to drain out easily. 

3. Best Utensils 5-Inch Stainless Steel Spider Strainer

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“The Best Mesh Spider Strainer”

The Best Utensils Asian Kitchen Stainless Steel Spider Strainer with a mesh basket is durable and safe to use – helping you cook effectively.

With an elegant high-quality satin finish, the spider strainer is made with 18/8 stainless steel, to last a lifetime. 

The mesh basket is a traditional version of the hand-wired strainers originally used and works just as well.

The small mesh holes help to keep fat and other food contained in the basket, while liquid pours out the bottom.

The hoop on the handle lets you hang the spider strainer up when not in use.

Related Questions

Can you use a spider strainer as a colander?

You can use a spider strainer as a colander, but you might have to drain food in small portions.

Can I use a slotted spoon in place of a spider strainer?

You can use a slotted spoon in place of a spider strainer, but it will take longer as the slotted spoon has a smaller surface area.

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