5 Best Space Saver Toasters

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Is anything more comforting in the morning than a piece of toast or a crunchy bagel? But what if you live in a small space?

Is there a way to meet all your toasting needs in a smaller toaster package? Luckily, manufacturers know space is at a premium and have come out with space-saving models.

So, what are the best space saver toasters? The best space saver toasters are slot toasters. You will also want to consider if you want a warming rack, need space for 2 or 4 slices, and if you want plastic or stainless steel.

Read on to learn what to look for to choose the best space saver toasters and the ones that made our best-of list!

How To Choose The Best Space Saver Toaster

When it comes to choosing the best space saver toaster, there are some things to look out for. Check out the following Buyer’s Guide to help you pick the best toaster for your budget and aesthetic.

Look For Long Slot Toasters

The main thing you need to look for when you’re trying to buy a space saver toaster is that it is made with a long slot.

This long slot option is helpful for a few reasons:

  • It allows the toasted to be longer and thinner, so it takes up less space on your counter or in your cupboard.
  • It allows you to toast longer slices of bread or toast two smaller slices at once, side by side.

If you’re looking for a space saver, you have to make sure it is a long slot toaster, otherwise it’s likely going to be a standard, wider model that is bulky and takes up a ton of space in your kitchen.

Look For An Extra Wide Slot For Thick Breads And Bagels

Having a space-saving toaster isn’t going to matter much if you can’t toast your favorite breakfast items like bagels and thick cut bread. That’s why these styles will still have an extra wide slot, but save space in other ways.

Look For A Warming Rack

While this addition isn’t 100% necessary, it is a super nice bonus. Warming racks are great for a few things:

  • They can keep your toast, bagels, etc. warm while you wait to eat.
  • You can use them to warm more delicate items like croissants, rolls, buns, and other pastries.

Most models that have a warming rack have a slot for it to slide right into, so when it’s not in use it’s nicely tucked away.

So don’t worry about it taking up any extra space in your kitchen. Like we said, it’s a nice bonus, but not essential, so we’ve included a couple of models with a warming rack, just in case.

Decide If You Need To Toast 2 Slices Or 4 Slices Of Toast At A Time

Another thing to keep in mind before choosing your space saver toaster is whether you want to be able to heat 2 or 4 slices of bread, bagels, waffles, etc. at a time.

If you have a few people you need to prepare food for, you may want to go with the larger model.

While the 4 slice models are going to be slightly larger, as long as they have the long slot design, they will still be thinner and sleeker than your standard, bulky 4 slice toaster.

We have included 2 options for 4 slice space saver toasters in the list below.

Decide If You Want Stainless Steel Or Plastic Exterior

While the interiors of most of these toasters are relatively similar, there is a range of exteriors to choose from.

If your kitchen appliances are mostly stainless steel, then you may want to invest in a silver steel model so that it matches the rest of your design.

If your appliances are mostly black or white plastic, then you will probably want to choose a toaster that matches. We have included a variety of colors and styles below so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Product Reviews

Now that you know what to look for in terms of the best space saver toasters, you can check out the choices below to find the one that best fits your aesthetic and budget.

I’m going to include 2 options for 4 slice toasters, since they are slightly bigger, but still thinner than standard models.

Best Space Saver Toasters

RankProductKey Features
1.Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Glass Accent Long ToasterExtra wide slot, warming rack, 1-6 setting
2.West Bend Toaster 2 Slice QuikServeExtra wide, 7 settings. gluten-free setting
3.Jewjio Long Slot Toaster 2 Slice ToasterDefrost, crumb tray, even heat
4.Elite Cuisine Long Slot Cool Touch Toaster2 extra wide slots, 6 settings, defrost
5.Jewjio Stainless Steel Long Slot 4 Slice Retro Toaster4 slice, extra wide, 6 settings

2 Slot Toasters

These models are best for folks who don’t need to make large batches of toast at once or are really tight on space.

These models are thinner, since they only need space for 1 long slot instead of 2, so they’re great for apartments, campers, cottages, and other smaller spaces.

1. Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Glass Accent Long Toaster

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This space saver toaster from Russell Hobbs takes top slot because it has all the bells and whistles.

It’s got an extra wide, long slot so that you can toast all your favorites: bagels, thick sliced breads, waffles, etc.

It’s also made of gorgeous stainless steel, so it will look great on your counter top.

This model comes with a warming rack so that you can keep your toasted goodies warm or use it to heat up buns, rolls, and delicate pastries that can’t fit in the slot.

You can also lift & look to monitor the progress of toasting without canceling the heating cycle. There is also variable browning control that allows you to select the level of doneness you prefer, from 1 (light) to 6 (dark).

It has a crumb tray and 3 extra functions for perfect toast every time: bagel, frozen, and cancel so you get the perfect toast every time. It’s a bit more of an investment, but it’s got it all.

2. West Bend Toaster 2 Slice QuikServe

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We included this West Bend model because it’s slightly different than the others on the list.

While it still has the extra wide long slot, for optimal space-saving and bread toasting abilities, it has several extra bells and whistles that put it near the top.

Unlike the other toasters on the list, this model is a slide-through style. So you pop your bagel, bread, whatever in the top and 90 seconds later is slides out the bottom perfectly toasted!

It has 7 different settings, including one for bagels.

As a bonus, it also has a gluten-free setting that toasts longer, at a lower power, which produces better results for gluten free breads.

The model linked above is black, but it also comes in silver if you want that stainless steel look.

3. Jewjio Long Slot Toaster 2 Slice Toaster

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The third space saver toaster on our list is a great basic long slot, extra wide toaster.

It doesn’t come with a warming rack, but it does have some other great features.

This model has self-centering guide rails can easily center the toast and distribute the heat evenly.

It includes a reheat button that heats the bread without turning it yellow/toasting it. The defrost button defrost frozen bread and bagels. It has several settings and comes with a crumb tray to make clean up a breeze.

The outside does get hot while toasting, so make sure to keep fingers away while it’s in use.

Best 4 Slice Space Saver Toasters

If you have more people to feed at once, then going with a 4 slice space saver toaster is likely the best investment for you.

We have selected two models below that are stylish, thin, and functional so you can save space, make perfect toast, and fit your kitchen aesthetic.

4. Elite Cuisine Long Slot Cool Touch Toaster

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This model comes with 2 extra wide, long slots so that you can make 4 single slices or two long slices of toast at a time.

It’s slightly wider than the 1 slot models, but it’s still smaller than a regular 4 slice toaster. It’s great for folks who have a larger crowd to feed.

This premium kitchen toaster features 6 variable toast shade settings to let you create light, medium, or crispy bread in minutes. It also has reheat, defrost, and cancel functions so you’ll be in complete control of your toast from start to finish.

This model also comes in black or a slightly different silver option.

5. Jewjio Stainless Steel Long Slot 4 Slice Retro Toaster

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Our last model is a really cool looking long slot, 4 slice extra wide toaster.

It’s got rounded edges for an interesting aesthetic and comes in stainless steel with black accents.

It has 6 different browning settings, plus your defrost, reheat, and cancel functions for all your toasting needs.

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