11 Best Smoothie Cups For Any Use

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Made with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, smoothies are a delicious, quick, affordable, and most importantly, healthy option for when you feel like refueling and require instant energy.

They are ideal as a healthy breakfast option, as a pre or post-workout drink, or simply when you’re in the mood for an afternoon treat. 

What’s great about them is that they are so full of nutrients and can easily work as a healthy meal replacement, both at home and on the go! 

All you have to do is blend your favorite ingredients in a powerful blender, pour them in a smoothie cup, and you’ll have yourself the yummiest smoothie ready in minutes.

Smoothie cups are made for your convenience and allow you to store and drink your favorite smoothies, whether you’re at home, in the car, at work, or taking a walk.

So, what are the best smoothie cups for any use? The best smoothie cups are spill-proof, temperature-controlled, reusable, durable, and should be able to accommodate the consistency of thicker drinks as well.

Read on for our top picks of the 11 best smoothie cups for any use and a detailed buyer’s guide to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Smoothie Cups – Buyer’s Guide

More often than not, convenience can mean compromising your health over something quick and pre-packed that may give you a quick boost but end up making you feel tired and lethargic.

However, with smoothies, you can get some much-needed nutrition that will not only make you feel good and energetic but also save so much time since they are super quick to make and are ready in minutes.

The best way to make and store your favorite smoothies is in a smoothie cup that you can store for later use and carry to the gym, on your commute, and anywhere else as well. 

What’s great is that you get to save money with healthy homemade smoothies instead of having to buy them every morning for your breakfast-on-the-go or any other time you’re running late and need a quick and healthy fix.

The best smoothie cups should be made to be used for any purpose and must stay securely sealed and leak-proof. They should be big enough to fit in most car cup holders or gym bags and should be able to accommodate thicker drink consistencies.

They should not be too big, nor should they be too small. They shouldn’t have narrow mouths and small straws and must be durable as well as portable.

Here are some of the top features to consider when buying a smoothie cup for any use:

1. Material

Smoothie cups can be found in many different materials such as stainless steel, plastic, and glass. 

Stainless steel can be a good option, but if it doesn’t have a good seal, it can rust easily and make your smoothie taste weird. On the contrary, plastic cups can easily stain and crack or break easily if dropped.

That being said, there are many great smoothie cup manufacturers out there who have solved the issue of the metallic taste found in stainless steel cups by rust-proofing the interior. 

Similarly, plastic cup makers are making their products more durable so that they can withstand a tumble without cracking or shattering.

2. Size

Most smoothie cups range in sizes from 10-24 oz. Depending on your smoothie consumption and how frequently you drink smoothies throughout the day, you will have to choose a smoothie cup that is big enough to accommodate your requirements.

3. Reusable

With single-use plastic becoming a serious problem, it is very important that you reduce your personal consumption of plastic, invest in eco-friendly products, and buy reusable smoothie cups.

Some qualities to look for in reusable smoothie cups is their ability to withstand regular washing without losing their shape or spill-proof features.

4. Spill-Proof

For a smoothie cup intended to be used at home and on the go, it is very important that it is spill-proof. No one wants to deal with unexpected smoothie spills, especially in the car. Oh, what a mess that would make!

Look for one that has a tight sealable lid that you can use while taking your smoothie cup out with you, and can also remove it when you feel like drinking directly from the cup.

5. Temperature-Control

Smoothies, milkshakes, juices, and all other such beverages taste best cold. We all know how the temperature of the drink makes a world of a difference, and we know we love our smoothies cold.

With temperature-controlled smoothie cups, you can take your smoothies along with you to work or to the gym without worrying about them getting too warm by the time you’re ready to drink them.

Temperature-controlled smoothie cups will keep your smoothies cooler for much longer, ensuring that they taste fresh and absolutely delicious.


A good design plays an important part in how much you enjoy using a certain product. Given the choice between a dull and boring looking smoothie cup and a fun one with a cute design, we’re certain you’d choose the latter.

Therefore, to make your smoothie drinking experience even more fun and enjoyable, invest in a smoothie cup that not only serves its purpose but also looks good while doing it!

11 Best Smoothie Cups For Any Use

To help you find the best smoothie cup for any use, we have chosen some of the best ones that are simple to use and care for, serve their purpose well, are travel-friendly, and work great for a variety of tastes and applications:

RankProductKey Features
1.Beast Stainless Steel TumblerPremium quality stainless steel
2.Healthy Human TumblerBest bottle voted by CNN
3.Ello Devon Glass TumblerGlass tumbler with silicone sleeve
4.ZLINS Reusable Metal CupOdor-free and rust-free metal
5.Thermos King Smoothie Cup100% leak-proof
6.Elk and Friends Smoothie CupsFor toddlers and kids
7.BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker BottleIncludes a stainless-steel wire shaker
8.Corkcicle Classic Travel MugTriple-insulated
9.Contigo Shake & Go Fit Shaker BottleWeighted shaker ball for no clumps or buildup
10.SmartShake Shaker CupIncludes snap-on power mixer
11.Ganaric Red TumblerIncludes straws and straw cleaner

1. Beast Stainless Steel Tumbler

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One of the absolute best smoothie cups available on the market, this Beast tumbler is a top seller made with the highest quality premium 304 food-grade stainless steel, inside and out.

Its double-wall vacuum insulation helps maintain the temperature of your drinks by keeping the cold ones cold and the hot ones hot.

It has an airtight lid for splash-proof protection and is cup-holder friendly, making it easy to carry it in the car on your way to work.

The set contains 2 reusable steel straws and a cleaning brush. Unlike others on the market, this smoothie cup is dishwasher-safe, including the lids and straws.

Available in 3 size choices – 20 oz, 30 oz, and 40 oz – and a wide range of colors, you’ll definitely find one suited to your needs and taste.

2. Healthy Human Tumbler

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The Healthy Human tumbler is a trendy travel cruiser cup that was awarded the best bottle by CNN for two years in a row.

It is made using 18/8 stainless steel that is not only durable but also incredibly safe to use and prevents the cup from retaining any smells or tastes.

Thanks to its innovative double-walled insulation design, it keeps hot and cold beverages at the optimal temperature for twice as long.

Available in three lightweight sizes – 12 oz, 20 oz, and 32 oz – and a wide array of colors and designs, you can find a perfect match for everyone, including both adults and children.

3. Ello Devon Glass Tumbler

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This tumbler by Ello Devon is made using odor-free and stain-free glass, which makes everything taste so much better! We agree with this as well since glass is the most clean-tasting material out there.

Perfect for all kinds of beverages including smoothies, juices, tea, coffee, and water, this tumbler comes with a wooden lid that prevents any splashes on the go and has a silicone sleeve that provides a proper grip, reduces condensation, and protects the 18 oz glass bottle against breakage.

It has a wide mouth to make for easy cleanup and is dishwasher-safe. What’s great is that you do not need to remove the silicone sleeve while cleaning.

4. ZLINS Reusable Metal Cup

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The ZLINS reusable metal cup is highly durable, lightweight, rust-proof, sweat-proof, and made with 18/8 stainless steel, plastic, and silicone.

It is vacuum insulated making sure that your cold smoothies remain at optimal temperature for 12 hours and your hot beverages stay hot for 9 hours.

Using an excess electrolysis process, it makes sure that there is no funky metal taste or smell and that you can enjoy your smoothies without any worry of rust.

It comes in a variety of stunning pastel colors, is very easy to clean, and is not fragile, making it suitable for kids as well. 

The set includes a BPA-free lid to provide spill-proof drinking and a heart-shaped silicone straw that comes with a cleaning brush.

5. Thermos King Smoothie Cup

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When it comes to being able to have delicious and healthy smoothies on the go, the first thing that you’ll need is a leak-proof smoothie cup.

The Thermos King smoothie cup is a great option if travel-friendliness is your priority since it will endure being knocked about or tipped upside down without creating a horrible mess.

It has a durable stainless-steel interior and exterior that keeps drinks cold for 14 hours and hot for 9. Its screw top minimizes the possibility of leakages and the smoothie cup comes with a compact serving bowl and spoon. 

You can either drink your smoothie directly from the bottle or use the cap as a cup. You can also use the spoon to eat food items that you decide to store in the bottle, such as fruit or oatmeal.

6. Elk and Friends Smoothie Cups

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Made from premium stainless steel, these smoothie cups by Elk and Friends are a favorite among kids and moms!

The set includes 4 10 oz stainless steel jars, 4 silicone sleeves, 8 lids including air-tight jar lids and straw lids, and 4 silicone straws with stoppers.

100% safe for children and the environment, these smoothie cups come in 4 cute colors and are great for toddlers and kids. 

The jars can be used to store a wide variety of food items and the straws are a little wider to make it easy for the little ones to slurp their favorite smoothies with ease.

7. BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle

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This shaker bottle by BlenderBottle is one of the best smoothie containers, especially if you wish to enjoy your smoothies on the go.

It comes with a 316 surgical-grade stainless-steel wire shaker to mix your smoothies in case the drink separates.

Also, with its leak-proof lid design, you can simply shake your drink and turn it smooth in a matter of seconds.

Its secure flip cap with SpoutGuard technology keeps the mouthpiece clean and the wide loop top makes it very easy to carry.

The bottle comes in 4 different sizes and a variety of fun colors, is dishwasher-safe, and BPA and phthalate-free.

8. Corkcicle Classic Travel Mug

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The Corkcicle classic travel mug is a stylish smoothie container with a sleek and modern design for your drinks on the go.

Made with high-quality stainless steel, it is triple-insulated to keep your drinks cold for 9 hours and hot for 3 hours, making it the perfect companion for the gym, office, parties, etc.

It is an easy-grip tumbler, allowing you to grab your smoothie without worrying about it slipping out of your hands.

In addition, it comes with an ergonomic non-slip silicone bottom to prevent it from sliding and spilling.

With a lid that is both shatterproof and leak-resistant, this travel mug is super easy to clean and comes in a variety of different colors to choose from.

9. Contigo Shake & Go Fit Shaker Bottle

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If you are looking for a good budget-friendly option, the Contigo Shake & Go Fit Shaker Bottle is your go-to smoothie cup.

Made of BPA-free plastic that does not look or feel cheap, this is a sturdy bottle that offers great value for your money.

It features a weighted shaker ball to mix your smoothies anywhere anytime and to prevent clumps and buildup.

With a comfortable design that provides a leak-free and mess-free experience, it comes with a carrying handle that makes it easy to use and carry.

It is very easy to clean with some simple soap and water, but to make it more user-friendly, both the lid and body are dishwasher-safe.

10. SmartShake Shaker Cup

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Available in five exciting colors, this 2-in-1 shaker cup by SmartShake is the ultimate accessory for you to carry to the gym or your workplace.

With a bottle capacity of 20 oz, it includes a snap-on power mixture that strains and mixes smoothies and powdered drinks without any clumps.

It also includes two separate storage compartments to store powders or small food items and features a leak-proof lid, making it great to use while traveling.

11. Ganaric Red Tumbler

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These versatile tumblers by Ganaric are great budget-friendly options that certainly do not compromise the quality of the product.

With a bright red design, this tumbler is constructed using glass and has a silicone cover to make it easier to grip the bottle.

It holds 20 oz of liquid at a time and is not limited to only smoothies. You can use it for any of your favorite beverages, both hot and cold.

Its wooden lid prevents your drink from spilling, especially when you are on the go, and it comes with 2 reusable straws and a cleaning brush. The wider one is perfect for smoothies that have a thicker consistency.

How To Make A Terrific Fruit Smoothie

You can do so much with your smoothies and play around with all the different flavors to create fun and healthy drinks every time. To make the perfect fruit smoothie, you need to:

1. Pick Your Favorite Fruit

You can either choose one fruit of your choice or opt for a combination of your favorite ones.

Some popular choices include strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and bananas. You may even go for a tropical fruit smoothie with a pineapple, mango, peach, and banana combo.

Again, you can either use fresh or frozen fruit. But for smoothies, frozen fruit is usually the best since it blends up nice and thick and makes the smoothie really cold.

If you do not have frozen fruit on hand, you can freeze your fresh fruit for 30 minutes before blending and add a few ice cubes while you’re at it.

2. Add A Thickener

Next, add your choice of thickener to the blended fruit. Some great options include unsweetened Greek yogurt, vanilla yogurt, peanut butter, and almond butter.

Half a cup usually works fine, but if you prefer a thinner consistency, you can either reduce the amount or skip it all together.

3. Choose A Liquid

Adding a liquid gives it that drinkable consistency and makes it easier to consume. You may use whole milk or some fruit juice, or go for alternatives such as almond milk for a nutty flavor or coconut milk for a tropical twist.

If you skipped the thickener in the previous step, make sure to use less liquid as well or you will make the smoothie too runny.

4. Throw In Some Add-Ins

For that extra kick of nutrition, you can throw in some of your favorite add-ins such as some spinach or kale, or some flax seeds for omega-3s.

You may also use flavors like vanilla extract, honey, cinnamon, and fresh mint to make your smoothie even more delicious and take it to the next level.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve discussed everything about smoothies and the best smoothie cups for any use, here are a few additional questions we thought you might have:

Can You Store Smoothies In A Plastic Bottle?

Yes, you can. Smoothie cups are usually made out of metal, glass, or plastic. In fact, some of our 11 best smoothie cups are plastic bottles.

They are, however, all made with BPA-free plastic that ensures no harmful chemicals will leak into your drink.

If you are still on the fence about plastic smoothie cups, you can choose from our top recommendations for the best steel and glass smoothie cups.

Can You Freeze Smoothies?

Yes, you can put your smoothies in the freezer where they will last for a good 3 months. Not only are smoothies freezer-safe but also incredibly easy to freeze.

You can either freeze the blended smoothies or as packs that are ready to be blended when you wish to use them.

For the first option, blend the smoothie in a powerful blender, portion them into airtight containers or freezer bags, and place them in the freezer. Make sure to mark the containers with the date for future reference.

To freeze smoothie packs, you will have to first mix together all the fruit you wish to use in a bowl.

Next, spread all the fruit in a baking tray and flash freeze them. Once all the fruit is frozen, mix them up again and portion them out in some freezer bags. 

Pop them in the freezer, and when you want to make your smoothie, take them out, blend them with your choice of thickener and liquid, and enjoy your favorite smoothie within minutes!

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