The 7 Best Pie Servers of 2023

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There is a pie for every person, even those who claim to not have a sweet tooth. Whether you’re serving a deep-dish meringue or a decadent cheesecake, making sure your pie hits the plate looking spectacular is part of the enjoyment of your dessert. 

Having a great pie server is the secret to your pie presentation success! It may sound trivial on the surface but finding the best pie servers is a serious business.

A great pie server will make sure that every slice of pie arrives on the dessert plate intact and beautiful. To achieve that, you need a tool that feels good in your hand and is easy to maneuver, slices through crust and filling cleanly, and is the right size and shape to slide into the pie dish in order to pick up the slice without it crumbling or falling apart. 

That’s a fairly tall order for a seemingly simple kitchen utensil. Which is why we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of the best 7 pie servers we could find. 

The 7 Best Pie Servers

1. OXO Good Grips Black Nylon Flexible Pie Server

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This is a great, basic option that will work well in most kitchens. Its flexibility makes it easy to get into pie plates without scratching them up, though on the downside, it isn’t the best at cutting the slices, so you may want to use a separate knife on tougher pies. 

Key features:

  • It’s serrated on both sides of the server, making it easy to use for both right and left-handed servers
  • It’s part of OXO’s Good Grips line of products, which means it’s going to be easy to handle and you don’t have to worry about it slipping around in your hand when you’re trying to pull out the perfect slice of pie

2. ORBLUE Flatware Pie Server Stainless Steel Cake Cutter

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If you’re keen on using your pie server as a pie cutter as well, this stainless-steel option will give you enough sharpness and stability to get all the way through your pie cleanly. The flip side is that it doesn’t flex like the OXO so it’s slightly more difficult to get underneath that first slice. 

Key features:

  • It’s very attractive, with a smooth blade and brushed steel handle 
  • This tool is rust resistant, making it completely safe to go in your dishwasher 

3. Biuzko Cake and Pie Cutter and Server

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This tool is unique in that it cuts and then grips your cake or pie in one motion, letting you pull it up smoothly and place it on your plate without having to make multiple cuts and scoops.

It might work better on cake than pie, but you will always look impressive using it.

Key features:

  • 2 pack, 1 stainless steel and 1 food-grade plastic
  • Using this tool, the first piece will be just as easy to serve as the last piece 
  • The blades are sturdy enough to cut through your cake and pie without being sharp enough to cut skin, so it’s safe for even the younger members of your family to learn how to serve dessert

4. The Pioneer Woman Celia Linen Pie Server

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This pie server made our top picks because it’s absolutely gorgeous. The floral design makes it as much a piece of art as a handy and hardworking kitchen tool.

Key features:

  • It’s made from stoneware, which is durable and high quality, not to mention dishwasher safe
  • Pioneer Woman products are collectors’ items, so this will definitely be a conversation starter 

5. Mud Pie Vintage Inspired Cake Just Dessert Server

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This pie server is totally practical but also really fun to use. With an engraving that says “I’m Just Here For Dessert” you’ll have to keep your eye on it at dinner parties to make sure it doesn’t accidentally walk out the door with one of your guests!

Key features:

  • It’s vintage inspired, so there are layers to its style…perfect for a layered cake, perhaps?
  • Even though you should handwash this utensil, you’ll feel completely retro as you do so

6. Peleg Design CakeDozer Cool Pie and Cake Server With a Small Equipped Bulldozer

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If you really want to impress and delight your dinner guests, all you have to do is have a tiny bulldozer push their slice of cake or pie off the server and onto their plate. This brilliant design is just as fun to use as it is practical.

Key features:

  • This server isn’t just kitschy, it’s also perfectly heavy duty and ideal for serving even heavy slices of cake or pie 
  • Never fight with sticky desserts that have to be scraped off your server and turn into a mess on the plate, this design does it all in one, neat motion 

7. Cake & Pie Cutter Set Bundle

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This bundle is for the serious cake and pie aficionados. Everything you need to cover any and all of your dessert occasions, this collection will make sure your dessert is not just delicious, but top of the line professional in presentation as well. 

Key features:

  • Choose the number of slices you need to accommodate the number of guests you have: 8, 10, 14 or even 16 pieces out of a single cake or pie
  • You can do anything you’d like with this set, from cutting in one motion to marking and then using the knife or server to finish the job, serving perfect slices to every one of your guests

Top Tips For Cutting & Serving Pie

Having the right tools is only half of the pie battle. You also need to know how to use them properly. Before you start to slice, keep in mind these top tips for cutting and serving pie:

  • Pretty much all pies will stay intact better if they’re cooled. If you want perfect warm pieces, consider cooling the pie, slicing and then warming up each slice individually. The presentation won’t be in person, but it will be a cleaner, less crumbled outcome
  • The first slice is the hardest, so be sure your cut is clean and, if you have a flexible server, it’s best to use at least for the first slice
  • Always cut at least half of the pie before trying to pry out the first slice, and choose the middle piece, which will come out cleaner 
  • Serrated knives are great for scoring pie, but sawing motions will cause it to crumble, so be careful. If you’ve got fruit chunks in your pie, try using a paring knife for a nice sharp and clean cut
  • Have a clean, damp cloth nearby to wipe your knife blade occasionally, so the sticky sweet buildup doesn’t mess around with your perfect slices

How To Slice And Serve Decorative Pies

The tips above will work for most standard pies, but if you’ve got a real work of art, you’ll want to make sure the beauty isn’t just in the non-touched finished pie, but also looks stunning on the plate as well. 

The trick is mainly in setting up your slices. You want to be sure a clear section of the design ends up on each plate. 

If you’ve made shapes out of your crust to decorate the edge, line up your slices to get an entire shape in each slice. To make this easier, try to size and space the decorations appropriately before you bake the pie. 

If you’ve got decorative trim, whether it’s fluted, braided or scalloped, try to space your slices so that the decoration is cut at the beginning of each new shape, rather than in the middle of them.

To slice a lattice, honeycomb or cut out pie crust, start with a very sharp knife. It’s going to be much easier if it’s cold, but the slices will really depend on the individual pattern.

Related Questions

Is a cake knife the same as a pie server?

A cake server and pie server are the same thing, though some professionals will use a separate knife to cut their cake, so sometimes you’ll see them come together as a set. The server is likely to be a triangle shape, perfect for picking up a slice of cake or pie, whereas a cake knife will be long and serrated, similar to a bread knife.

What is a dough scraper or bench knife?

A bench knife, also known as a dough or pastry scraper, is a flat sheet of rectangular metal. The cutting edge is straight and somewhat sharp, though not necessarily carving knife sharp.

On the other end is a large handle. They’re used primarily to scrape the dough off counters and cut into smaller pieces, making it easier to work with without flouring surfaces so much that it alters the dough recipe. 

Will a whole cake cutter work on a pie?

Depending on the style, a whole cake cutter will absolutely work on a pie! Some will simply score the surface, giving you guidelines to follow to cut even slices.

Others will work well for soft pies, like cheesecakes or cream pies. The difficulty you’ll be most likely to run into is the sloping sides of your pie plate. It’s tricky to cut all the way to the bottom of your pan with a fixed whole cake cutter when the sides slope. 

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