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9 Best Rechargeable Milk Frothers

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Frothing milk at home can help you make some beautiful lattes and other drinks, but having a clunky, oversized milk frother just isn’t ideal for many kitchens.

One of the best options you could go for is a handheld milk frother, but to avoid having to replace the batteries ever so often (which can become expensive), you should opt for a more powerful rechargeable milk frother.

Which are the best rechargeable milk frothers? When choosing the best rechargeable milk frothers, you should look for one that is easy to recharge, and which is powerful enough to actually froth milk. It should be comfortable to hold and use, and additional speed levels are definitely a help.

So, if you are in the market for a new rechargeable milk frother, you are in the right place! Keep reading to find out how to pick the best rechargeable milk frothers, as well as the best options on the market right now.

How To Choose The Best Rechargeable Milk Frother

You need to put some thought into choosing the best rechargeable milk frother.

There are some on the market that just are not great, which will not give you the same results as a better quality one.

Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when picking out the best rechargeable milk frother for you.


Most handheld rechargeable milk frothers are around the same size, as they need to be easy to hold and use with one hand. The size component that you need to look at is the charging station (if there is one).

Some rechargeable milk frothers plug in directly to charge, but others are placed on a charging station. Make sure you have enough counter space for this before bringing it home!


Almost all rechargeable milk frothers come with accessories, some of which you will use more than others.

There could be various frother heads for different purposes, a support stand, stencils for latte art, and even jugs to place the milk in for frothing.

While you can’t always choose the accessories that the milk frother comes with, try to choose one that has accessories that you know you will use.

Speed Levels

It is handy to have a milk frother with more than one speed level. Most will have two speed levels, but there are some with more. 

Various speed levels allow you to do more with your milk frother, such as beating and blending other liquids and ingredients together.


You would obviously want the milk frother to be comfortable to hold, especially if you are frothing a large amount of milk or if you are going to be using it often.

It should fit comfortably in your hand and not be so heavy that your hand becomes fatigued or painful when using it.

Easy Cleaning

Ideally, the milk frothing accessory should be removable from the handheld device so that it is easy to clean and so there is little risk that the batteries become wet during cleaning.

If the milk frothing accessory is not removable, then the device should be well-built to allow for easy cleaning without risk of water damage. There shouldn’t be any small parts and crevices which are difficult to get into.

Some milk frother accessories are also dishwasher safe, which saves you some cleaning time too.

Durable Materials

The milk frother should be made from durable materials, which will allow it to last for a longer time. Stainless steel is the best option for this, but this can also increase the price of the milk frother.

While plastic is not as durable as stainless steel, there are some great options that you can choose from which have been built to last in the kitchen.

Best Rechargeable Milk Frothers

Using all of the above factors to help make a decision, take a read through the below options for the best rechargeable milk frothers!

RankProductKey Features
1FoodVille MF05 Rechargeable Milk Frother One month battery power, two speed levels, stainless steel stand
2Basecent Electric Milk Frother Stainless steel body and cover, double-steel frother head, milk pitcher included
3Rechargeable Milk Frother Three speeds, two whisk attachments, one button switch
4Zulay Super High Powered Rechargeable Milk Frother Powerful and lightweight, made from stainless steel, two whisks included
5Yuswko Milk Frother Three speeds, three whisk attachments, quiet motor
6Ezco Milk Coffee Frother Two whisk heads, lightweight, three speeds
7Laposso Milk Frother Three speeds, three detachable whisk attachments, low-noise
8Beautlife Milk Frother One-touch button, included charging stand, three speeds, three whisks
9Dallfoll Milk Frother Three speeds, three attachments, grooved handle

1. FoodVille MF05 Rechargeable Milk Frother

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The FoodVille MF05 Rechargeable Milk Frother is such a great tool to keep in your kitchen!

Once fully charged using the USB Type C port, the milk frother can last for up to a whole month before needing to be charged again.

The milk frother has been designed to be beautifully comfortable to use, as the body and material design reduces shaking while in use.

It is also durable and strong, so it will last a long time in your kitchen.

There are 2 speed levels to choose from: low speed and turbo mode. This allows you to use the milk frother for blending, mixing, beating, and more.

Using a one-button operation, it is as simple to use as possible, and the one button is all you need to cycle through all the different speed modes too.

Included with the milk frother is a stainless steel stand, which holds the milk frother up on the counter, keeping it safe and keeping everything tidy.

It comes with two frother attachments and some latte art stencils to help you step up your beverage game!

2. Basecent Electric Milk Frother

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This rechargeable milk frother from Basecent can be charged at the wall, in the car, using a powerbank, and many other options that might suit you best.

The body and the cover of the milk frother is made from stainless steel, meaning it is high-quality, durable and long-lasting. 

The double-steel whisk is also made from stainless steel, and being double-steel, it helps to foam milk faster. There are two speed controls to choose from, either low speed or high speed.

Once you have finished using the frother, you can wash it off and place it back into the steel cover to keep it protected until it is used again.

Along with the milk frother, you will receive a stainless steel frothing pitcher, and 80 coffee recipes to try out!

3. Rechargeable Milk Frother

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If you want a rechargeable milk frother with more versatility, then this is a great option!

It features three different speed settings, as well as two stainless steel whisks to use, to achieve different things in the kitchen!

You can obviously use the milk frother to create some delicious coffees and hot chocolate, but you can also use it to whip cream and beat batter.

It is a durable and powerful tool that lasts for a long time, and it will really be a handy accessory to keep in the kitchen.

The one-touch operation also makes it really easy to use with one hand, and you can charge it using a USB C charger in whichever way suits you best!

4. Zulay Super High Powered Rechargeable Milk Frother

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You can make rich and creamy milk froth anywhere with this portable and rechargeable milk frother that is great to use at home or on the go.

With a stainless steel design, and a nylon titanium motor, the frother is long-lasting, durable, and wonderfully easy to clean.

It includes a black detachable spring whisk and a detachable double whisk, so you can get quite creative with how you use the milk frother in the kitchen.

It has a lightweight design, but it is still powerful enough to froth up some beautiful milk in a short amount of time. It is suitable to be used for all types of milk and non-dairy milks too!

5. Yuswko Milk Frother

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The Yuswko Milk Frother has a very user-friendly design, so you can use all of its different functions really easily in the kitchen.

It has an indicator light that shows the battery level, as well as clear speed level buttons which allow you to select between high, mid, and low speed, depending on what you need.

There are three replaceable whisks along with the milk frother, which includes a spring whisk, a balloon whisk, and a hook whisk, all performing different functions in the kitchen.

The whisk attachments are made with food-grade stainless steel, and the body of the milk frother is made with food-grade ABS, giving you a comfortable grip as you froth some milk.

The built-in motor is quiet while providing high speed, so you get the best of both!

6. Ezco Milk Coffee Frother

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The Ezco USB rechargeable milk frother lasts a long time on a single charge, so you can froth milk, beat eggs, and more!

With 3 adjustable whisking speeds, you can choose what speed you need for what you are frothing, giving you good versatility in the kitchen.

The frother comes with two premium food-grade whisks, one which is great for frothing milk, and the other which is ideal for beating eggs and blending some batter.

It is a lightweight milk frother that is comfortable to hold and easy to use, and also really easy to clean too, which is always a bonus in the kitchen.

7. Laposso Milk Frother

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The handheld milk frother from Laposso is fully rechargeable with a built-in battery, and it can be plugged into any USB charging point for convenience.

There are three adjustable speeds to choose from, either low, medium, or high speed, depending on what it is that you are making.

Included with the milk frother are three different whisk heads: a spring whisk for frothing milk, a balloon whisk for beating eggs and whipping cream, and a hook whisk for batter.

The detachable whisk heads are made with premium-grade stainless steel, so they are long-lasting and easy to clean.

With a low-noise motor and lightweight design, it is a pleasure to use in the kitchen.

8. Beautlife Milk Frother

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Powered by a rechargeable battery, this milk frother can last for up to 1 month between charges.

It features three different speed levels, so you can use it for a multitude of things in the kitchen.

To add to the versatility of the whisk, it comes with a spring whisk, a hook whisk, and a balloon whisk, so it can be used for more than just frothing milk.

A one-touch button performs all the functions you need, so it is really easy to use. It features an ergonomically designed soft-touch handle, so it is comfortable in your hand.

To charge the milk frother, you can place it into the included stand, and leave it to charge while giving it a good storage spot on your counter.

9. Dallfoll Milk Frother

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The Dallfoll Milk Frother is a high-quality frother made from food-grade 304 stainless steel whisks, which are super easy to clean and provide proper whisking and the best results.

The groove design on the handle makes it easy and comfortable to grip, so you can happily froth up some milk at home with little worry.

There are three whisks included with the frother: a balloon whisk, a spring whisk, and a hook whisk to help you out with different needs in the kitchen.

It is all controlled with one button that is simple to understand, and can be done with a one-hand function, keeping your other hand free to grip the milk pitcher to prevent spilling!

When it is time to clean the whisk, simply detach the attachment, wash it under running water with some soap, and then wipe down the handle.

Final Thoughts

Flat lay composition with milk frother on table

All of the above rechargeable milk frothers are great options, but there is sure to be one that stands out most to you, and which will fit your needs best!

Take a look through all of the above options, keeping in mind what you need to consider when buying a rechargeable milk frother, and you will be able to pick the best one out for you.

Having a rechargeable milk frother in the kitchen will meet so many needs, beyond just frothing milk, and you won’t have to worry about the expense of buying new batteries so often, which can cost quite a bit over time!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve learned more about why you should use a milk frother, as well as reviewed our top picks on the market today, here are some related questions we thought you might have.

Which drinks can I make with a milk frother?

What you make with a milk frother is up to your imagination, but some of the most popular or traditional drinks made with frothed milk include cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, and even hot chocolate.

Should milk be heated before or after frothing?

It is best to heat your milk before frothing to about 140-155°F.

The milk will not be as sweet if you do not heat it properly before frothing it, but make sure to not scorch the milk as it won’t have such a good taste and likely won’t froth as well either, which will be a waste.

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