5 Best Ravioli Stamps

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Ravioli is arguably one of our favorite pasta dishes ever! It is incredibly delicious, packed with flavor, and very versatile. With the right tools, you can make an endless amount of ravioli, personalized to your tastes!

Ravioli stamps provide that added homemade and handmade look and feel that no store-bought or commercially made version can come close to!

So, what are the best ravioli stamps? The best ravioli stamps are ones that are durable. You can choose any size or shape you want. As long as it works effectively and is made from sturdy and durable materials, it can last you a lifetime.

In this article, we are going back in time to look at exactly what ravioli stamps are, how they are used, and how to choose the best one for your needs.

We’ve even assembled a list of our favorite ravioli stamps that can all conveniently be found online!

What Is Ravioli?

Ravioli is a type of Italian pasta that dates back all the way to the mid-14th century. Different regions naturally have different versions of it, and over the centuries, ravioli has become a concept more than a set-in-stone dish.

Traditional ravioli is made at home by hand. It is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process, but in our opinion, it is well worth the effort.

Ravioli, in the simplest explanation, is a type of filled pasta that is served with some type of broth or sauce. It is often square, but today can also be made in other shapes.

To make ravioli, a sheet of pasta is laid flat on a working surface. Dollops of filing are deposited evenly atop the sheet. A second sheet is positioned over the first sheet and dollops of filling.

Then, a ravioli cutter (or ravioli stamp) is used to cut individual portions out. As the stamp cuts into the dough, it seals the edges together and creates a beautiful little pocket of goodness.

The filling is what gives the pasta its flavor. Different fillings are used in different regions. For example, in Rome, a traditional filling consists of ricotta cheese, spinach, nutmeg, and black pepper. But, in Sardinia, ravioli is filled with a mixture of ricotta and fresh lemon zest.

Today, as we have mentioned, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ravioli filling recipes you can try.

Some of our personal favorites include a shredded chicken filling, exotic creamy mushroom filling, or a four-cheese filling. And, as we have mentioned, they are always served with a saucer or broth so that the dish isn’t dry.

What Are Ravioli Stamps?

Ravioli stamps were one of the first tools developed to make this delicious filled pasta.

This stamp has been designed in such a way to cut out individual portions of ravioli while simultaneously sealing the edges to create an enclosed pocket. This way, you can cook the ravioli in water or its sauce without it breaking apart.

These stamps pretty much look like, well, stamps. They have a metal base with serrated edges.

Attached is a beautiful wooden handle which is usually polished to give the design a beautiful finish. Like we have mentioned though, while traditional ravioli is made with square stamps, you can also get a variety of shapes, most commonly, round.

You will also get a variety of sizes available, but the most common size range between an inch or three.

Ravioli Stamps Vs. Ravioli Makers

You can get other tools to make ravioli that can save you some time. One of the more cost-effective tools is the ravioli tray or mold.

It is a mold that basically makes multiple pieces at once. This is perfect when you are making large batches and is very easy to operate.

Another tool you can use is a ravioli-making attachment or machine. Many stand mixers (like some Kenwood and KitchenAid models) have an attachment that can essentially mass-produce homemade ravioli almost automatically. The machine works in the same way.

Yes, ravioli stamps are arguably the most labor-intensive method you can use to make ravioli. But, in our opinion, the little bit of time you are saving using a machine isn’t worth it.

There is just something about individually handmade portions of pasta that is so special, and from our experience, tastes much better. Probably because you understand and appreciate the amount of effort that went into each bite.

Buyer’s Guide – Ravioli Stamps

There aren’t many factors you have to take into consideration when buying ravioli stamps. The biggest deciding factors are arguably the size, the shape, and the design of the ravioli stamp.


As we have mentioned, traditional ravioli is made using square stamps, however, today you will be able to find other shapes as well. Before even looking at other buying factors, decide on a shape.

You can easily find round ravioli stamps. In our opinion though, this wastes a lot of pasta, especially if you spend hours making your pasta from scratch (which you most likely did if you are making ravioli). Circles also don’t cut as efficiently as squares.

You can get other novelty shapes online, including rectangles, triangles, and even heart-shaped ravioli stamps.


Unlike with the shapes, in terms of size, there aren’t that many options as ravioli generally are small or bite-sized. So, these cutters usually range between an inch or three in diameter.


The design of ravioli stamps is important. Do not ever buy a cheaply made ravioli stamp. instead, invest in a high quality one, as you’ll likely never have to replace it.

Usually, these stamps are made from a cast iron, brass, or stainless-steel base. Attached to it is a beautifully polished wooden handle.

You can find stunning designs made with raw wood, just make sure they are sanded down to prevent giving you splinters.

You can find plastic cutters which are much more affordable and extremely easy to clean. But, their downfall is that they aren’t as sturdy and frankly, they don’t look as nice.

Again, for something you are spending so much time and effort on, might as well do it using authentic tools that look beautiful.


Okay, so we did just say invest in a proper ravioli stamp, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune!

Sure, you can import an authentic Italian ravioli stamp, but if you are working on a budget like most of us are, then a locally-made sturdy one will get the job done and can still last a lifetime.

5 Best Ravioli Stamps

We have assembled a list of the best ravioli stamps you can conveniently find inline. We tried to include something for everyone, from individual stamps to sets including hearts and triangles. 

RankProductKey Features
1.Eppicotispai Aluminum Square Ravioli StampItalian-made, aluminum and beechwood
2.Cook’s Fancy 3-Piece Ravioli MakerSet of 3 tools, wheel pasta cutter
3.Chrider 5-Piece Ravioli Set with CutterSet of 5, aluminum, heart shaped stamp
4.Marcato Classic Round Ravioli StampMade in Italy, 3", round
5.Marcato Ravioli Stamp Copper Bronze1.5", stunning design, 2 shape options

1. Eppicotispai Aluminum Square Ravioli Stamp

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Naturally, we start with an authentic Italian-made traditional square ravioli stamp, and this one combines affordability with durability and effectiveness.

The fluted base is made with food-grade aluminum which is completely non-reactive with pasta.

It won’t affect the color or flavor, and will effortlessly cut through the pasta sheets while sealing them. Not to mention, it is a very durable product if well taken care of.

The base measures 2 ¾ inches by 2 ¾ inches, however, you can also buy their 2-inch by 2-inch stamp. And, the handle is made from natural beechwood and has been beautifully polished.

All-in-all, this is the perfect first-stamp buy and you will have a blast using it on pasta nights!

2. Cook’s Fancy 3-Piece Ravioli Maker

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This set is perfect if you want options and really want to invest in the art of making ravioli.

This set includes a 2.8-inch square ravioli cutter, a 2-inch round ravioli cutter, and an 8-inch double wheel pasta dough cutter. The double edge includes a fluted side and a clean-cutting side.

All of the metal parts are made from food-grade stainless steel which is arguably one of the best and most affordable materials out there for cooking. And, the handles of the stamps are made with beautifully polished wood.

This set will allow you to experiment with traditional shapes and sizes, while still being able to play around using the cutting tool.

3. Chrider 5-Piece Ravioli Set With Cutter

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This set will make the perfect gift for pasta lovers or if you are simply looking to expand your toolkit!

These stamps and cutter are made from food-grade aluminum and have a high-quality and sturdy handle.

The set includes two round ravioli stamps, one measuring at 2.2-inches and the other at 2.7-inches in diameter.

It also includes a 2.9-inch traditional square ravioli stamp, and finally, a novelty heart-shaped 2.6-inch stamp. This set also comes with a fluted wheel cutter that has many uses by itself.

And, to make this set even more useful, you can use some tools to make cookies, dumplings, pierogi, and to create custom pasta shapes.

4. Marcato Classic Round Ravioli Stamp

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In case you wanted to expand your ravioli collection without buying an entire set, this round ravioli stamp from Marcato is perfect for you!

This ravioli stamp is on the larger side and measures at 3-inches in diameter.

We like the larger ravioli stamps because they allow you to make fewer individual pieces because each piece contains more filling. 

It is made from matte aluminum and has an extremely comfortable wooden handle. This fluted-edged ravioli cutter is made in Italy and will give you the authentic ravioli-making experience!

5. Marcato Ravioli Stamp Copper Bronze

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Last, but certainly not least, this 1.5-inch round ravioli cutter is definitely a statement piece.

It is absolutely stunning and will make a fantastic gift for the cook in your life – even if it is for yourself!

This range of stamps by Marcato has various sizes and even colors they come in including gunmetal grey and copper bronze.

We just instantly fell in love with the copper/bronze/brass base and sleek wooden handle. 

And, the small size will allow you to create a more delicate dish with loads of tiny ravioli pieces. But, fear not, there is still plenty of space for sufficient filling!

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