7 Best Quesadilla Makers With Removable Plates

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The plates on quesadilla makers can get messy over time. The cheese and all the quesadilla stuffings seep out as you heat the tortilla in between the plates. This is why quesadilla makers with removable plates are everyone’s favorite gadget.

What are the best quesadilla makers with removable plates? The best quesadilla makers have non-stick plates and multiple heat settings. Sturdy construction, indicator lights, and a removable drip tray are a few of the features a good-quality quesadilla maker should have. 

We’ve picked seven of the best kitchen appliances you can buy and use to make delicious cheesy quesadillas. Continue reading to learn why quesadilla makers with removable plates are worth it and how to choose one.

Why Buy a Quesadilla Maker With a Removable Plate?

A mouth-watering quesadilla is everyone’s favorite Mexican dish. With loads of cheese, meat, and other ingredients of your choice stacked between corn tortillas, this cheesy delight is extremely easy to make.

It is even easier to make a quesadilla when you have a kitchen appliance that will heat the tortilla from top and bottom and get the cheese all melted and ooey-gooey. 

Making a quesadilla in a quesadilla maker instead of a pan or skillet saves you the trouble of flipping it. This means eliminating the risk of ruining your quesadilla by flipping it the wrong way.

As a quesadilla maker or any other appliance with top and bottom metal plates heats both sides of the quesadilla simultaneously, making a Mexican-inspired dinner takes less time as well. 

But what makes the process of making a quesadilla a breeze are the removable plates on the quesadilla maker.

A quesadilla maker with removable plates makes cleaning the appliance quick and easy. Some plates are even dishwasher-safe for added convenience. 

Choosing a Quesadilla Maker – What You Should Consider? 

If you are looking for a kitchen appliance with removable plates to use to make quesadillas, there is no need to limit yourself to devices sold as “quesadilla makers.”

You can use anything from a panini press to a waffle maker. You only need to make sure that the press works for pressing such thin items as quesadillas. 

If a product marketed as a quesadilla maker is all you want, you are more likely to find a round-shaped device with a removable drip tray and non-stick plates. However, these items are far less versatile.

Once you find a quesadilla maker with removable plates, don’t rush into making a decision and buying it right off the bat. There are a few other things to consider. 

1. Non-Stick Plates 

Removable plates are great. But their value is diminished when the plates are not non-stick. When buying a quesadilla maker, make sure the plates have a non-stick coating. 

Non-stick plates are important, as they not only make the cleaning process easy, but also help you to remove the cooked quesadilla from the appliance with ease. 

2. Cooking Surface

Kitchen appliances marketed as quesadilla makers have the right shape and size to fit tortillas. But if you are buying a waffle maker, griddler, or a panini press to make quesadillas, pay attention to the measurements of the plates. 

Considering the overall size of the appliance is important too. If you will be keeping it on the kitchen countertop, make sure it is not too big for your space. 

3. Cool-Touch Feature 

Quesadilla makers get really hot when they are on. And even if you are the most cautious home cook, you may get burnt. 

We recommend you look for a quesadilla maker with cool-touch housing and handles. The best quesadilla makers have handles and housing made of materials that don’t get hot even when the plates are set at the hottest setting. 

4. Temperature Settings 

Having the freedom to adjust the temperature of the quesadilla maker is certainly good. If you want to quickly melt the cheese and get a crispy tortilla, set the temperature high.

If soft tortilla shells are your preference, set it low and cook the tortillas a little longer to melt the cheese. 

5. Material and Quality 

The durability of the device largely depends on the material it is made of. You can find quesadilla makers made of stainless steel or plastic. Stainless steel constructions are sturdy. They also look nice and sleek. 

Plastic quesadilla makers are more popular. Plastic offers a range of color choices, which is good when you are trying to match your appliances with the design of your kitchen. 

However, when buying a plastic quesadilla maker, make sure the material is of high quality. Cheap plastic doesn’t have a long life, especially when it comes to devices operating with heat. 

6. Removable Drip Tray 

Removable plates are an added feature that make any quesadilla maker a lot better. But what every good quesadilla maker has is a removable drip tray. 

The drip tray catches the ingredients and grease that seeps out of the quesadilla while you are cooking it. When you take the quesadilla out, you simply need to remove the drip tray and wipe it clean. No mess!

7. LED Display and Locking 

LED displays and locking features enhance the usability of quesadilla makers. With LED displays, you can easily see what temperature the device is set to.

The locking devices enhance the safety of the quesadilla maker. When the device is on, the locks are activated to prevent you from getting burns. 

7 Best Quesadilla Makers with Removable Plates 

Here are seven versatile kitchen appliances with removable plates that are perfect for making quesadillas. Depending on the model, these devices can also be used for sandwiches, wraps, waffles, etc. 

RankProductKey Features
1.Cuisinart 5-in-1 GriddlerDishwasher-safe, reversible plates
2.George Foreman Grill and Panini PressFat removing design
3.Krups Belgian Waffle MakerSleek and compact design
4.Hamilton Beach Indoor GrillThree interchangeable plates
5.Cook's Companion Waffle MakerRemovable waffle and grill plates
6.Black+Decker Waffle MakerReversible non-stick plates
7.George Foreman Indoor GrillNon-stick ceramic coating

1. Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler 

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Key Features:

  • A 5-in-1 kitchen appliance 
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Floating cover 
  • Removable and reversible cooking plates

This modern-looking griddler is one of the best kitchen appliances you can buy to make not only quesadillas but also pancakes and grilled cheese.

Making all kinds of burgers, wraps, and the well-loved panini sandwich is a pure pleasure with this device.

You can adjust the temperature of this griddler easily. The indicator lights let you know when the griddler has reached your desired temperature giving you control over the cooking process. 

This Cuisinart Griddler can be used both as a contact grill and a full grill. The full grill option is ideal for when you have a lot of people over and need a larger cooking surface. 

The plates are not only removable and dishwasher-safe but also reversible. One side of the plates is plain flat. The other side will give your quesadillas perfect grill marks. 

The design of this griddler is the cherry on top. It looks exceptionally stylish thanks to the stainless steel exterior. 

2. George Foreman Grill and Panini Press

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Key Features:

  • Fast heating
  • Compact design 
  • Dishwasher-safe drip tray 
  • Indicator lights 

If you want to feel a little less guilty for eating those meat and cheese-packed quesadillas, then this George Foreman grill and panini press is your best bet. 

Thanks to its exclusive design and sloped grilling surface, around half of the fat that seeps out of the food is drained. This makes the hearty food you make lighter and less calorific. 

The plates on this appliance are removable and dishwasher-safe. What makes cleaning them even easier is the non-stick coating. The non-stick coating also eliminates the need for extra oil and butter. 

As the manufacturer claims, this 4-serving grill and panini press heats up faster thanks to the advanced heating elements. This cuts down the cooking time so you don’t have to wait too long for your quesadillas to get crispy. 

The indicator lights are a user-friendly detail. They tell you when the grill is plugged in and when it is preheated and ready to cook. 

3. Krups Belgian Waffle Maker 

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Key Features:

  • 5 browning levels 
  • Indicator lights 
  • Sleek design 
  • Compact shape for easy storage 

If you can’t decide whether you need a quesadilla maker or a waffle maker, go with the latter, as it can do both. With this Krups waffle maker, you can make delicious quesadillas for lunch or dinner within minutes.

The waffle maker will leave the tortillas nicely charred, though they will have waffle marks. Be sure not to press down too hard, or your quesadilla could lose its shape.

Adjust the browning level to your convenience and check the indicator lights to see when the device is ready to cook you a tasty meal.

The red light indicates that the device is on and the green one lights up when it has achieved your desired temperature. 

The removable die-cast plates have a non-stick coating. They are also dishwasher-safe for easy and quick cleanup. 

If you have little room in your kitchen, this waffle maker by Krups will be a perfect fit for you. It has a compact square shape that makes it easy to store this waffle maker in a cupboard. 

4. Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill 

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Key Features:

  • Serves 6-12 people
  • Three interchangeable plates 
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Push button for easy removal of the plates

Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 indoor grill is every home cook’s dream.

It comes with three interchangeable grill and griddle plates. You can have a grill cooking area and a flat griddle surface at the same time for quick and convenient cooking. 

As the cooking plates are removable and non-stick, maintaining your device and cleaning it is very easy. They are also dishwasher-safe, which makes the cleanup process even quicker.

The plates are easily removed with a click of a button. The drip tray is also dishwasher-safe. 

You can use this indoor grill and electric griddle to cook anything from quesadillas to morning eggs, breakfast, and bacon. You can adjust the temperature to which the plates are heated and set it as high as 400°F.

The indicator lights will let you know when the griddle is on and preheated. 

5. Cook’s Companion Waffle Maker 

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Key Features:

  • Minimalistic design 
  • 750 watts power
  • Waffle and grill plates 

Featuring a plastic and aluminum construction, this waffle maker by Cook’s Companion is the perfect quesadilla maker to start with.

This waffle maker is well-made and comes with grill plates that you can use to make crispy, gooey, cheesy quesadillas. 

The manufacturer recommends washing the removable plates by hand, with warm soapy water. You shouldn’t use abrasive liquids on the plates or you may damage their non-stick coating.

The Cook’s Companion double waffle maker has indicator lights and a convenient handle to minimize the risk of getting burnt. 

The red exterior may not be everyone’s favorite, but it is surely a nice pop of color to any kitchen that lacks bright accents. 

6. Black+Decker Waffle Maker

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Key Features:

  • Variable temperature
  • Reversible cooking plates
  • A 180-degree hinge for a double cooking area 

This one’s another good-looking waffle maker that can make more than waffles. This is a 3-in-1 device – a grill, a griddler, and a waffle maker. 

This Black+Decker waffle maker comes with reversible plates. These removable plates have a non-stick coating which makes cleaning them quick and easy. The manufacturer recommends to not put them in the dishwasher.

The best part about the plates on this grill and waffle maker is the grease runoff channels that remove extra oils that seep out of your food. 

Thanks to the 180-degree hinge, you can double your cooking surface. This feature comes in handy when you need to cook multiple servings of food at a time.

7. George Foreman Indoor Grill 

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Key Features:

  • Unique design 
  • Non-stick ceramic coating
  • Easy-to-use temperature control
  • Extended handle for convenience 

This is another indoor grill by George Foreman you can use to make impeccable quesadillas.

This one, however, has an outstanding appearance that comes in several different colors, including purple, and will certainly make a statement if you keep it on display on your kitchen countertop.

The plates on this appliance are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher. They have a premium ceramic coating for ultimate non-stickiness and effortless cleanup. 

This indoor grill features an extended cool-touch handle for enhanced convenience. It also has temperature control to help you cook your quesadillas to your desired degree. 

This is a 6-in-1 device with a broil function. You can remove the top plate to reveal the heating elements that will broil your food to perfection. 

It is a versatile device you can use to grill, bake, and broil. It can be used as a panini press and a griddle as well. 

How to Make the Perfect Quesadilla

Before you set off to make your quesadilla dreams a reality, we’ve found a great tutorial from Joshua Welssman on YouTube for how to make the perfect quesadilla from scratch!

How To Make The Perfect Quesadilla By Joshua Welssman

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