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7 Best Powdered Ketchups (And What They Taste Like)

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Powdered ketchup is an incredibly tasty and versatile condiment that can add a lot of flavor to your dishes.

But with so many varieties of powdered ketchup on the market, which one should you buy?

What are the best powdered ketchups? The best powdered ketchups come in two forms: powdered condiment and tomato powder. This condiment form is ready-to-use and can be enjoyed with popcorn, fries, and other snacks while tomato powder can be used as a customizable ingredient! 

Read below to learn more about powdered tomato ketchup, how it’s made, its uses, and how it stacks up against regular ketchup!

Powdered Vs Regular Ketchup

Powdered ketchup is exactly what it sounds like: dehydrated ketchup in powder form! If you are asking “why?” — there are a bunch of reasons why one would want powdered ketchup in their pantry. 

Powdered ketchup has been around for some time now.

Ever since we started dehydrating food and experimenting with flavors, manufacturers turned their focus towards powdered ingredients.

Eventually, they decided to make powdered ketchup — a versatile and flavorful form of the condiment that could be sprinkled over food without adding unnecessary moisture. 

Chances are that you have already tried powdered ketchup! 

If you have ever had any snack with a tomato flavor, then you know what powdered ketchup tastes like.

Contrary to popular belief, powdered ketchup is not made by reducing regular ketchup until it becomes a concentrate!

Due to the thickness of most kinds of ketchup, applying that much heat (and for that long) will result in the ketchup burning and having an altered texture.

Manufacturers instead use a dried blend of tomato powder and flavorings to get that distinct, ketchup-y flavor that everyone knows and loves!

To dissect the differences between regular and powder ketchup, let’s first take a look at their characteristics! 


Powdered ketchup is more concentrated than regular ketchup, which is why it is known to be much more flavorful

In fact, you will only ever need a light sprinkle over food to give it flavor rather than drenching it as one would with “wet” ketchup.

Just as there are many varieties and versions of regular ketchup in the market, you can expect the same diversity in ketchup powder too.

Regular ketchup is made from a mixture of tomato puree, garlic, spices, sugar, and other herbs — this is what gives it its lip-smacking flavor!

Powdered ketchup has the same ingredients — and if you go with only tomato powder, then you can even adjust the flavor of the powder by making your very own blend of ketchup powder at home (more on this below).


Depending on its ingredients, powdered ketchup usually has a “free-flowing” consistency. 

Its consistency majorly depends on the type of stabilizers and preservatives added to the condiment. For example, a powdered ketchup product without an anti-caking agent will likely clump up and even solidify over time. 

This is also one of the drawbacks of using powdered ketchup instead of regular ketchup.

On the flip side, thanks to its dry texture, powdered ketchup has a much longer shelf life than regular ketchup, so its pros and cons are much more balanced.

In the context of appearance, most ketchup powders will have a pale red color instead of the darker shade that is usually associated with most regular ketchup. 

This is because the tomato powder is also mixed in with other flavoring and stabilizing ingredients that dilute its natural color!

You may also come across some bright red ketchup powder varieties that use food colorings to give the condiment an attractive appearance — however, these ketchup powders will also usually be the unhealthiest!  


Powdered ketchup is perhaps just as versatile as its regular counterpart, if not more. 

Since it is available in powder form, it can be added to any type of food as a flavorful garnish.

For example, you can top it over fries to give them a rich and delicious ketchup flavor. The powder can also be used as a garnish over pasta or sprinkled over salads to give it a healthy and flavorful kick.

In the case of fries, a quick sprinkle of powdered ketchup will allow the fries to maintain their crispiness and won’t turn them into a soggy mess.

You can similarly mix it with popcorn, top it over poutine, pizza, tacos, hot dogs, and much, much more! 

You can even use it as a direct replacement for regular ketchup in recipes that don’t require moisture. You can even add it to your favorite sandwiches and burgers!

Powdered ketchup can also be hydrated with water and used as a flavorful stock for sauces. Just mix a few tablespoons of the condiment with water and then enjoy it in any way you like!

If you are looking for a secret ingredient for a great steak marinade, then we highly recommend that you use ketchup powder to uplift the flavor of any meat marinade.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Powdered Ketchups

There are two things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing powdered ketchup:

  1. Premixed Blend Vs Tomato Powder
  2. Quantity

Premixed Blend Vs Tomato Powder

If you only want a simple but delicious ketchup flavor for your recipes, then you should opt for a ready-to-sprinkle, pre-mixed blend.

This flavorful powder can be thought of as dehydrated ketchup and doesn’t require any further tweaking. You can just simply sprinkle it over food to give them a sharp and tasty ketchup flavor. 

But for people who want a more customized powder, we recommend starting with a high-quality tomato powder.

Tomato powder and ketchup condiments come in multiple qualities, so make sure that you buy one that is made from high-grade, farm-fresh tomatoes. Also, keep an eye out for GMO labeling if you want an all-natural product!

Tomato powder can be paired with sugar, salt, garlic powder, and even chili flakes to give it an intense ketchup-like flavor — you can even add MSG to give it an even more commercial-tasting flavor. 

This do-it-yourself strategy is great for people who want a versatile condiment that can be tweaked according to their needs.

You can even make a healthier version of the ketchup powder — one that doesn’t contain additives or unnecessary chemicals!

For example, when making a pizza sauce, you can tweak the seasonings and add Italian herbs, and cut down on the sugar to give the ketchup powder a saucier flavor. 

You can also throw in spicy ingredients or even smoke the powder to make a quick gourmet barbeque sauce at home! 

Want to keep it simple? Then pair tomato powder with salt and garlic, and use it as an all-natural, simple, and healthy ketchup seasoning for your recipes! 

Remember: Avoid using just plain tomato powder! Tomato powder will have a rich tomatoey flavor but will lack that distinct kick, which can easily be achieved just by adding salt and a bit of garlic.  


Quantity is extremely important when picking the right seasoning. This is where you need to consider your personal use!

Most ready-to-serve ketchup seasonings are available in 3.5-oz shaker bottles, but you can also opt for larger bottles that range between 4–6 oz. 

If you want to go beyond that, then you might have to settle for tomato powders instead. 

There aren’t a lot of brands that sell large bottles of ketchup powder, but luckily, you can buy up to a 24-oz tomato powder container and make your own blend of ketchup powder at home!

We highly recommend that you begin with a small shaker bottle to see how you can use it in your meals, then graduate to a larger container of tomato powder.

Trust us, there is far more value in making your own fresh and healthy ketchup powder than relying on commercial brands!

Best Powdered Ketchups

Now that you know all about powdered ketchup and how it can be used to flavor food, it’s time to look at our recommendations!

The products listed below are according to our buyer’s guide. All you need to do is pick the right type of powder for your needs — no need to worry about quality!

RankProductBest Features
1Ketchup Seasonings BottleClassic ketchup seasoning. Intense and flavorful!
2Ketchup Kernals SeasoningThe best vegan-friendly ketchup seasoning for all-purpose use.
3Ketchup Seasoning Mix By Flavor GodAn excellent blend of herbs and spices. Provides a rich ketchup flavor.
4Badia ALL-PURPOSE Ketchup SeasoningThe default choice for any recipe that requires a ketchup-flavored kick.
5SPICES VILLAGE Tomato PowderHigh-quality dehydrated tomato powder. Great for making a versatile ketchup powder.
6Augason Farms Tomato PowderMake healthy ketchup powder with just salt and garlic powder!
7Premium Dehydrated Tomato PowderThe highest-quality tomato powder in the market. Excellent tomato flavor, great for all-purpose use and for making ketchup powder.

1. Ketchup Seasonings Bottle

Check Current Price on Amazon

Looking for a safe bet? Then we highly recommend that you start here!

This ketchup powder is a classic blend of rich tomato powder and a range of flavorful ingredients that give it an intense, umami-laden flavor that will complement any type of food.

It is also the perfect size for anyone who enjoys ketchup flavor and wants to use this powder in everyday cooking. 

Made from high-quality ingredients, this ketchup powder will provide the same great commercial-grade flavor that you know and love.

It also comes in a highly convenient 10-oz sprinkling bottle that not only maximizes shelf life but also allows you to sprinkle the powder in precise quantities.

2. Ketchup Kernals Seasoning

Check Current Price on Amazon

This vegan-friendly ketchup seasoning will quickly become your new favorite ingredient to add a rich flavor. 

Unlike regular ketchup, this is a highly concentrated and flavorful powder that can elevate any type of food. It’s designed to coat food evenly, too; just sprinkle it over food and give it a good toss to evenly spread out the powder — no clumps!

This seasoning is made from high-quality dehydrated tomatoes and contains natural ingredients.

Despite being vegan, it manages to provide all the flavors that you would expect from any tasty ketchup mix thanks to its careful selection of herbs and spices.

Use it over popcorn, fries, burgers, dressings, and more — the sky is the limit! 

3. Ketchup Seasoning Mix By Flavor God

Check Current Price on Amazon

Here’s another safe bet! This ketchup seasoning by Flavor God is specifically designed to bring a restaurant-level flavor to your favorite snacks.

Unlike cheaper brands that are loaded with sugars and unnecessary chemicals, this keto-friendly and low-sodium alternative uses natural, premium ingredients to create a highly delicious ketchup flavor — without any added sugars! 

Available in a convenient and resealable 4.5-oz bottle, this seasoning will not clump up, even if you expose it to air over time, all thanks to its airtight container design. 

4. Badia ALL-PURPOSE Ketchup Seasoning

Check Current Price on Amazon

If it tastes great with ketchup, then you can use this seasoning instead of regular ketchup!

This is an excellent all-purpose ketchup seasoning that can be used in virtually any type of food that pairs with tomatoes. 

Whether it’s eggs, poultry, fries, hot dogs, or more — this is the only seasoning you need to add a complex flavor to your recipes. 

It has a free-flowing consistency but since it contains natural ingredients, it may slightly clump up — all you need to do is keep it away from moisture. Give it a shake or run it through a food processor to “powderize” it again! 

5. SPICES VILLAGE Tomato Powder

Check Current Price on Amazon

The reason why we recommend that you use this high-grade tomato powder is that it can be used in infinite ways. Plus it’s gluten-free, 100% kosher, and GMO-free! 

Not only can you use it on its own to get a rich tomato flavor, but you can also pair it with any number of ingredients to give it a tasty ketchup flavor!

Pair 2–3 tablespoons of this tomato powder with ½ tsp of salt, onion powder, and garlic powder, then sprinkle citric acid to make a quick and easy ketchup powder at home. 

No need to rely on artificially flavored ketchup! Just use this healthy and high-grade tomato powder and experiment with different recipes. We guarantee you will end up wowing your guests over dinner! 

6. Augason Farms Tomato Powder

Check Current Price on Amazon

Whether it’s ketchup powder, BBQ ketchup powder, or any other condiment with a tomato flavor, we highly recommend that you use this amazing tomato powder to make your favorite seasoning blends — you even get classic recipes on the can! 

Made from farm-fresh and carefully selected tomatoes, this product contains a concentration of premium tomato powder.

It can either be hydrated using water to make regular ketchup, or you can use it with other dry ingredients to make a scrumptious and versatile ketchup seasoning. 

Thanks to a sturdy 10-oz container, this product has a shelf life of about 25 years if left unopened. Once opened, you can shift it to an airtight container and it will maintain its quality even after months!  

7. Premium Dehydrated Tomato Powder

Check Current Price on Amazon

We’re stepping into the elite category here! Unlike other low-quality tomato powders, this product is an excellent all-natural alternative that is keto-friendly, GMO-free, gluten-free, and is also free of additives/preservatives! 

If you are looking to make ketchup seasonings or other tomato-based products then we highly recommend that you consider this product. 

It contains a blend of carefully selected red tomatoes that are meticulously air-dried and then processed to preserve their flavor and quality. 

Available in a large 24-oz resealable bottle, you can easily store this tomato powder in a cool and dark place and make any type of ketchup seasoning as per your needs! 

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