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The 5 Best Pickling Jars Of 2023

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Pickling is an art, and you need to ensure you have the right ingredients and materials to ensure that the product you are making turns out just right.

There is no point putting in all the effort, only to have subpar pickling jars that let the whole process down. You need pickling jars that will keep contents safe and protected during the pickling process!

Which are the best pickling jars to use? The best pickling jar to use would be either a regular or wide-mouth mason-type jar, with threaded, self-sealing lids. These are not only the easiest to use but are the best choice for protecting pickled contents.

The pickling jar you use must be airtight as well, to allow for the process to take place as it should.

The 5 Best Pickling Jars

To help you choose the best pickling jars to use, we have rounded up the top 5. All of these jars tick the boxes they should, and will help keep the pickled contents safe and protected.

RankPickling JarCapacity (oz)
1.Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jar32 oz
2. Kingrol Clear Glass Jars50 oz
3.Kamota Mason Jars With Regular Lids16 oz
4.Glass Mason Jars Full Mouth8 oz
5.Bormioli Rocco Glass Fido Jars33.75 oz

1. Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jar

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This 6-pack of canning jars are 32 ounces each, and are perfect for pickling, canning, preserving and fermenting. 

Each jar is embossed with measurement markings to allow for precise filling.

There is a label line on each jar to write the dates and contents on, helping you better keep track of what is in each jar.

Each jar is made from double glass construction, and is USDA approved and toxin-free, ensuring food-grade quality. With heat-tempered durability, the jars are dishwasher and microwave safe, and the jars are clear for easy visibility.

The wide-mouth makes it easy for filling and for washing, and the airtight seal, with a time-tested sealing compound, ensures a quality air-tight seal with each lid.

The jars can be refrigerated for up to 3 weeks and can be frozen for up to 1 year.

Mason jars are one of the most recognized makes of jars in homes and have been around to help with pickling, canning, and fermenting since the 1900s, they are as trusted as can be and really are a great choice for pickling!

2. Kingrol Clear Glass Jars

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The Kingrol 3 pack of 50 oz. clear glass jars are very suited for pickling, and the flip lid design makes opening and closing the jars a little easier.

The jars are composed of clear glass, and with wire constructed hinge lids and rubber seals. The crystal clear glass allows you to keep a close eye on the contents and offers a great product presentation.

These jars are great for pickling as they have an impermeable and durable structure, and offer excellent strength and weight, protecting the contents and being durable against damage.

The snap closure provides a much-needed strong and secure air-seal to keep the pickled contents fresher for longer, and to protect the pickling process.

A wide-mouth opening allows for easy filling, dispensing, and cleaning, making the process a breeze.

While they are multipurpose jars, they do work well as pickling jars, and the hinged lid and airtight seal, along with strong crystal clear glass, provides you with all you need to get pickling.

3. Kamota Mason Jars With Regular Lids

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These premium, high-quality glass jars with silver screw lids are made from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum durability and convenience.

The set contains 12 glass jars and labels which help you to keep track of the pickling process and the contents.

Each jar is BPA-free and food-safe, and are all dishwasher safe.

The silver lids are all lab-certified corrosion-resistant material and can stand up to the pickling process.

Other than being incredibly effective when it comes to pickling, the jars have an elegant and classic design, with transparent glass that allows you to easily distinguish what is inside each jar.

Each lid is designed with ease of use and product security in mind, and the included lid seals tightly to prevent leaks, and to work towards food preservation. Through this, the lids are still very easy to open and close.

The wide-mouth opening allows for easy filling and easy cleaning, and are leak-proof to keep air and excessive moisture out. The 20 included whiteboard labels are rewritable, so they can be used time and time again for different pickles.

High-quality glass and leak-proof lids, the 16 oz. jars are perfect to use for pickling, and with the reusable whiteboard labels, they can be used over and over again.

4. Glass Mason Jars Full Mouth

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Each of the jars is made with crystal clear, blemish-free glass to ensure the best visibility possible, to keep track of your pickled contents.

The smooth jars are also perfect for adding on labels and decors if you are wanting to use them to sell your products.

These jars are ideal for pickling and preserving enthusiasts, and the jars have been shaped and sized for homemade pickling, as well as for canning peaches, jams, jellies, and much more.

The eco-friendly and reusable pickling jars can be used over and over again and can be used to store dry goods when not used for pickling.

With wide mouths, measuring 2 ½ inches in diameter, the jars are easy to clean and to add in the pickling ingredients and are suited to plump fruits and vegetables as well, such as beets and tomatoes. You are able to reach down to the bottom of the jar with the wide mouth for cleaning.

The white lids included are lined with plastisol liner to give an airtight seal, and to ensure there is no excess air or moisture, and that the jars will not leak or spill. This is so important when it comes to the pickling process, and these jars definitely perform in this area.

Made from high-quality materials, the soda-lime glass resists against cracking and breaking, and is 100% food safe and lead-free for healthy pickling and food storage!

5. Bormioli Rocco Glass Fido Jars

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If you are looking for large glass jars for pickling, look no further than the Bormioli Rocco Glass Fido Jars!

These jars are perfect for making huge portions of your favorite pickles, either for home use or for reselling.

The airtight seal lid has a rubber gasket attached to the jar and a wire hinged hook. The lid provides a hermetic seal that keeps air out and keeps the pickling process protected.

With an easy open and close hinged lid, achieving an airtight seal is really easy, you just need to affix the rubber gasket around the mouth of the jar and close the lid, securing the wire hinge.

The wide-mouth opening makes it convenient to fill the jar with large amounts of big fruits and vegetables and makes it incredibly easy to clean out the large jars.

Each jar is made with high-quality soda-lime glass, which is both shatter and crack resistant, and which will last for years to come. The lids are made from pure glass as well, ensuring your food does not come into contact with metal or plastic.

Perfectly visible through the crystal clear glass, you can easily keep track of the pickling process, and know when it is time to start pickling again!

Related Questions

Can you use any jars for pickling?

No, you cannot use any jars for pickling. The mason-type pickling jars available are the best as they have been specifically made to withstand the pickling process, and any heat treatment needed.

Commercial jars that are leftover at home, such as mayonnaise jars, are not suitable, as they are not very resistant to temperature extremes and could shatter or break easily.

The lids of these jars are also not always perfectly airtight, and this could jeopardize the pickling process.

How do you sterilize mason jars for pickling?

You need to sterilize your mason jars before using them for pickling. To do this, put the jars in a deep pot and cover them with hot water. Bring the water to a boil and allow the jars to sit in the boiling water, for 15 minutes from the time the steam emerges.

Turn off the heat and leave the jars to sit in the hot water. Leave them there just until you are ready to fill them, inverting them down onto a clean kitchen towel to dry before filling.

Can I use old jam jars for pickling?

Do not use old jam jars for pickling, especially if the lids are damaged or rusty. Often, the lids pose more of a problem than the actual jars, as they are not made to be reused.

The Best Pickling Jars Review

The above 5 pickling jars are all great options to help you make some perfect pickles at home. They are all durable, food-safe, reusable, and offer airtight seals, which are all important factors when it comes to preserving your food at home.

Choose one of the above, get your ingredients ready, make sure the glass jars are all sterilized properly, and get pickling!

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  1. Thank you! My children and I inherited an old, old German recipe for the best pickles in the world! They are as beautiful, as they are incredibly delicious, so we are looking for the perfect jar! I have looked for years, for something comparable and nothing comes close! They are gorgeous to display with the array of colors, so thank you for helping us find the best jar!

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