9 Best Oven Roasters Of 2023

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Ever wonder what secret magic is used by your one friend who manages to get everything for Thanksgiving served warm and at the same time?

They probably have one of the best oven roasters at their disposal. 

What are the best oven roasters? The best oven roasters retain moisture, consistently slow cook meals well, and are portable. They are also multi-use, easy to clean, appropriately sized, equipped with a varied temperature range, and user-friendly. Oven roasters with domed lids that self-baste are typically the most sought after.

Making a large meal, whether for a holiday or just a fun night with family and friends, can often stretch your kitchen to the max. Most slow-cooked meats cook at different temperatures than casseroles or other baked items. 

Adding one of the best oven roasters to your arsenal can be a game changer, but with so many options out there, how do you know what to look for? Well, read on, we have put together a great resource to guide you through the process.

What to Look for In the Best Oven Roasters  

There are a lot of options on the market for oven roasters these days. Some of them are simpler than others, but simplicity is not always the best route when purchasing such a potentially multi-faceted kitchen appliance. 

Some of the best oven roasters on the market do much more than just roast turkeys and chickens.

The trick is to find the right balance of capability, function, and ease of use.

Of course, you will also need to consider what you will actually use the oven for. There is no need to purchase an oven roaster with a dozen other functions if you do not have plans to use them. 

In order to help you with your decision, we have identified eight major considerations regarding quality oven roasters. The importance of some will vary on your personal preferences, budget, and space. Knowing what to look for ahead of your purchase can save you time and money. 

The eight major considerations for identifying the best oven roasters on the market are portability, capability, durability and conductivity, functionality, temperature range, size, ease of use, and the level of involvement for cleaning. Details for each consideration are broken down below. 


One of the biggest draws to purchasing an oven roaster is their portability. While some are heavier and more cumbersome than others, the best oven roasters are designed to be more portable than stationary.

They design of the best oven roasters takes into account the potential for them to be moved constantly and has incorporated aspects into the design the make it easy, safe, and efficient to move them around. 

There are two aspects of portability for you to consider:

  1. Being able to move your oven roaster around your kitchen/home (into and out of the cupboard, for example)
  2. Being able to move the roaster from one home to another (for helping out with family get-togethers, parties, etc.)

Most people who purchase an oven roaster for their home do so to free up oven space and counter space. Most large portions of meat often require cooking at a temperature other than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While most sides, casseroles, and baked goods cook at 350 degrees.

The ability to set up your roaster outside, or in another part of the kitchen where it will be out of the way while you prepare everything else is arguably one of the most important aspects of a good oven roaster. It’s that whole “set it and forget it” idea, allowing you space to focus on the rest of the meal. 

The second consideration regarding portability is the ability to transport your oven roaster from your home to another location. Not having to remove a roasted turkey or roast beef into another container saves time and effort. Not to mention avoids a potential mess. 

The best oven roasters can simply be unplugged and easily transported but will also have measures in place to reduce spillage and maintain the temperature. A well-insulated oven roaster can keep your Thanksgiving turkey at the ideal temperature for a few hours unplugged, long enough to drive out to Grandma’s house.


Most older models of oven roasters were capable of doing little else besides roasting or slow cooking, and even then, they may not have had the right range of temperatures to do it all. We will discuss temperature range more in a moment, but for now let us discuss capabilities. 

The difference between capability and functionality is that capability refers to the quality of a function. Basically, how well does the oven roaster roast. We will discuss the various functions of the best oven roasters shortly. 

When referring to the capability of the best oven roasters we are simply looking at how well they do what they claim to be able to do. Essentially, do they make delicious food consistently?

It is one thing to have a myriad of functions, and some oven roasters have upwards of a dozen, but if the product they produce is subpar, those extra functions are wasted. 

It can be difficult to determine the quality of product that an oven roaster will produce just from the packaging and product descriptions. This is where we would recommend you read some of the reviews posted about the oven roasters you are most interested in. 

Look for power, control options, and versatility.

Another way to help you determine an oven roasters capability is to examine the materials the oven roaster is made of. 

Durability & Conductivity

The materials used to produce the best oven roasters will both be durable and have good conductivity. These days there are a variety of materials used to make oven roasters and most of the best options are comprised of several materials. 

The best options for oven roasters will incorporate the ideal mix of materials that allows the roaster to be durable and effectively transfer heat. 

Durability is important because your oven roaster will likely be moved around a bit. You will not want the constant transportation to damage or wear down your oven roaster too quickly. 

Heat transfer, or conductivity, is important. Good conductivity translates to a quality meal that is properly and evenly cooked. There’s no point purchasing a roaster which leaves your turkey undercooked.


Functionality refers to the various functions, or settings, that you will want to look for in your oven roaster. Some of the best oven roasters are designed purely to roast. They may be suitable to be used for other cooking applications but were not designed that way. 

Several of the best oven roasters do much more than just roast. The functions that some of the best oven roasters can do varies, but there are some common functions typical of the better oven roasters. 

A few examples of additional functions found in some quality oven roasters include rotisserie, bake, toast, and even air-fry. While you may not need all of these functions, you may find that they do come in handy so long as you are not sacrificing capability for increased functions. 

The best oven roasters that offer additional functions are as capable at roasting as they are at executing their additional functions. 

It may seem that boasting about baking and toasting functions are advertising ploys, and that any oven is capable of accomplishing those functions. But the reality is all of those functions (as well as the other several functions offered by some oven roasters) require specific changes in how heat is applied. 

These various functions also require a variety of temperatures. Baking, roasting, and broiling are cooking methods that not only require variances in where heat is applied, but also the temperature used. 

Temperature Range

The best oven roasters, whether they have baking, broiling, or any other functions, will have a wide range of available temperatures.

The ideal and also minimum safe temperature for holding hot food is 140 degrees, but many oven roasters do not go below 200 degrees. That is still sufficiently low enough for cooking.

The inability to drop to a holding temperature may cause food to be overcooked or dry out. On the other hand, roasting and broiling require temperatures ranging from 400 degrees and up. While it is rare, some oven roasters do not pass 400 degrees. 

The best oven roasters will at the very least offer a temperature range of 150 to 400 degrees. It would be ideal to offer temperatures higher than 400 degrees. Going lower than 150 degrees is uncommon and not really useful, unless you want an oven roaster that has a dehydrator function. 


Size is more of personal choice than a requirement, but it is still something to consider. If your budget and available storage space permit, you would likely benefit from purchasing one of the larger oven roasters. 

Oven roasters are available in several sizes. Size in this case refers to the capacity of the roasters. Smaller oven roasters tend to be between 6.5 and 12 quarts. Oven roasters this small will barely be able to accommodate a medium sized turkey. 

The recommended size for your oven roaster is between 16 and 22 quarts. There are larger options available as well. At this capacity you will have no issues cooking large poultry or even large cuts of other meats. 

There are a few sizing charts available on the Internet if you would like to know exactly what size oven roasters you would need for specific sizes of poultry. Most of these charts relate specifically to cooking a turkey. 

Easy to Use 

Whether you are interested in a single-function or multi-function oven roaster, you are going to want to make sure the user interface on the model you select is user friendly. This is especially important if you are interested in buying an oven roaster that has multiple functions. 

The best oven roasters do not have complex control panels or require multiple steps to switch between functions. In most cases, this means you will want an oven roaster with a digital temperature gauge and an easy to locate on/off button. 

The more functions your oven roaster is capable of doing will increase the potential complexity of the control panel. Even the best multi-function oven roasters still have easy to use controls. You should not have to refer to the user manual to transition from roasting to baking. 

This is another aspect of a quality oven roaster that may be hard to determine from the packaging. The best practice would be to read customer reviews. Depending on where you are searching, you may even be able to filter out reviews that mention ease of use. 

Easy to Clean 

The last important variable to consider when purchasing an oven roaster is the cleaning – everybody’s least favorite step in cooking.

The best oven roasters are easy to clean and easy to detail. Routine cleaning occurs after each use; detailing occurs after a few uses. 

The best oven roasters have parts that are easy to remove and clean. There should not be hard to reach places where food and grease can build up. Ideally the removable parts will also be dishwasher safe. 

Depending on how frequently you plan to use your oven roaster, you may want to give extra consideration to how easy it is to clean.

If you only plan to use your oven roaster once or twice a year, dishwasher-safe materials may be less important. Still, there is nothing worse than getting ready to cook during the holidays and finding rancid, year-old grease has built up in your oven roaster. 

Are There Different Types of Oven Roasters?

In addition to oven roasters with multiple functions, there are also a few variations of oven roasters available. Nearly all of the oven roasters on the market are electric (they would not be as portable otherwise) but not all of them require the same outlet. 

Some of the larger and multi-function oven roasters may require a different outlet or at the very least draw more electricity than others. This is something to consider when you will be doing a lot of other cooking at the same time. 

Most oven roasters are also designed to sit on countertops, with very few exceptions. However, not all will be top loading. Top loading oven roasters lay horizontally on the counter and are longer than they are taller. Most oven roasters are top loading. 

Front loading oven roasters are the opposite. Often being taller than they are longer and sitting vertically on the counter.

There are not any real big differences between these different types of oven roasters as it relates to the eight qualities of oven roasters we discussed earlier. The option you choose will be based on personal preference, budget, space, and desired functions. 

The 9 Best Oven Roasters

Now that you know what to look for in the best oven roasters, we have compiled a list of the top 9 oven roasters available on the market. We have tried to include a variety of types, designs, and functions for you to compare:

RankProductKey Features
1.Stamo 18-Quart Electric Roaster OvenSelf-basting lid, removable pan, temperature control
2.Hamilton Beach 22-Quart Roaster OvenSelf-basting lid, removable pan, stainless steel
3.Oster 18-Quart Roaster OvenSelf-basting lid, removable enameled steel pan
4.Sunvivi 20-Quart Roaster OvenSelf-basting lid, removable rack and pan
5.Nesco 6-Quart Porcelain Roaster OvenSmall size, removable rack and pan, full range temperature control
6.Nesco 18-Quart Roaster OvenRemovable rack and enamel pan, adjustable temperature control
7.Nutrichef Multifunction Rotisserie OvenRoasts, boils and more; removable pans, skewer rack, and shelves
8.CateVoice 10.5-Quart Air Fryer Toaster OvenRoasts, bakes, fries and more; removable racks, pan, and basket
9.CROWNFUL 19-Quart Air Fryer Toaster OvenRoasts, fries, grills, and more; removable basket, forks, skewers, and trays

It is important to note that some of these oven roasters are available in other sizes. Only one of the ones that made this list is on the smaller end for those who simply don’t need a large-capacity tool, although that model is available in larger capacities. 

Be sure to toggle the size option when you are looking at prices if you know what size you are looking for. As a reminder, the recommended size is between 16 and 22 quarts. 

1. Stamo 18-Quart Electric Roaster Oven

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The Stamo Roaster Oven is available in 18, 20, 22, and 24-quart capacities. It is made of stainless steel and uses the standard 120V plug. This model is a multi-function over roaster. It can roast, bake, and slow cook. 

It has a temperature range or 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and also has a warming function. This model would be considered a top loading model, or as Stamo refers to it, “buffet” style. 

This is one of the simpler oven roasters in this list. It has limited functionality but is very easy to clean and use. The handles are designed to stay cool, and the lid is designed to self-baste. If you plan to move your oven roaster from place to place, this is a great option. 

2. Hamilton Beach 22-Quart Roaster Oven

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Hamilton Beach’s oven roaster come with a 22-quart capacity and is also made from stainless steel. It features a simple design and is easy to clean, with removable components that are dishwasher safe. 

While considered multi-function, those functions are limited to roasting and slow cooking. It does have a temperature range of 150 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit but does not have a warm setting. It uses a standard 120V plug and is easy to transport. 

Similar to the Stamo option, Hamilton Beach’s oven roaster comes with cool touch handles and a tight-fitting, self-basting lid. A little heavier and more durable than the Stamos model, this oven roaster is great for those who plan to use an oven roaster often.

3. Oster 18-Quart Roaster Oven

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Oster’s oven roaster is another highly regarded option that is very similar to the first two on the list. Simply designed, this roaster oven will roast, bake, and slow cook. You know you will get great capability from this straightforward model.

The lower end of the temperature range stops at 200 degrees Fahrenheit but there is a warm setting. It reaches up to a standard 450 degrees. Plus the enameled steel roasting pan makes for more even cooking as well as a smoother cleaning process.

This roaster oven may not have all the flashy bells and whistles, but it is a solid model worthy of any no-fuss home chef.

4. Sunvivi 20-Quart Roaster Oven

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The oven roaster offered by Sunvivi is also a top loading oven roaster. It comes in 18, 20, or 22-quart capacities and is capable of roasting, slow cooking, and baking.

It has the full temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit; plus it offers a keep warm setting. 

A unique difference on the Sunvivi oven roaster is that on top of its components being removable and easy to clean, the inside pan has been designed to resist scalding. This makes it easier to clean and helps prolong the life of your oven. Your food will thank you too.

5. NESCO 6-Quart Porcelain Roaster Oven

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While still very similar to the first few top loading oven roasters on this list, this option from NESCO has a few differences that are worth noting.

The first thing you will notice is that its overall appearance is different. It just looks a little more modern. 

Also, worth noting is that the inside pot is made from porcelain. Porcelain is great for prolonged heat exposure. It has great heat conduction and is durable enough to withstand hours of use. NESCO’s porcelain oven roaster is available in 6 and 18-quart sizes as well as in a few colors. 

On the downside, this option does not offer a temperature setting below 200 degrees nor does it offer a keep warm setting. It does go up to 450 degrees, however, so it is still worth considering.

6. NESCO 18-Quart Roaster Oven

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If you want a slightly cheaper NESCO option that still has all the bells and whistles, you will want to select this 14-quart roaster oven over the previously mentioned NESCO model. 

You will still get the more modern and stylish version of top loading oven roasters that is indicative of many NESCO products. The main differences are that this model is available in an 18-quart size and that this models inside pot, or cook well, is made from enamel not porcelain. 

You lose some heat conduction with enamel, but you do not lose anything as far as ease of cleanup. 

The downside of the previous NESCO model is also an issue here. The temperature range is 200 to 450 degrees and there is no keep warm function. This NESCO model only comes in black or white as well. 

7. Nutrichef Multi-Function Rotisserie Oven

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The first 6 options on this list where all great options of the top loading variety. While multi-function options, they were limited to roasting, baking, and slow cooking. The next three oven roaster models have higher functionality with the capability to match. 

The first notable difference with Nutrichef’s oven roaster is that is vertical, or front loading. This change is necessary in order to accommodate the Nutrichef’s rotisserie function. This also means this oven roaster option is much larger than the previous options. 

Designed with two shelves, and a large heat resistant tempered glass door that allows you to see inside, the Nutrichef oven roaster has enough room to handle a large roast and a two large casserole dishes at the same time. 

It is also designed to be energy efficient and has adjustable time and temperature settings. Switching between functions is as simple as changing the accessories, the temperature settings, and twisting the mode nob to whichever function you need. 

Nutrichef’s accessories include a bake pan, grill racks, kebab skewers and mounts, and a rotisserie setup. The downside to this oven roaster is that with its increased function comes more parts to clean. 

Glass can also be harder to clean and while the Nutrichef oven roaster is designed to be easier to clean, it will be more involved than the previous oven roasters on this list. This will especially be the case when you use the kebab and rotisserie options. 

8. CateVoice 10.5-Quart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

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The CateVoice 8-in-1 multi-function oven roaster has seven other functions and could easily replace a few pieces of equipment in your kitchen. The other seven functions include air fryer, toaster, rotisserie oven, dehydrator, microwave, pizza grill, and thaw box.

If you are looking into replacing some old appliances or building a whole new kitchen then you may want to look into the CateVoice first. Especially if you have a small kitchen and would rather conserve counter space. 

Some other positives are the digital LED touchscreen control panel, which makes it easy to change functions. There are also preprogrammed cook options but accessing them is a bit more complicated at first. All of the accessories and the oven itself are easy to clean, even the door is detachable. 

The downside to the Catevoice is its capacity. It only has a cooking space of 10.5-quarts. It’s smaller than the recommended oven roaster size of 16 to 22 quarts. Although it may still serve a single cook or small household well. Additionally, its oven setting does not have a temperature range above 400 degrees. 

9. CROWNFUL 19-Quart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

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The CROWNFUL 19-quart, 10-in-1 oven roaster and air fryer is arguably just as good as our earliest recommendations. In addition to roasting, there is a setting for bagels, pizzas, air frying, dehydrating, baking, warming, and reheating. It is important to note that those are settings and not functions, however.

Either way, the CROWNFUL oven roaster is more than capable of producing a variety of foods and a variety of methods. The extra settings do make its user interface slightly more complicated but once you learn the presets, you should be good to go. 

Of all the options on this list, this oven roasters complexity also adds to its cleanup involvement but unlike the last option, the CROWNFUL does have great capacity. All of the accessories are non-stick and easy to clean, it is cleaning the inside of the oven that you will find to be more work. 

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