The 5 Best Offset Spatulas Of 2023

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Offset spatulas are so handy to keep in your kitchen if you do quite a bit of baking. They are long narrow tools that have a thin, flat metal paddle at one end.

These are perfect to use to spread frosting onto a cake, or to push batter into an even layer in a cake tin!

The blunt blade makes it easy to spread the batter or frosting, and the large surface area that comes into contact with a cake helps to smooth it all out evenly. A regular spatula might jab down the batter or frosting and just make a mess.

When choosing an offset spatula, which is the best to buy? The best offset spatula is durable and strong, with a comfortable handle and a flat, narrow blade which will help to smooth down frosting and batter. If too thin, the offset spatula won’t frost evenly; if too thick, it can stick on the frosting.

Helping you choose the best offset spatula, we have set out to find the best on the market, and detailed what you need to know to choose which one would be best for you!

Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing an offset spatula, you need to know what to look for to ensure you are buying a quality product that will actually do what it is supposed to in the kitchen.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding which offset spatula to purchase.

Durability Of The Spatula

It is important to choose a spatula that is actually going to last. Check what materials the spatula is made with. It would be better to choose a stainless steel spatula, with either a wooden or plastic handle. 

Thickness Of The Blade

Make sure that the blade is thick enough to glide smoothly over frosting and batter. If the blade is too thin, it will get stuck on the frosting and ruin the look of the cake.

Comfortable Handle For Icing

There is no point in choosing an offset spatula that isn’t comfortable to use. A comfortable handle makes such a difference, especially working on a larger cake where you have to be precise and careful for a longer period.

Look for a contoured handle that is comfortable to hold, but which still gives you control when icing your cake.

Best Offset Spatula Size – How To Choose

Offset spatulas come in a range of different sizes and shapes, and they all serve different purposes.

Just as you might expect, smaller offset spatulas are better for frosting smaller cakes and smaller cakes, and larger offset spatulas are best for big cakes.

If you only plan on keeping one offset spatula around, opt for a medium size. You should be able to make it work for smaller and larger cakes, too.

The 5 Best Offset Spatulas To Choose

Without further ado, here are the 5 best offset spatulas on the market:

RankProductSize (length)
1.Wilton Angled Spatula9"
2.U-Taste Offset Spatula Set6, 8, 10"
3.Oxo Good Grips Offset Icing Spatula12.5"
4.Ateco Ultra Offset Spatula Set4.3, 7.8, 9.8"
5.LokiLux Kitchen Angled Icing Spatula8"

These would all make frosting and baking that much easier – and would be so handy to keep in the kitchen.

1. Wilton Angled Spatula, 9’’

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The Wilton Angled Spatula is 9-inches and is angled to make it easy to work with. It has a 4 ½ inch blade that is wide enough to help spread frosting, icing, and batter evenly.

It features a contoured handled with special finger pads to offer comfort while icing, and giving you better control as well, allowing your icing to be even and precise.

The flexible stainless steel blade is the perfect thickness for smoothly gliding over icing, without sticking to the cake or picking up too much icing as it glides over the sides.

With a comfortable grip, the perfect size blade, and precise control, the Wilton Angled Spatula will be one of your favorite baking tools!

2. U-Taste Offset Spatula Set

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If you can’t decide on one size offset spatula to buy, why not get a few? The U-Taste Offset Spatula Set has all the different sizes you could need for baking: 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch blades.

These have all been designed to meet the requirements of professional and home bakers alike. Each blade has a width of 1.22-inches, which is a good width to use to ice cakes and flatten batter in the cake pan.

The small offset spatula can also be used to lift meat, turn seafood, or turn bacon, sausage, or scallops. The set will come in handy in the kitchen!

The ergonomic and non-slip handles have a rounded edge and a light texture, which improves the grip and makes it wonderfully easy to use, even for the smallest baking projects.

Made from stainless steel, the kitchen-grade blades will not rust, discolor or bend if looked after properly.

Place the spatulas on the top rack of the dishwasher for incredibly easy cleaning!

3. Oxo Good Grips Offset Icing Spatula

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Perfect for icing cakes, cookies, brownies, and other pan baked goods, the Oxo Good Grips Offset Icing Spatula really does make baking that much easier.

The flexible stainless steel blade provides ultimate control when icing, but is also resistant to breaking and discoloring.

With a bend in the blade, you have adequate clearance off of the frosting to not accidentally dip your hand or your sleeve onto the cake, which could cause such a mess.

A soft, non-slip handle makes working with the spatula enjoyable. By not putting too much strain on your hands, it allows you to ice your treats for longer periods of time.

With a dishwasher-safe spatula, you can spread frosting around to your heart’s content, and not have to worry too much about clean up at the end!

4. Ateco Ultra Offset Spatula 3 Piece Set

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The Ateco Ultra Offset Spatula Set includes 3 different length spatulas to be able to help out with all of your baking and decorating needs!

The stainless steel blades are taper ground, offering up even flexibility, allowing the spatulas to glide evenly over the cake, smoothing it out beautifully.

Plastic handles on each of the spatulas are shock-resistant and easy to clean. You can pop the spatulas into the dishwasher when you are done.

The Ateco Ultra Offset Spatula Set contains high-quality spatulas in three different sizes, allowing you to get baking and creating some stunning baked goods of all sizes!

5. LokiLux Kitchen Angled Icing Spatula

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Made with a fine-grained wooden handle, this kitchen angled spatula is a beautiful piece to keep in your kitchen.

The wooden handle is painted for protection and has a good, solid weight which makes it comfortable to grip.

The handle also comes with a hole on the end, so you can conveniently hang the offset spatula up in the kitchen when not in use.

An 8-inch long spatula, it will be ideal to ice both large and normal-sized cakes, but can also be used to pick up pieces of cake, pizza, cheese and so much more.

This is the perfect size spatula to keep if you are only looking to have one, as you can use it for big and small projects. You can do so comfortably thanks to the perfectly-weighted handle and the proper width of the blade for easy spreading!

Related Questions

What Does an Offset Spatula Do?

An offset spatula features a narrow flexible metal blade that has a rounded end. This long blade and rounded end makes it easy to spread frosting onto a cake evenly, and along the sides.

It can also be used to loosen a cake from the side of the pan once it has baked if it is sticking.

What Size Of Offset Spatula Should I Have?

If you are going to only have one offset spatula, you should get an 8-inch straight icing spatula. This should be able to perform almost all the baking tasks you need it to, without being too big or too small.

For an extra, it might be worth getting a smaller 5-inch offset spatula. This can be used to ice smaller 8 or 9-inch cakes, and to spread frosting on cupcakes or brownies without being too large.

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have an Offset Spatula?

If you need to spread frosting onto a cake or cupcake and don’t have an offset spatula to use, you can use the back straight edge of a large knife.

This can work in place of an offset spatula. Keep a cup of hot water close by to dip the knife in to clean it of all the frosting.

The Best Offset Spatulas

For those who love baking, an offset spatula is essential to keep in your kitchen!

There are quite a few options out there, but the above 5 are all great choices and will help you frost some beautiful cakes with ease, smoothing the frosting over the cake evenly.

Choose to keep either one medium size offset spatula at home, or kit yourself out with a whole set to decorate all different types of cakes and baked goods!

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