11 Best Cake Pop Molds Of 2023

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Who doesn’t love making cake pops?! And if you don’t already make them at home, now is the time to start! Cake pops are a fun and tasty sweet treat, perfect for baking at home with the children.

But how do you choose the best cake pop molds? Most cake pop molds are made from silicone, as this is the perfect non-stick surface which is also flexible enough to allow easy removal of baked goods. The perfect cake pop mold will have a tight seal between the upper and lower mold, and holes to allow you to bake them with the lollipop sticks in.

With such a huge choice of cake pop molds available, we’ve got the ultimate guide to help you choose the best one for your needs!

What Are Cake Pop Molds?

If you’ve been on another planet somewhere, the cake pop craze may have passed you by! So, here’s a quick recap about what a cake pop actually is.

Cake pops are small, spherical, bite-size balls of cake. They are normally on a stick and look very much like a lollipop.

Cake baking fanatics love to decorate cake pops in ever more elaborate ways, using frosting, sprinkles, and other decorations.

You’ll find many people who say that cake pops are easy enough to make by forming cooked cake crumbs into balls and dipping them in chocolate. However, this isn’t a patch on making them from scratch using a cake pop mold!

A cake pop mold is a type of baking tray that contains many small half-spherical indentations.

Most cake pop molds have a pair of trays that fit together, creating the perfect ball shape. The batter is poured into the bottom tray and as the cake rises it fills the upper tray, resulting in a perfectly rounded cake pop.

Cake pop trays sometimes also come with reusable lollipop sticks to pop into the cakes while they are cooking. Almost all cake pop molds are made from food-safe silicone.

This is the perfect surface for baking, as it is non-stick and can be formed into lots of different shapes.

Once the cake pops are cooked, the lid of the mold should lift off easily, leaving perfect cake pops behind. Using a cake pop mold gives you perfectly light and fluffy cake balls, with a firm consistency that will not crumble or fall apart.

How To Choose The Best Cake Pop Molds

Cake pops are one of those indulgent treats that we just can’t get enough of.

Whether you’re a fan of a simple sponge cake pop with a light dusting of frosting, or like yours covered in chocolate and sprinkles, these bite-size treats are simply irresistible!

Best of all, cake pops are easy to make at home and are a fun way to bake with the family. Many recipes say that cake pops can be made by molding cake crumbs into balls, but for the best cake pops, you really need to use a batter mold.

It can be so annoying when you buy a new kitchen gadget, only to find out that it is not what you expected. A poor quality cake pop mold will lead to leaking of your batter and, even worse, cake pops that stick to the mold.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a new cake pop mold, how do you know where to start?

Let’s find out!

Size And Type

It might sound obvious, but you need to purchase the right size cake pop mold to suit you and your family! Cake pop molds come in many shapes and sizes, and you can even get molds in different shapes such as hearts.

If you are wanting to cook large batches of cake pops for parties and family celebrations, then choose a bigger mold with more indentations for cake pops.

If you’re expecting thirty people to a party then a mold that only bakes six at a time will not be any use!

On the other hand, if you’re just making cake pops for your family (or even just yourself) then a small space-efficient mold will be fine. A smaller mold will be easier to store in a smaller kitchen.

One really important thing to decide is the type of tray you want. A single tray without a lid will work perfectly well, and many different shaped cake pop molds are made this way.

However, for a perfect sphere, you will need a cake pop mold with a lower tray and a lid.

The lid must fit snugly—ideally, it should have some sort of seal or you should be able to snap it into place. This will stop your batter from leaking out during the cooking process.

Another factor to decide is if you want to use lollipop sticks or not.

These can be added to your cake pops after baking, but it is much more preferable to put them in the batter before baking. This will ensure that they are firmly baked into the cake pop, and will not fall out.

To do this you will need a cake pop mold with holes in the upper lid. Alternatively, if you are using a mold without a lid, you can lay your sticks with their tips in the batter.

Ease Of Cleaning

Luckily, most cake pop molds are made from silicone, which is renowned for being easy to clean. Silicone trays will wash easily in warm, soapy water, and it is very unlikely that food will become burnt onto this versatile material.

However, take care to avoid trays with awkward corners or ridges. These can be harder to keep clean, and the cake mixture may build up in cracks over time.


Who doesn’t love a baking tray which can do many things?! There is no point taking up valuable cupboard space with multiple trays which only do one thing each.

Luckily, many cake pop molds also double up as a baking tray for other dishes and desserts, as well as for making popsicles, ice cubes, and molded chocolate treats.

So, if you are tight on space in your kitchen, it makes sense to opt for a multifunctional cake pop mold that can do more than one job. 

Most silicone cake pop molds can also be used as molds for making soaps, lotion bars, wax melts, and other toiletries.

However, strong scents may taint the silicone, so if you’ve got a mold you are very fond of we would not recommend this!

The 11 Best Cake Pop Molds

From a simple cake pop mold that makes perfect spheres to a cute heart-shaped mold, the key to making the best cake pops is a consistently high temperature and high-quality non-stick surface.

Here are our top picks for the 11 best cake pop molds.

RankProductBest Feature
1.Akingshop Silicone Cake Pop Mold SetBest cake pop mold
2.Ulee Cake Pop Maker SetCan make 40 cake pops at a time
3.Nice-live Silicone Cake Pop Mold2-inch diameter molds
4.Z Zicome Pink Cake Pop Mold Easy-grab tab
5.Ouddy Oval Cake Pop & Popsicle MoldsLarge oval-shaped silicone molds
6.Makmeng Cake Pop Maker KitIncludes a measuring cup
7.R Horse Silicone Baking Mold Set42-piece baking mold set
8.Three Size Heart Shaped Cake Mold SetUnique geometric design
9.Chefmade Canele Non-Stick Cake Mold PanGreat canelé option
10.Silivo Muffin Baking MoldsVersatile baking tray
11.2 Piece Round Cake Pop Maker SetComes with wrappers for the cake pops

1. Akingshop Silicone Cake Pop Mold Set

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If you’ve never made cake pops before, this is the perfect starter set!

The silicone mold makes 20 spherical cake pops, which is a nice medium-sized batch for a family gathering.  

Each indention contains a small hole in the upper portion to allow steam to escape, resulting in light and fluffy cake balls.

This kit also contains 60 lollipop sticks, wrappers, and ties, so you can pack your decorated cake pops for treat bags or outdoor events.

This silicone mold is oven, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe. The lower mold is also suitable for making desserts, both oven-baked and frozen.

2. Ulee Cake Pop Maker Set

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Now, this is the king of cake pop sets!

With enough molds to make 40 cake pops at once, this baking set also includes a 3-tier display stand.

It also includes cupcake molds, lollipop sticks, bags, ties, a decorating pen, and a chocolate melting pot.

The Ulee Cake Pop Maker Set also includes an instruction manual to help you make the perfect cake pops.

All you need to add are your decorating ingredients, and you’ll be amazing the children with your cake pop creations in no time at all!

3. Nice-live Silicone Cake Pop Mold

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If you just want to make small batches of cake pops, then this dinky little mold will be ideal.

This set contains 2 trays with 6 indentations in each tray.

To make cake pops, simply pop the batter in one tray, place the other on top, and pop it into the oven.

The indentations in this mold are slightly larger than most cake pop molds, at 2 inches in diameter.

There is no hole present to place a lollipop stick during baking, so you will need to carefully insert these once you have removed the top mold.

4. Z Zicome Pink Cake Pop Mold 

Check Current Price on Amazon

For a good-quality cake pop mold without all the gimmicks, you won’t go wrong with this one.

This 20 cavity silicone cake pop mold has a tight seal between the upper and lower molds, helping to create the perfect spherical cakes.

The lid has holes to place lollipop sticks during baking, and an easy-grab tab to help ease it off without breaking your cake balls.

If you are looking for perfection in your bite-sized cake balls, then this is the cake pop mold for you!

5. Ouddy Oval Cake Pop & Popsicle Molds

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Who said that cake pops had to be tiny?

With these large oval-shaped silicone molds you can make supersized cake pops, ideal for a grown-up-sized treat.

This set contains 2 molds, each one making 4 cake pops.

Also designed for creating the perfect popsicle, these molds have a special insert that allows you to place the lollipop stick before baking.

The tricky part is removing the cake pop without losing the stick, but the flexible silicone tray makes this task very easy.

You can then have great fun decorating these popsicle-shaped cake pops to make them look like ice lollies!

6. Makmeng Cake Pop Maker Kit

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The Makmeng Cake Pop Maker Kit would make a great gift for the cake lover in your life, or why not just treat yourself!

As well as 2 standard spherical silicone molds, this kit also includes a lollipop mold and a hearts and flowers mold.

Also included are a measuring cup, three-tier stand, chocolate melting pot, decorating pen, bags and stickers, lollipop sticks, and more.

7. R Horse Silicone Baking Mold Set

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Sometimes you just want a bit of variety in your cake pop selection!

This 42-piece baking mold set contains 6 different flower shapes, perfect for a floral display of bite-sized cake pops.

Your baked mini cakes will pop out of the silicone molds effortlessly, with a perfectly smooth finish.

These cake pop molds don’t give you the option to add a lollipop stick, but this can be added afterward.

Alternatively, lay your baked flowers out on a platter to give a classy floral display. After you’ve decorated them in beautiful frosting first, of course!

8. Three Size Heart Shaped Cake Mold Set

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Do you want to show the ones you love how much you adore them?

This cute set of 3 heart-shaped silicone molds will make perfect cake pops in three different sizes.

The silicone molds are firm and high quality, with a strong geometric design.

This helps the cake batter to hold its shape well, resulting in beautiful hearts to treat your nearest and dearest to a dainty sweet cake pop.

These hearts would look adorable decorated with chocolate and sprinkles. Why not add a splash of edible glitter to make them look extra special!

9. Chefmade Canele Non-Stick Cake Mold Pan

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Unusually, this cake pop pan is not made of silicone!

This Chefmade canelé pan is made from carbon steel, which gives even heating and creates a beautiful golden crust on your cake bites.

The baking tray is coated in food-grade silicone, helping baked goods to just pop straight out of the pan.

The beautiful fluted shape of each indentation will give your cake pops a sophisticated French appearance, especially when sprinkled with chopped nuts and icing sugar.

We think this cake pop mold is the grown-up version of our favorite children’s party treats!

10. Silivo Muffin Baking Molds

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Do you ever think that bite-size cake pops are just not big enough?

If you want to supersize your sweet treats then these muffin molds will give you an impressive 12 cake pops per tray, and each one will be 2.5 inches in diameter!

The best thing about these trays is that the larger size makes them much more versatile.

So, as well as cake pops and muffins, you can also make mini quiches, egg bites, meatloaf, pies, and much more.

11. 2 Piece Round Cake Pop Maker Set

Check Current Price on Amazon

We love the way these cake pop molds snap together, preventing your batter from leaking out while your cakey bites are baking.

The measuring cup will help you to pour your batter perfectly, helping you to create the perfect spheres to dip in chocolate and sprinkles.

With these quality molds, you can add the lollipop sticks before baking your cake pops, ensuring they are firmly baked into the middle. This helps you to gently extract the cake pops once they are fully cooked.

This set contains 2 trays, each with 18 cake pop molds. It also includes a cake decoration tool, lollipop sticks, and wrappers. The little bow-tie twists are particularly adorable!

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