The Best Mangosteen Powders – The Complete Guide

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If you like trying odd-looking fruit with strange names, mangosteen should definitely be at the top of your “must-try” list. This small fruit is being championed as a potential cure for cancer and it tastes delightful, to boot.

In the US, the most convenient way to ingest mangosteen is in powdered, supplement form, which also happens to be the most nutritious option available.

So what is the best mangosteen powder? The best mangosteen powder is organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. Our favorite powder comes from a socially conscious company, Terrasoul Superfoods.

We’ve done some extra research to present you with the 3 best mangosteen powders on the market, and plenty of information to convince you to try some for yourself immediately.

The Complete Guide to Mangosteen

Mangosteen is a very cute fruit that grows natively in Southeast Asia but can be found around the world in tropical climates now.

It’s about the size of an orange and has a rich purple colored, thick rind protecting soft, white fruit flesh.

There is a little flower where it connects to the tree and the number of petals predicts the number of segments the fruit inside will have. 

The flavor is a sweet and sour blend, almost like a citrus-infused lychee fruit. The tree itself is quite unique.

In many countries is popular to have in your yard, but it can take up to 15 years to bear fruit and, even then, the tree only fruits every other year.

By that time, the tree might be over 30 feet tall. When they finally do fruit, they can offer up to 1000 fruits in a season.  

Health Benefits of Mangosteen Powder

Mangosteen has hit the supplement scene because of its incredible nutritional value. As with most fruits, there is a beautiful array of vitamins and trace minerals, but the really valuable piece of nutrition comes from the antioxidants. 

One particular compound, xanthones, has incredible potential to reduce the effects of inflammation and diabetes, lower the risk of cancer, and even fight signs of aging.

They’re also thought to have anti-depressant, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. There are 200 known Xanthones, and 24 of them can be found in the floral cap – the pericarp – of the mangosteen fruit, which is more than any other food source currently understood. 

Mangosteen is currently at the center of a wide variety of medical research, though there are no definitives at this point in time. If you like to be on ahead of the curve, there is evidence suggesting mangosteen can treat various types of cancer, including prostate, breast, and skin cancer.

Moreover, it’s been shown to be anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory, which are protective against all forms of cancer.

Much of the health potential in this fruit comes from the pericarp, the floral cap on the rind. When eating the fruit fresh, most people don’t ingest this section.

That is one reason why supplementing with powder made from the entire fruit can add extra power to the plant.

Mangosteen Powder Supplementation

Many people supplement with mangosteen powder for weight loss benefits. The presiding theory is that the anti-inflammatory benefits will help encourage fat metabolism, stimulating weight loss. Unfortunately, there aren’t many respectable studies to support this theory.

Another great reason to supplement with this fruit powder, however, is specifically for the anti-inflammatory benefits.

By reducing inflammation in your body, the pain and risk from nearly every form of chronic disease are reduced significantly. Many people will take it specifically to help with allergies which is an inflammatory response.

Mangosteen Powder Side Effects

In general, if you’re on any medication is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about possible interactions before starting any new supplement, even those that are 100% natural. ‘

There is some evidence that taking xanthones in supplement form can affect blood clotting, so if you’re on any type of blood-thinning or clotting medication this powder may not be right for you. 

How to Use Mangosteen Powder

Most mangosteen powders are made from the whole fruit, including the rind, pericarp, and seeds, to maximize nutrition.

While the powdered fruit segments would be sweet, tart and completely water-soluble, the outer matter is not nearly as tasty or water-soluble.

For this reason, mangosteen powder is not ideal for simply mixing with water, but instead, you’ll want to mix it with a food or drink with textural substance to hide the chalky taste and mouthfeel.

Here are a few suggestions to kickstart your creative culinary genius:

  • Add to your favorite morning smoothie
  • Mix well with ice cream, yogurt, cream cheese, or cottage cheese
  • Sprinkle over your oatmeal or granola
  • Dust your pastries and baked goods with the powder
  • Mix with honey before adding hot water, ginger, and lemon to drink as a tea

Serving Size

How much mangosteen powder to take per day? The serving size for mangosteen powder will vary based on the manufacturer.

Of our top 3 choices, the recommended daily serving sizes are all suggested at 1 – 2 teaspoons daily, enjoyed with your favorite smoothie blend.

The Best Mangosteen Powders

Mangosteen powder is still quite new and somewhat under-studied, so the best options for buying mangosteen powder are limited to a fantastic, yet more pricey organic mangosteen powder or really committing for the long-haul and reducing the price significantly by purchasing bulk, wholesale mangosteen powder.

RankProductKey Features
1.Terrasoul Superfoods Mangosteen Fruit PowderIncludes the whole fruit for maximum nutrition
2.Bulksupplements Mangosteen Extract PowderComes in a bulk amount for long-lasting nutrition
3.Mangosteen Whole Fruit PowderSustainably sourced, 100% pure fruit

1. Terrasoul Superfoods Mangosteen Fruit Powder

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When Terrasoul is an option, it’s usually at the top of our best-of lists.

The quality of their products is not only top-notch, but they are constantly on a mission to source sustainable products while ensuring fair wages to growers and employees. 

Key features:

  • The powder is made from the whole fruit, including the nutrient-dense pericarp rind, providing maximum flavor and nutrition
  • Grown naturally and sustainably in Thailand
  • Certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and even raw

Biggest drawbacks: Because the powder includes the rind for nutritional value, it’s not entirely water-soluble. This means it’s best added to smoothies or mixed with ice cream or yogurt, rather than simply trying to dissolve it in water (which it won’t, not nicely anyways). 

2. Bulksupplements Mangosteen Extract Powder

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Customers who have purchased from this company repeatedly seem to have all come to the same conclusion: the simple plain packaging is a stealthy way to reduce costs while still providing excellent quality products and customer service. Not a bad compromise, is it?

Key features:

  • Comes in factory sealed, re-sealable foil-lined pouches to maintain freshness, even in bulk sizes
  • Dosage is only 1 – 2 tsp daily, so this package will last a great long time

Biggest drawbacks: It’s not certified organic or notably sustainably sourced, which is a bit of a let-down after the positive stories of the two alternative products. It also seems to be sourced from China, which has significantly fewer manufacturing guidelines to follow than Thailand.

3. Mangosteen Whole Fruit Powder

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The very attractive packaging does a great job of explaining what the powder does, which is always nice to see on supplemental products.

It’s also appreciated that there are appropriate cautions and disclaimers, which aren’t required on products like this, but still valuable.

Key features:

  • Another company that cares about sustainability, this powder is sourced sustainably from Thailand
  • 100% pure fruit, no fillers, artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives

Biggest drawbacks: When fruits are powdered, unfortunately, some of the great flavors are lost. Especially when part of that powder is actually the rind. This powder, and most other mangosteen powders, aren’t the greatest tasting supplements in the world. Yet another reason to add to smoothies instead of just trying to choke it down with water.

Related Questions

Why was mangosteen banned?

First, it’s important to note that mangosteen is no longer banned from being imported into the US. At one time, there was fear that importing the fruit from Thailand would bring with it the Asian fruit fly, which is why it was originally banned.

It’s allowed now, but before shipping, all products must be irradiated to be sure no fruit flies or their non-hatched offspring survive the importation.

Can mangosteen cure cancer?

There have been studies done in vitro that have shown that mangosteen fruit contains certain antioxidants that fight the spread of cancer.

There are no reliable human studies supporting this, despite the fact that many non-regulated supplement companies prey on the fears of cancer patients and their families by making bold, unsupported claims.

Mangosteen, along with many other highly nutritious fruits and vegetables may have a positive influence against cancer, but there is no clinical evidence proving that it can cure cancer, no.

What is mangosteen juice?

On a very simple, straightforward level, mangosteen juice is the juice of the fruit mangosteen. There are supplement manufacturers who have created and marketed controversial mangosteen juices, however, that have claimed to be a miracle cure and later been pulled off the market for causing serious, life-threatening health issues.

These supplement juices were not 100% mangosteen juice, however, and that needs to be taken into consideration. There is a big difference between the fresh juice of mangosteen fruit and a lab-created concoction that includes some mangosteen in it. 

Are there other superfoods powders I can use?

Yes! We’ve written articles about some superfood powders, and there will be more to come as well!

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