7 Best Japanese Tea Kettles Of 2023

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The tea kettle is a unique tool. There is just something special about these little old teapots that work on the stove to help bring your water to the right temperature and then steep your tea perfectly. 

These tea kettles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and styles, but the Japanese tea kettle is one of the best.

It has always been a preferred style because of the quality but also because these tend to be both elegant and durable as well. They boil water quickly and efficiently so you can simply enjoy your tea, with a touch of style. 

What is the best Japanese tea kettle? Authentic cast iron Japanese tea kettles are the best, due to their durability and the known health benefits associated with using cast iron. Finding a medium-sized tea kettle is also helpful, something around 30-40 ounces capacity.

In this guide, we will share with you our top picks for the 7 best Japanese tea kettles.

We think you will find a great variety of options here but more than that, you will find the quality and style that you’re looking for in a Japanese tea kettle. We’ve also got a few helpful tips for picking one out! 

Keep reading to learn about the 7 best Japanese tea kettles and more! 

How To Choose A Japanese Tea Kettle

Before we dig into the options, we thought it might be helpful to share with you a bit of a buyer’s guide. This guide is designed to help you understand qualities and characteristics to look for, as well as different aspects of such a tea kettle. 

We hope you can use the buyer’s guide, paired with the top options, to help you make an informed decision in the end. 


One of the first things you should consider is how large of a tea pot you want or need. These pots will come in a variety of sizes and some of them may have extra-large capacities while some of them have seemingly small capacities. 

You know better than anyone else what your needs will be in this particular area.

Are you the only one that is going to be drinking in the tea or will your entire household be enjoying it with you? Do you prepare tea to serve guests or do you just need to serve one or two people?

Keep these factors in mind so that you can choose a tea kettle that is the right size for your needs. 


If you’re going to spend the money, you might as well make sure you’re spending it on something that will reliably last for some time to come.

Japanese tea kettles are known for their durability, especially if you end up with a heavy cast iron option

However, you will find that some companies put out cheap renditions that simply won’t hold up as long as others.

Pay close attention to the materials and what other customers have to say so you know if the tea kettle you choose will truly stand the test of time. 

Is Cast Iron A Good Material For A Tea Pot? 

While you might find a Japanese tea kettle that is not heavy cast iron, we want to point out a little bit about cast iron and why these materials tend to be so popular for this style of kettle.

First of all, did you know that iron deficiency is one of the largest health deficiencies in the world? Many of us simply don’t take enough in. 

A cast iron teapot might actually help with that because the minerals of the cast iron material will actually leak into you tea.

Now, we are not saying you are going to end up with iron-clad metallic tea. Rather the brewing process might pick up slightly more iron, which could lead to a healthier beverage

As far as Japanese tea kettles go, iron is one of the most popular materials. These teapots have been serving the industry for centuries and will continue to do so.

If you really want an authentic Japanese tea experience, this may be one of the best ways to enjoy one! 

Cast iron is known for nutrient extraction when you are using tea leaves and other herbs and natural items.

Because of the heat absorption in the kettle, heat is evenly distributed and this will have some bearing on the nutrients from the leaves and spices better extracting into your water. 

The 7 Best Japanese Tea Kettles Reviewed

Without further ado, it’s time to get down to business. In the following section, you will find a comprehensive overview of the best Japanese tea kettles on the market.

We did our best to research and filter through the options to bring you the best tea kettles that you can find. 

We hope that you will find something here to suit your needs. Below, you will find our top picks for the 7 best Japanese tea kettles, complete with reviews and every detail that you should know! 

RankProductBest Feature
1.Towa Workshop Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot KettleBest overall Japanese tea kettle
2.YJX Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Kettle Beautiful hexagonal pattern
3.Toptier Japanese Cast Iron Tea KettleBest budget-friendly option
4.Coogou Japanese Cast Iron Teapot with Cups and TrivetBest full tea kettle set
5.Juvale Blue Cast Iron Japanese Teapot with Infuser and TrivetComes with additional trivet for safe use
6.Ufine Koi Fish Cast Iron Japanese Tea Kettle SetFull set with 26-ounce kettle
7.HwaGui Japanese Style Cast Iron Tea KettleSimple, sturdy design and aesthetic

1. Towa Workshop Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot Kettle

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This first option is our overall best pick on the market, and with good reason.

While it’s not as fancy or decorative as some of the other options, it’s incredibly sleek and simple without being plain and boring.

It’s decorated with a pretty pin dot design, a slight leaf design on the lid, and a hemp handle that gives you a comfortable and safe grip on the handle.

You can choose this particular kettle in a ton of different sizes as well. 

This teapot has a really neat stainless steel mesh insert so you can put your leaves or tea bag or whatever you might use in the insert for easy cleanup and removal of them from the pot when you finish.

It also acts as a filter so if you like your water to not have debris, you’re set!

This is a stable and durable pot that is highly-rated across the board. We love the simplicity and the quality combined here, which is why it found our top spot. That paired with quality and size options just really couldn’t be beat. 

The interior is lined so that you won’t have to worry about rust. The spout also is made so that your water or tea will pour out smoothly when you’re ready to serve.

You might find this kettle useful for making loose tea, bagged tea, fruity tea, or even coffee


  • Simple design that is still elegant
  • The handle has hemp rope for your hands
  • The interior has a coating to prevent rust
  • Includes an insert for your tea items
  • Available in several different size options


  • Even though there are a number of different sizes, most of them are quite small so be sure to closely check the sizes and understand just how much tea that size can serve

2. YJX Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Tea Kettle 

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This next option is an absolutely stunning cast iron tea kettle that is made with a dark green color and a gold-toned hexagon pattern.

It has a very pretty appeal to it and the quality is highly-rated across the board as well.

This is a 1,000 ML tea pot that can make 34 ounces in one go. 

This brand does have several different color and design options to choose from but the sizes vary with different designs so just keep that element in mind.

It is a cast iron teapot so you get the benefit of the iron paired with a premium design element. 

This tea kettle is designed to be durable and effective. You can make any type of tea or coffee in it just fine.

It has a simple enamel coating on the interior to help prevent rust and to make cleanup easy as well. Your pour spout pours smoothly and is also built well. 

Finally, the company gives you a quality guarantee as well as a satisfaction guarantee should you decide to give this one a try. 


  • Gorgeous green and gold pattern design
  • Enamel coating prevents rust
  • Pours smoothly when you’re ready
  • Cast iron can provide more minerals
  • Serves about 34 ounces at a time


  • This is a pot used for serving rather than a kettle. It’s not really meant to be used on the stovetop but rather meant to hold and serve after you boil your water. 

3. Toptier Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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Here is another beautiful cast iron teapot and this one might just be a budget-friendly option.

This brand has more than 4,000 ratings and it shows a high rating across the board as well. 

There are a few different sizes to choose from that range from 21 ounces to 41 ounces so that you can get the size you need.

They also have some different color and design options to choose from so that you can choose whatever fits your taste and style. They are all elegant and stylish options with an antique look to them. 

These pots are both elegant and simple. They are very easy to use and they aren’t bulky or obnoxious in size so you can store them easily.

They are definitely stovetop safe so they aren’t just for looks. They are well-made and durable, with a nice spout that pours smoothly when you need it. 


  • A variety of size options up to 41 ounces
  • Safe for stovetop and open flame use
  • Elegant and antique style
  • Several color options
  • Made to be durable and reliable


  • Because of the cast iron build, this little tea kettle is pretty heavy to handle, especially with the larger sizes when they are full

4. Coogou Japanese Cast Iron Teapot with Cups and Trivet

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If you’re want to purchase a Japanese tea kettle, why not go ahead and purchase a full matching set?

This awesome set includes the tea kettle as well as 4 decorative cups and a trivet! 

All of the different pieces are made with cast iron materials.

They have a beautiful floral and bird design painted on to them as well for a touch of artistic color.

The design we chose here was black with magpie and plum but this line has a couple of other options as well if that isn’t your style. This is a 27-ounce pot and each cup serves about 1 ounce at a time. 

If you know anything about Japanese symbols and meaning, you know that this design is a portrayal of good luck.

It was thoughtfully chosen and the pattern matches the entire set. This can be used on just about any type of cooking surface and it’s great for any type or flavor of tea that you want to make! 


  • A beautiful design with elegant meaning
  • Complete set with trivet and cups
  • 27-ounce pot with 1-ounce cups
  • Hemp rope on the handle to protect your hands from the heat
  • Smooth pouring design


  • This pot can easily boil over if you do not watch it carefully

5. Juvale Blue Cast Iron Japanese Teapot with Infuser and Trivet

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Up next is another simple piece but this one comes in a shade of blue that is absolutely stunning.

It has a solid design with simple pinpoint art, a gorgeous blue color, and a hemp rope covered handle.

In addition to the pot, you also get a matching trivet to use so you can always safely set the pot down as needed. 

This little pot measures 27 ounces, which is best for serving 2-3 people. They recommend using a gas stove on low but you can use other cooktops.

You will need to monitor your pot or use less water to prevent boiling over if you use anything more than a small flame. 

This teapot has a nice lid with a reliable handle on it so you can easily access the inside of the pot.

It also comes with an infuser so you can keep your tea elements separate for easy clean up and yet still get the same great flavor you’re after. It is a durable and well-made pot with really great heat retention qualities. 


  • Elegant pot with a matching trivet
  • Includes a removable infuser
  • Serves 2-3 people


  • Doesn’t hold in heat as long as expected

6. Ufine Koi Fish Cast Iron Japanese Tea Kettle Set

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This option presents you another set that comes with a uniquely designed tea kettle.

It can be used on the stove top for easy water boiling.

It also comes with 4 matching cups, and a little handle for the lid as well.

This includes imprinting of a koi fish with just a slight addition of color for an awesome and unique design. 

The kettle holds 26 ounces and each cup is about 1 ounce. The handle has a layer of hemp rope for your protection as well. This has an enamel coating inside to help with rust and it comes with a handy infuser as well. 


  • Unique set with cups
  • Includes an infuser
  • Made to be sturdy and durable


  • The kettle gets very hot so always use caution

7. HwaGui Japanese Style Cast Iron Tea Kettle

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Finally, we leave you with one last delightful choice.

This is a small kettle that holds about 23 ounces but it is elegant and durable as well.

It has a simple, imprinted design on a dark gray kettle and it includes that awesome hemp rope handle for your hands. 

This simple pot is tasteful and reliable and includes an infuser to make cleanup easy as well. It’s perfectly safe for your stovetop and reliable and quality in design as well. 


  • Simple and elegant
  • Durable materials


  • This is a very small size best for about 2 servings at a time

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