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11 Best Insulating Blankets For Smokers

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Insulating blankets are a great way to maintain the internal temperature of your smoker in freezing weather conditions. 

But which one should you buy?

What are the best insulating blankets for smokers? The best insulating blankets for smokers have a form-fitting canvas that completely covers the grill. Try using thermal insulators from Smokehouse, Stanbroil, BBQ Butler, QuliMetal, Green Mountains Grill, Camp Chief, and more for the best results. 

Read below to learn more about insulating blankets, how they work, whether they are as effective as advertised, and a recommendation list for the best insulating blankets available right now! 

What Are Insulating Blankets?

Insulating blankets are made from a combination of pliable heat-resistant and insulating materials. 

This jacket can be put over heat sources to improve thermal efficiency. In other words, it helps trap heat and is an excellent tool for BBQ grills. 

How much difference do thermal blankets make? A lot! 

Overhead view of colorful vegetable kebabs and a corncob grilling on a winter BBQ outdoors in snow with tasty spicy dips and the wood pile alongside.

Imagine cooking a steak or smoking a brisket inside a fridge, because that’s exactly how you would be BBQing during the colder months. 

The heat would still be focused inside the cooking chamber, but the cooler ambient temperatures will continuously and slowly cool down the outside of the grill.

The cold temperature will eventually reach and affect the main chamber which will greatly impact the surface temperature of the food and can also result in higher fuel costs.  

Cooking With And Without Insulation

Some people believe that thermal blankets are just a gimmick and a way for companies to make a quick buck. 

However, in this case, these products truly do work! 

The difference between cooking with and without insulation can have an impact on the following:

  1. Doneness
  2. Bark
  3. Juiciness


You can expect an equal distribution of heat when using an insulating blanket that is designed to trap heat. 

Contrary to belief, insulating blankets won’t cause the steak or food to burn due to a higher buildup of heat, especially on a cold day. 

You can easily monitor and adjust the internal temperature of the grill using thermometers; even without them, if it’s sufficiently cold outside, the blanket will work effectively. 

But cooking in freezing temperatures without an insulating blanket will usually result in uncooked meat or improperly cooked meat that doesn’t form an adequate bark.


The bark will likely take on most of the negative impact when cooking without an insulating blanket.

To get an even and adequately thick bark, you need a constant flow of hot air and stable temperatures — which you can achieve using a thermal blanket. 

Remember, the seasonings and juices are not going to caramelize or go through the necessary chemical changes without heat! 


When you combine the failure of the above two characteristics of a beautifully cooked steak, you will also likely end up with a less succulent piece of meat that is not cooked through or is too dry around certain areas.

Buyer’s Guide For Insulating Blankets For Smokers

Now that we have established the importance of using insulating blankets, here’s a quick buyer’s guide to help you pick the best insulating blankets for your smoker. 

Please go through all of these tips before making a purchase decision:

  1. Choosing The Right Size
  2. Choosing The Right Material And Features

Choosing The Right Size

The most important aspect of insulating blankets is that you need to get the right size for your particular grill. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from! 

You can find specific thermal blankets that are made for particular grills. These blankets are designed to perfectly fit the exterior of the grill without letting in cold air.

Putting on a loose blanket without properly securing it would make a huge difference in the cooking time and the doneness of the meat.

And don’t even get us started with the struggles of dealing with a small-size thermal jacket that doesn’t cover the grill components!

Choosing The Right Material And Features

Insulting jackets are usually made of fiberglass, Reflectix film layers, heavy gauge polyethylene, or other composite materials that provide greater thermal resistance and insulation — and are even water and oil resistant.

Most thermal blankets that are specifically built for grills sell for around $70 or more. You can even find some general application insulating blankets that sell for $25, but these general blankets are only designed to superficially cover the grill. 

They might not be suitable for long-term use, but can save a lot of time in emergencies and can also positively impact the characteristics of the meat. 

Always go for insulating blankets that have cut out for handles and other openings around the grill.

The best blankets also come with magnets to stick onto the surface of the grill along with hooks and other securing mechanisms that keep the jacket in place. 

Also, do not use insulation products when the outside temperature is 40°F or you might easily overcook the meat.

If you don’t already have a set of thermometers, then we highly recommend that you purchase one, especially when cooking with the blanket on. Here’s a great set to get started!

Best Insulating Blankets For Smokers

These are some of the best insulating blankets for specific and general smokers. You can use any of them to improve your cooking experience during colder months!  

ProductBest Feature
1Smokehouse Electric Smoker Insulation BlanketCompact thermal insulation for small grills. Great for trapping heat and maintaining temperatures.
2Stanbroil Grill Insulation Blanket for Traeger Pro 22 SeriesThe default choice for Traeger Pro grills. Designed with high-quality flame retardant materials.
3BBQ Butler Smoker Insulation Blanket - Lil' Tex EliteThe best compact insulation blanket. Designed to withstand high temperatures and protect your grill from the environment.
4ABN Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Insulation BlanketAll-purpose flame retardant insulation blanket that is designed to contour over any rigid surface.
5Stanbroil Grill Insulation Blanket for Traeger 34 Series, and Texas GrillA must-have insulation blanket that can withstand heat and guarantee a consistent cooking experience.
6Camp Chef 36in Smokepro Insulated BlanketGreat-looking and highly functional thermal insulation blanket.
7Hisencn Grill Thermal Insulation BlanketGreat design, excellent build quality, and designed to securely fit popular grills.
8Uniflasy Grill Insulation BlanketMade from premium thermal insulation materials and designed to endure scorching temperatures.
9BBQ Grill Thermal Insulation Blanket for Camp Chef 24" Pellet GrillsA safe-bet! Easy to use and great at maintaining the internal temperature of any grill.
10QuliMetal BBQ Grill Thermal Insulated BlanketComes with multiple secure points and is made from high-grade glass fiber and polyester.
11Green Mountain Grills Heavy-Duty BBQ Grill Thermal BlanketThe default choice for Daniel Boone Pellet Grills. A great all-rounder insulator that can also protect your grill from water, dirt, or oil.

1. Smokehouse Electric Smoker Insulation Blanket

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Dimensions: 62.25 x 24 x 0.19 inches

Smokehouse offers a very easy and secure insulation blanket that can snuggly wrap around multiple types of BBQ grills. 

It is built with high-quality materials that can withstand high heat for longer periods than other cheaper insulation blankets. 

It is also easy to store and clean – the jacket expels oil and water which helps increase its shelf life and makes it easier to maintain it even after long hours of cooking. 

2. Stanbroil Grill Insulation Blanket For Traeger Pro 22 Series

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Dimensions: 15.55 x 13.94 x 5.67 inches

Stanbroil has created one of the best insulation blankets for the Traeger Pro 22 series! 

This blanket is made from high-quality flame retardant and insulating materials which will allow you to crank up the heat without worry! 

Forget about loosely fit blankets that move all around while opening and closing the grill.

This jacket has secure points at the bottom that will securely hold it in place — and you can even tighten the hooks as needed, too!

3. BBQ Butler Smoker Insulation Blanket – Lil’ Tex Elite 

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Dimensions: 23.5 x 13 x 4 inches

Compact, uniform, and highly convenient. This small-size smoker insulator is perfect for small grills and will easily fit a Lil’ Tex Elite grill.

It’s made from high-quality insulating materials and since it can snugly fit the grill, you can leave it on throughout the snowy weather. 

This insulation blanket is designed to not only keep heat inside but it will also protect the grill from the elements. 

Use fewer pellets and make steaks just like you would during summer with this inexpensive and well-designed insulation blanket!

4. ABN Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Insulation Blanket 

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Dimensions: 4 x 6 feet OR 6 X 8 feet

Don’t want to invest in an expensive insulation blanket? 

Then why not try an all-purpose fiberglass insulation blanket that is designed to trap heat and protect you from fire or stray sparks?

This heavy-duty blanket is made to contour around the grill and, since it is pliable, you can use it for virtually any type of grill. It does require some DIY when it comes to fitting, but you can easily secure it using powerful magnets on each side. 

The best part is that the blanket can be folded and kept away when not in use, and you don’t have to worry about storing it in specific places because the material can easily withstand water, dirt, and oil. 

5. Stanbroil Grill Insulation Blanket For Traeger 34 Series, And Texas Grill 

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Dimensions: 15.63 x 12.6 x 6.69 inches

This is perhaps the best-fitting thermal insulation blanket that you will ever find for a BBQ grill. 

It’s designed with care and securely fits Traeger 34 series and Texas Grills.

The jacket itself is made from high-quality materials that can withstand scorching temperatures, so you can also leave it on for extended periods without the fear of it catching fire. 

It’s completely flame retardant and can be quickly applied to any type of BBQ grill within minutes. 

6. Camp Chef 36in Smokepro Insulated Blanket 

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Dimensions: 36 inch

Camp Chef has truly outdone itself with its SmokePro insulated blanket. This has got to be one of the most well-designed thermal blankets that we have seen for home smokers. 

It’s designed using fiberglass, which means that the material itself can withstand max temperatures, and then some! 

Never fumble when putting on the blanket! The SmokePro is designed with built-in magnets that quickly and securely hold on to the base of the grill without additional effort.

It’s neat, secure, and highly efficient at maintaining the internal temperature of your grill, even in freezing temperatures. 

7. Hisencn Grill Thermal Insulation Blanket 

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Dimensions: 53 x 27 x 49 inches

We love this insulation blanket because it doesn’t just add function but is also great to look at! 

Made with a silver exterior and premium Polyurethane, this insulation blanket can easily take the heat and allows you to maintain a stable internal temperature! 

The blanket itself is designed to quickly fit over multiple models of Texas and Traeger Grills. Just put it over the grill and use the hooks on the blanket to adjust the fitting. 

You can use this blanket all year round — and since it can also resist the elements, it will be a great long-term investment for your grill! 

8. Uniflasy Grill Insulation Blanket 

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Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 8 inches

This thermal blanket is designed to save fuel and eventually bring down your grilling costs!

It is better than many other cheaper foil blankets on the market and can efficiently trap heat without causing a huge discrepancy in internal temperature. 

The design is top notch and you can expect it to fit all of the popular grills.

You also get a lot of securing points at the bottom of the blanket along with cut-outs for handles! 

9. BBQ Grill Thermal Insulation Blanket For Camp Chef 24″ Pellet Grills 

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Dimensions: 13.78 x 13.03 x 4.53 inches

Stanbroil makes it on our list again – this time with a compact and securely designed insulation blanket that is perfect for small or medium-sized pellet smokers. 

This insulation blanket follows the same design elements as other Stanbroil blankets.

So, you can expect a thermal insulation solution that is not only highly efficient at trapping heat but is also easy to use and store. 

The design of the blanket allows for all-year grilling, but we recommend that you avoid using it during particularly hot summer days.  

10. QuliMetal BBQ Grill Thermal Insulated Blanket 

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Dimensions: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches

The QuiliMetal BBQ insulation blanket is designed with care and ambition. 

It is made from high-quality flame retardant and thermal insulation materials that offer significantly better thermal insulation performance, regardless of the type of pellet smoker. 

The material is guaranteed to bring down fuel expenses with its multi-layer design. It also has metal rings, hooks, Velcro, and other securing mechanisms that can quickly and snugly fit any popular grill! 

Hate dealing with thermal blankets? Then just leave it on! The exterior of the blanket is designed to withstand oil, dust, and UV — so, it will last way longer than other cheaply made and thinner insulation blankets.

11. Green Mountain Grills Heavy-Duty BBQ Grill Thermal Blanket 

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Dimensions: 27 x 23 x 2 inches

Looking for a one-stop solution that can help you bring down pellet consumption, trap in more heat, and protect your grill from virtually any type of environmental factor? Then this is the thermal insulator to purchase!

Green Mountain Grill offers a form-fitting canvas that can adequately fit Daniel Boone Pellet Grills.

It’s made from high-quality materials that have been tested to provide better thermal insulation than other inferior blankets on the market. 

It has mounting holes and a series of magnets that can quickly clamp onto the side and top of the grill. You can even leave the blanket on to provide extra protection to your expensive grill set. 

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