3 Best Instant White Coffees Of 2023

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What can be better than a mug of delicious and creamy coffee that you can make in 15 seconds? This is exactly what instant white coffee is for.

So what is the best instant white coffee? The key feature of a good instant white coffee is the richness of the coffee flavor balanced with the added creaminess from milk, cream, or whatever non-dairy creamer desired. The sweetness shouldn’t overpower the coffee flavor, either.

Continue reading to learn what are some of the best instant white coffees you can buy and what makes them so good. 

Instant White Coffee: What Is It and When to Drink It

The term white coffee is ambiguous. On the one hand, it refers to coffee beans that have been lightly and slowly roasted. It’s like a roast so blonde it can’t even be called blonde anymore.

On the other, white coffee is confusingly also a term to refer to coffee that contains creamer or milk. 

When it comes to instant white coffee, in almost all cases we are talking about the mixture of instant coffee, sugar, and creamer. (The latter can also be called whitener.)

This kind of instant coffee is often marketed as 3-in-1 coffee. You can also find sugar-free and non-dairy creamer varieties. 

Now, what’s so good about instant white coffee?

First off, it takes a matter of seconds to make. The process of brewing coffee, steaming milk, and adding all kinds of syrups and flavors to it may be fun. However, you don’t always have time for it.

But you do always want a rich tasting coffee! A sachet of good instant white coffee turns into a mug of deliciousness as soon as you add water to it and give it a few-second stir. 

Secondly, it’s smooth and creamy. Whether its regular or non-dairy milk or creamer added to an instant coffee, it is always smooth and creamy, without the distinctive bitterness of many regular instant coffees. 

Third, sachets of instant white coffee are easy to carry around. They are very travel-friendly. Not only do they come perfectly pre-portioned but you also don’t need to take any sugar or powdered coffee creamer with you. 

Lastly, most instant white coffees can be drunk both cold and hot. So simple yet so versatile!

3 Best Instant White Coffees 

If you want to stock up on some instant white coffee, here are three of the best options to try out:

RankProductWhat's Best About It
1.Vinacafe 3-In-1 Instant Coffee MixTastes freshly-brewed
2.Maxim White Gold Instant CoffeeNot too sweet or bitter
3.Old Town 3-In-1 Classic White CoffeeNon-dairy creamer

We’ve also included a full review of each below, so keep reading for more information on these delicious, creamy options.

1. Vinacafe 3-in-1 Instant Coffee Mix

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If you are looking for the ultimate rich-tasting 3-in-1 coffee, then the Vinacafe coffee mix is something you should try. 

Vinacafe is a Vietnamese 3-in-1 white coffee made with top-quality Buon Me Thuot coffee beans.

This rich brew paired with the finest creamer makes for a truly delicious cup of white coffee.

Depending on how strong you like your coffee to be, you can add 100 to 200 ml of water to a sachet of Vinacafe coffee and enjoy instant coffee that some consumers say is ‘as good as freshly brewed coffee’. 

2. Maxim White Gold Instant Coffee 

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For those who are on the hunt for instant white coffee that is not overly sweet but isn’t bitter either, Maxim White Gold instant coffee is a great find. 

This instant white coffee contains fat-free milk to enhance the flavor of its coffee with some delicious creaminess.

Even if you add milk to this instant white coffee, it won’t lose its deep aroma. This coffee mixture also contains xylose sugar that is good at reducing sugar absorption. 

The best part about this coffee is that you have some control over the amount of sugar to go into your coffee. Shake the sachet of coffee to make the smaller bits of coffee and cream go down.

When pouring the powder, pinch in the middle-lower part of the packaging. This way you will see the coffee bids going into the cup first, followed by the white powder, but you can control the amount of this flows.

But of course, you may love that sweet, creamy flavor as is, so there’s no need to go to all the trouble if you don’t want to. Just dump the contents, add hot water, and enjoy!

3. Old Town 3-in-1 Classic White Coffee 

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As the original white coffee started in the Old Town of Ipoh, it makes so much sense for this classic white coffee to be this good. 

Made with instant coffee powder, non-dairy creamer, and sugar, this white coffee mixture is the perfect choice for the lactose-intolerant and those trying to keep their dairy intake at bay. 

The only downside of this coffee is the calories – 180 calories per 40 grams. If you can get past it, or don’t mind giving yourself a treat once in a while, then you have found one of the best-tasting instant white coffees. 

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