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7 Best Hojicha Powders

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You have more than likely heard about matcha powder before, and likely tried it too; however, there is a new powder on the block, and it is quickly growing in popularity!

Hojicha powder is similar to matcha powder, just less caffeinated and with a slightly different flavor — it is definitely something you should try.

What are the best hojicha powders? The best hojicha powders are made from pure, natural ingredients and have the right balance of flavors. The powder should be ground fine so that it is easy to mix in with liquid to make a beverage, or to add to other ingredients for added flavor.

If you are curious about trying hojicha out for the first time, then it would probably help if you knew how to choose the best powder and what the best options are on the market at the moment, so we have covered all of this for you!

What Is Hojicha Powder?

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Hojicha is a roasted Japanese green tea. The green tea leaves are harvested, dried, and roasted before being prepared and packaged.

The roasting of hojicha gives it warm, toasted notes as well as a beautiful aroma.

These leaves can be sold and used as is, but the dried and roasted leaves can also be made into a powder that has various uses too.

The roasted green tea powder can be used to make beverages, or it can be added to different desserts and sweets for a unique flavor.

How To Choose The Best Hojicha Powder

You do need to put some thought into how to choose the best hojicha powder — you want one that has quality, pure ingredients, plus the best flavor possible.

Here are some of the factors to consider when picking out hojicha powder!

Roasting Level

The green tea leaves used to make hojicha powder are roasted before being ground down to a fine powder, but the level of roasting does vary, which does affect the flavor.

There are three different roasting levels to choose from:

  1. Light Roast. Light roast hojicha powder has a mild nutty flavor and woody aroma, and it is mostly golden brown in color.
    • This is a good choice for making lattes or for drinking straight, as it is not overwhelming or overpowering. However, it’s not a great idea for adding to desserts as the mild flavor can get lost.
  2. Medium Roast. Medium roast hojicha has a caramel-like flavor, with notes of chocolate at times.
    • This is ideal for making hot beverages, and for adding flavor to baked pastries and desserts.
  3. Dark Roast. Dark roast hojicha powder is deep brown in color and has bold notes similar to coffee.
    • This is a good option for rich beverages and desserts, but it might be a bit too powerful if you are trying hojicha for the first time.


High-quality hojicha powder should be made using only green tea leaves that have been dried, roasted, and then made into a powder.

There should be no fillers or added ingredients that might affect the quality or how the hojicha powder tastes.


This might seem insignificant, but have a look at how the hojicha is packaged.

The powder needs to be kept in an airtight, dry environment — it can be really helpful if the powder is sold in a resealable bag, so you do not have to transfer it to another container.


Consider how often you will be using hojicha powder. If kept properly, it can be stored for quite some time, but it will eventually lose flavor and quality if kept stored for too long.

If you are just going to have hojicha now and then, then a small amount is perfect and all you will need.

The Best Hojicha Powders

Keeping in mind what to look for, here are the best hojicha powders to try out:

RankProductKey Features
1Organic Hojicha Powder Organic green tea leaves, resealable packaging
2Kuro Roasted Hojicha Powder Rich flavor, great for lattes, long roasting process
3Seein Organic Boseong Hojicha Powder Made with Boseong green tea leaves, sustainably grown, rich and smokey
4Aprika Hojicha Green Tea Careful roasting of green tea leaves, silky texture, 100% organic
5Matcha Moon Hojicha Powder Authentic green tea leaves, organic, high-quality powder
6Yamasan Hojicha Powder Strong flavor, toasty scent, organic green tea
7Jade Leaf Organic Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Powder Chocolatey notes, premium green tea leaves, 100% organic

1. Organic Hojicha Powder

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Japanese Tea Kimikura has produced this premium organic hojicha powder that has been carefully milled using roasted green tea leaves.

The green tea leaves used to make this hojicha powder are organically grown and certified, and are of premium culinary grade. This makes it an ideal powder to use to make drinks and desserts.

This hojicha powder, through the perfect roasting process, has a great blend of rich aroma and bitterness and is full of flavor without being too overwhelming.

You will definitely be able to taste the quality of this hojicha powder, which is kept fresh in a resealable bag.

It can make a strong latte or cold beverage, or add some amazing flavor to a baked pastry. It will be your go-to tea powder for delicious beverages and yummy treats, knowing it is made with only natural, quality ingredients.

2. Kuro Roasted Tea Hojicha Powder

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The Kuro Hojicha Powder is made from tea leaves grown in Fukuoka, Japan and is made with the very best green tea leaves.

The green tea leaves are roasted at high temperatures, which gives the powder a unique toasted flavor that is warm and comforting.

This finely ground powder is great to use to make hojicha lattes or even baked pastries. The concentrated flavor gives more depth to beverages and baked goods.

When this powder is blended with milk or water, it makes a mellow, nutty flavor with a silky smooth texture. The low caffeine content makes it a great alternative to coffee, especially if you are trying to reduce your coffee intake.

The resealable pouch helps to keep the powder fresh and at its best quality while stored away.

3. Seein Organic Boseong Hojicha Powder

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The Seein Organic Boseong Hojicha Powder is made by slowly roasting tightly rolled green tea leaves before these are ground down into a fine powder.

As the green tea leaves are roasted slowly, they develop a soothing, earthy, smokey flavor and aroma that makes a great warm latte.

This hojicha powder is brown in color and has low caffeine content. It has notes of toffee, chocolate, and toasty flavors, which makes it great for baked goods and desserts.

This specific powder is made from green tea leaves from Boseong, known as the green tea capital of Korea. The climate and soil here give the green tea a distinct flavor and aroma that is easy to pick up on, even in powder form!

The green tea leaves are all sustainably grown and are packed and grown without chemicals or pesticides, allowing them to hold onto their true flavors and qualities.

4. Aprika Hojicha Green Tea

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Aprika Hojicha green tea leaves are harvested, roasted, and ground down into a powder in Japan so that the powder is completely authentic and full of flavor.

Expertly roasted, these green tea leaves are roasted without fermentation in porcelain dishes, to bring out the distinct nutty and earthy undertones that they naturally hold.

The hojicha powder is 100% organic and natural, making them rich in antioxidants and nutrients, while still being low in caffeine. Only green tea leaves are used, and there are no artificial colors or sugar added.

This silky, reddish-brown powder is great to use for hot or cold beverages, such as tea or latte, and great to use for smoothies and baked goods too.

Sold in a resealable bag, the powder can be kept fresh and retain its best quality while stored away.

5. Matcha Moon Hojicha Powder

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The Match Moon Hojicha Powder has authentic Japanese origin, with green tea leaves that were harvested, roasted, ground, and packed in Uji, Japan. It is prepared in small batches to retain quality, flavor, and freshness.

The rich, reddish-brown colored powder has a smokey, roasted aroma and a robust flavor, very similar to the aroma and flavor you get from fresh-roasted coffee. However, unlike coffee, hojicha powder has little caffeine.

You simply need to add water and whisk the powder into the liquid, or shake it in a shaker, to create a smooth, frothy-flavored beverage. You can enjoy the beverage warm or cold, or even use the powder in baking.

Certified organic, you can be sure you are getting the best hojicha powder possible, and that the powder is packed with antioxidants and nutrients. The powder is also all-natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

The powder is stored in a resealable bag for optimal freshness, keeping it in the best quality for when you want to do some baking or create a warm beverage.

6. Yamasan Hojicha Powder

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The Organic Hojicha Green Tea Powder from Uji, Japan is uniquely blended and powdered so that the flavor and aroma remain, giving you the best quality possible.

Traditional roasting methods are used to roast the tea leaves, removing the bitterness so that only an earthy, toasty scent is left, and giving the powder a reddish-brown color.

The powder is made using 100% organic green tea leaves. Only the finest quality leaves are picked and then prepared to be made into a powder.

Roasting over high heat brings out the unique aroma, which then allows you to enjoy all the best flavors and aromas in your beverages and baked goods.

Enjoy low-caffeine beverages using the hojicha powder, and keep it as fresh as possible using the resealable pouch it is packaged in.

7. Jade Leaf Organic Hojicha Roasted Green Leaf Powder

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Jade Leaf has created the ideal hojicha powder to keep at home for when you want a tea-like beverage, and love the flavor of green tea hojicha.

This hojicha powder has been expertly roasted with chocolatey, smokey notes, giving you a warming, rich, full-bodied beverage that is loved by many.

It is crafted with tencha and gyokuro, which are Japan’s most prized green teas, giving it the best quality you could hope for. You can use the powder to create a traditional hojicha tea or a hojicha latte, either hot or cold.

The green tea used to make the hojicha powder is all 100% organic and grown in Japan. The green tea leaves are harvested, dried, and roasted for the best, toasted flavor possible.

The difference with this powder compared to others is that it is slightly darker in color, but this is due to the roasting process and the more chocolatey notes that the powder has.

This Teahouse Edition hojicha powder is definitely worth a try if you like full-bodied, warm drinks to enjoy at home.

How To Use Hojicha Powder

Hojicha powder can be used much the same way as matcha powder, but there are some other uses you can explore too.

Hojicha powder can be used to make hot tea, yet one of its more popular uses is to make a latte, whether it is hot or cold. You simply need to froth some hojicha powder into milk, hot or cold, then add some sweetener such as syrup.

Many people also choose to add hojicha powder to cookies and other baked goods — some people use it to make ice creams, too!

Final Thoughts

Hojicha powder is definitely something you should purchase to try at home. The rich, warm, and subtle flavors of the roasted green tea leaves are great as a warm beverage, or added to a dessert or baked good!

However, you do need to be cautious when purchasing hojicha powder in order to make sure you are buying a good, high-quality product made with 100% natural ingredients, and no fillers or additives.

Above, we have listed what to look for when you are purchasing hojicha powder, as well as some of the best options on the market at the moment!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve learned all about hojicha powders and some of the best ones available today, here are some additional questions that we thought you might have.

What is the difference between matcha and hojicha?

Matcha and hojicha powder are very similar —both are made from green tea leaves, but they are two different things once processed.

Matcha is made by stone-grinding dried, flat green tea leaves until they form a fine green powder. The vibrancy of the green color reflects the grade of the matcha.

Hojicha, on the other hand, is made from roasted, rolled green tea leaves along with the stems, stalks, and sometimes twigs. These can then be used as roasted hojicha tea leaves, or ground down into a fine hojicha powder.

Can you drink hojicha every day?

It is fine to drink hojicha tea or hojicha lattes daily, but you need to consume it in moderation. It does have some great health benefits, but like with all things, too much can be a bad thing.

How long does hojicha powder last?

Kept in an unopened, airtight container, hojicha powder can last for up to a year in the pantry, as long as it is kept in a cool, dark environment.

Once opened, the hojicha powder should be used within three months, and kept in an airtight container.

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