9 Best Fish Poachers Of 2023

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Fish is a healthy meal that many of us have never really enjoyed for what it offers.

So many people refuse to try fish or simply don’t care for the flavor of fish but we have to wonder if they just haven’t had it prepared the correct way for them to love it like we do. 

There are so many different ways to cook fish. It can be steamed, baked, fried, poached, and more.

Poached fish is really delicious. It brings out some of the best flavors of fish and doesn’t add oils and things that make the fish unhealthy like frying fish might. 

In order to poach fish, however, you may want a poacher.

What is the best fish poacher? The very best fish poachers are made with a reliable material such as stainless steel and are easy to use and handle. You also want something that has a decent capacity size for your household, as well.

In this guide, we will share with you the 9 best fish poachers.

We’ve searched through the market and looked at all of the options to narrow down the fields to the very best choices out there. We have some really great selections to share with you here! 

Keep reading to learn about the 9 best fish poachers, and more!

Why Poached Fish? 

If you’ve never heard of poached fish or you really aren’t familiar with the technique that’s quite alright.

Poaching and steaming are very similar processes, which is why you might see some items labeled as steamers when we get to our product reviews. 

When you poach fish, you soak it in water, milk, or other liquid during the cooking process. It gets cooked at a very low temperature during the process.

Why do people use this method? A lot of it has to do with the health benefits. However, poaching seems to really pull out the flavors of the dish and let you enjoy a truly tasteful food item. 

This process actually takes advantage of the natural omega-3 fatty acids and the nutrients and retains those without adding other things that aren’t great for your body. 

Poaching fish means you aren’t using oils or heavy frying methods that can add a lot of fats and other ingredients to your diet.

Poaching also retains the moisture in your food so it doesn’t get tough or rubbery in the cooking process.

If you’ve ever cooked fish by other means, you know it can be challenging to cook just right but poaching simplifies it and gives you the perfect texture as well. 

So why do people poach fish?

They love the natural flavor and the healthy cooking method that retains minerals and nutrients from the fish. It’s flavorful, simple, and healthy, which is a convenient solution that many people prefer. 

How to Choose a Fish Poacher

Before you pick out a fish poacher, there are some features and characteristics that you might want to think about.

The best fish poacher for you might be different than the best fish poacher for your neighbor so keep your needs in mind as you consider your options. 

Check out these characteristics to help you make an informed decision for your needs. 


You will find that there are several different types of materials used in fish poachers and one is not necessarily better than the other. They all serve a purpose.

What you will want to know is the quality of the materials and how versatile that material will be. 

Stainless steel is one of the more popular materials simply because it’s easy to use and typically easier to clean than several other materials might be. 

However, other durable and versatile materials such as ceramic, copper, or ‘regular’ steel are naturally great choices, too. Materials like silicone may also surprise you with their ease and versatility.

Ease of Use

You want a poacher that isn’t going to be complicated to work with. If you’ve never poached before, you should keep it simple.

You also should educate yourself on how to properly use the tool the majority of the time, unsuccessful poaching attempts are directly related to not fully understanding how to effectively use a poacher. 

Most poachers are user-friendly, but you may want to watch for this detail as well if you are not an experienced poacher. 

When in doubt, look at the product. Can you tell by looking at all of its pieces how to use it, more or less? Then it’s probably easy to use.

You can also look at how each poacher is meant to be used – on the stove, in the oven, or with any alternative cooking methods such as grilling.

If you live in a very hot climate, an oven poacher may not be your best friend in the warm months. Alternatively, if you’re someone who likes to set up dinner and then leave it to cook, a stovetop poacher may require slightly more babysitting than you want.


Finally, you should consider the capacity of the poacher you are using.

Will the poacher only hold one piece of fish? Is that sufficient for the number of people you feed? If you need to poach several pieces of fish at one time, you will want a size capacity that can accommodate multiple pieces. 

Check out the size and maybe even the quantity and just make sure that it will work for your situation so you know that you will have the capacity to accommodate your poaching needs. 


One thing you will notice is that the prices can vary significantly on these. A fish poacher is not a cheap kitchen accessory so you will need to be prepared to spend a little money for this very unique tool.

Thankfully, most of them can also be used for steaming other foods so they offer other purposes as well. 

There ARE budget-friendly options out there. Just be sure to watch the quality and style and be sure that you aren’t going to be wasting your money on something that won’t last. 

The 9 Best Fish Poachers

Whether you want simple stainless steel or another material, there are some really great fish poacher options on the market.

There is bound to be a solution for whatever your needs may be and they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Below, you will find our top picks for the 9 best fish poachers out there:

RankProductBest Features
1.Norpro Stainless Steel Fish PoacherDurable, convenient
2.Eglaf Stainless Steel Fish PoacherExtra pieces, 8 qt capacity
3.Emile Henry Fish SteamerOven-friendly, ceramic
4.Nordic Ware Multi-Cooker/Fish PoacherPoaches, grills & more
5.Mockins Stainless Steel Steamer PotVersatile, large
6.Kitchen Craft Fish KettleEasy to use, durable
7.RSVP International Fish PoacherDurable, convenient
8.Paderno World Cuisine Fish PoacherSupport rack for fish
9.Cystarry Silicone Steamer BowlPoach & serve

Below we have a full review of each, too. Let’s take a closer look! 

1. Norpro Stainless Steel Fish Poacher

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Our top pick comes from Norpro, which is commonly a reliable kitchen brand.

This particular option is not very large. It is designed to poach 1-2 fillets of fish at a time, depending on the size of the fish. It measures only about 18 x 4.5 inches insides of the poaching pan. However, it’s perfect if you’re only cooking for one to two people.

This has a slotted piece that lifts out of the pan so you can load your fish and then easily remove it from the pan and keep it in one piece without making a mess. You will retain all of the flavor and enjoy healthy fish. 

This poacher is great because you can also use it for vegetables as well. It’s a mirror-finished stainless steel material that is high-quality.

This is a great little fish poacher, although it is on the expensive side considering the size of the poacher and the capacity limitations. 


  • High-quality fish poacher
  • Includes a perforated rack 
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Perfect for 1-2 small pieces of fish
  • Stainless steel materials


  • Generally, will only cook 1 larger fillet of fish, which is not enough for some.
  • Does not come with any instructions for use.

2. Eglaf Stainless Steel Fish Poacher

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This next option gives you a little bit more space to work with. It is an 8-quart steamer with a removable tray.

It even has a steaming plate inside that you can use that could be quite helpful. The quality is superior with premium stainless steel that is polished and gorgeous by design. 

This is a deeper poaching option, complete with everything you need to get the job done, including an easy way to lift the fish plate out of the pot.

The materials are friendly for any type of stove, including ceramic, electric, gas, and induction. This is designed for quick heat and even heat distribution as well. 

You can cook large pieces of fish or several pieces of fish at once. The total measurements are about 15.2 inches x 11 inches. The stainless steel is considered oven save up to 500 degrees and the glass lid up to 350 degrees. 


  • Versatile cooking poacher
  • Includes everything you need, even a plate! 
  • Can be used with various cooking surfaces
  • High-quality materials used
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees


  • This is really a steamer but it will poach in the same manner.

3. Emile Henry Fish Steamer

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This particular fish poacher is of excellent quality and it is made in France. It is designed to poach your fish in the oven and it pretty awesome. 

This poacher measures 16 inches x 9.5 inches. You can choose from red or black. This is a ceramic dish that uses high-fired clay.

The inside has raised slots so the juices can still drain below the meat. It’s a larger poaching dish so you should be able to poach several pieces of fish at one time and not have any issues.

The clay used for this poacher can handle high heats up to 520 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven. 

The pan is incredibly durable and built for heavy-duty use. It should last you for a lot of years and the company offers a 10-year guarantee for the quality. This is something you don’t see often. It’s scratch resistant and shouldn’t crack. 


  • Durable, heavy-duty materials
  • Made with high-quality clay
  • French company since 1850
  • 10-year guarantee
  • High heat resistance up to 520 degrees. 


  • The lid does not fit tightly or securely with every pan.

4. Nordic Ware Multi-Cooker/Fish Poacher

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If you need an option that is a bit more budget-friendly, this could be a really great choice for you. This is a steamer/baker contraption that is a multi-purpose option (you can use it indoors or outdoors) but you could easily use it for poaching fish because of the design and style. 

Nordic Ware has been creating budget-friendly quality kitchen products for more than 70 years and this is a great choice. It’s a family-owned company and the items are made in the USA.

This pan has a 3-in-1 design and can even be used on the grill. It has a slotted lid for steaming and poaching purposes. This measures 6.5 x 17 inches overall, so you will probably be able to cook at least a couple of pieces of fish at one time.

It has a non-stick coating, so your food won’t get stuck and pulled apart as you try to remove it. You can experience delightful taste with not a lot of extra work.


  • Multi-functional poacher tool
  • Can hold multiple pieces at one time
  • Safe to be used on the grill
  • Covered with a non-stick coating
  • Made in the USA


  • The coating does scratch pretty easily.

5. Mockins Stainless Steel Steamer Pot

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This is a steamer pot but it would work wonderfully for poaching fish, particularly if you need a larger option and need to poach several pieces of fish at one time.

This is a 3-quart pot with a 2-quart steamer insert and a lid. It’s made with high-quality stainless steel and is built to be heavy-duty and versatile. 

The nice thing about this is you can use it for many other things too and you are not just limited to using it for poaching fish.

The glass lid is even vented for steaming purposes. The handles are sturdy but designed with materials that allow them to stay cool while you’re cooking. 


  • Stay-cool handles are great
  • Built to be a steamer pot but is versatile
  • Company provides a satisfaction guarantee
  • Built to be heavy-duty and durable
  • Perfect for larger capacities


  • The lid quality is not the greatest.
  • The handle may have a slight chemical smell during first uses.

6. Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Fish Kettle

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If you liked the traditional style fish poacher from our top pick, here is another similar item that is affordable. This is designed to work for 1-2 pieces of fish. It is narrow and may only hold one larger fillet. It’s well-made and has a lifting drain plate as well to make serving the fish easy. 

The materials are quality stainless steel with a polished mirror finish that makes the poacher look sleek and shiny.

The lid has a nice, functional handle as does the poacher dish itself. This makes it easy to handle and move around as needed. 

This poacher has a 15-year guarantee. It is compatible with all heating types including induction, electric, ceramic, and gas.

The dish is very easy to use and it won’t be hard to learn to use it. The materials are high-quality and it is unlikely to break the budget.


  • Perfectly sized for 1-2 fish
  • Built with style at a budget-friendly price
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Include a draining tray
  • Compatible with various cooking surfaces


  • Very long by design but this gives you some additional room to work with.
  • The handles get very hot while cooking.

7. RSVP International Stainless Steel Fish Poacher

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Here is another traditional-style fish poacher. This one is long and even slightly wider than some of the other options like this. You should be able to fit 1-2 fish pieces or cook a large fish in this with no issue. This is a high-quality option that is highly-rated across the board. 

You can choose from the 18 or 20-inch model, whichever you think will suit your needs the most. The 18-inch option measures 18 x 7 x 4.5″.

This includes the removable slotted draining rack so you can handle your fish when it’s finished and not worry about it all falling apart. It also helps with draining fluids as well. 

The quality of this piece is top notch and the sizing really got it just right. You can poach fish or use this poacher for steaming purposes as well. It’s easy to clean and this particular poacher is actually dishwasher-safe as well. 


  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean
  • Multi-functional capabilities
  • Available in 18 or 20-inch options
  • Includes the draining rack


  • Very lightweight and thin material.

8. Paderno World Cuisine Fish Poacher

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This option is very nice but there is limited details since it is a new product to the market.

It is a fancy option and it is pretty pricy because it is made with copper and tin materials.

It is definitely a high-end fish poacher with a sleek and unique build. 

This pan is deep and measures 19.5 x 7.13 x 6.13″. It is unclear whether or not it has the inserted tray for draining and lifting the fish in and out. It has nice handles and a fitting lid and is constructed with quality copper and tin. 

This material is sensitive. You cannot use it with an induction appliance but you can use it on gas and electric stovetops. In order to avoid rust issues or harming the copper, you will need to wash it by hand and dry immediately after washing. 


  • Sleek copper design
  • Compatible with gas and electric
  • Deep fish poacher dish
  • Made to be solid and durable
  • High-end specialty model


  • Must be washed by hand and dried right away.

9. Cystarry Silicone Steamer Bowl

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For our final option, we wanted to provide you with something both unique and useful.

This silicone option is microwave-friendly so it just gives you an alternative, quick solution for poaching your fish and we love that it’s something different but reliable. 

This foldable, silicone utensil can act as a bowl. It folds and locks together for your microwave needs and then unfolds and acts as a dish so you don’t have to use another serving dish of any kind. You only dirty one dish! 

This is easy to use and a simple option. You can poach fish or use it for other microwaving uses as well. This fish poacher is resistant to both cool and heat with a wide range from 0 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • Compact and simple solution
  • Microwave poaching option
  • Versatile and can be used for heating and serving
  • Wide range of temperature resistance
  • Silicone, flexible materials that are food safe


  • Not clear how well it holds up after long-term rolling and unrolling and use.
  • Lightweight is convenient, but not necessarily sturdy.

We hope that you find this guide to the 9 best fish poachers to be a valuable resource for choosing a fish poacher for your kitchen. We worked hard to really narrow down the market and find the very best options out there! 

What type of fish will you try poaching first? 

Related Questions

We invite you to review our common questions section below to see if there may be anything useful for you. 

Why Do People Poach Fish in Milk? 

People poach fish with milk because the fat in milk helps to really pull in the flavors of your seasoning and herbs without negatively affecting your fish.

It’s a great way to improve tastes and flavors and add unique flavor to your fish in the process. 

What is the Biggest Advantage of Poaching Fish? 

There are numerous health benefits to poaching fish but one of the biggest reasons that people use this cooking method is because it keeps the fish moist and tender and flavorful all at the same time.

You don’t have to worry about soggy, tough, or rubbery fish if you properly use a poaching method to prepare it. 

Are There Disadvantages of Poaching Fish? 

The main disadvantage to poaching fish is that it is a learned skill.

It’s not quite the same as steaming fish and you will need to learn the process to get it right. It’s not overly challenging but if you don’t do it right, you can easily ruin your fish and end up disappointed. 

What Other Types of Food Can You Poach? 

Poached eggs are perhaps one of the most common poached foods out there. You can poach a lot of foods. Try using delicate foods like fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables, and even fruit options. 

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