5 Best Cutting Boards For Bread Of 2023

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A bread cutting board may not be a kitchen essential but it is certainly one of the best kitchen tools you can get to make bread slicing easy and neat. 

But what are the best cutting boards for bread? The best cutting boards for bread are the ones made from bamboo and hardwood. Another important feature to look for is the crumb tray. The size and shape of the bread cutting board are a matter of preference. 

This article includes a buyer’s guide for bread cutting boards as well as a list of the 5 best cutting boards for bread you can buy. 

How To Choose A Cutting Board For Bread

While you can cut bread on your regular cutting board, having a separate one that you use only for bread and baked goods is a good idea.

Additionally, cutting boards designed for bread have extra features that make them a lot more convenient for bread slicing than regular cutting boards you use for meat and vegetables. 

Here is what you should consider when buying a cutting board for bread. 


When it comes to regular cutting boards, you can choose between a few materials, including different types of plastic.  

But when it comes to bread cutting boards, we recommend you always go with bamboo or hardwood materials. In fact, most bread cutting boards available on the market are made of these materials

Both materials have their advantages. 

Bamboo cutting boards are more lightweight. If you take proper care of your bamboo kitchen utensils, they may last even longer than tools made of natural wood. Additionally, bamboo has a higher level of water resistance. 

With all these benefits, you can still find good-quality bamboo bread cutting boards at an affordable price. 

Hardwood materials are also very durable. Another reason why you may want to buy wooden cutting boards is that they don’t scar easily.

Some types of wood are even said to have self-healing properties. Their grains go back together to a certain degree and restore the damage the knife has caused. 

Depending on the type of wood, some bread cutting boards may come with a rather high price tag. 

Size And Shape 

Bread cutting boards come in different sizes and shapes. 

When it comes to the size of the board, the bigger it is the better as a bigger board will catch all the crumbs when you are slicing bigger loaves of bread. 

However, consider how much space you have for the cutting board before you buy it. If you will be keeping it on your countertop, make sure you have enough space.

If you will be storing the bread cutting board in a drawer or cabinet, make sure it fits there nicely. 

As for the shape, rectangular bread cutting boards are the most versatile. You can also find bread cutting boards that are on the narrower side and more suitable for baguette-shaped breads.

Crumb Tray 

The main feature that makes a bread cutting board different from a regular wood or bamboo cutting board is the crumb tray. It catches all the crumbs as you slice the bread and it doesn’t make your kitchen countertop all messy

So, if you are buying a bread cutting board, make sure it comes with a crumb tray. 

Other Features 

Bread cutting boards may come with various design features.

While it is common for most bread cutting boards to come with a crumb tray, some may also have such extra features as a cover, a knife slot, or a slicing guide

The 5 Best Cutting Boards For Bread 

We have ranked and reviewed 5 of the best cutting boards you can buy in 2023. They are made either from bamboo or wood which are two of the best materials for bread-cutting boards. 

But the sizes, shapes, and overall designs of the bread cutting boards in this list differ. So, you can make a choice based on your preferences. 

Rank Product Best Feature 
1.Bamboo Foldable Cutting Board Slice options for 3 levels of thickness 
2.ROYALHOUSE Bread Cutting Board Large cutting surface
3.Ironwood Gourmet Nesting Bread BoardHigh-quality acacia wood material 
4.Alessi Sbriciola Bread Board 2-in-1 drawer - knife holder and crumb tray
5.Lipper International Bamboo Bread Board Grooves for uniform slanted slices 

1. Bamboo Foldable Cutting Board 

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This foldable bamboo cutting board from the Bambüsi Store is the perfect breadboard!

It not only catches the crumbs but also controls the thickness of the bread slices.

And the support panel that comes with the board helps to fix the loaf in place and get even slices without much effort. 

The cutting board has two guides that allow you to choose between three levels of thickness. These guides help you get uniform slices for sandwiches and toasts.

Despite its many parts, this bread cutting board is very easy to store as it is foldable. The board comes with a storage bag too. 

Having more parts than a regular cutting board for bread, this breadboard is not heavy at all as it is made from natural bamboo material

With this foldable bread cutting board, you also get a stainless steel knife with a serrated edge. The knife fits nicely at the side of the board. The magnets installed in the board keep the knife from falling. 

Another great feature this bamboo breadboard has are the non-slip feet. They keep the board in place while you are slicing the bread. 

2. ROYALHOUSE Bread Cutting Board

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This is a great breadboard with a large cutting surface that you can use for all types of bread, from bagels to baguettes!

It’s very elegantly designed as well. With a rectangular shape and less than an inch of thickness, you will surely find room for it in your kitchen. 

Measuring 15×9.5 inches, this bread cutting board is not bulky at all.

It consists of a board that you can use separately as a serving board and a crumb tray that sits on top. The latter catches all the crumbs preventing the bread crumbs from getting everywhere in the kitchen

You only need to wipe the board with a dry cloth to clean it. If needed, handwash the board with soap and warm water. As the board is made from bamboo, you should dry it immediately after washing it to prevent it from cracking. 

3. Ironwood Gourmet Nesting Bread Board 

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Ironwood Gourmet breadboard is the best option for people who prefer wooden cutting boards over bamboo ones. 

This breadboard is made from top-quality acacia wood. This is sustainably sourced wood that is highly durable and long-lasting.

Another advantage acacia wood has is that it is gentle on knives. So, your serrated bread knife will remain in good shape longer. 

The rich brown color makes this board look particularly appealing. You can not only slice the bread on it but also serve the slices of bread on this board. 

This Ironwood Gourmet cutting board has all the features a functional breadboard should have.

It measures 10.25×14.75 inches which makes it large enough to fit a variety of breads. The nesting crumb catcher is sleek and very easy to remove. 

4. Alessi Sbriciola Bread Board

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Alessi bread cutting board has a simple yet very clever design. It consists of two parts. The cutting board itself is made from bamboo wood.

It is a light-colored material that is durable, lightweight, and not as susceptible to water damage as wood.

There is a resin drawer that goes under the cutting board. This is a 2-in-1 drawer that serves as a crumb catcher and a drawer for your bread knife.

The drawer has two compartments. The large one catches the crumbs and is located under the slitted part of the board

The smaller compartment that is designed for the bread knife is under the slit-free part which means that no crumbs will get there

As the crumb tray of Alessi breadboard is made of thermoplastic resin, you can safely wash it in the dishwasher. 

As for the size, the Alessi breadboard measures 16.5×10.7 inches. And though this bread cutting board is on the pricier side, its quality and unique design make it worth the high price. 

5. Lipper International Bamboo Bread Board

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If baguettes and batons are the type of bread you eat, then it makes sense for you to buy this Lipper International bread cutting board. 

Shaped to hold a baguette, this breadboard has grooves that serve as cutting guides and help you get uniform slanted slices of the perfect thickness

This breadboard is made from environmentally friendly bamboo wood. It also comes with a small ceramic dip bowl that fits perfectly on the board.

You can use it to serve olive oil, butter, and other dips with slices of freshly baked baguette as an appetizer. 

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