9 Best Cook’s Blowtorches Of 2023

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If you want to up your culinary skills in the kitchen, or explore new cooking techniques, a cook’s blowtorch might be just what you need!

These small tools produce a scorching flame that can help to perform so many functions, from searing steaks to caramelizing creme brulee!

With the number of ways to experiment with a cook’s blowtorch, it really is a tool to consider (as long as you use it safely!)

What is the best cook’s blowtorch? The best cook’s blowtorch needs to have the right temperature range to accommodate different foods and cooking methods, and it should be small enough to hold comfortably and be safe to use as well.

There are a few different models and types of cook’s blowtorches to consider, so understanding the differences between them and which would work best, will help you choose the right one for you.

Read on for how to choose the best cook’s blowtorch and some of the best options on the market right now!

Buyer’s Guide

You do need to spend some time searching for the right cook’s blowtorch, as there are a few different options and types to choose from.

When looking at the best cook’s blowtorch to buy, here are some of the most important things to consider:

Type Of Blowtorch

There are two main types of blowtorches to choose from, which are torch heads and refillable canisters

Torch heads are more often slightly bulkier, and might not be the best idea if it will be the first time you use a cook’s blowtorch.

The torch head can just be screwed onto canisters when you need a gas source, so the gas comes straight from the source and you don’t have to worry about refilling it.

The one issue with this is that these can be bulky, as you will be using the torch head on the canister, and this can make it difficult for beginner cooks to use.

This is the most common type that you will find in professional kitchens, as they are typically more powerful and do last longer.

The other option to choose from is refillable canisters. This is an all-in-one torch, and when the gas in the canister runs out, you need to refill it.

If you use the torch often, it might become frustrating to have to refill it so often, but it is not too much of a hassle.

Refillable canisters are most often smaller and not as bulky as torch heads, as you are holding the torch head and a small butane canister, not a big gas can.

They are a good option for beginner cooks and if you do not want something too big to hold.

Easy To Use

It is important to choose a cook’s blowtorch that is easy to use. The use of the blowtorch should be intuitive, and it should not be complicated at all.

Having a blowtorch that is simple to use, and which stops you from fussing too much, goes a long way to make it a safer option too.

You should be able to operate the blowtorch with one hand so that your other hand can handle the food. Even with one-handed use, it should still offer a high level of control, so that you have good safety when using the blowtorch.

Maximum Temperature

The cook’s blowtorch should burn hot enough to caramelize and sear food quickly, and one that does not reach high enough temperatures will be frustrating to work with.

Look for a blowtorch that can burn at 2300°F or higher. Some reach even higher temperatures, which can do well to sear steaks and meats.

Safety Features

As the blowtorch will be producing a scorching flame, it needs to come with some safety features. Some safety features to look for include a safety lock, anti-flare protection, and a handguard to protect your hand from heat.

Another thing to look for is a sturdy base, to ensure that the blowtorch stays standing when you place it down.

The 9 Best Cook’s Blowtorches

With all of the considerations in mind, you can have a look at the below list of the best cook’s blowtorches on the market!

Before picking one out, consider your level of expertise when it comes to using a blowtorch, how comfortable you are holding one, and what you will be using the blowtorch for most often.

RankProductBest Feature
1.Sondiko Butane TorchBest overall cook's blowtorch
2.EurKitchen Premium Culinary Butane TorchEasy-to-read gauge
3.TBTEEK Kitchen TorchVery comfortable grip
4.Gibot Butane TorchSecurity lock feature
5.Professional Kitchen Cooking TorchFeatures a gas flow regulator
6.Kitchen Butane Blow TorchOne-touch ignition button
7.NANW Butane TorchAdjustable regulator
8.Ravs Butane TorchHeat-resistant ceramic nozzle
9.Spicy Dew BlowtorchComes with a flame guard

1. Sondiko Butane Torch

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The Sondiko Butane Torch is a refillable blowtorch that is easy to operate, and which can take any brand of butane.

This torch is perfect for caramelizing, glazing, searing, roasting, toasting, and melting in a short amount of time.

The adjustable flame allows for temperature control, and the flame can reach temperatures of up to 2372°F

With Piezo Ignition Technology, the flame can be used at any angle, even when the torch is held upside down. You can also enjoy a safe one-handed operation, giving you the freedom to do more in the kitchen.

A safety lock on the blowtorch prevents accidental ignition, and a broad, sturdy base helps to stop the blowtorch from falling over. The long angled nozzle and a burn-free finger guard also add to the safety of the torch.

This is a great blowtorch to purchase for first-time users, and it comes with all the safety features you could want to keep you protected in the kitchen, but with a hot enough flame to get just about anything done!

2. EurKitchen Premium Culinary Butane Torch

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The EurKitchen Premium Culinary Butane Torch is a real treat if you are looking for something a little more professional and sophisticated.

It is larger than most other culinary torches, and being large and sturdy does give it an edge over competitors.

With a high-quality build, the torch provides a consistent and reliable flame until switched off. Using Piezo Press Ignition, the torch switches on quickly and safely.

As it is a refillable torch, the canister comes with an easy-to-read gauge that easily lets you know when the gas is near empty, and when you need to fill up again.

There is also a gas flow safety lock for added protection, and to not waste gas.

When the flame is ignited, it can be adjusted to reach temperatures up to 2370°F, and the flame itself can reach 6-inches long.

A built-in finger guard protects your hands from burns and heat when in use, and the actual body of the torch, where you would hold it, is quite a distance away from the flame itself.

Constructed with TUV and CE aluminum and ABS plastic, it is comfortable to hold. 

Treat yourself to this premium cook’s blowtorch if you want to take your cooking to a new level!

3. TBTEEK Kitchen Torch

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This safe and durable torch comes with safety locks to prevent accidental ignition.

It also offers a very comfortable grip to ensure you can hold it for longer periods of time without fatigue, and for added protection while working with a hot flame!

Made from aluminum alloy materials, the torch is durable and sturdy and will last for a long time in the kitchen. It is a refillable gas canister and can be refilled as often as you need to keep the torch going.

As it is a mini-torch, it is lightweight, easy to hold, and portable. You can caramelize and sear food no matter where you go, and it will also come in handy when going camping! 

The flame temperature can be controlled, with a max temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit possible. This is quite a high temperature, so the torch can be used for just about any use.

Piezo ignition Technology lights the flame instantly, and you can also choose the continuous flame mode by adjusting the switch slightly, so the flame will keep going without you having to hold the button down.

This torch might be mini in size, but it is powerful when it comes to the temperature it can produce!

4. Gibot Butane Torch

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The Gibot Professional Butane Torch is a safe and durable torch that will soon become your prized possession in the kitchen!

A wide base keeps the torch sturdy and lessens the chance of the torch being knocked over.

To add to safety, there is a security lock feature that prevents accidental ignition.

When ignited, the flame is far enough away from your hand and fingers to not produce uncomfortable heat.

The body of the blowtorch is made from aluminum alloy, which is comfortable to hold but is also durable and long-lasting. It gives the torch a very professional look and feel too.

This blowtorch features a refillable canister, which fits most butane gas refill nozzles. Once the gas begins to run out, you can quickly and simply top it up again and get heating once more.

The temperature of the flame is adjustable, and the maximum temperature it can reach is 2500°F, which is a high enough temperature to achieve just about everything you could want with the blowtorch.

Also featuring Piezo Ignition Technology, the flame will ignite as soon as you click the button, and with the gas flow regulator and the airflow control valve, the intensity of the flame can be controlled.

You can also choose the continuous fire mode which keeps the flame burning without you needing to hold the button down.

With all the right features and safety settings, this is a great first-time cook’s blowtorch to own!

5. Professional Kitchen Cooking Torch

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This professional-grade kitchen cooking torch is ideal for avid home bakers and professional chefs alike, and it offers great flame consistency and reliability no matter the setting.

Utilizing the Piezo Ignition, the flame ignites fast, providing immediate heat.

The mini blowtorch features a gas flow regulator, which you can adjust to change the intensity of the flame.

Once the torch is switched off, you can switch the gas flow lock-on for added safety.

The torch can provide a continuous flame that reaches 6-inches long, and which can reach a maximum temperature of 2370°F.

As it has a refillable canister, you can use this torch for years in the kitchen, as long as you check to see when the gas needs to be refilled.

A built-in finger guard protects your fingers and hands from extreme heat and possible burns, further adding to safety and comfort. As the body is made with aluminum and ABS plastic, it is comfortable to hold and work with.

Not only is this a great tool to keep in the kitchen, but the high heat it provides can also help in many other situations too, such as when camping, when grilling, when lighting a fire, and even for arts and crafts!

6. Kitchen Butane Blow Torch

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The Master Torch butane fuel torch head offers you the option to adjust the flame shape and size to concentrate the flame more or less, depending on what you need.

The one-touch ignition button instantly lights the flame up for quick heating.

The torch head can fit on any manufacturer’s butane canister, as it has a metal ring that sits on the can, which has a ½-inch slit missing to make it adjustable to the size of the butane can.

The professional-quality food torch can reach a temperature of 2500°F, which is more than what you would need for most cooking purposes.

You simply need to press down on the switch to ignite the flame. The gas flow regulator and the airflow control valve help you adjust the intensity of the flame. 

You can adjust the size of the flame from small to large and have a soft fire or spitfire, to suit the style of heat and cooking that you need.

It is the perfect size for roasting, glazing, browning, crisping, melting, and caramelizing different foods, and is small enough to be portable as well. The torch can also be used at any angle without the flame dimming or going out!

A ceramic heat insulation loop keeps the outside temperature of the torch low, which protects you against scalds and injury.

7. NANW Butane Torch

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The NANW Butane Torch allows for easy one-handed operation, with ignition being one-handed too.

Once the flame is ignited, you can adjust it to suit the style of cooking you are wanting, whether it needs a very intense flame or something a little lower.

The torch can also be used horizontally or vertically without fault.

The torch has a wide-set base that prevents it from falling over and tippling, which adds to the safety of the product. The nozzle is also long and angled, which keeps your fingers protected from any possible burns and scalds.

An adjustable regulator lets you get the perfect flame for the cooking you are doing, whether it be for searing or caramelizing.

The maximum temperature of the torch is 2372°F, giving you just about every option you could want.

To keep the gas torch going, you just need to refill it with butane when it is low. This is easy and quick enough to do!

Safe to use and so effective at different cooking functions, this is a handy little blowtorch to keep in the kitchen!

8. Ravs Butane Torch

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The Ravs Butane Torch is well-made, sturdy, and durable, but importantly, it is very easy to use as well.

The industrial style of the blowtorch further shows its durability and strength, but the design also offers optimal safety too.

A heat-resistant ceramic nozzle prevents any burns to your fingers or hands, the valve system prevents gas leakage, and the torch is well-weighted to prevent any tips and falls.

The removable cube holder further prevents tipping, and you will love the feel of the mesh frosted handle!

From caramelizing creme brulee to igniting charcoal, this is a very versatile torch that will definitely be of use in your kitchen and beyond.

The torch has a nice wide flame that can be adjusted easily to suit the size and intensity that you require, so it will fit into your lifestyle really easily.

The gas canister of the torch is refillable, and once it begins to run low, you can just top it up before putting it to use again!

9. Spicy Dew Blowtorch

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The Spicy Dew Blowtorch will help you create some amazing dishes in your kitchen, thanks to its professional build and high-quality design.

It is a great option to choose for many different cooking methods, from searing a steak to toasting marshmallows, and just about everything else.

It can be used indoors and outdoors, so it will be more than just a culinary torch if you need it to.

The instant flame can burn up to 2372°F, and can last for up to 60 minutes. When not in use, it features a child safety lock to protect against accidental ignition, and the sturdy fixed base prevents it from falling over too.

A flame guard protects against flaring, and a handguard keeps your fingers and hands safe from scalding as you use the blowtorch.

You can easily adjust the intensity of the flame using the dial, to a high-heat intense flame, or a lower-heat, subtle flame.

The tank of the torch has a fuel gauge window, so you can easily keep track of when the blowtorch needs refilling, and you are never left with an empty tank unexpectedly!

This torch is made to last, and the large canister holds a good amount of fuel, so you won’t have to be refilling it too often.

What Can You Use A Cook’s Blowtorch For?

A cook’s blowtorch can be used for so many different things in the kitchen, and it can help you take your meals from homemade to a more professional level!

Some of the most popular things that people use a blowtorch for in the kitchen include caramelizing sugar on the top of creme brulee, toasting marshmallows, and melting cheese.

It is completely safe to use a butane torch on food, as long as you keep the flame a few inches away from the food and you follow safety procedures when the flame is ignited.

It is a safe flame to use on the food you will eat, and the gas will not add a flavor or change the taste of the food.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gone over some of the absolute best cook’s blowtorches, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject!

How do you refill a cook’s blowtorch?

To refill a cook’s blowtorch, you will have to read the instructions related to that brand, but generally, you tip the blowtorch upside down and place the nozzle down from the gas canister into the gas valve.

This should create a hissing sound, and you can keep a look on the gauge to tell when it is full.

What can replace a kitchen blowtorch?

If you need a blowtorch but do not have one, the next best option is to use the broil function on an electric stove.

You can place the rack on the top tray and then switch the broiler on. Once heated up fully, place your food under the grill and leave until it is caramelized or crisped up.

Make sure that the food you place in the oven is not touching the broiler grill, as this could be a fire hazard.

If you’re looking for a great recipe to try out your new blowtorch on, here’s a fantastic video on how to make perfect creme brulee!

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