9 Best Chocolate Milk Powders [2023]

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The chocolate milk powder market is at an all-time high with many brands adding to their product line almost every year, but with this much variety, it’s easy to get confused about which one to buy.

If you are looking for the best chocolate milk powders today then this guide is just for you! 

What are the best chocolate milk powders? The best chocolate milk powders are made using natural ingredients with a balanced nutritional profile and delicious taste. They should also mix effortlessly even in cold milk. We highly recommend going with reputable brands like Swiss Milk, Nestle Nesquik, Cadbury, etc. You can also go with all-natural powder mixes from brands like KOS, LivingGood Daily, and more! 

Read below to learn more about chocolate milk powders, how they are prepared, the best types, and what to look out for when purchasing a chocolate milk powder.

Chocolate Milk Powder Basics 

Chocolate milk powders are primarily made from a combination of ground cocoa beans (cocoa powder) and milk powder. 

Many top brands use high-tech machinery and natural ingredients to make chocolate milk powders but some brands may also use artificial flavorings and unnecessary chemicals to increase the shelf life of their products.

Before we list down our top picks for the best chocolate milk powders, let’s first quickly dive into how high-quality chocolate milk powders are made compared to cheap and artificial variants.

Making High-Quality Milk and Cocoa Powder

The journey of chocolate milk powder begins with the milk!

Fresh milk is collected from premium dairy farms that deposit full-fat milk into large containers.

The milk is then tested and heated at very high heat to kill off any bacteria in the milk – this process is called pasteurization. 

The pasteurized milk is then deposited into an evaporator. This machine uses a vacuum and low heat to slowly boil and evaporate the moisture in the milk. This process is done in multiple steps so that the quality of the milk remains intact. 

Once the milk reaches a thick consistency, it is fed through a spraying machine that sprays the thickened milk into a heated chamber where the milk droplets collect, dry, and then fall below a separate container as milk powder.

This powder contains all the flavor and nutrients of milk and is stable enough to be mixed with other ingredients.

Now comes the cocoa! Cocoa powder is made from cocoa beans that are roasted and then ground. The ground pieces are then squeezed to remove most of their oil, called cocoa butter – the same ingredient used to make white chocolate!

The leftover cocoa cake is then dried and ground again to create a fine cocoa powder. Once both ingredients are ready, they are mixed along with sugar and natural stabilizers to create chocolate milk powder!

Now, obviously, every chocolate milk powder is going to be made a bit differently, however, this is generally how they are made.

Buyer’s Guide for Chocolate Milk Powders

This buyer’s guide is designed to help you pick the best chocolate milk powders in the market. We have divided this guide into different sections, each section will discuss an important aspect of how to choose the right chocolate milk powder. 

Here are the things that you need to look out for:

  • Low-Quality Chocolate Milk Powders
  • Nutrition
  • Reliable Branded Products

Spotting Low-Quality Chocolate Milk Powders

We have already talked about how high-quality chocolate milk powder is manufactured, but it’s equally important to understand the production of low-quality powders too. 

The first thing to look out for is artificial flavors and preservatives.

These are things that your body doesn’t need but are added to products to extend their shelf life.

See, anything with milk is bound to go bad quickly, especially if it isn’t stored properly, and this applies to milk powders as well.

To counter this issue, manufacturers add a ton of preservatives to keep their products from going bad.

But the thing is, most low-quality powder products also use low-quality milk – sometimes they might not even use real milk and use flavoring agents that mimic the consistency and flavor of milk.

Check the back of the packaging of any random chocolate milk powder product to see the list of ingredients.

If you notice an excess of preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and stabilizers then you should probably stay away from it. These ingredients are not necessary to make great-tasting chocolate milk powders! 

Our list below contains a variety of different chocolate milk powders that are made using high-quality ingredients.

Some options are also all-natural, meaning that they either contain little to no artificial components.

Remember, avoiding these ingredients is very important, especially if you plan to serve beverages made from chocolate milk powders to your kids!


Chocolate products don’t have to be unhealthy! Most people believe that chocolate is generally unhealthy and can lead to excess weight gain – this can’t be further from the truth.

Not only can chocolate milk powders be healthy, but they can also be enjoyed every day!

But the key here is to buy a product that best speaks to your nutritional needs.

Most low-quality chocolate milk powders are loaded with sugar and unhealthy thickeners that can add “empty calories”. 

Empty calories come from using artificial or bulking ingredients that are mixed with a disproportionate amount of sugar so that the product tastes good. 

Check the back of the packaging to see a list of the macro and micronutrients.

You should ideally look for a product that provides nutrition that fits your dietary needs and daily values (DV). We highly recommend that you also look at the allergen information printed on the pack.

Please keep in mind that some brands may also use GMO or non-vegan ingredients to enhance the flavor and quality of their product. 

Fortunately, it’s generally easy to spot GMO and non-vegan products thanks to labeling. We have included different types of chocolate milk powders below, some of them are completely vegan, and GMO-free – be sure to check each product and pick the one that best suits the needs of you or your family. 

Going for Reliable Branded Products

Swiss Miss, Nestle, and Ghirardelli are all examples of trusted and reputable companies that have been producing milk products for decades.

These brands use their decade’s worth of experience to make reliable and safe products using high-quality ingredients and advanced manufacturing techniques. 

We highly recommend that you go with a brand that has experience in making chocolate milk powders as newer companies may try to cut corners and use subpar or artificial ingredients to make cheaper chocolate milk powders. 

While not all small companies produce bad products, if you haven’t heard of the brand or if it doesn’t have enough good reviews online, then you should probably avoid them.

If you do want to go for a different brand then we suggest that you do your own preliminary research by visiting their website or directly contacting them if you have any questions. 

Low-quality products may not even be fit for regular use and in severe cases, they may even lead to health problems. Going with reliable brands will almost guarantee that you get a product that is both delicious and completely safe! 

9 Best Chocolate Milk Powders

Now that you know what to look out for in the best chocolate milk powders, check out our top picks below for the most decadent and delicious powders! 

ProductBest Feature
1.Swiss Miss Milk ChocolateA classic option for chocolate lovers. The default choice for making any milk chocolate beverage.   
2.Nestle Nesquik Chocolate-Flavored PowderThe quickest way to get a great-tasting serving of healthy and delicious milk chocolate. 
3.Carnation Rich Milk ChocolateGet rich chocolate flavors with balanced nutrition. A fantastic option for people who like chocolatey breakfast beverages.      
4.Plant Based Milk Chocolate Protein PowderA natural option for health-conscious people. Delivers a dose of protein and flavor in one package!    
5.Livingood Daily Milk Chocolate Collagen PowderThe best healthy and natural chocolate milk powder. Can also be used as a daily-use supplement!
6. Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate and CocoaGuaranteed to fulfill the needs of any chocolate lover. Ghirardelli’s ground chocolate powder can be used in many ways!     
7.Morning Moo’s Chocolate Low-Fat Milk AlternativeA Great tasting chocolate milk powder with low fat.  Made using high-quality ingredients. 
8.Original Cadbury Drinking Milk ChocolateThe safest (and probably the best) option for people who want great-tasting chocolate milk.     
9. Choco Milk30% less sugar than many other brands, fortified with vitamins and minerals.

1. Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate

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Swiss Miss products are known for their high-quality and delicious flavor!

Their milk chocolate powder is perhaps the best option for anyone who is looking for a nutritionally balanced and delicious chocolate milk product. 

It’s made using real premium-quality milk that is pasteurized and mixed with high-grade cocoa powder.

Unlike other cheaper chocolate milk products, this one doesn’t have an array of preservatives to maintain its quality and freshness!

2. Nestle Nesquik Chocolate-Flavored Powder

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Nestle’s Nesquik has been a big part of many peoples’ childhood. It is a tried and tested chocolate milk powder that has stood the test of time.

The brand has continued to update its recipe to provide only the best flavor and quality.

With Nesquik, you can be sure to fulfill all your chocolate needs.

It’s the default choice for young people and can also be used to make a range of delicious chocolate recipes.

This version is available in a 2.5lb tub which we think will suit the needs of anyone who regularly enjoys drinking chocolate milk!

3. Carnation Rich Milk Chocolate

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Carnation’s milk chocolate powder is made without artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

It is perhaps the best option for people who enjoy chocolate milk in the morning.

It is very convenient and it mixes well with a range of liquids.

It provides a rich chocolate flavor that has just the right consistency, unlike other brands that produce watery chocolate milk beverages!

It is suitable for children and is a great way to provide them with balanced nutrition with a 140% DV of Vitamin C.

4. Plant Based Milk Chocolate Protein Powder

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This milk chocolate powder ticks all the boxes for health-conscious people. It’s made from all-natural ingredients and is completely vegan-friendly.

But despite its all-natural approach, it still provides a rich chocolate flavor that can easily rival any of the top chocolate powder brands on this list. 

We highly recommend this product to active people who want a great-tasting supplement that also delivers quality and nutrition.

Even if you don’t want to use it as a pre or post-workout drink, you can use it as a healthy regular chocolate powder for a range of recipes. 

5. Livingood Daily Milk Chocolate Collagen Powder

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Here’s another delicious and healthy chocolate milk powder that is fit not just for young people – but people of all ages!

It’s made from all-natural ingredients and is suitable for most types of restricted diets. It offers a full dose of vitamins and contains “clean” protein.

It’s the ultimate chocolate milk powder for gym-goers and even the elderly!

This product can be used to flavor coffees, milkshakes, and a range of other chocolate-centered beverages.

Thanks to its selection of high-quality ingredients, it’s also suitable for daily use.  

6. Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa

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If you love Ghirardelli chocolate then you are bound to love their chocolate milk cocoa powder.

Even though this product does not contain dehydrated milk solids, it still delivers a sweet and rich flavor thanks to the addition of vanilla. 

Ghirardelli uses premium ingredients and manufactures this product using the same best practices and experience that go behind its world-class chocolates!

7. Morning Moo’s Chocolate Low-Fat Milk Alternative 

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From milkshakes to hot chocolate, to baking, and everything in between!

Morning Moo’s chocolate milk powder is perhaps the most versatile chocolate powder on our list.

It is made using high-quality ingredients and is gluten-free.

This chocolate milk powder is perfect for people who are trying to cut down their consumption of fat.

You can replace your boring old glass of milk and use this as an easy, healthy, and delicious milk alternative for daily use! 

8. Original Cadbury Drinking Milk Chocolate

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If you enjoy Cadbury chocolate then you are going to absolutely love this chocolate milk powder.

This powder is designed to provide the same flavor as Cadbury’s chocolate bars. It’s made from high-quality ingredients and is also suitable for vegetarians. 

Use this chocolate milk powder to make milkshakes, and hot chocolate, or use it as a replacement for regular cocoa powder when baking! 

It comes in a convenient cylindrical tub that protects the powder from air, moisture, and other environmental factors. Just take out a few scoops and make instant chocolate milk within minutes! 

9. Pancho Pantera Choco Milk

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Choco Milk is probably not a brand that you’ve heard of, and that may be because it is most popular in Mexico. However, you can get it via websites like Amazon just about anywhere.

Although the flavor might not be quite as good as some of the chocolate milk powders that are higher on this list, it does have 16 vitamins and minerals and contains about 30% less sugar.

However, I will say that when mixing in cold milk, it does often take a little bit of work to get it to fully mix.

However, once you’ve put the work in it is a delicious chocolate milk drink.

Related Questions

Are there lactose-free chocolate milk powders?

Yes, in fact, some of the products on this list are lactose-free, including Morning Moo’s listed above.

There are many other chocolate milk powders made for people with lactose intolerance, however, I will say that the best-tasting lactose-free chocolate milk I have had has been from Fairlife. I’d really suggest you give it a try because my kids and I absolutely love it and we are not even lactose intolerant.

Can chocolate milk powder be used for baking?

Yes, in fact, it is very normal to add chocolate milk powders to flavor things like cakes, cookie dough, or even ice cream.

Many chocolate milk powders are even made with baking in mind and contain ingredients like leavening agents and stabilizers to help with the baking process.

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