11 Best Bubly Flavors Of 2023

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Looking for a cool refreshing alternative to sugary soda drinks? Flavored sparkling waters and juices have boomed in popularity recently in order to fill that niche.

Bubly has paired crisp, sparkling water with natural fruit flavors to provide a delicious range of innovative flavors.

But what are the best Bubly flavors? Many agree that Pineapple comes top of the list, with peach, lime, blackberry, and grapefruit following closely behind. Of course, this all depends on personal preference.

Want to make the switch to healthy sparkling water but not sure where to start? We’re here to help with our list of the 11 best Bubly flavors, so you can choose the right flavor for you!

What is Bubly?

Bubly is a popular brand of sparkling water with natural fruit flavors. A great alternative to soda drinks, Bubly has zero calories and no artificial sweeteners.

The great flavor and natural sweetness of Bubly Sparkling Water come from natural fruit flavors.

Bubly is carbonated to produce delicious and thirst-quenching fizziness. This gives a fizz similar to soda – perfect if you are trying to find a sugar-free alternative!

However, some people prefer to avoid carbonated drinks, so if this is the case then Bubly might not be the right sparkling water for you.

What Makes Bubly Sparkling Water So Popular?

Bubly is a great choice if you are trying to avoid sugary sodas and artificial sweeteners – this fresh and fruity fizzy drink has zero sugar, sweeteners, or calories.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t full of flavor though, as the clever people at Bubly have figured out the perfect blend of natural fruit flavors to make these refreshing beverages!

There is no way to know exactly which flavor of Bubly Sparkling Water you will like the best, as they are all quite different. We hope our top 11 list and descriptions below will help you pick one – or why not try them all?

The Flavors

The great flavor and natural sweetness of Bubly Sparkling Water come from natural fruit flavors. These fresh-tasting light fizzy drinks do not contain any sugar or sweeteners.

Bubly does differ from some other fresh sparkling waters in that it does not contain any fruit juices, relying instead on natural flavors to create the great flavor. This makes these drinks a great zero-calorie option.

Bubly fans love the amazing taste and aroma of these juicy drinks, and also the fact that they do not leave any unpleasant aftertaste. 

The Packaging

OK, we know it’s what is inside that counts, but the Bubly range really does have great packaging! Each fun flavor has its own distinctive brightly colored ring-pull can, making it easy to pick out your favorite.

Each colorful can of Bubly is decorated with bold emoji-like faces, and they feature light-hearted messages such as “hey u”, “yo”, and “hiii”. Who wouldn’t love these happy friendly little cans, bursting with fizzy juicy water?

And if we haven’t managed to convince you yet, the lovely team at Bubly have also come up with a great range of cocktail and mocktail recipes for their delicious drinks. Genius!

How To Drink Bubly Sparkling Water

One thing is for sure – this little can of sparkling loveliness deserves to be served at its full potential!

So, there are two things to take note of: temperature and time.

Bubly fans consistently report that this sparkling water drink is best served chilled. When cool, the fruity flavors are crisp and fresh, and the individual fruits definitely stand out. If served warm, then an artificial flavor can start to creep in.

Another thing to be aware of is this is a drink best consumed when fresh – it should be fizzy, bubbly, and lively! This makes the flavors come alive and dance on the tongue, a truly refreshing beverage.

Again, when the bubbles subside then so does the flavor. So, drink your Bubly fresh, chilled, and fizzy to get the best possible flavor!

The 11 Best Bubly Flavors

We did some research and taste testing to bring you the 11 best Bubly flavors.

We hope that one of these flavors will brighten your day and put some sparkle in your step!

1.PineappleLight, fresh, sweet
2.PeachLight, crisp, refreshing
3.LimeRefreshing, light, zingy
4.BlackberryTart, smooth, fruity
5.GrapefruitFresh, strong, light
6.CherryTart, strong, deep
7.OrangeSmooth, citrus, sweet
8. MangoTropical, sweet, smooth
9.RaspberryTart, tangy, fruity
10.StrawberrySweet, refreshing, fruity
11.AppleAutumnal, refreshing, light

1. Pineapple

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Bubly’s pineapple flavor sparkling water is undoubtedly top of the list, and for good reason!

This drink combines the deliciously fresh and naturally sweet flavor of pineapple with refreshing fizzy water in a bright yellow can.

People love Pineapple Bubly Sparkling Water for its bold and punchy flavor and great fizziness. It will quench your thirst and leave you feeling satisfied like you have just eaten a juicy fresh slice of pineapple!

Pineapples are one of the sweetest fruit flavors in the Bubly range, and this drink is the perfect alternative to sugary sodas. And if you are a fan of mixology, pineapple Bubly makes a great mixer for long cool cocktails and mocktails!

2. Peach

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Another unlikely contender in at number two – peaches rarely feature in the top five of anything!

However, with a light peach essence and delightful fizz, you could almost imagine yourself drinking a delectable cocktail on a sunny beach as you sip this wonderful flavor!

Fans of this peach fizz love the crisp and refreshing flavor, light peach essence, and subtle sweetness. As with most of the Bubly range, it has a natural and appetizing aroma and pleasant aftertaste.

3. Lime

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It is unusual for lime to come top of the citrus fruits, but here it is! Normally lime would be languishing somewhere near the bottom, with lemon and orange scoring much higher.

So, what is so special about this one? Well, Bubly lime-flavored sparkling water is snazzy, zingy, and refreshing, with a taste similar to Sprite.

This is a great alternative if you’re hooked on soda and are looking for a sugar-free alternative. The lime flavor is not too overpowering, but citrusy enough to be refreshing and rejuvenating.

Bubly lime-flavored sparkling water has a mild sweetness which is perfectly balanced by the gentle bubbles. We think this is one of the best lime-flavored drinks out there – satisfying, refreshing, and truly delectable!

4. Blackberry

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So, this is the first berry flavor in our top eleven Bubly flavors, and you may well be surprised that blackberry is the top berry!

Most of us would assume that strawberries and raspberries would rank higher, but this refreshing blackberry-flavored sparkling water beats them all.

And the reason for this? Quite simply, Bubly has somehow managed to harness the very essence of the blackberry – sweet, sour, juicy, fruity, and simply delicious.

The best way to sum up this flavor is to say that it is three-dimensional – it has hidden depths and layers which you wouldn’t normally expect from a fruit drink!

Bubly blackberry sparkling water does have a slightly artificial tang, but it is as close to a juicy blackberry as you will get without crushing real berries into your sparkling water. 

5. Grapefruit

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Now we realize that grapefruit might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this one definitely tops the list if you are looking for a refreshing drink!

Grapefruit Bubly sparkling water, with its pretty pink can, is certainly not the sweetest in the range. In fact, many people say that it tastes bitter, and that is what they love about it!

The best thing is that the flavor is subtle and refreshing, without being too overpowering.

It can be hard to find fruity water which isn’t overly sweet, so this grapefruit-flavored sparkling water breaks the mold here. If you prefer a sharp, tart flavor then grapefruit Bubly is the one to fix your thirst!

6. Cherry

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Many people steer clear of cherry flavored drinks, and for good reason – they can often taste artificial and filled with chemicals, nothing like the juicy red fruits they try to imitate! 

However, Bubly have come up with something special with this tangy cherry drink.

Served in bright red cans, cherry-flavored Bubly sparkling water pitches just the right level of tartness with subtle levels of sweetness perfectly balanced with a clean tangy sharp flavor.

In fact, cherry Bubly is very close to cherry soda in flavor – but without any sugar or added sweeteners. Cherry can be quite heavy on the palette, so not the best for people who prefer a light refreshing drink. 

Cherry Bubly fans say that this flavor is at its best when chilled, so don’t forget to pop your little red cans in the refrigerator!

7. Orange

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Orange flavored drinks can often disappoint – overly sweet, with a chemical tang and very little resemblance to the juicy fruits themselves.

Not this one though – Bubly have perfectly captured the essence of our favorite citrus fruits!

In an orange can (obviously!), Bubly orange-flavored sparkling water has a rich tropical flavor that is light and refreshing.

With just the right amount of fizz, this flavorsome drink will tempt you in with a pleasant fresh aroma and you won’t be disappointed!

Just like the real fruit, orange-flavored Bubly has just a hint of sweetness. The flavor is smooth and citrusy.

Forget about those artificial orange flavors from soda and candy – this tastes like orange in a can!

8. Mango

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Mango fruit is a bit of a ‘love it or hate it’ flavor – many people adore this juicy fruit, while others just can’t stand it.

If you’re in the mango-lover camp, then you will be glad to hear that Bubly mango-flavored sparkling water have managed to capture all of the delightful mango flavors in a little can!

The first thing you will notice when opening a can of chilled mango-flavored Bubly is the aroma – you’ll be instantly transported to a tropical paradise!

Take a sip, close your eyes and you could almost feel the warm sea breeze and rustling palm trees…

Bubly mango-flavored sparkling water tastes invigorating and refreshing and is slightly sweet with no hint of bitterness. This is one of those drinks which tastes like real fruit – an impressive achievement, especially with a mango!

9. Raspberry

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So, when you think of a raspberry drink what do you imagine? Overly-sweet, with an artificial berry flavor? Well, you’re in for a surprise!

Bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water is the exact opposite – tangy, tart, and very fruity!

The first sip can be a bit of a surprise, but we fully expect that you’ll be going back for more. One sip will not be enough!

This is because the initial sharpness quickly makes way for the delectable raspberry goodness.

This flavor may be just too tart for some, but most people find it strangely addictive! Just don’t go in expecting a sweet and smooth fruit drink, because what you will get is the exact opposite!

10. Strawberry

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Mmmmm, strawberries – juicy red little bombs of sweet, succulent flavor!

But somehow strawberry drinks can always be a little bit disappointing – artificial, overly sweet, and nothing like the real thing.

But, then along came Bubly! Their strawberry-flavored sparkling water is tasty, aromatic, and perfectly captures everything we love about these delicious red berries!

With a natural strawberry taste and the perfect level of sweetness, this drink tastes almost as good as real strawberries.

As with most fruity flavors, it doesn’t get top marks for refreshment, but it will certainly give you a lovely ice-cold boost on a warm day.

If you are looking for sparkling water that tastes like real fruit, then Bubly strawberry is a great choice.

11. Apple

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Cracking open a Bubly Apple-Flavored sparkling water is a delicious and indulgent treat – almost like biting into a real apple!

Actually, it makes us a bit sad that it is this far down the list, but it had some tough competition to beat.

An efficient thirst-quencher, this fresh and light sparkling water has a flavor similar to raw apple cider, so don’t expect a sweet artificial fake-apple taste.

Lovers of the apple-flavored Bubly rave about the autumnal apple taste – a million miles from sweet summery apple juices. Think cool breezes, falling leaves, and crisp mornings, and you can imagine how this drink makes you feel. 

But don’t stash this one away just for autumn – this is a flavor for all seasons!

Final Thoughts

It is clear to see that there is a Bubly flavor for everyone out there! From tart and zingy, to sweet and fruity, we can all find a fruity sparkling water we love from this exciting range.

The bright, cheerful cans don’t just look good – the contents are simply delicious too!

The best thing about these flavors is that they are uncomplicated and subtle, so they make great mixers for cocktails and mocktails too.

Our rankings have given pineapple-flavored Bubly a well-earned first place, and this little gem of a drink certainly deserves it!

But we’d also like to give peach, lime, and blackberry a well-earned round of applause – these are not flavors you would normally see topping the charts!

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