15 Best Bowls For Dips Of 2023

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Every gathering needs a good chip and dip spread. It’s a classic party food that never gets old, and it is one that keeps everyone snacking and coming back for more!

When serving chips and dip, you need to do so with a little style. A good dip bowl is essential for any crockery collection in a home, but you do have to put some thought into the dip bowl you buy.

What are the best dip bowls? The best dip bowls keep your dips separate from each other and offer enough space for the amount of dip you want to serve. The best dip bowl will be sturdy, easy to clean, and suited to your aesthetic preferences.

If you often serve dip outside, a plastic dip bowl might be best, or if you want something elegant, a ceramic or glass bowl would be better suited to your needs.

In order to help you find the best dip bowl for your home, we have rounded up the best 15 dip bowls on the market, as well as some buying tips!

Buyer’s Guide – Bowls For Dips

There are some things to keep in mind when picking out the best dip bowl for you to use at home when hosting parties or guests, or for when you just want a bit of a snack at home!

Considering these factors will ensure that the dip bowl suits your needs and that it will be one that lasts for quite some time!


The material of the dip bowl is important to consider. From hosting guests for dinners to any kind of party, ceramic or glass dip bowls are ideal as they are classy and look good, and should fit in with any other dishes used.

When looking for a dip bowl for picnics or for using at kids’ parties or outdoors, it might be best to go with plastic, metal, or wooden dip bowls. These are not as fragile as ceramic or glass and can handle some drops and some traveling.

Consider what you would be using the dip bowl for before deciding which material would be best for you to use. You don’t want the dip bowl to break the first time you use it!


You could look for a dip bowl that matches the shape of your chip server or platter, or other party serving bowls and plates that you have.

Make sure that the shape of the dip bowl makes it easy to get dip out of. For example, a dip bowl for hummus should be wide and not too deep so that you can drizzle some olive oil on top if wanted.

The dip bowl should not be so narrow that it’s difficult to get any chips in the dip!


Consider how much dip you usually serve and how many people you will cater to for a special event before deciding on the size of the dip bowl from there.

Larger parties would call for larger dip bowls, as you don’t want to spend the party filling up the dip bowl, but if you are just serving dip for your family or for a few friends, a smaller dip bowl would be fine.

If the dip bowl is for picnicking, you don’t want one that is too big, as it then becomes difficult to travel with.


If you want to make the most of your dip bowl, you should look for one that can be used for other purposes if necessary. It does help if the dip bowl can be used for sauces, dressings, and even appetizers such as olives or pickles. 

Having a versatile dip bowl means that you can really make the most out of it and that you always have extra little bowls on hand for different sauces and foods.

Number Of Dip Bowls

You need to consider if you are wanting to buy one single dip bowl or a set that has two or more.

This will depend on if you typically serve one dip or multiple, or if you want to have the same dip in different bowls placed around the party for everyone to enjoy.

There are some lovely dip bowl sets to choose from, and some great single bowls too—you just need to decide which would be better for you.


You want your dip bowl to look good when serving chip and dip, so look for one that either matches your other serving dishes or one that you love the design of!

Some dip bowls come on platters, and some come with their own little stands. Have a look to see which dip bowl suits your needs, and then whether or not you like the presentation!

Easy Cleaning

Nobody wants to be stuck washing up hard-to-clean dip bowls in the sink, so look to see if the dip bowl you are wanting to buy can be placed in the dishwasher.

There are many dishwasher-safe dip bowls out there, and if this is something important to you, make sure to check that the dip bowl is dishwasher-safe.

Other Uses For Dip Bowls

Dip bowls can be wonderfully versatile, and other than using them just for a dip, there are some really useful ways that your dip bowls can be used. Here are some ways to use dip bowls in your home:

  • Use them to serve olives or other small appetizers.
  • Use to serve soy sauce with sushi.
  • Use as a prep bowl holding herbs and spices when cooking.
  • Use to hold dressing for salads.
  • Use as a bowl to hold chocolate or caramel sauces for ice cream.
  • Use to hold paint for a creative project.

There really are so many different ways to use a simple dip bowl!

The 15 Best Dip Bowls Of 2021

With all of the above considerations in mind, have a look at our top picks of dip bowls below to find the one that is best for your dip needs!

RankProductBest Feature
1.Belinlen 6 Pack Ceramic Dip Bowl SetBest overall bowls for dips
2.Prodyne Iced Dip-On-Ice Stainless Steel Serving BowlComes with ice carrier to keep dips chilled
3.Colias Wing Simple Style Dipping BowlsSimple, elegant design
4.Selamica Ceramic Dip Bowl SetFeatures beautiful porcelain patterns
5.Mud Pie Dip Bowl SetCute, funny phrases on bowl and knife
6.Farielyn-X Dipping Bowls SetOven, microwave, and dishwasher-safe
7.Thirstystone White Marble Dip BowlMade of solid white marble
8.Maredash Mini BowlsComes with 16 bowls
9.Jarratt Industries Double Dipper BowlsGreat multi-use plastic bowls
10. Delling Ceramic Dip Bowl SetComes in multiple shades of blue
11.Delling Geometric Porcelain Ramekin SetCool geometric design
12.Singkasa Adorable Sauce Dip BowlsComes with little wooden board for bowls to sit on
13.Supreme Housewares Red Gourmet Dip BowlsFun star-shaped bowls
14.Gifteey Natural Acacia Wooden Dip BowlsMade of acacia wood
15.Stick And Dip Salsa Serving BowlsComes with lids for easy storage

1. Belinlen 6 Pack Ceramic Dip Bowl Set

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This set of 6 9-ounce dip bowls is perfect for any home that regularly has guests over or who hosts parties.

The bowls are a trendy square shape, and are plain white, making them easy to match with other serving sets you might have at home.

Made from professional and durable grade porcelain, the bowls are versatile and will last for a long time. They are also dishwasher safe, which is perfect for easy cleaning up after an event!

Perfect for dips, the bowls can also be used for desserts, condiments, dressings, sauces, candies, and so on. They are great little bowls to keep in your cupboard!

2. Prodyne Iced Dip-On-Ice Stainless Steel Serving Bowl

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This 3-piece serving bowl is ideal for when you have a dip that you want to keep cold throughout a party.

Able to hold 22-ounces, the stainless steel bowl is a great shape to hold dip and sits on top of an acrylic break-resistant base.

This base holds ice and cools the steel bowl which holds the dip down.

To ensure that no dip goes to waste, there is a snap-on plastic lid included so that you can cover up the dip when not in use and place it into the fridge.

The set is dishwasher safe, but only in the top rack; however, this still allows for effortless cleaning!

3. Colias Wing Simple Style Dipping Bowls

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These ceramic bowls come in a sleek and elegant black color, but are also available in a wide range of other colors and tones!

These bowls can be used together when you have a lot of dip to serve, with each one measuring 3.5-inches in diameter and 1-inch in size.

All of the bowls in the set are dishwasher safe and durable to last for many parties! Other than to hold dips, the bowls can be used to hold minced ginger, garlic, chili, vinegar, salt, herbs, spices, sauces and so much more. 

The Colias Wing Simple Style Dipping Bowls are such a useful and versatile set of dipping bowls to keep in any home.

4. Selamica Ceramic Dip Bowl Set

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These multi-purpose dipping bowls are a great addition to all kitchens.

They’re not only a great shape to hold dips for chips but also for dipping sauces and appetizers too!

Each bowl has a unique design with vintage porcelain patterns, which add a bit of flair and elegance to your party when serving dips.

Made with high-grade porcelain, the bowls are safe to use in the microwave, the dishwasher, and even the oven, making them very versatile for many different uses.

For easy storage, you can stack the dip bowls on top of each other and store them away, ready and waiting for the next event!

5. Mud Pie Dip Bowl Set

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The Mud Pie Dip Bowl Set is quirky and fun, while still being simple and stylish, and makes for a great present too!

The white dip bowl is made from textured ceramic and is debossed with the words “Dip Dip Hooray” around the inside rim.

Included in the set is a Silverplate spreader with the words “I’m Party Trained” engraved along the knife side.

Measuring 2-inches by 6-inches, the bowl is an ideal size to use for all different types of dips and makes for a fun little addition to a snack table. 

With the serving spreader, you can serve some thicker dips or spreads too, giving you more choice for parties and events.

6. Farielyn-X Dipping Bowls Set

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The Farielyn-X Dipping Bowls Set includes 8 beautifully decorated dipping bowls which all have different colors, patterns, and designs.

Made from high-fired ceramic, the bowls can be placed in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

Each bowl can hold 3 fluid ounces, and measure 4-inches by 0.95-inches, and can be stacked for space-saving storage.

The dip bowls will work to make any chip and dip serving table look great, no matter the theme, and they can be used to hold appetizers, sauces, and different seasonings as well.

With 8 of these bowls included in the set, there is no limit as to what they can be used for!

7. Thirstystone White Marble Dip Bowl

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This bowl from Thirstystone is beautifully simple, made with solid white marble.

The bowl measures 1.75-inches high by 4-inches in diameter and is a great size for serving dip when guests are around.

With an elegant design, it is a great dip bowl to use at just about any indoor event.

You cannot place the bowl in the dishwasher, but it can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. Used for dips, sauces, spices, and appetizers, this bowl will be your go-to when you have guests over.

8. Maredash Mini Bowls

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It does not get more multi-use than these Maredash mini bowls!

These bowls come in sets of 16 pieces, ensuring you never run out of dip bowls at parties!

Holding 6.6 ounces each, the bowls can be used for different dips or for many different sauces or seasonings, and appetizers.

The glass bowls also go with just about every other dish you might have at home, and being heavy-duty, they will last for many years.

All the bowls can be stacked on top of each other for quick and easy storage. The glass bowls can be placed in the dishwasher for simple cleaning, and are all lead-free and BPA-free!

9. Jarratt Industries Double Dipper Bowls

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For picnics, outdoor parties, and kid’s parties, these double-dipper bowls are the best option!

Although made from plastic, the bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

The split-compartment serving bowls can be used to serve the same dip or different dips or dips accompanied by snacks and chips. 

As versatile as it gets, the bowls can be used for chip and dip, lunches, snacks, or even arts and crafts, they are definitely a valuable set to any kitchen!

Choose between sets of 4 or sets of 6 bowls, which come in a range of different colors to add some fun to parties! 

10. Delling Ceramic Dip Bowl Set

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The Delling Ceramic Dip Bowls are easy to care for and durable.

They come in a range of blue hues which will add some color and style to any dip and chip serving!

Each bowl in the 6-piece set can hold up to 3 fluid ounces, which is a good size for dips and sauces. Made from ceramic material, the bowls are safe to be used in the microwave, the dishwasher, and the freezer.

The bowls all have a glazed surface that is corrosion-resistant, which allows them to last for a longer time, and which allows for simple cleaning. Stack the bowls one on top of each other for space-saving storage in the kitchen.

11. Delling Geometric Porcelain Ramekin Set

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These compact geometric bowls are perfect for serving dips to a larger crowd, holding 8 ounces each.

Other than being used to serve dips, the bowls can also be used for desserts, and for small appetizers.

Being ramekins, they are able to withstand heat up to 1400°F, making them suitable for the oven, microwave, and fridge.

The thickness of the bowl is thicker than normal dip bowls, which makes them more durable and sturdy. They will definitely be of great use in your home and will last way longer than other options too.

The large size allows for a larger amount of dip to be served, so you won’t have to spend your time constantly topping the dip up.

12. Singkasa Adorable Sauce Dip Bowls

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While a bit smaller, these mini dip bowls from Singkasa make for a really cute dip feature on your chip and dip table and are sure to be used often.

The three dip bowls are set on a little wooden board, and each has a small spoon to help hold and spread the dip.

The bamboo tray also adds a touch of style to the porcelain bowls too.

Made from strong, scratch-resistant porcelain, the bowls are microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe

Whether you use these at home when guests are over, or when you go out for a family picnic, they will work as a great display for dips, and for different sauces and spices if you are serving dinner too!

13. Supreme Housewares Red Gourmet Dip Bowls

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If you are looking for something fun and cute to serve up dips in, these melamine star dip bowls are a great option.

As they are made from melamine, they are durable and resistant to breaking, making them a good option to use outdoors and for picnics.

They are dishwasher safe on the top rack and are easy to clean with some warm water and soap too.

For kid’s parties, picnics, Fourth of July celebrations, or even on Christmas, these red star melamine bowls will look perfect served out on a table with some delicious dips and chips!

There are 5 bowls included in the set, so you can serve up dips, snacks, and appetizers all in one go using the matching set.

14. Gifteey Natural Acacia Wooden Dip Bowls

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Wooden bowls have such a wonderful look about them.

These elegant and minimalistic bowls will suit many different occasions.

Made from acacia wood, the bowls are durable and have their own unique wood pattern, with each bowl being hand-carved. These also make for a beautiful housewarming or wedding gift. 

Acacia wood is sustainable and quick-generating, recyclable, and eco-friendly, so they are a good option if you are conscious about this.

Durable and long-lasting, the bowls will be a feature in your home for many, many years, and will help you to serve dips, snacks, appetizers, sauces, and much more for many different occasions.

There are 4 bowls in the set, and every single one of them will come in handy.

15. Stick And Dip Salsa Serving Bowls

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This set of 3 red, green, and yellow dip bowls is the ultimate party dip set to serve different dips and salsa. 

All the bowls are BPA-free and are safe to be placed in the microwave and dishwasher.

Made from silicone, the bowls are durable and long-lasting and are safe for the whole family to use.

The bowls come with lids that allow you to save whatever dips you have left, or to pack dips up safely for when going out for a family picnic!

For dips, snacks, and appetizers, these sealable dip bowls are absolutely ideal for every family!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gone over the absolute best bowls for dips on the market, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject!

What are some popular dips to serve?

Some of the most popular dips served are salsa, French onion, guacamole, and sour cream. These are all great for different types of chips, but are especially tasty with some tortilla chips!

What can I serve for dips other than chips?

If you have some great dip to serve but do not want to serve only chips, you could also chop up vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and mini corn to enjoy with the dips.

A good option of dip for cucumber, carrots, and mini corn is hummus.

Can I use dip bowls for sauces?

Dip bowls can be used to serve sauces along with different meals, such as serving a peppercorn sauce with a steak or a ranch sauce with chicken wings.

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