7 Best Bacon Cookers Of 2023

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Bacon is a classic breakfast go-to, but cooking bacon can be such a pain. You have to deal with the hot stove and popping grease and then you and your whole house smell like bacon for the rest of the day!

A great way to avoid the mess and get your bacon cooked faster is to just make it in the microwave! There are some great bacon cookers you can use in the microwave to make a few pieces at a time, rather than the entire package. 

What makes for the best bacon cooker? The best microwave bacon cooker is one that will cook your bacon fully and consistently while crisping it rather than making it rubbery. It’s always a plus if there is some form of grease drainage tray as well, as this makes cleanup a lot easier.

In this guide, we will share with you the 7 best bacon cookers. We’ve sorted through the market to find the very best options to share with you.

While there are quite a few choices out there, we tried to choose the very best based on overall quality so you have only the best available to you! 

How to Choose a Bacon Cooker

There are bacon cooker machines that are not specifically bacon cookers but rather a countertop appliance.

For the purpose of this guide, we are focusing on microwave bacon cookers, but we wanted you to be aware that there are other options. 

Before we jump into our top picks, let’s talk about some details. What is it that might set a bacon cooker apart from the others and make it a best choice for you and your kitchen?

We’ve put together a few simple things to consider that might just help you make the best decision for your needs. 

Microwave Bacon Cooker Vs. Electric

Why should you choose microwave over electric? Well, ultimately, it’s a matter of preference. One is not necessarily the solution to all of your bacon problems. They have some pros and cons on both sides.

When you look at a microwave bacon cooker, it’s just a plastic tool. This device is created for simplicity. You either lay out your bacon or sometimes even hang it from racks and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes. Voila! Bacon.

When it cooks, the fat drips into whatever compartment the bacon cooker provides just for that purpose. 

Obviously, to use a microwave bacon cooker, you have to have a microwave available to do so. The difference for an electric cooker is that it stands alone. It plugs in much like a coffee pot or waffle maker might.

It’s designed almost like a grill or griddle. Sometimes they hold more bacon at one time, but not always. They can be more challenging to clean since they are a small appliance. 


One significant thing that might play into your decision as to whether or not you like a specific bacon cooker would be the size. Remember that most of these will be fairly small because they are designed to fit in the microwave. 

If you have a small microwave, be sure to pay attention to the dimensions so that the size you choose will fit without issue. 

You want to be familiar with just how much bacon your cooker that you choose will hold so you are prepared for how many pieces of bacon you can prepare at one time. 

Quality of Design

All of the various microwave cookers will of course make the claim that they are the best. Some of them really might be, while others don’t live up to their own hype.

You want to know that if the tray says it will crisp your bacon then it really will crisp your bacon. 

You want your bacon to be cooked evenly and consistently. The last thing you want is bacon that is soggy in the middle and burnt to a crisp on the ends. It’s nice if it cooks fairly evenly across the entire surface of the bacon. 

You want a reliable bacon cooker that isn’t going to just fall apart or melt when hit with hot bacon grease.

Ideally, the grease will have a good place to drain away from the bacon and then you can dump the grease or keep it for cooking later, and clean up pretty easily when you’re finished. 

The 7 Best Bacon Cookers

Now that we’ve talked about some qualities to consider and important things to note, it’s time to get down to business. We’ve searched to find the very best options to share with you and we are sure you will find something here you like!

RankProductKey Features
1.PrepSolutions Microwavable Bacon GrillVented lid, even heat distribution
2.Sistema Microwave Easy Bacon CookerGrease draining spout, dishwasher-safe
3.Presto Microwave Bacon CookerCooks 12 pieces, grease pan
4.Makin’ Bacon Microwave Bacon CookerHanging rack, deep grease pan
5.ZFJ Microwave Bacon Cooker RackBacon rack, includes tongs
6.Nordic Ware Bacon RackCan cook sausage, vented lid
7.Emson Bacon Wave Microwave Bacon CookerCooks 14 pieces, dishwasher-safe

We made every effort to choose a variety of options so there would be something for everyone. Below, you will find our top picks for the 7 best bacon cookers available to purchase online today.

1. PrepSolutions Microwavable Bacon Grill

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This simple solution is one of the top choices for a microwave bacon cooker on Amazon.

It’s labeled as an Amazon’s Choice item and it’s highly-rated across the board.

This is designed to work slightly like a grill and it also has a vented lid that increases effectiveness but also reduces grease splatters. 

This little grill can hold several pieces of bacon at once. You will notice that it really is almost like a grill with raised grates for you to place the bacon on to keep it elevated above the grease that drips off the bacon down below it. 

It’s simple and innovative but also very effective. The biggest challenge might be cleaning between the raised grooves, as they are on the narrow side.


  • Vented and secure lid
  • Cooks evenly and consistently
  • Raised grill lines for elevation from grease
  • Can cook other items besides bacon as well


  • The handles get a little bit hot during cooking

2. Sistema Microwave Easy Bacon Cooker

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This microwave bacon cooker is very easy to work with.

It’s a bit on the small side, so you may have to cut your bacon pieces or cook fewer pieces at one time. It’s a nice cooker in both looks and cooking skills. 

This red dish has raised grooves that you set the bacon on and the grease drips below so your bacon doesn’t sit in the grease. This dish also has a pour spot on the side so you can easily drain the grease out before you even remove the lid after cooking.

This is effective and the dish is even safe for both the dishwasher and the freezer. It’s quick and easy and works nicely for cooking bacon, with evenly cooked bacon pieces when you finish.

The lid is also nice because it prevents splatters and helps the bacon cook more evenly. Overall, this is a great design. 


  • Includes a pour spout on the side for grease
  • Elevated grooves so the grease and bacon separate
  • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe
  • Sleek design


  • Fairly small and will only hold about 4-5 slices of bacon at one time
  • Doesn’t separate the grease very well during cooking

3. Presto Microwave Bacon Cooker

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Here is another unique option for your bacon-making needs. This is designed to be a no-mess bacon cooker.

This product has a deep dish with racks. The bacon is meant to be draped over the racks so that the grease can run down into the tray.

You can make up to 12 pieces of bacon at one time in this cooker and it’s designed so that you won’t have splatter messes to clean up either. 

This has a simple design but it works pretty well. It’s not really long enough for full-length bacon, so you will have to pay attention to how you load your bacon for the best results.

The racks just slide down into the dish. The dish itself collects all the grease so you can easily throw it out and wash the dish or even save your bacon grease for later use.

Ultimately, your bacon is supposed to cook crisply, evenly, consistently. It’s simple to work with and you just hang your bacon over the racks to let the tray do the work. It’s easy to store and easy to wash when you are finished as well. 


  • Can cook up to 12 pieces of bacon at a time
  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks bacon consistently and evenly
  • Grease drips below into pan

4. Makin’ Bacon Microwave Bacon Cooker

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Next up, we have a unique option from Makin’ Bacon. This has a little pan with a handle as well as racks that attach into the pan.

You hang your bacon over the sticks and it cooks and drips the grease into the deep plastic pan beneath it. 

The sticks are set up nicely and hold the bacon out of the grease. You can either drape just a few pieces of bacon or stack about 12 slices on the racks for cooking at once.

This rack works really well and has been around for a long time. It’s another highly-rated option across the board and it’s so easy to use.

The dish is easy to clean up and it doesn’t take long for your bacon to cook well. It is dishwasher-safe for cleaning as well. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Unique rack and pan design
  • Easy to clean up and dishwasher-safe
  • The pan is deep enough the grease shouldn’t splatter
  • Hangs the bacon and cooks it from racks


  • Cooking may not be even if you cook a lot of bacon at one time
  • If you cook too long at one time, it might melt

5. ZFJ Microwave Bacon Cooker Rack

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If you like the idea of hanging your bacon and letting it cook to get rid of all the grease or always collect your bacon grease to use for later, this option is perfect.

This is a smaller rack when it comes to similar options, but it cooks well and has a sleek design. It even comes with small bacon tongs so you don’t end up with greasy hands.

Hang your back and it drips into the bowl below. Cooking is even and consistent across the board and your bacon never touches the grease once it’s dripped down.


  • Hanging bacon cooking design
  • Comes with tongs for easy handling
  • Grease drips below into bowl


  • Works best if you only cook a few pieces at a time

6. Nordic Ware Bacon Rack

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It’s also very well-made and highly-rated across the board as one of the top choices on the market for a quality bacon cooker tool.

This bacon cooker is designed with an elevated rack so the bacon does not sit in the grease while it cooks.

Unlike some smaller options on this list, you can put quite a few pieces of bacon on this rack as well. It has a convenient lid so the grease can’t pop and make a mess in the microwave. It is vented to allow proper air flow for cooking as well. 

You can use this bacon cooker for bacon, sausage, or even hot dogs. It’s simple and easy to clean up. On the downside, they recommend that you don’t put it in the dishwasher. 


  • Comes with a lid to reduce grease splatters
  • Bacon sits on an elevated rack off of grease
  • Holds several pieces of bacon at one time
  • Can be used for bacon and sausage as well
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • Works best if you fold the bacon or cut it into half sizes

7. Emson Bacon Wave Microwave Bacon Cooker

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This first option is our top pick overall. The Microwave bacon cooker from Emson is one of the original an “as seen on TV” cookers.

What’s nice about this one is you can cook up to 14 slices at one time. You can also just cook a few slices at a time if you don’t have a big family to feed.

You set the bacon slices up individually, almost like they’re hanging from a spit. As the bacon cooks, the grease drips into an area beneath the bacon so that the bacon isn’t soaked in grease when it’s done.

Your bacon will be crispy and perfect when it’s finished!

This bacon cooker does come in different size options. It cooks the bacon evenly and is a dishwasher-safe tool. It certainly made it into our top choices for a reason! 


  • Cooks up to 14 pieces of bacon at one time
  • Holds the bacon up separate from the grease
  • Dishwasher-safe materials
  • Cooks to crisp perfection


  • The tray really isn’t long enough so it can be tricky to get the bacon to fit just right
  • Takes longer to prepare the bacon for cooking when setting up so many individual slices

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