7 Best 4-Bottle Wine Coolers Of 2023

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If you like to keep your wine cool or at least be able to chill a few bottles to be ready when you need them, a wine cooler helps.

Taking up room in the fridge is simply not a good option. Let’s be honest, the fridge is stuffed full of leftovers and condiment bottles, anyway! 

A wine cooler gives you a separate space that was designed literally to hold your wine bottles. It’s a pretty cool option.

It’s really pretty convenient if you ask us. Wine coolers come in a lot of different sizes. Some of them are as large as a real fridge. Of course, there are also smaller countertop options that just hold about 4 bottles at a time. 

What is the best wine cooler for 4 bottles? There are a lot of great options for a wine cooler this size. In most cases, this is a countertop size that won’t take up a lot of space. You want to look for a style that appeals to you but also be sure to watch the overall quality of the device too. 

In this guide, we will share with you the 7 best 4-bottle wine coolers on the market.

We’ve sorted through an array of options to try to narrow it down the best that we could. We hope that you can find something that seems like a good fit for your needs. 

Keep reading to learn about the best 4-bottle wine coolers and more. 

How To Choose A Wine Cooler

In this particular guide, we are looking specifically at wine coolers that hold 4 bottles. You can certainly find them larger than that if you need or want something bigger.

We’ve put together a few strategic tips to help you make an informed decision when you’re ready. 


While all of these coolers are styled to hold 4 bottles of wine, they still come in different sizes. If you have a specific space that you have available, then it is really important to make sure your cooler will fit that space

Always take a look at the dimensions and then maybe take some measurements in your space just to be sure that the cooler you are going to choose is really going to fit when you get it.

It would be really disappointing to order one only to find it’s 1/2 an inch too tall or something!


We all have our own styles and preferences. Maybe you prefer a wine cooler that has the clear door you can see through. Or perhaps you’re looking for something stainless steel or even a specific color. 

When it comes to choosing your wine cooler, be sure to keep your eye on the design of the cooler too.

You can always match to your theme with other appliances in the area or choose a style on your own. It’s totally up to you! 


Finally, quality is an essential aspect. Purchasing a wine cooler costs a little bit of money.

You want to make sure that you’re spending your money on a product that is going to last you. The materials play a role here. For example, some materials might be more likely to rust or discolor. 

Of course, then there are materials that might be harder to clean and maintain. 

Another great way to gauge the quality is to check out what others are saying. If you have a few moments, scroll through some customer reviews just to see if anything seems sketchy about the product. 

Temperature Control

Wine coolers are slightly different than most fridges. While some of them still will get pretty cool, most of them are designed to cool a certain number of degrees below room temperature.

They can sometimes take a while to cool as well. 

The temperature controls and the range of temperatures are some things you may want to pay attention to as you look at these options. Just be sure that it’s going to cool to your liking in the end.

You will find there is a range of cooling capabilities here. 

Some of the coolers are more similar to a fridge and those generally will get much cooler or at least will reach the coolest temperatures a bit easier. 

The 7 Best 4-Bottle Wine Coolers On The Market

You’ve got a little bit of background information now and some details that you want to keep in mind before you buy.

It’s time to look at the options that we’ve rounded up for you. We did our very best to look at all of the details and really narrow it down for this guide. 

We also worked to have a variety of choices so you can find something for any style, budget, or preference out there. 

Below, you will find our top picks for the 7 best 4-bottle wine coolers that you can buy in 2023.

RankProductBest Feature
1.Koblenz Free Standing FridgeBest overall 4 bottle wine cooler
2.Frigidaire Retro Beverage FridgeFun, retro design
3.Koolatron Urban Series Bottle CoolerAirtight seal around the door
4.Wine Enthusiast Countertop Wine CoolerVery efficient cooling system
5.Kuppet Classic Retro Compact RefrigeratorOperates with low noise levels
6.Cooluli Mini Fridge With Car ChargerThermoelectric technology
7.BLACK+DECKER Wine CellarOperates whisper quiet

1. Koblenz Free Standing Fridge

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This first option is a good choice if you maybe have a narrow space. It can fit in a slim place.

It has 4 racks and each reach is just wide enough to hold a large wine bottle on it. It’s tall and slender by design and it perfectly holds up to 4 bottles. 

This free-standing model has all one zone for cooling purposes. This means the entire fridge says the same temperature. You can set your temperature.

There’s a display and simple controls to adjust it as you need to. The cooling system helps keep the temperature stable when you set it. 

It’s a simple black model. It has a clear panel so you can easily see inside. The handle and the racks are all stainless steel.

This one measures 18 inches high by 7 inches wide and it has a depth of 20.5 inches. There is some minor assembly required, like attaching the handle. 


  • Slim design
  • Simple temperature controls
  • 4 racks for bottles
  • Simple but stylish
  • The cooling system is designed to keep temperatures stable


  • There are very few instructions for the use of this cooler
  • The handle can be a challenge to get attached

2. Frigidaire Retro Beverage Fridge

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If you like the retro style, Frigidaire brings you a really nice option. It’s simple and it’s got modern appeal but it has just hints of retro design that make it fit in both categories.

It’s pretty neat. It’s got a clear glass panel and the inside has a little bit of lighting as well. 

You can control your temperature completely with the ability to adjust to as cool as 38°F.

This model is nice and compact but will hold 4 wine bottles. It could also hold 18 cans instead if you decide to change it up. 

The fridge is made with thermoelectric so that it maintains a steady temperature and doesn’t use any Freon.

The front side of this cooler has stainless steel around the edges. It should fit on most countertops pretty easily but you should check the measurements to be sure. 


  • Fun, retro design
  • Cools down to 38°F
  • Thermoelectric technology
  • Could be used for more than just wine
  • Very simple to use 


  • Sometimes challenging to get as cold as you want it
  • 4 bottles are a tight fit but it does work

3. Koolatron Urban Series Bottle Cooler

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This next option is just slightly larger because it can hold 4 or 6 bottles.

However, you will be happy to find that it’s about the same size as any other cooler that holds 4 bottles.

With the extra space, you might be able to use one or two larger bottles instead if you prefer. 

This cooler is a simple black cooler with a clear facing so that you can see inside.

It has touch control panels directly on the door so you can make adjustments as needed. You can even turn on an LED light on the inside that looks pretty cool. 

The mirrored glass on the door is designed to protect the interior from UV. This helps keep it cooler.

The thermoelectric technology allows you to keep your win between 46-66°F. The door seals airtight so it cools more effectively than some models. 


  • Airtight seal around the door
  • Touch screen display controls
  • LED light on the inside
  • Can hold up to 6 bottles of wine
  • Cools from 46-66°F


  • It runs a bit on the noisy side

4. Wine Enthusiast Countertop Wine Cooler

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This cooler is another 4-6 bottle option.

While it has the ability to hold 4 bottles, it’s the same size as most 4 bottle coolers with just a tad more room on the inside if you need it.

The cooler has a compact design that looks really nice and works well on a countertop.

It’s very easy to use and has no handles to have to figure out how to attach. The front has a glass panel for viewing with light inside. The edges of the frame are stainless steel and the rest of the body is black. 

You can enjoy a touch screen display that allows you to make adjustments and shows your current temperature.

The cooling system is designed to be energy-efficient. This cooler was made by a wine brand specifically. They also back the product with a warranty. 


  • Made by a wine enthusiast
  • Holds 4-6 bottles of wine
  • Sleek design
  • Very efficient cooling system
  • Built to last


  • Takes a while to cool to the temperature, especially if the door gets opened

5. Kuppet Classic Retro Compact Refrigerator

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This next wine bottle cooler is actually a compact fridge.

However, it will work just the same and you can use it for dual purposes if you want or need to.

It’s ultimately the same size as any 4 bottle wine cooler. The biggest difference is you don’t have a clear door. 

This particular cooler is all red, with a retro stainless steel handle. It can hold 4 bottles of wine when you remove the different shelves or space them out properly.

The dimensions measure 19.7 x 18.3 x 17.5 inches. It has a high elasticity seal to hold the cold air in. 

This cooler operates with low noise levels. Since it is a fridge design it can actually get colder than most wine coolers.

If you like chilled or really cool, this is a great option! The temperatures range from 32-50°F and you can adjust them with a knob. 


  • Retro red and stainless steel
  • Styled more like a refrigerator
  • Nice cold temps as low as 32°F
  • Operates with low noise levels
  • Elasticity seal keeps the cold air inside


  • This is not your average wine cooler
  • The exterior materials seem to mar easily

6. Cooluli Mini Fridge With Car Charger

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If you like the idea of a fridge style and chilling capability, here’s another one for you.

This cooler is the perfect size for 4 bottles of wine when you stand them up and remove the interior shelves.

It’s made for several other uses too so it makes it more versatile. 

This plugs in with your typical 12-volt cord. It does operate a bit on the noisy side compared to some options.

What’s really cool is this cooler actually comes with a car charger too so you could take it with you on a trip or travel with it if you needed to. 

You can choose from four different colors. They have white, black, blue, or pink. It’s totally up to you! It has a simple design with a bit of a modern appeal.

The temperature is displayed on the CLD front display and it can be adjusted there. This cooler uses thermoelectric technology. 


  • Thermoelectric technology
  • Several color choices
  • Styled more like a fridge
  • Easy to control temperatures
  • Includes a car charger adapter


  • The temperature control is very touchy and sometimes changes itself

7. BLACK+DECKER Wine Cellar

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Finally, we leave you with one last great choice. This one is a mix between a wine cellar and a fridge.

However, it was designed to be a wine cellar cooler so that’s the winning point.

This particular model has a mirrored glass door rather than clear glass. However, you can get the exact same cooler with a glass door if you want. 

This is another 4-6 bottle cooler. It is the same size as most 4 bottle coolers when you compare dimensions. It’s simple and pretty easy to use. They used thermoelectric technology and the cooler is whisper quiet when it is operating. 

The temperature ranges are supposed to hit anywhere from 46-66°F. You can control those through the touchpad at the top of the door.

There’s even an LED panel to show the temp and a button to turn the light on if you want. Inside you have two chrome shelves with the curves for holding bottles separated. 


  • 2 chrome shelves with bottle curves
  • Unique mirrored glass door
  • Holds 4-6 bottles
  • Operates whisper quiet
  • Very nice quality


  • Some users struggled to get it to cool down to 46°F

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