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Beautiful Pink Fruit (For Your Next Party)

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Who doesn’t love a themed summer party? Whether you’re entertaining your friends or throwing a children’s party, picking a color theme makes everything feel that little bit more special!

But if you’ve gone for a pink party design, finding menu choices to fit can be quite tricky.

So, what kinds of pink fruit could you serve at a party? Commonly available pink fruits include strawberries, grapes, watermelon, and grapefruit. If you feel like branching out into something more exotic, give lychees, dragon fruit, or pomegranate a try.

Feeling inspired to create a fruitful pink display? Let’s take a look at the best and most beautiful pink fruits to serve at a party!

Why Serve Fruit At A Party?

Although we tend to think of party food as something along the lines of a savory buffet and piles of sweet cakes, you’ll be surprised how well a selection of fruit can go down with your guests!

Sometimes we all crave a healthier treat, and what could be better than a freshly prepared fruit bowl on a hot summer’s day?

Fruits have a well-deserved place at any party, whether at a big family dinner to drinks and snacks with friends.

And if you are indulging in a few alcoholic drinks, it can be nice to have something healthy and refreshing to snack on at the same time!

How Do Pink Fruits Get Their Color?

Although many foods come in different colors and shades, we’d have to say that fruit is the most colorful of them all!

Nothing is more tempting than tucking into a succulent blueberry or juicy orange—it is no coincidence that many fruits are named after their colors!

But have you ever wondered why fruits come in so many colors? The color of fruit is designed to attract animals and birds that want to eat them. Yes, that’s right—the fruit wants to be eaten!

This is because animals and birds play a key role in dispersing the seeds of many plants and trees. If the fruit is not eaten, the seeds will not be spread, and the plant cannot reproduce.

So where does the pink color of some fruits come from? 

Food takes on a pink, dark red, blue, or purple color thanks to some natural coloring agents called anthocyanins. There are several different types of anthocyanins, hence the wide range of color shades we see in pink fruits.

But these anthocyanins are not just all about pretty colors, they are also good for us too! These natural organic compounds have natural antioxidant properties, helping to boost our immune systems and keep us healthy.

The fun thing about anthocyanins is that they can change color according to the acidity of their environment.

If you take some beetroot juice and add an acid, such as lemon juice, it will turn bright red. If you add an alkaline, like bicarbonate of soda, it will turn yellow. Clever stuff!

So now we know where pink fruits get their color (and why they are so good for us), let’s find out the best pink fruit to serve at a party!

The Most Beautiful Pink Fruit To Serve At A Party

Are you ready to get some inspiration for the best and most beautiful pink fruits to prepare for your guests?

Let’s take a look at some commonplace fruits you can pick up in your grocery store, as well as some more unusual and exotic pink fruits you might like to try.

Commonly Available Pink Fruits

These are fruits that you should be able to find without too much work, no matter what area you live in. Some of them are seasonal, only available during certain seasons, whilst others can be found in the store all year round.


Watermelon is one of the most easily recognizable pink fruits, with its distinctive vibrant pink juicy flesh encased in a dark green rind. Some varieties of watermelon contain black seeds, although seedless varieties are also available.

Watermelon has a very pleasant fruity flavor, not too strong and overpowering, and full of refreshing juiciness. The texture is soft and almost melts in the mouth, making it suitable for young children as well as adults.

It is also very versatile and can be served in many different ways to treat your guests. You can serve it in whole or part slices, or it can be diced and added to a pink fruit salad.

The high water content of watermelon also makes it a great choice for turning into fruity ice cubes!


Grapes come in many shades of color, from delicate green through to a deep red color. But did you know that there are some varieties of pink grapes too and that they taste absolutely delicious?

Grapes are loved by fruit enthusiasts around the world, and when it comes to pink grapes these are arguably the best variety for eating.

They have a sweet, berry-like flavor and juicy interior. If you’re not a fan of seeds in grapes, seedless varieties are also available.

If you’re serving grapes at a party, remember that they can be a choking hazard for small children. Keep the grape bowl out of reach of little hands, and slice grapes in half if you are adding them to a fruit salad.


Strawberries are red, right?! Well, take a closer look! Yes, the outer surface of a strawberry is a vibrant red color, but cut it in half and you will see a delicate deep pink interior.

And when it comes to serving fruit at a party, the noble strawberry is a firm favorite in many households.

This juicy fruit has a soft texture and a flavor that will please everyone, whether you’re serving fresh strawberries and cream or a sumptuous strawberry punch. Did you know that in Japan, strawberry sandwiches are a popular party delicacy?!

Although we’re used to being able to buy strawberries all year round, you will get the best flavor by buying strawberries during their natural fruiting season, in the summer months.

A strawberry ripened in bright sunshine is one of the wonders of the natural world and would be a great addition to any pink-themed party.


OK, here’s another tricky one—surely apples are either green or red? That’s what any children’s book would tell us anyway! But the truth is that apples, like many fruits, come in many different shades of color.

And when it comes to pink apples, these varieties are some of the most delicious apples of all.

Some pink apple varieties have vibrant pink skin and pale flesh, adding a delightful contrast to your party buffet. One of the most popular pink apples is the Pink Lady, now available to buy all around the world.

But if you’re after something truly different, take a look at the Hidden Rose apple. These crunchy delights have crisp green skin, hiding a vibrant pink flesh underneath.

Mixing slices of these two apples together would be a stunning way to display their unusual coloring.

Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruits are large, round citrus fruits with juicy, tart, and perfectly pink flesh. The taste of grapefruit can be quite bitter and sour; not as sweet as an orange, but nowhere near as astringent as a lemon.

For this reason, grapefruit is normally served with something else to balance out the bitterness. A sprinkling of dark brown sugar or a drizzle of honey can work well, or a spoonful of creamy yogurt can also work wonders.

Grapefruits are also packed full of antioxidants and are thought to help balance out blood sugar levels. Like most citrus fruits, they are high in vitamin C. Give grapefruit a try at your next pink party feast, you won’t be disappointed!


In our opinion, peaches are often underrated, and this delicate fruit deserves more appreciation.

The peach has a soft, pink outer skin, hiding juicy, yellow flesh that melts in the mouth. They are naturally sweet and can be eaten alone or as part of a fruit salad.

Peaches contain a large stone in the center of the fruit that can make them tricky to eat, especially when the fruit is so ripe that the juices start running down your chin!

If you are serving peaches whole at a party, make sure there is a plentiful supply of napkins at hand.

Unusual Pink Fruits

Do you want to surprise your guests with something weird and wonderful? Here are some very unusual pink fruits that many people will never have seen before!


OK, so rhubarb is actually a vegetable, but as we tend to use it like fruit it has earned a place on our list! Rhubarb is mostly eaten cooked, as it can be quite tart when raw.

But cook it up with plenty of sugar, and you’ll be rewarded with an intense fruity flavor that works wonderfully well in many party desserts.

If you want the pinkest rhubarb of all, look for early or forced rhubarb. This is rhubarb that has been grown in the dark, causing the stems to grow quickly upwards in search of light.

The result is tender stems of pale pink rhubarb, absolutely delicious!


Pink might not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of figs, but the dark purple-green exterior hides a pleasant surprise.

The juicy flesh on the inside of a fig is a fantastic pinky-red color, perfect for your pink party delights!

The unusual thing about figs is that they also pair well with many savory foods. Parma ham and figs are a great combination, and these juicy fruits are not out of place on a cheese board either.


Look at a pomegranate on the outside and you may not think it is anything special—a hard leathery skin, with an unappealing yellowy-brown color.

But cut it open and you will reveal hundreds of little fleshy seeds, each one looking like a tiny pink gem!

These little jewels each have an intense burst of sweet, fruity flavor, and can be sprinkled over desserts or added to a fruit salad.

The splash of bright pink color will brighten up your fruity party platter, and we guarantee that these little gems will be eaten in no time at all!


Think of a giant raspberry with dark pink coloring, and you’ve got a loganberry!

These fruits are actually a hybrid created by crossing raspberries with blackberries, although the resulting fruit is much larger than both of these berries.

If you are serving loganberries at a party, bear in mind that they are slightly tart. They will benefit from a little extra sweetness such as sugar or honey.

Exotic Pink Fruits

Now for some weird and wonderful pink fruit suggestions! Some of these might sound far-fetched, but they may be more easily available than you think!

Dragon Fruit

The dragon fruit, commonly known as pitahaya or strawberry pear, is an oval-shaped fruit with pink, leathery skin. Inside this skin is an incredibly sweet pinky-white pulp, speckled with tiny black seeds.

The flavor of dragon fruit is most closely described as a cross between pear and kiwi. Although they may look a bit daunting to eat, the easiest way is to slice them in half and give your guests a spoon to scoop out the flesh.

When served in this way they make a spectacular addition to a dinner party dessert table.


Love is in the air! Lychees are small heart-shaped fruits with pinky-red skin, how romantic! However, don’t be fooled! The skin of the lychee is not edible, but what it contains is a delicious surprise.

The flesh of lychee is white and has a delicious musky, aromatic flavor. It is very juicy and sweet and can be enjoyed fresh or dried.


Guava is an exotic tropical fruit that will delight your party guests with its intense flavor.

The fruit of the guava is pear-shaped with a greeny-yellow outer skin. Cut inside the fruit, and you will reveal a brilliantly pink flesh, peppered with yellow seeds.

The flavor of guava is very fruity and flora, somewhat like a cross between a pear and a strawberry.

Pink Banana

Now, how much fun is a pink banana! Another fruit that has been modified to enhance the pink color, these bananas have fabulous bright pink skin with a soft, fleshy interior.

They are slightly smaller than standard bananas and are a great delicacy for your dinner party guests.

We do have one word of caution when it comes to pink bananas—you must remove the seeds! Unlike normal bananas, these fruits produce seeds, and they are incredibly hard.

This means you either need to warn your guests about the seeds or take the time to pick them all out yourself. 

Pink Pineapple

This is every pink fruit lover’s dream—a pink pineapple! Both the skin and the flesh of these pineapples have a naturally occurring pink color, thanks to some clever work on the part of the pineapple growers.

They are also extra sweet and have a great flavor that your guests will love.

Be aware that pink pineapples are a somewhat luxury purchase, and come with a hefty price tag! But if you are looking for a stunning centerpiece for your pink party fruit platter, this exotic fruit can be a great choice.

Here’s a helpful review of the pink pineapple if you’re thinking of including it in your fruit spread!

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