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11 Best Alani Nu Energy Drink Flavors (Ranked)

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Alani Nu is a relatively new nutritional supplement brand on the market. And while they are still growing, they already have a strong following.

Many people who come across them today aren’t exactly sure what to expect, especially from their energy drinks, which are arguably one of their best sellers. So today, we will take a look at what the best Alani Nu Energy Drink flavors are.

But first, how did we rank the flavors? We started by taking a look at the options that are sold everywhere. This included Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Kiwi Guava, Watermelon Wave, and Mimosa – to name a few.

Then, we personally tried every flavor and ranked them according to our preferences. But naturally, after reading our product descriptions below, you’ll be able to quickly decide what flavor is best for you.

Today, we will take a look at this amazing brand and what they have to offer. We’ll also briefly discuss why they became an almost overnight sensation and what you can expect from their best energy drink flavors today.

Who Is Alani Nu?

Alani Nu is a high-quality nutritional supplement company that specifically targets health and fitness enthusiasts.

They provide a very wide variety of products all with their own set of subcategories and flavors. Some examples of popular items they sell include iced coffee, energy snacks, pre-workout, whey protein, protein shakes and bars, and of course, energy drinks.

What also makes this a great one-stop shop is that they sell a variety of supplemental powders. This includes products like Collagen Peptides, BCAA, Creatine Powder, Multi-Vitamin capsules, and Fish Oil capsules – to name a few.

But what makes them so popular? We think there are a couple of factors that play a role here.

First, obviously, they make and produce high-quality, effective products. They wouldn’t still be on the market (since 2018) if they didn’t.

Secondly, it helps a lot that all of their products are developed, made, and sold directly from the United States. This allows them to be more competitive with their prices, and sell to a different, more upscale target market.

And finally, it could also be their funky colorful, yet modern and somewhat classy branding. This is an eye-catching brand and will stand out above other products on the shelf.

It also doesn’t hurt that they offer many, MANY different flavors for most of their products. Take the pre-workout for example. It comes in 12 different flavors! Plus the package isn’t so big that you are stuck with it for months! You can easily (and affordably) experiment with different flavors.

Alani Nu Energy Drinks – Why Are People Raving?

Now, we cannot outright claim that these are “healthier” than other energy drink brands on the market. After all, the word “health” looks different to different people.

But one reason these are so well-loved is that they are significantly lower in calories than the drinks from their competitors. And they aren’t even marketed as such!

Here are a couple of examples:

Their Breezeberry Energy Drink has 15 calories per serving (which is 12 fluid ounces). Their Blue Slush Energy Drink only contains 10 calories.

Each of their beverages, no matter what flavor it is, contains less than 15 calories in total.

These energy drinks also do contain caffeine, up to 200mg per drink. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing and in moderation, is always good. Plus, there are very few caffeine-free energy drinks on the market. The caffeine part of it is kind of the point.

Another reason Alani Nu Energy Drinks are so popular is because of their variety. On their website, they list 17 different flavors! This allows them to cater and sell to a much broader market! 

The variety allows YOU to pick what you are in the mood for. And trust us, it’s hard to run out of options!

Alani Nu Energy Drinks all look uber inviting, refreshing, and from testimonials, you’ll immediately see how effective they are.

How Did We Rank the Energy Drink Flavors?

Obviously, flavors are ranked by personal preferences. And the way we ranked today’s drinks has two parts to it.

The first is generally popular flavors, and the second is our personal preference.

How do we know which flavors are popular? We couldn’t find any sales statistics for these energy drinks (which is pretty normal for small companies like this).

But you can decide by looking at which flavors everybody sells. If all the retailers sell Watermelon Wave, it’s obviously a pretty popular flavor.

Next, you can look at how many flavors are sold. If they sell 5 flavors, then those 5 flavors must be some of the most popular options.

And finally, of all the options on the shelf, whichever is usually sold out first is often the most popular.

So, taking all of that into consideration, we made a list. Then, we personally tried each of these flavors and ranked them accordingly.

If you love a flavor that isn’t on this list, let us know if we missed something magical! We would be more than willing to give it a try!

But for now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Alani Nu Energy Drink Flavors ranked.

11 Best Alani Nu Energy Drink Flavors (Ranked)

Again, the ranking below is based on the most popular flavors on the market (the ones that sell the best) and our personal preferences.

If you think we’ve got it wrong, let us know which flavor is your favorite!

1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Not to sound too confident, but we are pretty sure that the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Energy Drink is the world’s most popular flavor from this brand. You see it everywhere! People love it!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

So, why do we love it?

First of all, it has a delicious, uber-refreshing, and punchy flavor of strawberries and coconut. Who doesn’t love that? 

Nutritionally, it’s also pretty impressive. Like most of the energy drinks from Alani Nu, this one is completely gluten-free, vegan, and contains added vitamins B6 and B12.

They also don’t include any added sugar, which significantly lowers the calorie count per drink (10 calories for Hawaiian Shaved Ice). 

When it comes to caffeine, each can contain 200mg, which isn’t a lot, but enough to give you the energy kick that you need.

This drink is naturally flavored and will certainly re-energize you before your workout or busy day!

2. Mimosa

Next up, we have the Mimosa Flavored Energy Drink – because who doesn’t want to feel like they are on vacation in the middle of the week?


The Mimosa drink is pretty much the same as all the others, except for the flavor, of course. It has a unique orange flavor that immediately makes you think of laying on a beach! But the added zesty flavors are what sets it apart from regular fizzy orange juice.

The Mimosa Energy Drink is also gluten-free, vegan, and has added vitamins B6 and 12. It’s all naturally flavored and contains no added sugars, giving it only 10 calories per can. And for the caffeine count, you are still looking at 200mg per serving.

3. Kiwi Guava

Honestly, two of our favorite tropical fruit flavor combinations are kiwi and guava. It’s extremely refreshing but not overwhelmingly zesty or tart. The kiwi brings freshness, whilst the guava flavors bring rich, full flavor.

Kiwi Guava

The first major difference between this flavor and others is that it is naturally AND artificially flavored. This makes sense because guava isn’t a common fruit naturally found in the United States. For that reason, most US-based companies use artificial flavors.

That being said, it’s still relatively healthy. It’s vegan, doesn’t contain gluten, has added vitamins, and only contains 200mg of caffeine.

And again, they don’t add any sugars, making this drink truly guilt-free.

4. Watermelon Wave

Few things scream summer like watermelon does. But what makes us LOVE this flavor is that it also contains notes of orange, cherries, and red grapes. This pairing creates a unique fresh flavor that has sweetness, an undertone of zest, and a notable tart or rangy flavor.

Watermelon Wave

If you love exciting flavors, this option is definitely the one for you! And all of the flavors are completely natural!

In our opinion, this is the ultimate energy drink for picnics, beach days, sports events, or any outdoor activity in the summer.

And again, it’s gluten-free, safe for vegans, has no added sugar, and only 200mg of caffeine.

5. Tropsicle

Doesn’t this flavor just sound fun? That’s another reason we love the Alani Nu product range! Not only do their designs make you crave the product, but so do the names!


Tropsicle can be best described as a zesty, refreshing pineapple energy drink. We did also pick up some orangy flavors, but couldn’t find any reference to it. So maybe that’s just our imagination. Nevertheless, the zestiness is certainly super refreshing.

Nutritionally, this energy drink flavor looks like all the others. We wouldn’t say there is anything more special about it. But it’s still an impressive, low-calorie drink.

While many of the other flavors leave up craving something to eat, this one is perfect and super filling on its own. Definitely give it a try and let us know what you thought!

6. Dream Float

This flavor has us super confused at first. What does “Dream Float” even mean? It doesn’t describe any specific flavor, instead more like a feeling.

Dream Float

When you look at the design of the can, albeit pretty and super fun, it still doesn’t clarify things! Ice creams and oranges? Is that the flavor they are going for?

But as shocking as it may sound, that’s exactly what hits your palate. The Dream Float flavor was a surprise, to say the least.

You literally think of soft swirl vanilla ice cream and orange juice. Maybe even naturally flavors soft swirl orange ice cream, if you’ve ever had such a thing.

But this delicate flavor makes you feel a sigh of relief like you are floating in a dream. That’s pretty much the best way we can describe it. And yes, it’s ironic considering it’s supposed to give you a kick of energy – which it still does. 

Nutritionally this can look like all the others, except it is both naturally and artificially flavored.

7. Cosmic Stardust

We told you the names were super creative! And this one was difficult to figure out because the branding doesn’t really give away anything about the flavor to come.

Cosmic Stardust

In the simplest explanation, it tastes like grape-flavored candies. Maybe even slightly sour candies. It’s hard to describe, but that’s what also made it so addictive! Plus, for those who LOVE super sweet drinks, this one is for you.

As always, their drinks are vegan, gluten-free, have added vitamins B6 and B12, don’t contain any added sugars, and contain 200mg of caffeine.

8. Breezeberry

One type of berry flavor you don’t often find alone is blueberry, which is part of why we are obsessed with the Breezeberry Energy Drink. 


More often than not, this delicious sweet and slightly tart flavor is overwhelmed by its accompaniments (like strawberries or cherries). But not today!

If you love blueberries, you will love this energy drink! And what makes it even more amazing is that it’s still all naturally flavored!

We know that we would love this drink during the winter or autumn months. But it will still quench your thirst alongside a fruit bowl.

9. Witch’s Brew

When we think Halloween and think Witch, immediately candied apples come to find. And we were so close to getting it right. But honestly, this flavor far exceeded our initial expectations!

Witch's Brew

The Witch’s Brew Energy Drink has an unmistakable caramel apple flavor. It’s very sweet, and has a strong apple and caramel flavor, with a slightly sour undertone. This makes it refreshing AND hefty at the same time.

So, to get into the Halloween spirit, grab this drink to bring out your spooky side!

10. Cherry Slush

Cherry-flavored products are only good if they are naturally flavored. So, as you can imagine, this beverage is exceptional!

Cherry Slush

It tastes almost exactly like the Cherry-flavored slushies you used to get at the movies.

They are sweet and have a rich cherry flavor but with a slightly tart undertone. For a trip down memory lane, definitely grab one of these!

11. Blue Slush

Last but not least, we have blue slush. As you can now guess, it’s similar to the cherry slush but mimics the classic Blueberry slushy drink – a true blast from the past.

And like the Breezeberry Energy drink, this one is also all naturally flavored, made from real blueberry extracts.

Each can is vegan, gluten-free, low in calories, contains 200mg of caffeine, and has added B6 and B12. 

Blue Slush is perfect for any occasion. And while it may not have made the very top of our list, we have a feeling that it may just become one of your favorite options to try! It’s just a little unexciting in comparison to the others ranked higher on our list today.

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  1. Great blog post! I’m a big fan of Alani Nu energy drinks, I’ve also tried a few of the other flavors on your list, and I really enjoyed them all. Mimosa is a great choice for a light and refreshing energy drink. Tropsicle is perfect for when you’re craving a tropical flavor. And Arctic White is a good option for those who prefer a more neutral flavor.

    Overall, I think Alani Nu energy drinks are some of the best on the market. They’re delicious, they’re sugar-free, and they give you a great boost of energy. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a healthy and tasty way to stay energized. I have also write a blog alani energy drink flavors click my name to visit website

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