What Is Creamed Cottage Cheese?

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Cottage cheese is a popular option for a healthy and tasty side. Of course, there are many different types of cottage cheese and the type that you use will depend on your flavor preferences or even what it is you are eating. 

Creamed cottage cheese is often compared to ricotta, but it is completely different, just as it is different from traditional cottage cheese. 

So what exactly is creamed cottage cheese? Creamed cottage cheese has some sort of cream or dairy added to it in order to make it more creamy, soft, and spreadable.

In this guide, we will share with you exactly what creamed cottage cheese is, as well as how it’s different from traditional cottage cheese and other similar items like ricotta. 

Stick with us to learn all about creamed cottage cheese and more. 

Creamed Cottage Cheese

Let’s start with a basic overview or explanation of just what creamed cottage cheese is. This is not your everyday cottage cheese, but it’s close.

It’s simply cottage cheese with a twist. You can purchase creamed cottage cheese or you can try to make your own at home in a pinch. 

Creamed cottage cheese combines some sort of light cream dressing with low-fat cottage cheese. This is the traditional way it is made, but if you are making it at home, you can deviate slightly. 

Most creamed cottage cheese will have milkfat levels of at least 4%. For comparison, whole milk is about the same percentage.

Creamed cottage cheese has often been compared to cream cheese because of the thick and creamy texture. However, creamed cottage cheese will still have curds from the cottage cheese portion of the dish. 

Creamed cottage cheese uses full fat or full curd cottage cheese as opposed to dry curd cottage cheese.

Creamed Cottage Cheese Vs. Cottage Cheese

There is a distinct difference between cottage cheese and creamed cottage cheese but only because creamed cottage cheese is cottage cheese plus the addition of cream. 

You will most definitely find a textural difference between the two because while creamed cottage cheese still has the curd, it is also made to be creamy.

This makes creamed cottage cheese both creamy and smooth when compared to traditional cottage cheese. 

You should also know that cottage cheese has both regular cottage cheese or dry curd cottage cheese. Dry curd cottage cheese is not applicable here. In fact, you may not have even known it was a thing. 

You’re most likely used to the cold, wet cottage cheese you get most of the time from the dairy section at your grocery store. Dry curd is actually dry and crumbly. 

Creamed cottage cheese uses regular cottage cheese as the base and then the cream or light cream dressing is added to it in order to make it creamy and smooth. 

Creamed Cottage Cheese Taste

Creamed cottage cheese is going to taste very similar to regular cottage cheese.

It will be more creamy and therefore have a heavier cream flavor, but the overall mild and light flavor of cottage cheese is still going to be prominent with this food. 

Your creamed cottage cheese is going to have flavor from the cream or dressing used to make it creamy, paired with the flavor of traditional cottage cheese.

Creamed Cottage Cheese Texture

The texture of creamed cottage cheese is somewhat unique. A lot of people compare creamed cottage cheese to something like cream cheese or sour cream for its soft and spreadable texture.

However, creamed cottage cheese still has individual curds in it, making for a soft yet lumpy texture. The cream makes it more smooth and creamy, but if you’re expecting a completely smooth texture, that is not what you will get. 

It’s almost like crunchy peanut butter as opposed to creamy peanut butter. You still get that creamy and smooth texture, but it has some additional texture to it.

Obviously, creamed cottage cheese will not be crunchy, but it will have those curds in it from the cottage cheese.

If you are concerned that the texture of curds in creamed cottage cheese is going to bother you, you can always blend it to reduce the curd texture.

If you make your own, you can even be sure to use small curds so that it won’t be so prominent in the end. 

Making Your Own Creamed Cottage Cheese

If you need creamed cottage cheese for a recipe, you can create your own as a DIY project. This may not turn out exactly like store bought creamed cottage cheese, but you can get pretty close. 

The best way to make creamed cottage cheese is just to blend up a cottage cheese with high fat content.

You can also add cream or whole milk to add to the creaminess. Some people even elect to add sour cream with a high fat content and mix their cottage cheese with that. 

There are a few different things that you can use here. Try heavy cream, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, or even whole milk. 

We recommend using a blender or a food processor and blending together the cottage cheese as well as whatever you are using for your cream. 

Ricotta Cheese Vs. Creamed Cottage Cheese

Ricotta cheese and creamed cottage cheese are very similar. If you want to just use a substitute as opposed to making your own creamed cottage cheese, ricotta cheese might be a good solution for you to try. 

The biggest difference between these two is that ricotta is a fine cheese to begin with. Cottage cheese tends to be lumpier because the curd is much thicker than the natural texture of ricotta cheese. 

Both of these have a similar thickness but ricotta will be more grainy in nature than creamed cottage cheese tends to be. 

Probably the biggest difference that you will find between ricotta cheese and creamed cottage cheese is that ricotta is not a high fat content product and is actually made with skim milk.

Substitutes For Creamed Cottage Cheese

If you need creamed cottage cheese and can’t find it anywhere, don’t get too upset. While you probably won’t find an exact substitute, there are some substitute options out there you can turn to. 

Here are some good substitutes for creamed cottage cheese:

  • Plain yogurt
  • Tofu
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Cream cheese
  • Ricotta
  • Homemade creamed cottage cheese

These are some good alternatives when you need them. For the closest result, we recommend making your own creamed cottage cheese using high fat cottage cheese and then cream to give it the creamy effect you need. 

Related Questions

We hope that this guide to creamed cottage cheese is helpful for you. It’s just a creamy version of cottage cheese but it can sometimes be hard to find in stores.

This is used most often for cheesecake and other cooking options. It’s not usually bought just to eat plain but you certainly could. 

Take a look at the following question and answer section for some additional information that might be useful to you. 

Does Creamed Cottage Cheese Have A Smooth Texture? 

Yes, and no. Creamed cottage cheese is considered to be smooth and creamy. However, it may still have curd from the cottage cheese depending on how it was made.

There is a chance that it won’t be perfectly smooth because of the curds in cottage cheese. 

Is Cream Cheese The Same As Cream Cottage Cheese?

These two things really are very different. While you might be able to use cream cheese as a substitute for creamed cottage cheese, they are not the same thing. 

Cream cottage cheese is made with cottage cheese and cream combined together. This means it will still have the curds of the cottage cheese. However, cream cheese is smooth and will never have the issue of curds in it. 

What Is In Creamed Cottage Cheese?

This is the combination of cream and cottage cheese. The milkfat percentage needs to be at least 4% to have the desired effect. The cream is typically heavy cream but it might also be a light cream dressing or some other form of cream. 

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