tortillas for breakfast burritos

Best Tortillas for Breakfast Burritos

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Breakfast burritos are like a blank canvas that can be painted with any type of ingredient that you desire! But there is one ingredient that remains constant and literally ties everything together: the tortilla! 

Quite simply, if you don’t use a high-quality tortilla then you might compromise the flavor and texture of your breakfast burrito.

What are the best tortillas for breakfast burritos? If you want the very best tortillas then we highly recommend going with tortilla brands like La Tortilla Factory, Maria & Ricardo’s, and Mission Foods. You can also go with great value options like Trader Joe’s, Tortilla Fresca Organic, and more!

Read below to learn more about the art of making the perfect breakfast burrito and how to pick the right tortilla for your favorite burrito. 

How Are Tortillas Made?

Tortillas play an integral part in Mexican cuisine and are widely used to make a range of wraps.

They are an inexpensive and nutritional ingredient that can not only add flavor and texture to wraps but they also hold everything together.

Tortillas can be made using cornmeal or regular flour. Traditionally, corn tortillas have been the default choice because corn has been the primary ingredient for various types of tortillas for thousands of years. 

Corn-based tortillas provide a better texture and are also more nutritionally valuable. They can also take on varying textures when they are toasted and can hold liquid ingredients much better without getting too soggy. 

Corn tortillas require more strenuous manufacturing processes than flour-based tortillas because of the rough and tough texture of corn. 

First, the corn kernels are soaked in a warm water and limestone mixture. The limestone helps release starch from the superficial layer of the corn and makes it easier to work with as it cooks. 

The kernels are then drained and sent to a large grinding machine that grinds the corn kernel into a mixture called masa. This pliable mixture is then pressed and shaped to form a single sheet. The sheets are then cut in circles to create a single tortilla.

Flour-based tortillas are also quite famous and are an excellent choice for people who want a light-textured and easy-on-the-stomach tortilla that they can use in the same way as corn tortillas. Flour tortillas are made from a simple mixture of flour, water, and shortening. 

Flour tortillas can be made at home and can also be bought from virtually any store. Although they aren’t traditionally used, they are the preferred choice for many when it comes to making delicious breakfast burritos. 

Let’s take a look at the different characteristics of corn and flour tortillas!

Corn Tortilla Characteristics 

Here are all the important characteristics of these delicious traditional tortillas:

corn tortillas


Corn tortillas have a nutty, sweet, and predominately corn-like flavor that pairs well with various ingredients. Perhaps the best thing about corn tortillas is that you can also roast them over a pan or an open fire to give them an even deeper level of flavor. 

When roasted, corn tortillas take on a mature flavor and can work well with other commonly roasted ingredients like rajas or even beans. 


Corn tortillas have a smooth and chewy consistency. They can maintain their shape for longer and have just the right mouthfeel, even when paired with moisture-rich ingredients. 

The texture of the tortilla will largely depend on the brand, but since corn tortillas are made using masa, you can expect them to be a bit more grainy and full of texture than flour tortillas.

When toasted or fried, corn tortillas can take on a crispier texture. 

For example, toasting the tortilla over a non-stick pan will cause it to lose water and become crispy, while frying it will give it an even deeper crunch, much like a cracker. 

Fresh corn tortillas, which can puff up when toasted, are an excellent choice for breakfast burritos because they can easily wrap around wet ingredients and provide a satisfying mouthfeel and texture.

Flour Tortilla Characteristics 

Flour tortillas are another fantastic choice for making any type of breakfast burrito! Here are some of its characteristics:

tortillas for breakfast burritos


Flour tortillas have a mild flavor which can be accentuated if you toast the tortilla over a grill. Since flour tortillas are made using simple ingredients, they don’t provide a lot of flavor, but you can still use a range of flours to make your tortillas stand out.

Tortillas are usually made with shortening, but you can use any type of fat to change the flavor profile of the tortillas.

For example, some people like to use vegetable oil, butter, or even chicken fat to make the tortillas, each ingredient will provide a different flavor that can add to the overall flavor of your burrito.


Flour tortillas are easy on the stomach and can be less chewy if they are made with white flour. Going with grainer flour will affect the texture of the tortilla and enhance its mouthfeel – but if you want to keep it simple, then just go with white flour since it can balance the flavor of your breakfast burrito.

The best thing about flour tortillas is that they puff up very nicely when they are toasted which gives them an almost flaky texture.

Flour tortillas also absorb flavors much more prominently than corn tortillas. They can also turn limp if you add too many wet ingredients to your breakfast burrito. 

Best Tortillas for Breakfast Burritos 

If you don’t want to make fresh tortillas at home, then you can go for the next best thing! The following tortilla brands have been handpicked by our staff because they provide more or less the same flavor as fresh tortillas and they even boast an impressive nutritional profile as well.

Brand nameFeatures
1.La Tortilla FactoryCorn and flour-based tortillas; Focus on healthy ingredients, non-GMO and unbleached flour; Natural and fresher texture;
Tortillas hold their shape without being too thick or chewy
2.Maria & Ricardo’s Mild flavor and light texture of tortillas; High-quality ingredients for great taste and texture; Fresh and soft tortillas due to better manufacturing techniques
3.Mission Foods Using high-quality, non-chemically treated flour; Soft yet sturdy tortillas, ideal for stuffing with multiple ingredients; Balanced carbohydrate profile
4.Olé Mexican FoodsSimple and fresh tortillas for everyday breakfast burritos; Yellow and white corn tortillas, wholewheat, and flour tortillas available; No tears, crumbs, or mess, made from high-quality ingredients
5.Old El PasoClassic option with high-quality flour and super soft texture; Excellent mouthfeel without being grainy; Variety of tortillas, resealable bags for easy storage and freshness maintenance

Here are the best tortilla brands for breakfast burritos:

La Tortilla Factory

La Tortilla Factory is a well-known tortilla brand that produces both corn and flour-based tortillas for breakfast burritos and everyday wraps! Their main selling point is their focus on healthy ingredients. They use non-GMO ingredients and unbleached flour, which gives their tortillas a more natural and fresher texture. 

La Tortilla Factory

Unlike other tortillas that can tear open due to moisture-rich ingredients, these tortillas hold their shape – and that too without being too thick or chewy! 

Maria & Ricardo’s

Founded by the sibling duo of the same name, this tortilla brand is consistently ranked as one of the best-selling tortilla brands in the world. They produce both corn and flour-based tortillas and use high-quality ingredients that add to the overall mild flavor and light texture of these wraps. 

Maria & Ricardo's

Keep in mind that high-quality ingredients don’t always equate to great taste and texture – but Maria and Ricardo manage to pull both features off by implementing better manufacturing techniques that keep their tortillas fresh and soft.

Mission Foods Tortillas

Mission Food has cemented itself as one of the most prominent and popular tortilla brands in the North American region. The reason why these tortillas are so beloved is that they are made using high-quality and non-chemically treated flour which makes soft yet sturdy tortillas.

Mission Foods Tortillas

This means that you can stuff (and even overstuff) your breakfast burrito with several ingredients without worrying about tears and drips. These tortillas will provide you with not just flavor and texture but also a balanced carbohydrate profile which is guaranteed to keep you going till your next meal. 

Olé Mexican Foods

Olé Mexican Foods likes to keep it simple and fresh – and if you are looking for a straightforward everyday breakfast burrito tortilla, then we highly recommend that you pick this brand. They provide yellow and white corn tortillas as well as wholewheat and flour tortillas.

Olé Mexican Foods

You can pick any tortilla from them and forget about random tears, crumbs, or virtually any other type of mess. These tortillas are made from high-quality ingredients and they are the default choice for people who like to go a bit extra with their breakfast burrito at home!

Old El Paso Tortillas

Old El Paso tortillas are another classic option for breakfast burritos. These tortillas are made from high-quality flour and are specifically designed to be super soft. They provide an excellent mouthfeel without being too grainy and can complement any type of ingredient in your burrito. 

Old El Paso Tortillas

Old El Paso is known for its variety of tortillas and they even sell shells and bowls! These tortillas also come in resealable bags which makes them very easy to store and maintain their freshness for longer!

Related Questions 

Breakfast burritos usually require a sturdy and high-quality tortilla that can contain all the ingredients without tearing or getting overly soggy, now that you know the best tortilla brands, here are some related questions: 

What is the Best Way to Store Breakfast Burrito Tortillas? 

The best way to store tortillas is to store them in the fridge at 40F. As soon as you open the packet, you should ideally keep the leftover tortillas in the fridge so that they can maintain their freshness for longer. For an even better experience, try storing the tortillas in an airtight bag to keep them fresh for up to a week.

What Type of Tortilla is Best for Breakfast Burritos?

If you want the best texture from your breakfast burrito, then we highly recommend that you go with flour-based tortillas, not only do they provide the right mouthfeel but they can also maintain their shape. Just don’t go overboard with the ingredients and try to minimize moisture-rich ingredients to get the most out of flour tortillas. 

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