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How To Toast English Muffins In The Oven

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English muffins are the favorite breakfast bread of many people. These pale-looking small bread changes greatly when you toast it, becoming crispy on the outside while remaining soft and chewy on the inside. 

The good thing is, you can toast English muffins in many different ways aside from using a regular toaster. The oven, for example, is one of the best ways to toast English muffins. 

How to toast English muffins in the oven? First, you need to split the English muffins. Then place them in the oven preheated to 350 degrees and bake them for 10 minutes on each side. You can butter the slices for added flavor and an elevated brown color on the toasted bread. 

This article is your guide to toasting English muffins without a toaster. Continue reading for step-by-step instructions for toasting English muffins in the oven and getting tips for making the process easier and quicker.

You will also learn about other methods for toasting English muffins without a toaster. 

What Are English Muffins And Why Do You Need To Toast Them?

English muffins are a round and flat type of yeast-leavened bread. They are a popular breakfast bread option often served with scrambled eggs or eggs benedict, with butter and jam, and a range of other toppings. 

But unlike other breads that you can enjoy for breakfast without the added effort of toasting them, English muffins should always be toasted. 

Firstly, because English muffins feel raw before they are toasted. Secondly, toasting greatly improves the texture of English muffins making them crispy on the outside and soft and chewy inside

And lastly, toasting makes English muffins taste better. English muffins are usually rather bland. Browning the muffins gives them more flavor. It also makes them look good as ‘raw’ English muffins look quite pale. 

What Is The Best Way To Toast English Muffins?

The best way to toast English muffins is using a toaster. A toaster quickly browns both sides of the bread and prepares it for all your favorite toppings.

All you have to do is to divide the English muffins into two parts and place them in a regular toaster. Select the toasting level and temperature depending on how crunchy and brown you like your English muffins to be. 

Remove the bread when it’s ready and spread butter on it while it is still hot. Then add your favorite toppings and enjoy. 

How To Toast English Muffins Without A Toaster

Don’t be sad if you want to have English muffins for breakfast but you don’t have a toaster. There are a few other ways to get English muffins toasty. 

You can use a pan, an air fryer, a toaster oven, and even toast the English muffins by holding them over an open fire

The oven, however, is one of the best ways to toast English muffins evenly and without much effort. 

How To Toast English Muffins In The Oven?

Oven-toasted English muffins are crispy on the outside. The inside of the muffins remains soft and fluffy, providing the perfect texture for your breakfast sandwiches. 

Here are step-by-step instructions for toasting English muffins in the oven.

  1. Preheat the oven. Set the oven to 350°F and let it heat up while you prepare the English muffins. 
  2. Cut the English muffins in half using a knife. You can divide the English muffin into two parts using a fork too. Simply poke them 3-4 times all the way around the English muffin, then split the muffin in half.
  3. Slather the English muffins with butter. Apply butter on both parts of the muffin. You don’t have to use a lot of butter if you are trying to keep your calorie intake at bay. A small amount of butter spread evenly on the English muffin slices will make everything taste and look much better. 
  4. Now it’s time to bake. Arrange the muffins on the baking pan with the cut side down. If you are toasting only a couple of muffins, put them at the center of the pan. 
  5. Brush the outside with melted butter. While this step adds extra calories, it does make the muffins look more appetizing. 
  6. Put the baking pan on the middle rack. 
  7. Bake the muffins for 10 minutes or until they are golden. Keep an eye on the muffins so that they don’t burn. 
  8. Flip them and toast for another 10 minutes. You can leave them in the oven a few minutes longer if you like them darker. 
  9. Once ready, remove the English muffins from the oven and serve while they are warm. 

Tips For Toasting English Muffins In The Oven 

Toasting English muffins in the oven is a fairly straightforward process. Plus, while the muffins get toasty in the oven, you can prepare the rest of your breakfast.

But sometimes you may not have the time for such an elaborate breakfast. Here are a few tips to help you speed up the process of preparing breakfast. 

Broiling English Muffins

If you find that the process of toasting English muffins in the oven takes too long, turn on the broil setting of your oven. The muffins will get toasty and will nicely brown in a much shorter period of time. 

When broiling, put the English muffins as close as possible to the broiler. To make it even quicker, don’t spend time spreading the butter on the slices.

Just put a cube of it on each slice. The butter will melt and create the crust you are looking for in your toasted English muffins. 

When using the oven’s broiler to toast the English muffins you need to keep a close eye on them as the muffins may burn quickly. 

Use Toppings 

To speed up the process of making breakfast or lunch, you can add the toppings to your English muffins while they are toasting in the oven. 

Add the toppings when you flip the muffins. You can use cheese, vegetables, as well as pizza sauce and pepperoni slices to turn your English muffins into mini pizzas. 

Freeze Leftover Oven-Toasted English Muffins 

If you have toasted more English muffins than you needed, don’t discard them. Let them cool completely. Then wrap the toasted English muffin slices with food wrap or foil and store them in the freezer. 

Untoasted English muffins freeze well. And so do the toasted ones. In fact, toasting removes the moisture from the muffins which makes them freeze even better.

Additionally, as the muffins are already toasted, they will take less time to warm up. 

Other Methods For Toasting English Muffins Without A Toaster 

If you don’t have a toaster and don’t want to use the oven to toast your English muffins, there are a few other methods you can go for. 

Using A Pan

A quick way to toast an English muffin without a toaster is by using a frying pan. Cut the muffins horizontally and place the slices in the pan over medium to high heat

If you want the slices to be well-browned, add butter into the pan before you put the slices. Toast the muffin slices on both sides and remove them from the pan. 

Using The Air Fryer

If you own an air fryer, you can use it to toast English muffins too. Set your air fryer to 400°F. Divide the English muffin into two parts, place them in the air fryer, and fry for around 4 minutes

Using The Toaster Oven

A toaster oven will work just as well for toasting English muffins as a regular oven. Cut the English muffin in half and place the slices on the middle rack of your toaster oven. 

You can butter both sides of the slices for a richer flavor and color. Toast using the Drak setting of the toaster oven. It will take the English muffin around 5 minutes to get all crispy and brown in the toaster oven. 

Toasting On Open Fire 

If you don’t have any of the above-mentioned appliances, you can try toasting your English muffins over an open flame. Slice the muffin in half.

Put a slice on a fork and hold it over the fire. It can be a campfire, barbecue, or the flame on the stove. 

A metal plate placed on the stove will work too. Place the muffin halves on the hot plate and toast until you reach your desired color and level of crispiness. 

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