Quarter Sheet Cake Size – Everything You Need To Know

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Ever been confused by the sizes of cake pans? Don’t worry if you have been! You’re not alone; this is a common issue faced by many people.

The problem with not just ordering but also preparing a sheet cake is the confusion that surrounds its size, and it is one that many amateur bakers face as well.

There are several sheet cake sizes and knowing how big they are and the number of people they’d be able to cater to is a vital step in determining how much you can get out of them. 

You wouldn’t want to end up with a small cake that isn’t even enough to feed the people at the party!

So, what is a quarter sheet cake size? It is one of the many sheet cake sizes and is perfect for small to medium-sized parties. It is typically 13 x 9 inches big and 1-2 inches deep, and can easily feed 20 people or more with generous portion sizes.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about a quarter sheet cake size, including how deep they typically are and the number of people they can feed!

What Is A Sheet Cake?

Before we discuss the quarter sheet cake size, let’s talk a bit about sheet cakes and how they are different from regular cakes.

Sheet cakes are simple, single-layered, frosted rectangular cakes that are ideal for parties and celebrations with a dozen or more people.

They are a popular choice for birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions, and office parties, and are typically prepared in one of three sizes: quarter, half, and full (depending on the number of guests and servings required at the event).

Preparing a sheet cake is very much similar to baking any type of cake. However, instead of using round cake pans and making several layers, a sheet pan is used to bake a single-layered sheet cake.

The ingredients will also be the same that you generally use to bake any cake, but due to the bigger size, a sheet cake will involve larger quantities.

Additionally, since sheet cakes are larger and more prone to breaking, some special skills and handling may be required to turn the cake out of the sheet pan.

You may either buy a prepared cake from the supermarket or bakery or order one to have the colors and design customized according to your event. 

In some cases, you may also come across bakers making sheet cakes with two thin layers, separated by frosting, ganache, or some sort of delicious filling!

How Big Is A Quarter Sheet Cake?

To put it simply, a quarter sheet cake is a quarter of the size of a full sheet cake. We understand how that may be a bit vague, which is why we’ve penned down all the specifics below:

A quarter sheet cake will typically measure 13 inches by 9 inches in size. However, some may be slightly smaller and measure 12 inches by 8 inches.

When it comes to the depth, they measure around 1-2 inches; however, the exact measurements may vary depending on the baker and how the cake is being baked.

Also, since some sheet cake pans are simply deeper than others, they will give slightly different results.

How Many People Will A Quarter Sheet Cake Feed?

The total number of servings depends on two things: the size of the cake and the size of the servings.

As is obvious, a quarter sheet cake with more depth will be able to serve more people and so will cutting smaller sizes to cater to more people.

Generally, a quarter sheet cake will be able to serve between 30 and 50 people, but let’s take a closer look at the total number of servings based on specific serving sizes of a 13 x 9 inches cake that is 2 inches deep:

Serving SizesNumber Of Servings
1 x 2 inchesApprox. 54 people
2 x 2 inchesApprox. 24 people
2 x 3 inchesApprox. 18 people
3 x 3 inchesApprox. 12 people

Note: these are, of course, estimates, and the number of servings may vary depending on the size of the sheet cake. For an accurate estimate of the number of servings, use this formula.

Standard Sheet Cake Sizes

A sheet cake is a fast and convenient alternative to regular cakes that is perfect to feed a large number of people, especially at parties and get-togethers.

They are made in three different sized pans that are usually constructed using aluminum or stainless steel. The sizes include:

  • Quarter sheet cake: 12 x 8 inches or 13 x 9 inches
  • Half sheet cake: 15 x 11 inches
  • Full sheet cake: 24 x 18 inches

Since home ovens are not big enough to fit a standard full sheet cake, home bakers usually combine several quarter sheet cakes to make one big one.

Uses For The Standard Sheet Cake Sizes

Deciding the perfect sheet cake size that best suits your occasion can be somewhat of a challenge and once you have finalized the number of guests, you must determine the number of servings you require to satisfy them.

Here we have a few guidelines to help you choose the best sheet cake size for your occasion:

Quarter Sheet Cake

This cake size serves around 12-30 people, depending on the serving sizes, and is perfect for small to medium-sized birthday parties and small office celebrations.

Most home bakers can easily handle this size and have no problem creating several layers and customizing the cakes according to their customers’ demands.

Half Sheet Cake

This cake size serves around 18-40 people and is perfect for fancy parties such as a store launch or a couple’s 25th wedding anniversary.

The large surface area provides a nice canvas for decoration and writing longer messages. Although these cakes are much bigger than quarter sheet cakes, they are still easy to handle with a bit of care and planning.

Full Sheet Cake

This cake size serves around 48-96 people and is perfect for grand occasions that require extravagant decoration.

Due to their size, they cannot fit into home ovens and are quite challenging to handle if there isn’t ample room to work in. It also requires a strong game plan to decorate and transport and deliver the final product.

Tips For Making The Perfect Sheet Cakes

Sheet cakes are a staple for parties, birthdays, and all kinds of celebrations. However, they are also just as great for a nice casual dessert at home (we’re looking at all of you with a massive sweet tooth like us!)

The design for these cakes is incredibly simple and usually involves a single rectangular layer topped with sweet buttercream and decorations of your choice.

With endless flavor and decoration possibilities, sheet cakes are not only fun to eat but also extremely fun to make!

Here are a few useful tips to help you make the perfect sheet cake with the confidence of a professional baker:

  • If you are an amateur baker, start with a simple cake for a more casual occasion and serve the cake in the pan you baked it in. You may also find some quarter sheet cake pans with convenient lids that fit right onto the pan.
  • Since sheet cakes are thinner than regular cakes, they are prone to drying out and since they are bigger, they are also susceptible to breakage. To prevent them from drying out and breaking, always prepare the pan with some cooking spray and a small piece of parchment on the base of the cake to prevent it from sticking.
  • If you wish to make several layers, instead of making one thick layer and slicing it horizontally, try making two separate thinner cakes and stacking them with delicious icing. 
  • Sheet cakes are easier to assemble, stack, and decorate if they are placed in the freezer or fridge wrapped in plastic.
  • Mark each slice on the sheet cake with a small garnish, such as chocolate, candies, berries, or nuts, to help you cut the slices evenly so that all the guests are served properly.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know about a quarter sheet cake size, here are a few additional questions we thought you might have:

What’s the best way to measure a sheet cake pan?

To measure a sheet cake pan, place a measuring stick on the inside edges of the pan’s sides to measure its length and width.

To measure the depth, place the stick against the pan’s base and measure up to ¼ inch of the pan’s height for the depth.

You can also measure the volume of the pan by filling it to the rim with water and then measuring the amount of water using a measuring cup.

You need to keep in mind that even though a quarter sheet cake pan can successfully hold around 12 cups of water, you will not be putting that much cake batter in it.

What sheet cake size would you need for 25 guests?

You need a cake that is at least 12 inches big to feed 25 guests. That being said, a quarter sheet cake would be the perfect size to feed a party of 25 people with decent serving sizes.

However, if you wish to serve bigger slices, size up on your cake and go for a half sheet cake to make sure everyone gets some cake, and there’s some left for the next day!

What can you use a sheet pan for other than baking cake?

Sheet pans are a versatile kitchen tool and have so many different uses other than just baking sheet cakes.

Some great uses of sheet pans include:

  • Using them to freeze fruit in individual portions
  • A frittata pan
  • A pizza peel or pan
  • An ingredient-organizer during food preparation
  • A dinner roaster
  • As a pot lid
  • As a drip catcher for particularly messy dishes such as lasagna, casserole, souffle, or pie.

What’s the best way to store a half sheet cake?

Since a half sheet cake is much bigger than a regular cake, storing it may not always be easy. If a big portion is left over, it is best to cut it into smaller sizes so that it becomes easier to store.

For storing leftover sheet cake, you can keep it in an airtight box at room temperature for a maximum of 5 days.

You could also store it covered in the fridge where it will stay good for up to a week. You may increase the time to 3 weeks by closely covering the cake in plastic wrap.

If the cake has cream cheese frosting, you need to always keep it refrigerated where it will stay good for up to 3 days and in the freezer for up to 1 month.

What is a jelly roll pan?

A jelly roll pan measures about 15.5 x 10.5 inches, which is in between a quarter sheet pan and a half sheet pan.

It gets its name from the dessert that can’t be made without these pans: jelly rolls (or Swiss roll cakes).

The volume of this pan varies greatly from that of a quarter or half sheet pan, which is why jelly rolls can’t be adapted to other pans than the jelly roll pan.

For purposes other than baking cake, such as roasting, jelly roll pans can be used in the same way you would use a quarter sheet pan. They will also provide a bit of extra room for spreading around the vegetables for roasting.

What makes a good sheet pan?

When looking for the best sheet cake pan, there are a few things you need to consider such as the pan’s durability, affordability, maintenance requirements, and, most importantly, its material and heat distribution.

Avoid purchasing sheet pans made with stainless steel and aluminum steel since they have an uneven heat distribution.

Your best bet would be to get bare aluminum sheet pans since they perform well when it comes to heat conduction.

In addition to that, they heat up and cool down quickly, allowing the baking process to begin as soon as the sheet pan goes into the oven and stop when it is taken out.

This gives you more control over how dark the base of the cake will be and provides an excellent, light-colored cake as a result.

What’s the best way to clean sheet cake pans?

As with every kitchen tool and utensil, sheet cake pans can get dirty and the cake might get stuck to its surface.

The best way to clean a sheet cake pan is with warm, soapy water using a mild detergent and rinsing it properly

For tougher stains, you may use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, let the pan season in it overnight, and scrub it in the morning using a scrubber.

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