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11 Best Knives for Cutting Vegetables [2023]

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Cutting vegetables can be such a chore, especially if you don’t have a good knife. They’re certainly not joking when they say that a knife is an extension of a chef’s hand.

A good knife is an indispensable kitchen tool that every cook needs. Whether you are an amateur home cook or a professional chef, the importance of a good knife cannot be described.

So, what are the best knives for cutting vegetables? The best knives for cutting vegetables have a high-quality blade and comfortable handle that allow you to chop the vegetables super fine and evenly every single time. They can handle all the different kinds of vegetables and let you work with a range of chopping styles and cuts.

A good vegetable knife makes the process of cutting vegetables less of a hassle. That being said, read on for a detailed buyer’s guide on how to choose the best knives for cutting vegetables, along with our picks of the 11 best ones.

Best Knives for Cutting Vegetables – Buyer’s Guide

Cutting vegetables is a basic culinary skill that every cook needs to master. In doing so, a good vegetable knife can make or break your experience.

If you’ve ever chopped an onion and had the slices stuck onto the knife or chopped cucumber and felt the knife slipping, you’d know how important it is to have a good knife on hand. 

Not only is it more efficient to have a good vegetable knife but it is also very crucial in terms of safety. With a high-quality knife, you can cut all your vegetables with ease, all the while having full control of the tool.

When choosing the best knife for cutting vegetables, there are a few very important things you need to consider.

Knife Style

Knives come in all shapes and sizes. Some are better suited for cutting vegetables while others are made specially for carving meat. Therefore, to get the most out of your knife, it is very important that you choose the right one made for your specific need.

When it comes to the knife style, there are two distinct ones available in the market – German and Japanese. German knives are more heavy-duty and have curvier bellies, whereas Japanese knives are more lightweight.

The curvier belly of the German knife gives you more versatility while the sharp edges on the Japanese ones keep the blades firm for longer.

As far as the knife type is concerned, you have several options to choose from. Some of the most commonly used knives for cutting and preparing vegetables include a chef’s knife, Santoku knife, Gyuto knife, Nakiri knife, and paring knife.

Knife Build

Once you figure out which style and type of knife you need, you need to focus on the knife’s construction. The build of the knife is something that you can never ignore as it determines how reliable and efficient it will be.

You will come across two options in terms of the knife build – forged and tampered knife. A forged knife is built using a single piece of steel whereas a tampered knife has a separately designed blade that is later on attached to the knife.

In terms of sturdiness, forged knives are better than tampered knives and generally have a longer lifespan.

Knife Handle

When determining the quality of a knife, which is something you must never compromise on, make sure you pay special attention to the handle.

You need to ensure that your knife has a good handle so that it is comfortable to grip and use. It must be easy to grip without straining your hand and the knife blade must be properly positioned.

The handle may be made using different materials. You can find knives with handles made of plastic or composite. Some knives even come with wooden handles.

Blade Material

Other than the style of the knife and the quality of the handle, it is very important that you consider the material and quality of the blade.

The durability, efficiency, and overall quality of the blade have a direct impact on the precision and performance of the knife; hence, it is extremely crucial.

One of the most common options when it comes to the blade material is stainless steel. It is a high-ranking material, although it needs to be regularly sharpened.

Carbon is another option preferred by many chefs. Although it is relatively expensive, it is more durable and the blade remains sharper for longer. A third option is ceramic which is rigid and durable and has good cutting performance.


A good-quality, heavy-duty knife is a great option for cooks looking to cut vegetables, especially hard ones, with precision and ease. It doesn’t require a lot of force and makes the process much easier. However, they can often be a bit on the heavier side.

Depending on your preference, you can either go for heavy knives or lightweight ones. The heavier ones require less effort while the lighter ones are easier to control.

In the end, it all depends on your cooking style and what you’re more comfortable with.

Knife Balance

A knife is made of two basic parts – the blade and the handle. Both parts need to be made with high-quality materials and must work in perfect balance.

A perfectly balanced knife will work seamlessly and allow you to cut all your vegetables with ease. If one of them works better than the other, you may face a hard time cutting the vegetables properly.

How to Maintain Your Vegetable Knives?

When working with a vegetable knife, it is not only important to choose the best one but also to maintain it properly so that it keeps performing as it should.

maintaining chef knife

Here are a few maintenance tips to help prolong the life of your vegetable knife:

Tip 1: Keep Them Sharp

Even the best and most top-quality knives for cutting vegetables require regular upkeep and maintenance which includes sharpening the blades regularly. To keep the blades as sharp as they first were, you must sharpen them after every use. 

You can do so using a steel rod or an electronic sharpening kit available in the market. Just make sure to be careful and patient when doing so to avoid any accidents.

Tip 2: Wash After Every Use

The blades of high-quality knives are made using high-carbon steel or stainless steel, both of which are resistant to rust, especially when compared to other blade materials.

However, if they are left dirty for a long period of time, water and other food remnants could damage the blade. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to wash your knives after every use.

Tip 3: Keep the Knives Dry

It is common practice to wash your knives and leave them to air dry. While this may seem rather harmless, it increases the possibility of rust.

The best way to deal with this issue is to wipe the knives as soon as they are washed so that there are no water droplets on the blade or handle.

Tip 4: Store Them Properly

Other than sharpening the knives and keeping them clean and dry, you need to make sure to store them properly, preferably someplace they won’t clash with other objects. You can invest in a good-quality knife rack or holder to keep all your knives in one place.

How to Safely Cut Vegetables?

Once you’ve chosen the perfect knife for cutting your vegetables, you need to learn how to safely do so. When cutting vegetables, there are three very important points that you must keep in mind to ensure both efficiency and safety:

cutting vegetables

1. Set Up Your Cutting Board

The first step is to set up your chopping station by using a good-quality cutting board to go with your good-quality vegetable knife. You need to make sure that the cutting board is set on an even surface and won’t slip when you cut your veggies.

Some cutting boards come with little rubber feet on the base that prevent them from slipping, but if you have one without the additional support, you can simply place a damp kitchen towel or rubber mat under the cutting board so that it stays stable.

2. Master Your Grip

If you want to make good use of your knife and cut your vegetables to perfection, you need to know how to hold the knife. Learning how to hold the knife can not only help you chop your veggies more quickly but also keep your fingers safe from cuts and nicks.

The most common knife grip is called the “claw grip” where you use the fingers of your non-dominant hand to make a claw and press the fingertip on the vegetable you intend to cut.

This not only keeps the vegetable stable on the cutting board but also protects your fingers in case of any slips.

You can use your dominant hand to hold the knife handle and chop away. As you chop the vegetable and it becomes smaller, you must tuck your fingertips away.

3. Keep the Vegetable Stable

When cutting vegetables, you must keep them stable on the cutting board to prevent any slips and accidents. The best way to do so is to place them face-down.

Take an onion as an example. Since an onion is round, the shape makes it difficult to cut without it potentially rolling off the cutting board. To prevent that from happening, you can cut the onion in half and place the cut side face down before cutting it into smaller slices or pieces.

11 Best Knives For Cutting Vegetables

A good knife for cutting vegetables is a smart investment that every cook needs to make. It is an important kitchen tool that can cut down the preparation time and make cutting vegetables so much easier.

set of knives

Since knives come in so many different shapes, sizes, and textures, it can often be confusing to pick the best one for your needs. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Here are our top picks of the 11 best knives for cutting vegetables to help you choose.

ProductBest Features
1.Imarku Japanese Chef KnifeMade using high-quality stainless steel and contains 0.6 to 0.75% carbon for extra sturdiness
2.PAUDIN Nakiri KnifeWave pattern on blade that decreases food friction and makes the knife easy to clean and maintain
3.MOSFiATA 7” Nakiri Chef’s KnifeMade of high-quality German stainless steel and hand-polished by experienced craftsmen
4.Dalstrong Nakiri Knife Gladiator Series EliteFeatures divots in the blade that eliminate suction
5.MAD SHARK Chef’s Santoku KnifeMade from military-grade German high-carbon stainless steel
6.Mercer Culinary Nakiri Vegetable KnifeBuilt-to-last ergonomic handle one of the finest in forged cutlery
7.TradaFor Vegetable KnifeBlade with single-beveled edge creates super thin slices
8.Shun Classic Blonde Santoku KnifeClad in 68 layers of stainless Damascus and constructed with Shun’s proprietary VG-MAX cutting core
9.ZWILLING Chinese Vegetable CleaverMade from specially formulated steel that stays sharper for longer
10.TUO Nakiri KnifeFull tang handle made from high-density Pakkawood composite that is more stable and sanitary
11.FAMCÜTE 7-inch Nakiri KnifeHigh-grade Japanese stainless-steel blade with clad dimple design

1. Imarku Japanese Chef Knife

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 Imarku Japanese Chef Knife

Imarku is an industry leader when it comes to chef’s knives and is one of the top brands in the US. It manufactures all kinds of knives and cookware sets with a special emphasis on craftsmanship, aesthetics, and detail.

The Japanese Chef Knife by Imarku is made using high-quality stainless steel and contains 0.6 to 0.75% carbon for extra sturdiness. Compared to other knives that usually contain only about 0.3% carbon, it is twice as hard, sturdy, and reliable.

Designed to be a multi-purpose knife, it can be used to cut all kinds of vegetables with ease. Its ultra-sharp blades help achieve the best cuts and remain just as sharp even after chopping hard vegetables.

It also comes with an ergonomic handle made from Pakka, a material from Africa that is known to provide comfort, strength, and stability.

2. PAUDIN Nakiri Knife

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PAUDIN Nakiri Knife

This all-purpose Nakiri knife by PAUDIN is another great find and an incredibly useful tool when it comes to cutting vegetables. It is a classic 7-inch kitchen knife perfect for slicing, dicing, and chopping all kinds of vegetables and other food items.

The blade on this vegetable cleaver is made of stainless steel and has a 56+ hardness. It allows you to effortlessly chop your veggies and stays rust-proof and durable for a long time. It also has a wave pattern that decreases food friction and makes the knife easy to clean and maintain.

The ergonomic handle sits in perfect harmony with the thin blade and guarantees comfort and ease of use without hurting your fingers or wrist. In addition to that, the handle is made with Pakkawood and creates a comfortable grip.

3. MOSFiATA 7” Nakiri Chef’s Knife

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MOSFiATA 7” Nakiri Chef's Knife

This multi-functional Nakiri knife by MOSFiATA is made of high-quality German stainless steel and can be used for all kinds of cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing. It is super sharp and resistant to rust, corrosion, and discoloration. 

It is hand-polished by craftsmen with years of experience and is incredibly easy to use for various chopping styles. It is the perfect size and weight and comes with a sturdy, comfortable handle that provides a solid and comfortable grip.

It features a triple rivet design that attaches the handle to the blade and ensures maximum durability and reliability. It also comes in a high-quality box, making it the perfect gift for home cooks as well as professional chefs.

4. Dalstrong Nakiri Knife Gladiator Series Elite

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Dalstrong Nakiri Knife Gladiator Series Elite

Another great find that is crafted using cutting-edge technology, this Nakiri knife by Dalstrong features outstanding design elements and materials that ensure peak performance.

Reasonably priced compared to other options, you get a premium quality vegetable knife that can chop away all kinds of vegetables, fruit, meat, and more.

It has a razor-sharp large-sized chopping blade that is made from imported high-carbon German steel and is both precisely tempered as well as stain and rust-resistant. The divots in the blade eliminate suction and create a more seamless experience.

The blade extends throughout the handle which is made from ergonomic Spanish Pakkawood and provides maximum control and comfort.

5. MAD SHARK Chef’s Santoku Knife

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MAD SHARK Chef's Santoku Knife

True to its name, the MAD SHARK Santoku Knife offers sharpness akin to shark teeth. Made from military-grade German high-carbon stainless steel, it features an 8-inch blade with a slightly curved belly for peak performance.

Resistant to rust, corrosion, and discoloration, it features a long-polymer handle that is super strong and sturdy. Its triple-rivet design makes sure the handle stays secure and in place. Built for maximum comfort and control, you can easily chop your vegetables for hours without feeling any fatigue.

It includes a finger guard along with the packaging for added safety and comes with a high-quality gift box, making it the perfect gift for your family and friends.

6. Mercer Culinary Nakiri Vegetable Knife

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Mercer Culinary Nakiri Vegetable Knife

Made from German high-carbon forged steel, this Nakiri vegetable knife by Mercer features quality construction as well as superior design, both of which are very important features of a good vegetable knife.

With an incredible long-lasting sharpness, this knife offers great strength, stability, and durability. The blade is resistant to rust and corrosion and chops all vegetables with precision and ease.

Its built-to-last ergonomic handle is one of the finest in forged cutlery and offers a comfortable, non-slip grip, even when your hands are wet.

7. TradaFor Vegetable Knife

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TradaFor Vegetable Knife

The TradaFor Vegetable Knife is a sturdy razor-sharp Japanese kitchen knife perfect for someone who is looking for efficiency and performance.

Its German high-carbon stainless steel blade cuts through all kinds of vegetables through its single-beveled edge, creating super thin slices. Its chrome finish makes it safe from rust and corrosion and makes it even more durable.

A lightweight knife with perfect balance, this vegetable knife is comfortable to hold and allows you to chop your veggies without worry.

8. Shun Classic Blonde Santoku Knife

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Shun Classic Blonde Santoku Knife

The Shun Classic Santoku Knife is an Asian-inspired knife that provides one of the best chopping experiences. It’s a favorite among cooks for its versatility and ability to handle various cutting techniques.

It is lightweight, agile, and easy to maneuver and features high-quality construction and design. It is clad in 68 layers of stainless Damascus and is constructed with Shun’s proprietary VG-MAX cutting core.

It is shorter than a standard chef’s knife and is great for slicing, dicing, and cutting a variety of vegetables with precision. Its handle is made with blonde Pakkawood and is comfortable for both right and left-handed use.

9. ZWILLING Chinese Vegetable Cleaver

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ZWILLING Chinese Vegetable Cleaver

ZWILLING knives are built to last and this Chinese Vegetable Cleaver is probably the last knife you’ll need to buy! This knife is sure to start out razor-sharp and maintain its sharpness throughout.

From the largest global manufacturer of knives, this cleaver by ZWILLING boasts superior craftsmanship and is made from specially formulated steel that stays sharper for longer.

Super strong and sturdy, it is also perfectly balanced and can cut through all sizes and types of vegetables. Its ergonomically-shaped handle provides maximum comfort and makes vegetable chopping a breeze.

10. TUO Nakiri Knife

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TUO Nakiri Knife

The TUO Nakiri knife is a traditional Japanese knife made specifically for chopping all kinds of vegetables. With a German high-carbon stainless steel blade that won’t rust over time, it offers extraordinary performance and edge retention.

Extremely comfortable to use and well-designed, it has a full tang handle made from high-density Pakkawood composite that is more stable and sanitary compared to other wooden handles.

11. FAMCÜTE 7-inch Nakiri Knife

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FAMCÜTE 7-inch Nakiri Knife

A high-quality knife with a unique design, this Nakiri knife by FAMCÜTE is sure to catch both your eye and interest. Great for cutting vegetables of all types, its blade is made from high-grade Japanese stainless steel and features a dimple design that prevents food from sticking to it.

It comes with a handle made of African rosewood which adds to the aesthetics of this beautiful knife. Both the blade and handle are perfectly balanced, allowing stability and full manipulation of the knife.

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