9 Best Tea Kettles For Induction Cooktops [2023]

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There are a few things better than a good cup of tea and to make it, you need the proper equipment. A lot of homes today are fitted with the newest technology and amongst that are induction cooktops.

Unfortunately, with this new technology comes new restrictions. For induction stovetops, it’s important to have the correct type of equipment that can work the most effectively and efficiently on the stove.

So, what are the best tea kettles for induction cooktops? The best tea kettles for induction cooktops should be made from metals that conduct heat effectively and quickly, such as stainless steel, cast-iron, or coated kettles with aluminum cores. Also, consider durability and the kettle’s shape, as the size of the bottom affects the functionality.

Today we will be looking at all things inductions kettles, most importantly, the best ones currently available!

But, to first understand what type of kettle you need, we will explain induction cooking, what equipment is required, and then look at an in-depth buyer’s guide for induction tea kettles.

What Is Induction Cooking?

You may have heard about induction cooking before, but it is a relatively new and very misunderstood piece of equipment.

Induction cooking is very much a modern piece of technology that uses magnetic induction to directly heat pots and pans. 

This is a very scientific process which we won’t bore you with, but basically, it differs from traditional cooking equipment in that uses thermal conduction.

This includes the use of gas to produce flames or a heating element that works through electricity.

Induction cooking provides extremely quick and instant heat. It still uses electricity, but as we said, the science behind it differs.

The reason this piece of equipment became extremely popular very quickly is because of the many benefits it gives when cooking compared to older methods.

For example, it heats instantly, it distributes heat more evenly, you can control temperatures precisely, and it is extremely easy to clean.

Why Does It Need Special Equipment?

So, we get why an induction cooktop is so much better, but why does it need special equipment?

There are two main reasons; the first is that certain materials cannot handle the heat, and the second and most important is efficiency.

There is no point in having such a fantastic resource, but the wrong equipment that still slows you down. The transfer of heat from thermal cooking versus induction cooking differs, induction being considerably faster.

Basically, this means that non-induction cooking isn’t designed to heat instantly, while that is exactly how and why induction equipment has been developed.

This brings us to tea kettles!

Buyers Guide For Induction Stovetop Tea Kettles

Brewing tea is not only art as some say, but also a science! You need specific temperatures for specific times. Induction stovetops can help a lot with those factors, however, without the proper equipment, it will all be for nothing.

First of all, and this goes without saying, but these kettles have to be specifically made and designed for induction cooking.

The other features that are important to look at are the materials they are made from, their durability, and their design.


When looking at materials of induction kettles, most types will work, however, the ones that conduct heat better will be best.

You also need to make sure that they also conduct the heat evenly so that the tea doesn’t scorch on one side, while barely heating on the other.

Materials that will work well for induction stovetops are stainless steel, cast iron, and glass tea kettles.

We love stainless steel cookware because of its many benefits, the best arguably its amazing heat conduction and distribution capabilities.

Besides that, they are incredibly durable. Stainless steel tea kettles will not rust, they are dent-resistant and will not warp over time.

You will also find that sometimes these stainless steel kettles have an aluminum or iron bottom – these elements heat even faster than aluminum itself.

Glass kettles, even though they look beautiful, have to have a metal base like aluminum or stainless steel. Because we are using an induction stovetop that works with magnetism, we need metal kettle bases for the top to work.

Other than that, glass kettles are easy to clean, look very modern and stylish, and will enable you to see the progress of your brewing tea.

Cast iron is another favorite for us but does have some downsides. They are heavy and heat extremely slowly, but they do heat well. They can also rust, but this can be avoided by simply air-drying the kettle between uses.

A fantastic alternative to plain cast iron tea kettles is coated cast iron kettles. They may look more aesthetically pleasing to some and prevent rust.


Durability is extremely important to look at when it comes to any type of cooking equipment.

Cast iron is extremely durable and can last you a lifetime if well maintained and looked after. Stainless steel is also a very durable material for tea kettles, but can still get damaged if you don’t take care of it.

Glass is the most fragile out of the three materials we discussed and if made too thin, has a weak design, and is overall bad quality, it won’t last very long.

Make sure to invest in a proper induction glass tea kettle if you are looking to buy one.


Design is another extremely important factor to consider – and we aren’t just talking about the way it looks!

Starting with the actual shape of the kettle, this is definitely more of an aesthetic feature than functional. There are many different shapes and even colors the body of the kettle can have.

The shape of the body and surface area of the bottom will affect the functionality, so choose the shape based on functionality, then consider looks.

The smaller the bottom, the longer the water will take to heat, and the larger the bottom the quicker the water will heat.

In the looks department, kettles can either have shiny finish that reflects your kitchen, or matt colors that will give a sleek look.

Next, we can look at the size of the tea kettles. There are a wide variety of sizes available today, from individual servings to 4-gallon ones! We recommend getting a “normal-sized” kettle that usually serves 4-6 cups of tea.

We of course have to look at the handles of the kettles as well. They should be comfortable to grab, easy to maneuver, and most importantly, sturdy and heat resistant!

An additional feature many handles have is their anti-slip coating which is extremely useful!

A bonus feature these kettles often have are whistles that go off when the water is boiling. Not only is this adorable, but a useful tool to have when measuring time and temperature.


When it comes to maintenance, we would not recommend cast iron. If you are willing to put in the work, it is a fantastic durable option to have, but you cannot skip steps. It is, unfortunately, a maintenance-based material.

Stainless steel arguably needs the least maintenance out of our chosen materials. You don’t have to clean it constantly (only when washed) and it cannot rust so doesn’t have to dry immediately.

Glass can because dirty very quickly and show it, but other than that is also a very low-maintenance material to have.

9 Best Induction Tea Kettles

Now that we have finally discussed all the best features of what tea kettles should have, we can look at our top picks for induction stovetops.

BrandHot Feature
1.Sotya Store 3 Litre Modern Induction Stainless Steel KettleFeatures and price are the best bang for your buck
2.SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling KettleBoils large quantities of water quickly
3.Tohsssik Stainless Steel Whistling KettleHighly durable and versatile
4.Belanko Tea Kettle Diamond DesignUnique design in many beautiful colors
5.Toyo Hofu Clear Glass Teapot for Induction PlatesIncludes an easily removable infuser
6.Le Creuset Enamel On Steel Demi Tea KettleDistributes heat quickly and efficiently
7.Kate Spade Nolita KettleMade from high-quality stainless steel in pastel colors
8.Rockurwok WHisteling Tea KettleFast heating with a sleek wooden design
9.Weftnom Mirror Finish Induction Tea KettleFun colorful design and very low maintenance

1. Sotya Store 3 Litre Modern Induction Stainless Steel Kettle

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This sleek and stylish tea kettle is truly one of our favorites. Before even going into all of its fantastic features, we also have to mention that it is incredibly affordable for all of the features it offers.

This kettle is made from high-grade and high-quality materials. The core (base) of the kettle consists of layers of aluminum and iron.

These materials heat incredibly quickly and evenly and will save you a ton of energy.

The base is covered with stainless steel which creates a very durable product. As we have already mentioned, stainless steel is low-maintenance, rust-resistant, and will not dent or scratch.

This tea kettle can be used on induction, but also on gas stovetops, heating elements, and electrical stovetops. This feature makes it extremely convenient and cuts out additional equipment.

In terms of convenience and helpful added features, it has a comfy non-slip grip on the handle and features an adorable whistle.

If you are looking for a good-sized kettle that is durable, versatile, easy to use, and even stylish, then this is the one for you!

2. SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Kettle

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Did somebody say black is the new black? Well, we are certainly in love with this very modern and chic black and brass plated induction tea kettle.

It also comes in a variety of other colors, all equally beautiful and bound to look good in any type of kitchen.

First and most importantly, this kettle will be able to make tea for a lot of people at one time. Its materials allow it to boil a large quantity of water extremely quickly and very efficiently.

The bottom consists of a 5 layer base made from aluminum and cast iron. As we have already mentioned, these are extremely energy efficient and fantastic heat conductors.

The base is covered with surgical-grade stainless steel, adding some hardiness to its design.

It can be used on induction plates, gas hobs, electrical stoves, and radiant cookers.

Like many of our options today, this tea kettle comes with a convenient non-slip handle that even has a silicon button to open the spout, as well as a boiling whistle. 

This kettle does come at a more expensive price tag, however, the sleek design and versatile use make it worth every cent!

3. Tohsssik Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

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Sometimes basics are better. Although this is still a very stylish stainless steel tea kettle, it does have a more industrial look to it. 

The stainless steel itself is made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel which is rust and corrosion-resistant.

This is a very durable tea kettle as it doesn’t have any colored coatings and will stay beautifully shiny when polished monthly. 

This kettle is extremely versatile and can cook on every type of cooking surface including halogen surfaces, electric stovetops, induction tops, ceramic tops, and lastly gas hobs. One kettle to get it all done!

The overall design is simplistic, yet effective. The handle is heat-proof and fits comfortably into your hands.

The spout is streamlined, meaning you will be able to control the flow of the water easily and reduce spillage or even over pouring.

4. Belanko Tea Kettle Diamond Design

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This elegant white diamond textured tea kettle is made from 18/8 high-grade stainless steel so is extremely durable and low maintenance.

We just love its wood-like handle and lid that are both designed for comfort and ease of use.

This kettle comes in a variety of colors and even different ombre’s! You can literally choose one that fits your kitchen perfectly!

This is definitely a unique tea kettle that will impress all your guests. What’s even better is that you can make up to 12 cups of tea from one boil.

The only downside to this kettle is that it can only be used on gas hobs and induction plates, however, if that is what you are looking for it is perfect for you!

5. Toyo Hofu Clear Glass Teapot for Induction Plates

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We’re suckers for glass products, especially teapots. This design is perfect for loose leaf teas that can be made directly onto the heat.

It also has an infuser attached that is easy to remove and clean.

The tea kettle itself has an elegant and simple design that is complemented by stainless steel finishes.

It’s the ultimate close-up look at your tea and its color, which will allow you to better determine how intense the flavor will be.

The glass teapot has a metal base, which indicates that it can be used on induction cooking surfaces. Not only that, but you can also use it on electric stovetops and gas hobs.

The downside to glass tea kettles, as we have mentioned before, is that they are very fragile and have the potential to easily break. You also have to clear them properly to prevent build-up.

6. Le Creuset Enamel On Steel Demi Tea Kettle

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Who doesn’t love Le Creuset, especially their wide range of colors! It’s no surprise that their tea kettle made our list!

This tea kettle is made from enamel-coated steel and distributes heat quickly and very efficiently.

Its handle is perfectly designed to give an old-timey look, despite still having a modern design.

And of course, there are a wide variety of colors to choose from that will blend into your kitchen seamlessly.

This tea kettle can be used on literally any type of heat source, including induction.

The biggest downside, as with many coated products, is that they can scratch and wear off over time. But, with proper maintenance and care, you can make your last a few decades!

7. Kate Spade Nolita Kettle

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This is another enamel-based tea kettle whose design stands out from the rest.

Besides the beautiful range of soft pastel colors that are available to choose from, its handle, lid, and spout cap is a beautiful almost matte silver color.

Its features are sleek making giving it a very delicate finish.

The kettle itself is made from 18/8 high-quality stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about durability or maintenance.

8. Rockurwok Whisteling Tea Kettle

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This is another tea kettle with a very beautiful and unique design.

The shape is like any other, however the stylish clean white body with dark wooden finished makes it much more modern and chic.

The base is made from aluminum, which is very fast heating and coated with 18/8 high-grade stainless steel.

This means that not only can you use this beautiful kettle on the induction plate, but also on electric stovetops and glass stoves.

The downside to this kettle is that because of its white body when using it on gas, the heat and flames will discolor it

9. Weftnom Mirror Finish Induction Tea Kettle

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Last but certainly not least, we have a very funky and colorful mirror-finished kettle.

It has all of the features of a quality stainless steel kettle.

It is extremely versatile and can be used on a variety of stovetops, is durable and will last you quite a long time.

It also has very little maintenance and will make a fantastic statement piece!

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