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Can You Freeze Samosas?

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If you’re a fan of Indian food at all, you’ve most likely experienced the delightful tastes of samosas. They are popular in South and Southeast Asia, Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, especially, as well as other regions of the world.

Nowadays, samosas seem to be getting popular everywhere! And who can blame anyone for loving them?

The basic concept is a fried (or sometimes baked) pastry that is filled with things like potatoes, onions, veggies, cheese, and even meat. They might also include lentils.

You will find that they are not always the same shapes and sizes depending on who makes them. They can be made differently to mix things up or by different traditions, but the overall concept remains the same across the board. 

But with such a mouth-watering delicacy, you won’t want them to go to waste.

Can you freeze samosas? Yes, you can freeze samosas for 4 to 6 months. Freeze leftovers by wrapping in plastic wrap or foil and placing in an airtight container or prepare ahead by freezing slightly undercooked samosas for a fresher taste after reheating.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of how to freeze samosas and share with you all of the details that you need to know to successfully keep your precious samosas safe. It’s pretty easy but there are some simple tips you might need to know. 

Stick with us to learn how to freeze samosas for the perfect results! 

A Complete Guide to Freezing Samosas

Freezing samosas is really quite easy. If you know before you cook the samosa that you will be freezing some, you can prepare them specially for freezing, but you can also just freeze them as they are if you have unexpected leftovers. 

We will break down both ways for you so that you know the slight differences in the process. 

Samosas do freeze pretty well and they reheat easily after freezing.

How to Freeze Samosas – Planning Ahead

This first process that we want to share is if you know that you made extra samosas before you cook them all the way.

In this process, we are going to assume that you either realized you started making way too many or that you purposely are making them just to freeze. 

Here are the steps for freezing samosas if they are not fully cooked already:

  1. Start by prepared your samosas as usual. Cook the samosas by frying them until they are slightly cooked but remain pale in color. This is before they reach that crisp, golden state. 
  2. Remove the samosas from the oil, drain them, and set them aside. 
  3. Allow samosas to cool to room temperature. 
  4. Package samosas in a single layer using either an airtight container or a freezer storage bag. It’s best if they are in a flat, single layer. 
  5. Seal up your storage method, removing all air first. 
  6. Label and date. 
  7. Freeze samosas in this manner for up to 6 months.

It’s that easy!

And then when you are ready to eat them, leave them to thaw a few hours in the refrigerator and finish frying until fully cooked – you’ll know that point by their classic golden color. You can also cook samosas frozen.

This freezing method is naturally ideal, because your reheated samosas will come out beautifully when you finish cooking them – making them taste fresher.

How to Freeze Cooked Samosas

If you have already cooked your samosas only to realize you will need to freeze the leftovers, don’t despair!

You can still freeze them, but with just a bit more care. You will also want to be mindful of how you reheat them to avoid dealing with sogginess in the end. 

Follow these steps to freeze leftover samosas or samosas that you’ve already cooked:

  1. Allow cooked samosas to cool fully to room temperature prior to freezing. 
  2. Wrap samosas individually in foil or plastic wrap to keep separated. Wrapping them in smaller portions (2-3) is also fine.
  3. Once they have been wrapped, place into airtight containers or into plastic storage freezer bags, whichever you prefer. 
  4. Seal up all packaging to be airtight. Use a container that’s just big enough to fit the samosas, without excess room for air – or use a plastic bag with as much air as possible released (without crushing your samosas).
  5. Label and date all packaging.
  6. Freeze cooked samosas in this manner for up to 4 months

As you can see, the only changes here are minor, but don’t skip using the foil or plastic wrap. This step helps to preserve that crisp exterior of your cooked samosas.


Samosas take quite a bit of time and effort to make. And they’re too delicious to waste. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about throwing them out. You can prepare them in bulk ahead of time or spare leftovers with ease.

Even if you don’t plan ahead and freeze them underdone, you can still save your cooked samosas for another day. Just package them properly, protect them in an airtight container, and place them in the freezer!

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