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Does Aquafina Have Salt – What You Want to Know

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Aquafina is a division of PepsiCo and is a producer of purified bottled water. This bottled water comes in three variants – Aquafina, Aquafina FlavorSplash, and Aquafina Sparkling.

These water-based beverages should have a fairly simple ingredient list, but one such ingredient that you might be concerned about is salt.

Does Aquafina have salt?

Aquafina, when referring to the purified water, does not contain any sodium, and nothing is added to the purified water. This means that the water has no nutritional value, but it also does not contain any hidden chemicals that you should be worried about.

Read on to find out more about what Aquafina contains, as well as the additional information you would want to know!

What Is Aquafina?

Aquafina is an American brand that produces purified bottled water, both flavored and unflavored, as well as still and sparkling.

The company is part of PepsiCo but only produces Aquafina products. It is one of the largest bottled water brands in the USA.

How Is Aquafina Purified?

Understanding how Aquafina water is purified definitely helps in understanding what the water might contain.

Aquafina is originally sourced from public water sources, and it is then put through a rigorous purification process. This includes reverse osmosis and other purification and filtering methods, removing substances such as chlorides, salt, and other chemicals.

Removing these substances makes the water more neutral-tasting, therefore making it appealing to more people.

As all bottles of Aquafina are produced at one of the company’s purification centers, all bottles are pure and have the same flavor (or lack therefore).

Does Aquafina Have Salt?

Aquafina does not contain any salt. As per the Aquafina website, almost everything is removed from the water through purification methods, with only trace amounts of solids being left behind, all of which would have been present in the water source originally.

So, with the purification methods, all traces of salt or sodium are removed from the water, so you should not find any salt in an Aquafina bottle of purified water.

Are There Any Beneficial Substances in Aquafina?

There is a belief that bottled water is good for you, and while it isn’t bad for you, there is not much nutritional value in a bottle of Aquafina water, past the hydration it offers.

aquafina have salt

This is because the purification system that Aquafina water is put through, removes trace compounds such as sulfates, chlorides, nitrates, calcium, carbonates, bicarbonates, phosphates, magnesium, sodium, iron, manganese, and potassium.

This is done to make the water more neutral tasting, but it also means that all beneficial substances are removed from the water, making the water purer.

Is Aquafina Spring Water?

Many bottles of water are labeled as ‘spring water’, which means they are naturally sourced, but Aquafina is not, as it comes from the public water system.

This is stated on the bottle as P.W.S., so it is something to look for when purchasing a bottle of water.

While Aquafina is sourced from a public water system, it is not necessarily the exact same water that you drink out of the tap.

Aquafina water, from public water sources, goes through a rigorous purification process, making it as pure as possible, and removing almost all substances from the water.

Is Aquafina Really Pure?

You might doubt how pure Aquafina water really is, but the truth is that it is pretty much as pure as water can be.

This is due to the 7-step process that the water goes through, such as the multi-step filtration process, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet light disinfection, all of which remove as many substances as possible.

While Aquafina can never be ruled 100% pure, it is around 99.5% pure, which makes it one of the most pure bottled waters on the market.

Does Aquafina Splash Include Salt?

Aquafina also produces Aquafina FlavorSplash, which is a flavored version of their purified water.

Being flavored, the water will obviously contain more substances compared to the purified water. There are three flavors of Aquafina FlavorSplash – Grape, Raspberry, and Wild Berry.

aquafina flavored

All three of these flavors contain salt, and all three are sweetened with sucralose. The amount of salt found in these FlavorSplash bottles does depend on the flavor.

The Grape FlavorSplash contains 210 mg of sodium, whereas the Raspberry and Wild Berry FlavorSplash options contain 170 mg of sodium each, so if you are concerned about your sodium intake, then the Raspberry and Wild Berry flavors would be the better two options.

Do Aquafina Cans Have Salt?

Aquafina is most popularly sold in plastic bottles, but it can also be found in cans too. These cans contain purified water, but do these cans contain salt?

The water found in the Aquafina cans is the same as the water found in Aquafina bottles, which means that there is no salt in the Aquafina cans.

The water in the Aquafina cans is sourced from the public water system and goes through a rigorous 7-step purification process, just the same as the water found in the bottles, so it is very pure and is free from almost all trace substances.

Where Is Aquafina Produced?

Aquafina is produced in the USA and Canada, across 40 different production sites. While there are over 40 sites, all of the Aquafina water tastes the same, as it is all purified to the same level, and therefore no matter where the water is produced, it will taste the same all over.

If you have a problem with an Aquafina product, there will be a batch number printed on the bottle that you can quote to the company who will source it back to production.

Does Other Bottled Water Contain Salt?

Just because Aquafina does not contain salt, does not mean that other brands of bottled water do not either.

There are traces of salt to be found in various brands of bottled water, but this does vary by brand and by how the water is processed and purified, and where it was sourced from.

Salt is often added to bottled water to add to the taste, but once again this depends on the original source used, and if it needs taste adjustments.

Most bottled water goes through a purification process that removes most traces of sodium or salt, so it isn’t something that is found in high concentrations, but it can definitely be found in some bottled water brands.

Are There Other Sodium-Free Water Brands?

Aquafina is not the only sodium-free water brand available. Other brands such as Fiji, Dasani, Smartwater, Ice Mountain, and Evian are all sodium-free, or as sodium-free as possible.

bottled water

Make sure to double-check this on the ingredients list just to be certain, but these brands all follow thorough purification processes that remove almost all traces of sodium and other substances.

Does Aquafina Sparkling Have Salt?

Aquafina has a range of sparkling water options available as well. These fizzy water drinks are available in Mango Pineapple, Black Cherry Dragonfruit, Lemon Lime, and Orange Grapefruit.

While flavored, there aren’t many ingredients to be found in the sparkling water, as they contain zero sweeteners, and zero calories, and are flavored only with a hint of natural fruit flavor.

This does mean that there are more substances to be found in the flavored sparkling water compared to the purified still water, but it is not as bad as some of the other brands.

There is around 10 mg of sodium in each can of Aquafina sparkling, which is actually much less compared to the Aquafina FlavorSplash, so it is a good option if you are looking for a little flavor and fizz, but do not want to consume too much sodium.

A great thing about sparkling flavors is that they contain no sugar either – making them suitable for many different dietary needs.

Does Aquafina Have Salt?

Aquafina is one of the most popular water brands in the US, which makes sense since it is part of PepsiCo.

Many of us assume that all bottled water is the same, but this simply is not true. Aquafina is different from many of the other bottled water brands on the market, as it goes through a rigorous 7-step purification process, which means that it is free from salt.

Not only is it free from salt, but other trace substances are removed from the water as well, which is sourced from the public water system, ensuring that every bottle of Aquafina has the same pure taste and quality, no matter where it was bottled.

Related Questions

Which Is the Healthiest Water?

The healthiest water to drink would likely be spring water, which has been sourced and stored safely. When spring water is tested, and when it has gone through minimal processing, it has a rich mineral profile that is beneficial for our bodies.

Other bottled water which has been purified lacks this mineral profile.

What Is Special about Aquafina Water?

Aquafina water can be considered special because it is purified thoroughly, and it is one of the most purified bottled waters on the market.

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