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29 Diced Chicken Recipes

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Diced chicken can be used in hundreds of ways and provides both convenience and versatility in a range of recipes.

Whether it is sliders, salads, soups, sandwiches, or more; you are bound to find a suitable reason to use diced chicken.

If you have been looking for the best recipes with diced chicken meat then you have come to the right site! We have rounded up the best recipes from the internet in one place. 

Read on and discover how you can transform a humble portion of diced chicken into something extraordinary! 

1. Chicken Fricassee

This diced chicken recipe is easy, super delicious, and can be made within 20 minutes – which includes the preparation time!

A fricassee is a simple dish made by stewing chicken with gravy – what’s not to like? This recipe can be made by beginners and takes into account not just diced chicken but also other common ingredients like carrots, onions, and off-the-shelve herbs. 

If cooked right, the finished product will have a mix of colors and will be both appetizing and extremely presentable. 

Next time you plan on having someone over, we recommend cooking this recipe to wow them! 

2. Skillet White Chicken Chili Dip

If this isn’t the perfect comfort food then we don’t know what is!

You get cheese, chicken, spices, beans, a dash of tanginess from vinegar and herbs – all in one dish! Trust us, this is one recipe that you don’t want to miss out on! 

Skillet white chicken is famous in many restaurants but with this recipe, you can adjust the ingredients as per your liking and truly own the dish.

The best thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t make you go on a grocery run. Just whip it up in under 30 minutes with diced chicken, your favorite type of cheese, and spices. 

3. Dorito Casserole

Tired of lasagna? Then it’s time to take things up a notch or two! 

Casseroles are fairly common but we guarantee that you haven’t had a casserole like this. 

Made using crushed Doritos, loads of cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, and spices; this is the perfect recipe to feed young people when they are feeling cranky. 

It can easily be made by mixing everything and putting the casserole in the oven. It is quick, easy and the genius of mixing diced chicken with delicious crushed Doritos along with cheese and spices really takes this recipe to the next level!

We recommend making double the quantity because this casserole is going to finish up in record time. 

4. Lime Garlic Chicken Tacos with Lime Crema

Tacos with diced garlicky, spicy chicken with lime. Must we say more? 

This is exactly the type of dish that you can have during any part of the day. It can be an even easier recipe to assemble if you already have the tortillas at hand. 

If not, then you can either make them from scratch with your favorite tortilla recipe or get them from the store – there is no judgment here! 

Also, the lime crema takes things further by adding more richness and flavor to the tacos. Don’t be afraid to add a few of your own touches to this recipe too – Yes, it is that forgiving! 

Another great thing about this recipe is that you can box the ingredients in separate containers by type and then assemble the taco in under one minute, whenever you feel the urge! 

5. Grilled Chicken Burritos

Speaking of tacos, this burrito recipe is right up there with other fantastic diced chicken recipes too!

Unlike other burrito recipes, this one keeps its focus on simple ingredients and tries not to overdo itself. It is the quintessential definition of a quick meal and if you have the ingredients at hand then it can be made within minutes!

With a mix of cheese, salsa, and spicy diced chicken, this grilled burrito will certainly provide you with the energy required to plow through the afternoon with ease. 

6. Chicken & Biscuits Bake

Fair warning: this is a highly addictive recipe! 

Think of this recipe as more of an emotion or a feeling. It’s a mix of bliss and we think it redefines what comfort food means!

The combination of creamy diced chicken mixed with spices, cheese, herbs, and lots of umami flavors topped with baked biscuits is truly what dreams are made of. 

It’s easy to cook and the diced chicken mixture can also be stored for later. All you have to do is bake it with canned biscuits on top and you are good to go! 

7. Chicken White Bean Salsa Soup

Sometimes all you need is a warm bowl of delicious soup.

Perfect for the winters and made within 30 minutes, this soup recipe combines diced chicken, salsa, beans, and spices. It is the perfect way for you to reinvigorate your soul and to take on the winters with ease. 

Also, this is perhaps one of the healthiest soup options too as it provides all of the necessary macronutrients – and you also get the added benefit of storing the broth base for later and making this soup within 10 minutes! 

8. One-Pot Chicken And Rice Recipe

Diced chicken and rice make the perfect combination for almost any occasion.

If you are looking for a great filler recipe to complement other vegetable or meat-heavy dishes then we highly recommend that you check this recipe out. 

Made using spices, aromatic rice, diced spicy chicken, garlic, and herbs; this one-pot recipe may be the best thing you make for dinner!

Serve with a side of spiced pickles or chili and you will have the perfect go-to recipe for any type of event at home.

9. Shredded Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

On a scale of one to ten, this one is a definite eleven!

A parmesan sandwich with diced chicken is as classic as it can get. It is quick, easy and you can store it for later or customize it just the way you like it.

This recipe balances out the flavors between the spices, herbs, and chicken. Perhaps the best thing about this particular recipe is that it uses frozen, store-bought cheese Texas toast that you can prepare within minutes. 

10. Creamy Chicken Quesadillas

Ready in about 15 minutes, this diced chicken quesadillas recipe will hit all your macro requirements and will prove to be a light but fulfilling lunch. 

This recipe calls for sour cream, cheese, spicy chicken, herbs, and more. You can make the quesadillas in just two steps and if you already have all the ingredients at home then we bet that you can assemble the quesadillas within 5 minutes! 

Also, the inclusion of avocados and Cholula hot sauce will surely take this simple recipe to the next level in terms of flavor and nutrition!

11. Mini Chicken Potpies

Potpies are cute, fun to make, and are packed with a lot of flavor, despite their size.

This potpie recipe is no different! With a combo of mushrooms, sweet potato, lima beans, herbs, vegetables and, spices topped with puff pastry, you are going to salivate when these potpies come out of the oven. 

They take around one hour to make but the end payoff is well worth it. If you have been meaning to make something using puff pastries then we highly recommend that you give this recipe a try! 

12. Quick Green Chicken Chili

Take a break from beef chili and try this amazing green diced chicken chili for a refreshing change!

This recipe focuses on health and flavor. Sure, beef chilis are usually preferred over chicken but if you are looking for a chili that is easy on the stomach but still tastes as good, if not better, then you have to check out this recipe. 

It has all the ingredients to fulfill an average person’s DV of macro and micronutrients – and then some! 

13. Spicy-Sweet Chicken Lettuce Cups

Keeping up with the trend of healthy snacks, these spicy-sweet chicken lettuce cups are borderline gourmet but take a few minutes to assemble.

This is the sort of dish that you might see on the menus of upscale restaurants that overcharge customers with simple but beautiful-looking healthy snacks.

Well, now you can make a dish like that at home with just a few common ingredients!

With a mix of spices, herbs, vegetables, cider vinegar, crushed nuts and, diced chicken, you can make a simple but very appetizing and fulfilling recipe. We guarantee that you will wow whoever you serve this to! 

14. Baked Chicken and Broccoli Spaghetti Squash

Loaded with several types of cheese, spaghetti squash, spices, herbs, and dairy; this is going to be one hearty meal! 

While it isn’t the quickest recipe to make since it takes around two hours to prepare and bake, it is still an excellent option if you are looking to impress your loved ones with both presentation and flavor. 

The winning combination of ingredients in this recipe is a sure-fire success and you are likely to captivate the tastebuds of anyone with this recipe, regardless of age! 

15. Chicken Parmesan Pasta Skillet

This should be THE go-to recipe for any pasta lover. It provides the right flavor, texture and has just enough cheese-pull potential to win even the naysayers! 

While most pasta recipes seem bloated with lots of ingredients, where each ingredient seems to compete with the other flavors, this recipe takes a different route and keeps things simple and convenient.

It combines pasta, different types of cheese, spices, herbs and is a classic recipe that can be whipped up within minutes! 

16. Cornbread Casserole

Here’s another great casserole recipe that is designed to be tasty, satisfying, and quick! 

While other casserole dishes may require a lot of preparation time, this one makes use of store-bought and ready-to-use ingredients – which helps add a commercial touch to the finished product.

Just mix and cook everything together and lay it all out on a baking dish. Add the diced chicken, cheese, spices, and broth and you will have the basis of a great-tasting casserole in no time!

17. Guacamole Chicken Salad

We can’t just make a diced chicken recipe list and not mention a classic guacamole chicken salad!

Like other recipes on our list, this salad recipe calls for simple ingredients that you can find at home or in virtually any store.

For example, depending on the season, you can use either frozen or fresh mangoes and you can also substitute some ingredients in this recipe to fit your dietary needs too.

It’s the perfect foundation for a great salad and we think that you should surely give it a try!

18. Creamed Chicken 

This basic recipe beautifully highlights the convenience and versatility of diced chicken with a simple creamy and spicy mixture. 

Creamed chicken is one of those recipes that you can pair with rice, toast, bread, or more.

It can add an interesting creaminess and a very satisfying flavor if used as a side – and any leftover can further be paired with mashed potatoes or rice the next day too!

Bonus: this recipe also mentions seven useful variations to the basic recipe so that you can tweak it as per your taste preference!

19. Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas

Take simple tortillas to the stratosphere with this amazing salsa Verde chicken enchiladas recipe!

This dinner recipe may seem difficult to make but is one of the easiest recipes to assemble on our list. It requires a pre-bought jar of Salsa Verde, some tortillas, and of course, diced chicken! 

With a cooking time of 30 minutes including the preparation, you will surely enjoy this recipe regardless of the occasion.

20. Diced/Shredded Chicken Sandwich

You can’t go wrong with a simple diced chicken sandwich. 

We believe in recipes that not only taste great but also the ones that provide the most convenience and bang for your buck. This sandwich recipe perfectly encapsulates our ideology – and then some! 

It’s succulent, creamy, garlicky, spicy, and all-around delicious! If you have been craving that nostalgic Ohio sandwich flavor then this is the best place to start!

21. Skillet Chicken Burritos

Want more burrito recipes? We have your back! 

Here’s another simple but essential burrito recipe that highlights the versatility of diced chicken, tortillas, and a simple assembly of common ingredients. 

This recipe borrows flavors from shredded cheddar cheese and adds a whole lot of richness with the help of sour cream. The burritos can be assembled within 10 minutes and make for an excellent snack for any occasion. 

Turn on the TV, put on your favorite show, and have a few of these – that’s what we call a self-love evening! 

22. Butternut Squash Chicken Pot Pie

Here’s another callback but this time, you get even more flavors and a whole lot of value!

We’ve already talked about pot pies and how they make for an excellent any-time-of-day food, but this one is targeted towards big parties or small family gatherings and adds an extra dimension of flavor too.

It combines butternut squash, diced chickens, aromatic herbs and, puff pastry. It truly is one of the best ways to use diced chickens and will prove to be an excellent dinner dish as well!

23. Healthy Chicken Salad

Trying to cut back? Then this healthy chicken salad recipe will easily help you reach your daily nutritional goals and will also keep you satiated for longer.

Made with a mix of diced chicken, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, and spices, this salad recipe is your answer for a detoxifying meal! 

It simply destroys the notion of healthy food being less tasty and will prove its worth when it comes to both, nutrition and the weighing scale! 

24. Chunky Potato And Chicken Soup

There are only a handful of combinations that are this wholesome – and warm soup and chunky potatoes are surely up there in the top ten! 

This is another great way of using diced chicken to make an all-natural, homemade and healthy soup that is light on the tummy and great for just about every bodily ailment.

If this soup doesn’t make you miss home then we don’t know what will! 

25. Chicken & Vegetable Soup 

While we are on the topic of soups, one can’t possibly skip on this amazingly delicious soup recipe! 

This soup combines the best of everything: garlicky goodness, umami flavorings, and a perfect balance between diced chicken and fresh vegetables.

It can be prepared within 30 minutes and you can also customize it the way you like it! However, we doubt that you will need to add anything more as this recipe already takes into account several different flavors!

26. Chicken Corn Noodle Casserole  

In a nutshell, to make this recipe all you need is to cook the noodles and bake everything at 300F for about 45 minutes, and you’re done!

Yes, it is that simple, and no, you won’t require anything more than simple household ingredients!

This noodle dish is great for every type of foodie and since it combines a mix of richness, spiciness, and umami flavorings, it will be an instant hit no matter what the occasion.

27. Chicken Salad Sliders

For most people, chicken sliders are optional – but we think that it is one of the most essential food items in the world. 

Sliders are the definition of easy cooking, portion control and are jam-packed with a lot of flavor.

They can be customized as per your liking, and even if you don’t know how to cook you can easily assemble a slider at home following this recipe and a few easy ingredients. 

This recipe includes low-fat yogurt, real mayo, spices, herbs, and diced chicken. You can also serve it with a side of romaine salad for a fuller meal! 

28. Spicy Chicken Pizza

Classic, evergreen, and essential; spicy chicken pizza is a staple for many people and if you are someone who enjoys homemade pizza then we guarantee that you are going to love this fool-proof recipe.

Unlike other bloated pizza recipes, this one keeps it simple and fresh. You can use easy ingredients and combine them with diced chicken to make something that is bound to become your new favorite pie recipe. 

Also, if you don’t want to worry about making homemade pizza dough then you can also replace it with store-bought dough to make things even easier.

Follow this recipe exactly as specified and you will have yourself an amazing pizza in just 20 minutes.

29. Chicken Fried Rice

Ending with one of the best comfort foods and the crown jewel of Chinese cuisine, this chicken fried rice recipe will easily beat any average take-out – and the best part is that you can make it at home without worrying about getting special condiments!

Chicken fried rice is a staple for many people and if you have been looking for a recipe that you can count on and share with your loved ones then this is going to be it! 

This recipe combines fresh vegetables, Chinese condiments, and diced chicken that is stir-fried and mixed with delicious teriyaki sauce.

Pair this recipe with any other Chinese side and you will have created a high-quality restaurant-level dish at home! 

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