Chocolate Cheese – The Complete Guide

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Chocolate cheese is becoming all the rage these days among cheese and chocolate lovers. Although it is still a largely novel concept, there is a lot of flavor and indulgence packed in this seemingly odd combination. 

And no, chocolate cheese does not come from brown Swiss cows. 

It is actually an invention of cheesemakers who seek to push the boundaries of what is possible with cheese. Chocolate cheese has been gaining a lot of attention over the years, especially during the Christmas season.

It is truly something to be tried because of its novelty and uniqueness. The flavor is wholesome, smooth, and delicious and we think a lot of people who enjoy both cheese and chocolate will love it through and through.

What is chocolate cheese? Chocolate cheese is made by mixing mild cheddar with cocoa and other flavoring ingredients. The cheddar lends its distinguished taste to chocolate and combines to provide an unforgettable sweet and cheesy flavor. 

Of course, chocolate cheese comes in many varieties and is available in select stores only but don’t worry, we have you covered with a buyers guide and a list of recommendations below. 

To learn more about chocolate cheese and some of the best varieties, read below!

Cheese + Chocolate = Love

Chocolate cheese is made from cheddar, but not just any cheddar! This is a specially aged cheese that is mild in flavor so as to not overpower or affect the flavor of the chocolate

The idea of chocolate cheese came about when cheesemakers started to experiment with various combinations of cheese and dessert ingredients.

Also, the idea of mixing cheese with chocolate isn’t that unique if you think about it too. 

Ever had a chocolate cheesecake? Then you may have already tasted a precursor of this amazing recipe.

However, chocolate cheese is a bit different than anything that you might have had before. It has a distinctly cheesy flavor but the chocolate is bound to take you by surprise. 

Most chocolate cheeses are also mixed with nuts or other fruits to enhance their flavor. Our favorite is chocolate cheese made with roasted peanuts.

The people who have had chocolate cheese say that it is better and healthier than chocolate fudge—but it is still an acquired taste. 

Chocolate cheese may either be loved or disliked but if the demand is any indication, it seems that chocolate cheese has a special place in many people’s hearts, and the people who try it end up loving it. 

The Process Of Making Chocolate Cheese

Chocolate cheese is made by professionals but can also be attempted by amateur cheesemakers. The thing with this special block of cheese is that it requires a lot of mixing and grinding.

This is why cheesemakers with industrial-grade machinery produce the best-tasting cheese in the world. 

The process of making chocolate cheese starts with aged cheddar that has developed a mild flavor (this is an important factor because it determines the overall taste profile of the chocolate cheese).

Having a balanced flavor is key in this step because some cheesemakers may use a bit more aged cheese which increases the intensity of the flavor thus subduing the cocoa undertones.

An authentic block of chocolate cheese will always be delicious and balanced. 

The cheddar is ground and broken down into small pieces. This is when cocoa and other ingredients like stabilizers, flavor enhancers, and sugar are added too

The mix at this stage is coarse and resembles a lot like beach sand but with further processing and mixing, it takes on a fudge-like consistency.

This is when the grinding stops and the mix is taken out in cheese trays. The mixture then sits for a while and is formed into blocks. 

The blocks are cut accordingly and are packaged – that’s it! Easier said than done, but the basic process is grinding, mixing, and processing. 

Uses Of Chocolate Cheese

There are many uses of chocolate cheese than just eating it as it is. This delicacy can be paired with several baking goods and can also be served in platters.

Some people prefer to have chocolate cheese as it is while others prefer to put it on crackers or toast.

The possibilities of its use are limitless and you can have it just like regular cheese too. Bakers can benefit from this amazing ingredient too. 

Chocolate cheese goes great as a side for cakes and desserts too. It is great for decoration and everything indulgence too.

Chocolate cheese can also be spread on bread and you can also have a delicious chocolate cheese sandwich too.

To make the chocolate cheese spreadable, all you need to do is apply a bit of heat, which you can do by melting the cheese.

The best way to do this is to boil a pot of water and put a glass bowl on top of it (also known as a double boiler). Allow the water to simmer lightly so that the steam makes contact with the glass bowl. 

Put in a few slices or chunks of chocolate cheese in the bowl and let it melt. You may also add a bit of butter to this mix for an even richer taste. This is also a great way to incorporate chocolate cheese in cakes as well.

We recommend making a “chocolate cheese lava bomb” where you would use the liquified chocolate cheese to bake a half-baked cake. 

Trust us, the moment you break open the “lava bomb” with a spoon, loads of thick and gooey liquified chocolate cheese are going to rush out and there is truly no better way to experience chocolate cheese than this. 

Buyer’s Guide For Chocolate Cheese

Now that you have an understanding of what chocolate cheese is and how it’s made, it’s time for you to pick your own block of this decadent treat.

This guide is meant to help people who know nothing about chocolate cheese and will highlight what to look for in a good quality block of cheese. 

We have divided this guide as per a few different factors that we think are extremely important in getting the right type and highest quality of chocolate cheese.


The texture of chocolate cheese is extremely important because this will separate the professionally made cheese from the amateur products. The texture of good quality chocolate cheese is smooth and homogenous. 

Most professional cheesemakers use industrial-grade equipment to make cheese and you can see the difference in this by looking at the texture of the chocolate cheese block.

The surface should be smooth and equal unless nuts or other additives are involved

You should not see unmixed cheddar or large chunks of chocolate (unless it’s added on purpose) ask the shopkeeper to describe what you see to be extra sure.

Most cheese blocks have an equal color and will be the same all over so be careful of how the cheese looks before purchasing. 


The flavor of chocolate cheese is unique but quite discernable.

Cheddar has a distinct flavor that you could probably recognize but when mixed with chocolate, you should get a very subtle yet balanced flavor of both the cocoa, sugar, and cheddar. 

It’s a mix of savory, sweet and chocolatey flavors with slightly bitter and sharp undertones.

The age of the cheddar will determine how sharp the flavor of the cheese is but with most authentic chocolate cheese recipes, the cheddar should taste mild compared to other flavors. 

You may also find some varieties of chocolate cheese with nuts or dried fruit, please make sure that you talk to the shopkeeper to understand the difference between various varieties.

The flavor of peanut chocolate cheese, for example, would be akin to peanut butter mixed with cheese

Of course, each batch may vary in flavor but the basic chocolate cheese flavor should be the same. 

Chocolate Content 

Every chocolate cheese batch is different. Some cheesemakers may use a stronger mix with more cocoa while others may only use a subtle addition of chocolate. An authentic block of chocolate cheese, however, will have a balanced flavor of both. 

A dead giveaway between good and bad chocolate cheese is how overpowering or underpowering different flavors are in any particular batch.

Great chocolate cheese will always have a balanced flavor of both with just a few minor differences

Make sure you talk to the salesperson and try a sample of any chocolate cheese before purchasing. You wouldn’t want cheese-flavored chocolate. The consistency, flavor, and chocolate content must work WITH the cheese flavors. 

Quality Of Cheddar

This is a no-brainer. A good block of cheddar will always result in a great batch of chocolate cheese.

The older the cheddar is, the more overpowering its flavor will be so most manufacturers use mildly aged cheddar that works well with the chocolate flavor. 

The quality of milk and the process of making cheddar will play a huge role in the making of chocolate cheese too.

Remember, it all starts with cheddar, so you need to source chocolate cheese from a tried, tested, and reliable cheesemaker that knows what they are doing. 


Always buy from cheesemakers that produce regular batches of cheddar and chocolate cheese.

Since chocolate cheese is an up-and-coming delicacy, it isn’t that prevalent in the market but you can still easily find various cheesemakers with this delicious addition to their portfolio. 

Ask the salesperson for the production and expiry date of every chocolate cheese you buy. Try to buy the freshest batch for the best experience possible. 


Not all chocolate cheese is made the same. 

Some are made with nuts. Some are made with different sweetening agents and others are made with preservatives and additives.

Always look at the label to know exactly what you are buying and if it is a good fit when it comes to your dietary needs.

Peanut or walnut-infused chocolate cheese is a popular option but most people may find it to be a bit too strong for their liking.

Always check with the manufacturer for a comprehensive flavor profile and allergen information for the best experience when trying out chocolate cheese.

6 Amazing Chocolate Cheese Options Available Right Now

Now that you know what to look for when it comes to authentic and delicious chocolate cheese, it’s time to venture out and buy your first block! 

Here are a few recommendations that adhere to the above guide. These options are a great starting point for any beginner and will prove to be a worthy addition for all types of cheese lovers too. 

RankProductBest Feature
1.Jim's Chocolate CheeseAssorted chocolate cheese, ready-to-gift.
2.Alp and Dell Chocolate CheeseRich and delicious chocolate cheese made from high-quality cheddar.
3.Ehlenbach’s Chocolate CheeseA great place to start for any cheese and chocolate lover.
4.Chocolate Havarti Fudge CheeseFudge-like chocolate cheese that is bound to become anyone’s favorite.
5.Chocolate Walnut Fudge Cheese LogA 0.5lb log of chocolate cheese infused with walnuts.
6. Chocolate Cheese Fudge with WalnutsDecadent chocolate cheese made with real cream, rich butter, and pieces of walnuts.  

1. Jim’s Chocolate Cheese

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This assortment of chocolate cheeses is great if you’re planning a large cheese board for a party!

You get a range of delicious cheese-kissed chocolates that will make anyone’s day.

This cheese comes straight out of Wisconsin, one of the cheese capitals of the world!

It makes for a great birthday or valentines day present, especially if your loved one enjoys cheese platters. 

2. Alp and Dell Chocolate Cheese

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This 1lb chocolate cheese block is going to be the perfect way for you to enter into the world of novelty cheese flavors.

Packed with walnuts and made with butter, cream, cocoa, and sugar, this chocolate cheese is going to be your answer to everything. 

The chocolate cheese is made using real cream and with high-quality ingredients, you can expect only the best from this manufacturer. The cheese in this product is made using white cheddar that has been pasteurized and processed. 

The end result is a highly balanced chocolate cheese that has the consistency of fudge and cheesecake. It’s the perfect gift for anyone and people of all ages can indulge and enjoy this amazing block of exquisite chocolate cheese. 

3. Ehlenbach’s Chocolate Cheese

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One of the best things to come out of Wisconsin is this delicious block of chocolate cheese.

Created by the master cheesemakers at Vern’s Cheese Inc., this chocolate cheese is made using only the finest ingredients available in the market.

You get an 8-ounce block that’s a great price. This chocolate cheese has the consistency and flavor of fudge but with cheesier undertones.

The great thing about this product is that you can spread it on crackers or add it as a topping. 

4. Chocolate Havarti Fudge Cheese

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This is chocolate and cheese done right!

Cheese Mart has created this amazing block of cheese made from high-quality cheddar that is aged just right so as to not overpower the cocoa and other ingredients.

It’s the perfect indulgence and snack for anyone who is looking for a healthier alternative.

Instead of having commercial chocolates, we highly recommend that you try some of this chocolate-infused cheese.

It has a rich, creamy texture and a delicious and balanced flavor. Have this cheese with fruits or berries on the side. You can also put it on toast and warm it up for a gooey and rich flavor

5. Chocolate Walnut Fudge Cheese Log

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If you love a good cheese log then we have got the perfect tea time snack for you.

This cheese log is infused with walnuts, cream, and rich butter.

It’s sweet yet not overpowering and this cheesemaker uses the best cocoa available to give this product an amazing overall flavor profile. 

Available in a 0.5 lb log, you can buy this item fresh from the site and the best thing about ordering from this cheesemaker is that they deliver as soon as possible so that you get the freshest item possible.

The reviews for this cheese log have been great too with many people saying that they have been hooked. 

We guarantee that this is going to be an experience like no other and this cheese log is not going to last long, especially if you have it during tea time with toast, biscuits, or crackers. 

6. Chocolate Cheese Fudge with Walnuts

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The Cedar Valley Cheese Store brings this amazing 16-ounce chocolate cheese to life with a rich texture and a creamy consistency.

This block of cheese is delicate yet satisfyingly chewy. It can be compared to fudge but it cuts like a dream with any cheese or regular knife

We recommend pairing this cheese with an assortment of other types of cheese on a platter.

We guarantee that this will take anyone by surprise, especially if they are having it for the first time. The cheese is made fresh and is available on order too.


Chocolate cheese is an art form and a love letter for all chocolate and cheese lovers. If you haven’t tried this delicacy then we highly recommend that you check out some of the options above and order some today. 

Cheddar cheese has come a long way but adding chocolate into the mix just takes things to the next level. While chocolate cheese is an acquired taste, the right type of cheese block will surely take anyone by surprise. 

Mixed with rich and real cream, butter, and a range of tree nuts, this is a killer combination that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Send this to a loved one or try it out for yourself, it’s the ultimate combo that is sure to keep you coming back for more. 

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gone over the best chocolate cheeses, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject!

Is chocolate cheese artificially flavored?

Cocoa is added separately with cream and butter to make chocolate cheese. While not all chocolate cheese is artificially flavored, you can find some commercial-grade varieties that may have additional additives.

If you want an authentic experience then you should look for chocolate cheese at your local cheese shop or at any master cheesemaker who produces a range of cheddar cheese. 

Is chocolate cheese healthy?

Chocolate cheese can be a healthier alternative to regular chocolates that have artificial flavors and preservatives.

Chocolate cheese is usually made from cheddar which is considered to be a healthy option for many diet-conscious people. 

You can check the label and the nutritional profile of your favorite chocolate cheese before purchase to see if it meets your dietary needs. 

Is chocolate cheese expensive?

Most 0.5-1 kg chocolate cheese blocks or logs cost around $11-$15 or more. Chocolate cheese isn’t an expensive treat and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

There might be even cheaper varieties but as a general rule of thumb, you can expect the prices to go up with quality. 

Where can I find chocolate cheese?

Chocolate cheese is an up-and-coming concept that is now starting to become popular in the mainstream market. Right now, your best bet at finding chocolate cheese near you is through online websites and cheesemakers

You may also check with your local cheesemaker to figure out where you can find chocolate cheese near you. Some manufacturers may even make special batches on order even if they don’t have chocolate cheese on their regular menu. 

Is chocolate cheese like cheesecake? 

The flavor of chocolate cheese is different from cheesecake but you can say that the consistency could somewhat match a cheesecake or a fudge.

Generally speaking, chocolate cheese tastes like sharp cheddar that is mellowed with the help of cream, sugar, and cocoa. 

The flavor is an acquired taste but many people enjoy chocolate cheese on its own or as part of a side dish or an afternoon snack.

You can always try a sample of chocolate cheese from a cheese store near you before committing to a full block or log of cheese. 

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