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Can You Put Hot Coffee In Glass?

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Coffee on its own is amazing, especially when you have just woken up and are looking for a strong brew, but coffee served in a fancy glass just seems to hit the spot more!

You might see some amazing videos or photos online of homemade coffee in beautiful glasses, and want to try and recreate this at home, but is it safe?

So, can you put hot coffee in glass? You can put hot coffee in a glass, but you should only use heat-safe glasses or you run the risk of the glass cracking or shattering, which can cause significant injury. Check that the glass you are using is suitable for hot temperatures so that it won’t break.

So, if you want to enjoy your hot coffee in a glass, and not land up with the beverage all over you while having to clean up shattered glass, read on to find out more about when you can put hot coffee in a glass, and when you shouldn’t!

Can I Put Hot Coffee In Any Glass?

Pouring Coffee Into Glass.

You cannot put hot coffee in just any glass — pouring hot coffee into a glass that is not heat-proof can lead to the glass cracking, and broken glass and hot coffee can both cause injury to you.

When pouring hot coffee into a glass, you need to make sure that the glass is safe to use for high heat, so that it will not experience thermal shock, which could lead to cracking.

Thermal shock happens when the glass is cool, but the coffee is hot, and the glass shatters.

Some glass cups are also thin and are more susceptible to cracking when exposed to high temperatures.

There are some heat-proof, temperature-resistant glasses that can be used for hot coffee, but you would need to check this first before using them for your hot coffee.

How Do I Know If I Can Put Hot Coffee In A Glass?

Close up of broken drinking glass.

Glasses are either able to resist high temperatures, or they are not.

A normal glass cup that is not resistant to high temperatures will be fine to use in temperatures between 20°F-150°F, but any more than this will put it at risk of breaking.

Heat-resistant glasses are made of high-borosilicate material — this is thicker and more durable, so you can definitely use it for hot coffee and other hot beverages without it cracking or breaking.

To know whether or not a glass is heat-resistant, you would need to look for a heat-resistant stamp on the glass. This will likely be under the base of the glass. If you see this label, you know it would be safe to pour hot coffee into the glass.

If the glass does not have this heat-resistant stamp, then you should not try to pour hot coffee into the glass, because the risk of it breaking is quite high, and you do not want to cause unnecessary injury and mess.

What Happens If I Put Hot Coffee In An Unsuitable Glass?

Pouring hot coffee into a glass that is not heat-resistant will likely cause it to crack and shatter. This might not happen every time, but it is something that only needs to happen once for it to cause injury (and a huge mess).

The sudden exposure to heat will cause the glass to crack and shatter, and the hot coffee will pour all over. These glasses were not meant to handle rapid changes in temperature and high heat, so they will react by shattering.

Can Heat-Resistant Glasses Shatter?

As we mentioned above, heat-resistant glasses are the best option to use when pouring hot coffee into a glass, so that you can be sure the glass can handle the heat.

However, there are times when a heat-resistant glass can shatter too, and this is when the glass experiences thermal shock.

Thermal Shock And How To Avoid It

Thermal shock happens when the glass is cool or at room temperature and is then exposed to high heat from the liquid, and this causes the glass to expand too quickly and then shatter.

There are some things you need to do when pouring hot water into a glass to ensure it doesn’t crack.

Here are some ways that you can prevent thermal shock.

Don’t Pour Too Quickly

Avoid pouring the hot coffee into the glass too quickly — instead, gradually pour it in. This allows the glass to adjust to the high temperature gradually and should not cause it to experience thermal shock.

Pour in a small amount of hot coffee into the glass, wait a few seconds, and then slowly pour in the rest.

Warm The Glass Before

Thermal shock happens when the glass is at a lower temperature than the hot water, so when the hot water is poured into the glass, the rapid temperature change can cause cracks.

To prevent this, you can warm the glass up before pouring in the hot water.

The best way to do this is to rinse it with some tap water, fill it halfway up, and then add in some boiling water. This will warm the glass up and prepare it for the hot liquid.

Place A Metal Spoon In The Glass

A clever trick you can use to prevent thermal shock is simply adding a metal spoon into the glass. Metal is a good conductor of heat, and will absorb some of the heat from the hot water and minimize the chance of thermal shock.

When pouring the hot coffee into the glass, pour it over the metal spoon so it absorbs heat before it reaches the glass. 

What Is The Best Cup For Coffee?

If you want to avoid glass just to be sure you don’t land up with shattered shards and spilled coffee, you need to know what the best cup is for coffee!

Is Ceramic A Safe Material?

Ceramic is considered to be the best option when it comes to enjoying hot coffee. Ceramic can resist high temperatures (check for this first on the cup) and it keeps coffee warm for longer than glass.

There is a wide range of ceramic coffee cups and mugs to choose from, so you get to pick the one you love the most for your coffee!

Will A Glass Cup Keep Coffee Hot?

One other reason you should avoid using a glass cup for hot coffee is that glass is not a good insulator, and it will not keep your coffee hot for very long.

This is true for heat-resistant glasses as well. The coffee might be hot when you pour it in, but after a few minutes, it would have cooled quite a bit and not be as enjoyable as it was when warm.

Can You Put Hot Coffee In A Regular Glass?

You can put hot coffee in a regular glass, but you need to find a glass that is heat-resistant and will not shatter when exposed to high heat.

Even when using heat-resistant glass, you need to slowly pour the coffee into the glass (or warm the cup up first) to avoid thermal shock, which is when the temperature of the glass changes too quickly and it shatters.

Coffee does look gorgeous in a glass cup, and glass will not affect the flavor of the coffee at all either, but just make sure that you choose the right glass that will hold your hot coffee safely!

Is Stainless Steel Good For Hot Coffee?

Stainless steel coffee cups are ideal for hot coffee, especially when you are looking for a travel cup. They are super durable and don’t break easily, and they can resist high temperatures.

Stainless steel will keep coffee warm for a long time too!

Can A Mason Jar Hold Hot Coffee?

coffee mason jar.

One aesthetic that is popular at the moment is coffee in a mason jar, and as much as you would want to recreate this at home, you should proceed with caution.

Most mason jars are not heat-resistant, and there is a chance that the glass will crack.

You might get away with using mason jars for hot coffee for quite some time, but there is always a risk that it will crack, and it is best avoided.

If you really want to enjoy some coffee in a mason jar, then iced coffee would be best!

Related Questions

Can you put hot tea in a wine glass?

No. It is not a good idea to put hot tea in a wine glass, especially if the wine glass does not have a heat-resistant stamp. The hot tea can shatter the glass, and you will waste both the tea and your favorite wine glass!

Can a drinking glass go in the freezer?

Yes and no. You can place a drinking glass in the freezer as it does not have a high freezing point, so it can’t actually be frozen, but we don’t recommend leaving the glass in the freezer for too long.

However, you can leave a drinking glass in the freezer for a short while to freeze it before using it for a cocktail or a cold beverage.

Obviously, you can place most glass storage containers in the freezer, but they tend to be made out of tempered glass that is able to withstand the freezing temperatures for long periods of time if used properly.

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